The paedophiles of Cornwall can sleep tight

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Father Charles MacDonald’s attempt to thwart the victims taking the stand in any capacity has been nixed.

The Cornwall Public Inquiry will proceed with selected victims taking the stand to testify within the limited parameters of the mandate and Justice Glaude’s interpretation of that mandate.

According to the article “No Cornwall gag order: Judges uphold decision to hear abuse allegations at inquiry” (scroll down) commission lead Counsel Peter Engelmann says: “We have said since day one, and the commissioner has said it, we are not calling evidence to prove any of these allegations.”

The paedophiles of Cornwall and those who aid and abet them can still sleep tight.

And so, it’s on with the show. . .

Justice Glaude needs a “few details” of the victim’s “stories” to round out and give credence to his research project so it’s a given that a few token, and, I would venture to guess, carefully chosen victims will take the stand.   

And, as anticipated victim testimony will be controlled and limited to ensure that (1) the multitude of “alleged” victims of Cornwall will remain alleged victims for life, (2) those who had a vested interest in protecting and covering-up for sexual predators have nothing to fear, and (3) barring a spate of courageous new victims the “alleged” paedophiles/sexual predators of Cornwall will remain foot-loose and fancy-free with continued unfettered access to children. 

Enough for now,

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