Paedophilia is a sexual orientation?

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Well, I finally managed to “synchronize” my files, meaning that some new material has posted and attempts to correct some of the visual problems have been made. I’ll cross my fingers!

And I noticed that the time on my last posting was off by about six hours. I posted in the wee small hours of Monday morning – the posting shows as after 8 am. Somewhere along the line I will try to get the blog clock synchronized to my time.

Now on to the issue at hand: the inquiry.Yesterday I said I would make a comment about some startling expert witness testimony. Startling it is, and to my knowledge it wasn’t picked up by one single journalist from the mass of media present for day one of the inquiry.

According to Dr. David A. Wolfe, paedophilia is a sexual orientation. That’s right – a sexual orientation. Bad enough, but when asked a rather leading question by inquiry lead counsel Peter Engelmann (“are you born a paedophile or is it something you become?”) Wolfe equivocated that the experts just don’t know but, like heterosexuality, homosexuality and bisexuality “you know, sexual orientation is probably biological.”
In other words, according to Wolfe’s testimony, a paedophile’s sexual attraction to children is as natural and acceptable as a homosexual’s sexual attraction to members of the same sex, or a heterosexual’s attraction to members of the opposite sex, or a bisexual’s attraction to either sex.

God help us! At this rate, by the time the inquiry in Cornwall is over we might be facing the full sanction of Man Boy Love – we might be advised, for example, to invite and encourage known paedophiles to become Big Brothers – so they can indulge their lust, feel comfortable with their sexuality, and contribute to the good of society. And in tandem we would of course be compelled to prime our little boys: we would have to educate them about the wonders of inter-generational sex, and teach them the glories of man/boy love.
And don’t forget that in Canada “sexual orientation” is a prohibited ground of discrimination, and it is a criminal offence to “incite hatred” against anyone because of their “sexual orientation.” Just think about that for a moment and see where it takes you.

This is pretty scary stuff.

Now just to put this into context, Wolfe was the first of a series of “expert” witnesses called by the inquiry team to “contextualize” or frame the inquiry and, according to Engelmann “help create a broader understanding of the factual evidence that will be heard beginning in March from a historical, legal and social perspective.”

Well, seems to me that this is one heck of of a way to frame an inquiry which was initiated because of (1) allegations of a paedophile ring involving prominent doctors, lawyers, priests, policemen and others who molested young boys, and (2) allegations of a cover-up which has succeeded to date because members of the ring and their friends were and are well-situated and connected enough to orchestrate a cover-up.

Enough for now.

By the way, none of the parties with standing questioned or challenged Dr. Wolfe on this crucial and startling piece of testimony. The inquiry is well-framed! The known and “alleged” paedophiles of Cornwall can sleep tight.


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