Moncton diocese’s money woes will worsen, lawyer says

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Robert Talach says several lawsuits by alleged sexual abuse victims pending

Posted: May 3, 2013 6:20 AM AT

Last Updated: May 3, 2013 8:49 AM AT

Ontario lawyer Robert Talach says lawsuits against the Diocese of Moncton could drag on for years.

Ontario lawyer Robert Talach says lawsuits against the Diocese of Moncton could drag on for years. (CBC)

The financially-troubled Diocese of Moncton could soon face even more problems with several lawsuits in the works, says an Ontario lawyer.

Robert Talach says he has about 15 clients who don’t want to go through the church’s compensation process.

At least one lawsuit has already been filed, but the litigation could drag on for years, he said.

“I mean, there’ll be disclosures the rest of this year, the rest of this decade,” said Talach.

“It’s an individual consideration when a person comes forward,” he said.

“You know, a victim who may only be in their 20s or early-30s now is probably not prepared to speak about this … to anybody.”

Cutting staff, selling church

Earlier this week, the diocese said it is shedding staff and selling off one church property in order to cover the roughly $5 million in compensation owed to victims of sexual abuse.

The diocese has been forced to deal with a series of sexual abuse controversies in the last year.

Retired Supreme Court of Canada Justice Michel Bastarache was hired to help deal with the sex abuse compensation process. It is estimated the diocese will pay out $5 million to victims of sexual abuse.

So far, about 80 people have been offered money through the church process, according to the diocese.

Talach says he’s coming to Moncton later in the month to meet with clients.

“I put it quite succinctly for those who just want to get in and get out and want some minimum level of compensation and do it in a hurry and aren’t concerned with matters … beyond that, such as accountability and knowing what exactly happened,” he said.

“You know, they can go the church route and the alternative of course is a civil lawsuit, which, no question is going to be a longer process, but it will likely be more enlightening.”

5 Responses to Moncton diocese’s money woes will worsen, lawyer says

  1. Sylvia says:

    So, at least another 15 are suing, for a total of at least 95 victims who who have come forward since this scandal erupted in the Archdiocese of Moncton, New Brunswick and Mr. Bastarache was called in to ‘conciliate.’

    95 victims. We know the names of three archdiocesan sexual predators: Fathers Camille Leger, Yvon Arsenault and Irois Despres.

    Are these three priests responsible for abusing ALL 95?

    How many priests have been identified to Mr. Bastarache/the archdiocese through the conciliation process as molesters? And, dead or alive, who are they?

  2. JG says:

    I think there is hope for them yet….they will surely see a sign in the sky…the beginning of it all…the end or the beginning, depending on their “Faith”…
    The truly repentant will fall to their knees when once more they dare look up and see:

    Not so insignificant now!


    • Sylvia says:

      Right your are JG! That’s where it all began. Those good souls in Cap Pele who could no longer stomach looking at that sign on the arena bearing the name of their priest-molester.

      That was March 2012. Just over a year ago.

      And here we are. Look at the ripple…. Waves? No sign idolizing a known predatory priest now. Thanks be to God and the courage of victims and outrage of the community, the sign is finally and thankfully gone. And now, well, now, in less than a year:

      (1) The Archdiocese has been obliged to publicly acknowledge sex abuse allegations against Fathers Arsenault and Despres.

      (2) At least 95 victims of clerical abuse in the Archdiocese of Moncton have come forward.

      There’s still a long way to go, but, my goodness – all this in just over a year?

      You’re right JG. Not so insignificant 🙂

  3. JG says:

    Yes Sylvia!

    What a big little sign!

    95 victims in Moncton..another 80 in Bathurst….in a Province with less than a million people! This is probably just a percentage of the victims, not counting those who are keeping their secret in the “shame” vault…those who have passed on…
    Consider that Moncton and Bathurst are primarily the Acadian population, with just around the 30 percent of total population.
    How many in the other 70% ….that we have not heard about?…or it it just another example of the segment of the population the abusers targeted???
    Were the Acadians an easier, voiceless prey?…as other minorities are in other parts of the world, today?
    Is the pattern of moving around just continuing somewhere in Africa…South America…as we become more educated and aware?
    Another 50 years before “they” come to grip with a “bastarache” style settlement???…
    When I hear vienneau speak of his “pastoral” work….I have visions of their efforts at “farming” among the needy for their own needs…


  4. Deepsea says:

    Karl Toft spent many years in jail for molesting children ……Why have these, and other pedophile priests , not been charged ,and when found guilty, jailed??

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