What does all the tap dancing have to do with who did what to whom?

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Two more items of interest have been posted on theinquiry.ca : (1) The Project Truth Mandate, and (2) An article which ran in the Toronto Star, 24 August 2001, in which Monsignor Donald McDougald, Vicar general for the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall, allegedly said that those who continue to accuse prominent Cornwall residents of sexually abusing children will soon suffer the consequences.  The article ran on the heels of the wrap-up of the Project Truth probe which concluded that the allegations of a paedophile ring were baseless.  

In light of the above, can anyone explain the relevance of the Cornwall Public Inquiry mandate to the Cornwall scandal? or what this inquiry will or can do to bring justice for those who have been maligned persecuted and vilified for alleging there is/was a cover-up and paedophile ring? 

If the primary object of the McGuinty government’s exorbitantly expensive exercise is to skirt the real issues and simply find out how public institutions responded to allegations of sexual abuse, it seems to me the obvious place to start would have been ask the real and alleged victims: they know all too well.

And if the secondary object of the exercise is to find out what the policies, practises and procedures were regarding historical allegations of sexual abuse, that has been well done while Justice Glaude ‘framed’ the inquiry:  in essence, there were no policies practises and procedures – man/boy sexual abuse has ‘historically’ been ignored by “the system.”    

And at the end of the day what does all of this tap dancing have to do with (1) who did what to whom, with whom, how, why, when and where?  and (2) who was well positioned to cover it up?  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing. 

(Incidentally the “one man who was never charged”  referenced in the Toronto Star article was Bishop Eugene Larocque, then Bishop of the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall.  He has since been sued.) 

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