Who would believe this self-serving perverted jibberish?

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Hearings resume at 9.30 am today.

The transcripts from yesterday’s testimony still aren’t posted on the Cornwall Inquiry website so I am still in the dark as to what transpired.  I did however post a small news item from AM 1220 which indicates that prior to 1988 no background checks were conducted on teachers and bus drivers (scroll down).  I will hold comment until I read the transcript.  I will however direct you to an article regarding a paedophile who is claiming he has a right to have sex with boys.  Read it through. 

Now think about it.  Does any of this sound remotely familiar?

It does to me.  And it causes me to think that it can be anticipated that a paedophile would proclaim this self-serving perverted jibberish, but who in their wildest dreams would believe that law enforcement personnel, members of the judiciary and those entrusted with the care of our children would take it to heart? And why? 

I’ll leave at that.

I will be able to catch the first couple of hours of today’s testimony.  If there’s anything which strikes me as significant I’ll do a quick blog.  Yesterday’s transcripts should be posted this evening so will do some catching up tonight.

Enough for now,

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