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This is all just too much to take!  Bishop Paul-Andre Durocher is testifying on behalf of the diocese.  When he arrived in Cornwall Durocher made a point of saying he really knew nothing about the scandal which had been swirling in the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall for years, and now he’s on the stand and we find he knows next to nothing about what the diocese did or did not do in the years preceding his arrival.  I do believe Msgr. Denis Vaillncourt would have been a more appropriate witness to help Justice Glaude frame his inquiry and pen his research paper.

That aside it was hard to overlook the frequent mention of Father Frank Morrissey’s name and that of Jeff King.  I have decided therefore to post a short insert I wrote for The Orator back in 1999 regarding the Canadian Bishops’ pathetic response to the burgeoning allegations of clerical sexual abuse.  Father Morrissey played a key role in the fashioning the bishops’ pathetic response, and Jeff King certainly played a role, as did Father John Loftus who, as you may recall, is the Jesuit priest who made it onto Justice Glaude’s Advisory Panel.

Please note that this was printed in a publication directed at Roman Catholics.  The issue of homosexuality is therefore addressed from a Catholic perspective.

More late tonight or early tomorrow, but I really did want to get this posted when several names which are all-too-familiar to me were being bandied about :).

And that’s enough for now,


P.S.  The article can be accessed by going to The Inquiry page, click on Experts on the drop-down menu, then click on Morrisseyon the drop-down menu, and then click on the drop-down menu on the Morrissey page.

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