Pedophile priests: the diocese of Moncton has disbursed $ 12 million (Google translation with French text)

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ICI Radio Canada

10 December 2015

[This is an unofficial Google translation – scroll down for original French text]

After the diocese of Bathurst, it is now the turn of the Archdiocese of Moncton to apply to court for financial compensation in the case of pedophile priests.

In documents filed with the Court of Queen’s Bench, we learn that the scandal of pedophile priests has cost $ 12 million to the diocese of Moncton. In all, 109 victims received financial compensation totaling $ 10.5 million.

The archdiocese now ask its insurer, the Co-Operators company to reimburse more than four million, in addition to legal fees.

The Co-operators says she does not have to pay that claimed by the diocese. According to the lawyer representing the company, the compensation paid for sexual assaults are not covered by insurance policies in effect between 1977 and 1999.

Lawyers representing the Archdiocese of Moncton and the company will Cooperators Insurance in Moncton Courthouse Monday morning.

The Archdiocese intends to file a motion for summary judgment, that is to say that the judge will make a decision in this case without a trial as long it’s been the case for the diocese of Bathurst.

In 2012, the diocese asked the judge to Michel Bastarache retirement set up a conciliation process for victims of pedophile priests.

The aim was to provide financial compensation to victims of Father Camille Léger.

The conciliation process was expanded along the way when other alleged victims of diocesan priests have arisen. Complaints also concerned the Fathers Irois Després and Yvon Arsenault

Payments to victims put the archdiocese in a precarious financial situation. Posts have been deleted and the diocesan center was sold.


Prêtres pédophiles : le diocèse de Moncton a déboursé 12 millions de dollars

ICI Radio-Canada

10 December 2015

Après le diocèse de Bathurst, c’est maintenant au tour de l’archidiocèse de Moncton de s’adresser au tribunal pour obtenir un dédommagement financier dans le dossier des prêtres pédophiles.

Dans des documents déposés à la cour du banc de la reine, on apprend que le scandale des prêtres pédophiles a coûté 12 millions de dollars au diocèse de Moncton. En tout, 109 victimes ont reçu des indemnités financières totalisant 10,5 millions de dollars.

L’archidiocèse demande maintenant à son assureur, la compagnie Co-Operators, de lui rembourser plus de quatre millions de dollars, en plus de frais juridiques.

La compagnie Co-operators affirme qu’elle n’a pas à payer ce que lui réclame le diocèse. Selon l’avocat qui représente la compagnie, les indemnités versées pour les agressions sexuelles ne sont pas couvertes par les polices d’assurances en vigueur entre 1977 et 1999.

Les avocats qui représentent l’archidiocèse de Moncton et la compagnie d’assurances coopérators seront au Palais de Justice de Moncton, lundi matin.

L’archidiocèse compte déposer une requête pour jugement sommaire, c’est-à-dire que le juge va rendre une décision dans cette affaire sans qu’il y ait un long procès comme ç’a été le cas pour le diocèse de Bathurst.

En 2012, le diocèse a demandé au juge à la retraite Michel Bastarache de mettre en place un processus de conciliation pour les victimes de prêtres pédophiles.

L’objectif était d’offrir un dédommagement financier aux victimes du père Camille Léger.

Le processus de conciliation s’est élargi en cours de route quand d’autres présumées victimes de prêtres du diocèse se sont manifestées. Les plaintes portaient aussi sur les pères Irois Després et Yvon Arsenault.

Les paiements versés aux victimes ont mis l’archidiocèse dans une situation financière précaire. Des postes ont été supprimés et le centre diocésain a été mis en vente.



3 Responses to Pedophile priests: the diocese of Moncton has disbursed $ 12 million (Google translation with French text)

  1. Sylvia says:

    So, the Diocese of Bathurst retained Michel Bastarache and paid out $5.5 million to 90 victims of clerical sexual abuse, and the diocese is jumping up and down demanding payment from insurers.

    And now the Archdiocese of Moncton, which retained Michel Bastarache on the heels of the Bathurst deal, which has paid out $10.5 million to 109 victims is looking for reimbursement from its insuring agent.

    Note that, according to the google translation above, “the scandal of pedophile priests has cost $ 12 million to the diocese of Moncton” – and then in the next sentence that $10.5 million went to 109 victims .

    What happened to the other $1.5? Is that legal costs? and/or the salary for Mr. Bastarache?

    Anyway, here they go again.

    Strange. Are they perhaps keen to keep it from going to trial? But will that all change if the judge at the Bathurst trial rules that that insuring agent there (Aviva) doesn’t have to pay?

  2. Roy says:

    Didn’t the Diocese of Saint John go through a similar process about 10 maybe 15 years ago hiring a lawyer, identifying victims and paying out settlements?

    Is there any idea on how many victims and what the cost would have been in those cases?

    If the courts rule in favor of the Diocese they are setting a dangerous precedent against the insurance companies. At the end of the day any legitimate organization that requires this type of insurance will be paying through the nose. Unfortunately many of these organizations are non-profit and they will have to close up shop.

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