Conciliation Process Ends

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Moncton Archdiocese Conciliation Process Ends

Archdiocese of Moncton website

08.04.2013 (08 April 2013)

The Archdiocese of Moncton announced today that the independent conciliation process led by the Hon. Michel Bastarache has completed receipt of all eligible claims.

The conciliation process, established in the summer of 2012 to receive complaints arising from allegations of mistreatment by clergy within the Archdiocese, was extended twice to ensure that all complainants had opportunity to participate.  Mr. Bastarache will conclude all pending claims in the coming months.

“Now that the process has received its final claim, I would like to thank both the victims for their participation, as well as Mr. Bastarache for his efforts in achieving just and fair resolutions”, said Moncton Archbishop Valery Vienneau.  “I would like to extend once more my apologies and my sincere regrets to the victims and their families. With all of our lay faithful and our clergy, we pray all the victims may find inner peace and reconciliation.”

3 Responses to Conciliation Process Ends

  1. Jean-Louis says:

    Just saw this tweet by CBC reporter Jennifer Choi:

    “Archbishop of Moncton says so far compensation to victims of sexual abuse around $5 million. Adding to financial strain on diocese. #NB”

    I would want to know the number of victims who came forward, and who allegedly did the abuse (only Leger, Arsenault, and Després, or did more names surface?)… I anticipate the Bastarache report will have some of these details…


  2. Baspuit says:

    Those numbers of 35 victims was the first round of bastarache (small b for JG) with 9 or 10 refused.
    Second round have seen more victims, I’ve heard. Today we are over 16 who has refused bastarache offer and or has a civil suit pending. Why hasn’t the diocese sold off asset in Bathurst, first of all, bastarache offers in Bathurst, in the beginning were STUPID, and very low. Some numbers that were refused, 15,000$, 30,000$, 33,000$ 35,000$, 37,000$ and 72,000$ for ruining ones life!
    One victims was abused with booze since the age of 9, even the pedophile priest (not Levi Noel but Gerard Gautreau) wanted him to joined AA at the age of 10, he was offerd little over 50,000$. His first thought after accepting bastarache offers was to buy a pallet of beer!
    I have no doubt in my mine, is that since Rob Talach has entered the picture, especialy in Moncton, bastarache amount have grown by several o to the amount.

    For those who think that they will loose their churches and want the vatican to pay for the abuses. They should not forget that all churches belongs to the diocese and all diocese belongs to the vatican. If this does happen, that they do loose their churches and want to rebuild another one, please be carefull with the footing of such building, because this last one is/was rotten to the core.

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