Cornwall paedophile enters guilty plea

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James Lewis pleaded guilty yesterday. 

Never mind those who tell you there are no there are no known paedophiles in Cornwall.  James Lewis is now a self-professed paedophile.  He is no longer among the ranks of  “alleged” paedophiles, he is a paedophile.  There’s no if’s, and’s or but’s about it.  Lewis is a paedophile. 

Lewis is not just any paedophile – he’s a paedophile who faced charges of possession of kiddie porn several times in the past years (the kind of thing that today’s social engineers excuse as harmless and perhaps in some instances healthy), and he’s a paedophile who is connected right into the ring which the powers that be adamantly insist was and is non-existent.  

Now in his mid-40s Lewis was a good pal of Richard Hickerson, the former Canada Manpower employee who committed suicide before sex abuse charges were laid against him.  So close was the pair that Hickerson left his entire estate to Lewis.

Lewis’ friend Hickerson was close pals with probation officers Ken Seguin and Nelson Barque, both of whom faced sex abuse allegations and, like Hickerson, committed suicide. 

The bottom line is that Lewis is a paedophile who knows a lot and might be prepared to salve his own conscience by spilling the beans on all he has seen, heard and knows.

Two questions:  (1) Will Justice Glaude put Lewis on the stand as a sort of ‘expert’ witness? and (2) is Lewis collection of kiddie porn still on file at the police station? If not, was it destroyed?  and if yes, why?

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