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Well, I spent a good part of the weekend helping the newlyweds move into their new home –  so no postings and no blogging, and my oh my are my legs protesting the novelty of climbing three flights of stairs, again and again and again 🙁 I will get back to work at the computer now and wrap up and post the intro on “the Gang of Five.”  

Meanwhile don’t forget that tomorrow (Tuesday 17 June ’06)  is actually a working day at the Weave Shed.  Some of you may already have noticed that what with various motions floating around I decided to start trying to keep track of the increasingly confusing state of affairs and kep tabs on dates by posting the ever-changing itinerary of the inquiry on the Home page of (scroll down).  

I also have an interesting little article from Saturday’s National Post to scan and post – seems Cornwall is the chosen locale for the Harper government’s August summer caucus. 

Enough for now,

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