When will this insantity come to an end?

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Several media articles have just been posted with information on yesterday’s proceedings at the Weave Shed.  An additional article “Police warn residents about high-risk offender” has also been posted.  Regarding the latter I really must draw your attention to the Chief of Police’s comments that – according to the paraphrase in the article – “the police force recognized the community’s desire to be informed and have since changed their policy to alert the public when a high-risk offender makes the decision to reside in the city.”

Note that the community is being alerted this time NOT because the man is a threat to the community, and NOT because police believe the community has a right to know when its members are at risk, but it is being alerted because the community previously indicated it wanted to be informed when a known high-risk offender settles in its midst!!

Is it just me or is there something amiss with this line thinking? 

If Cornwall residents had NOT previously protested vehemently would the Chief be content to let an ex-con sexual predator labelled as dangerous roam the streets and highways and byways of Cornwall from 6 am to midnight daily – without so much as a heads-up warning to the multitude who have been wilfully placed risk?

That’s the way it sounds to me. 

It makes you wonder, doesn’t it, when this insanity of protecting sexual predators at all costs will come to an end?  And it certainly makes me wonder when “the system” will come to its senses and give a few moments of thought and a little Charter protection to decent law-abiding citizens and their children: it’s long overdue – especially in Cornwall.


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