“Pope compares child abuse by Catholic priests to ‘satanic mass’” & related article

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27/05 09:06 CET

Pope Francis is back in Rome after his three-day trip to the Holy Land during which he made several dramatic gestures and advanced his ideas on inter-religious dialogue which he believes can be a catalyst for peace in the region.

Saying goodbye to Israel, where he concluded his tour which took in Jordan and what Francis called the Palestinian State, he dropped something of a bombshell on the plane back home.

First he told journalists on the plane that he was open to discussion about marriage for Catholic priests, and then he said this:

“A priest who has sex with a child betrays God. A priest needs to lead children to sanctity, and children trust him. But instead he abuses them, and this is terrible. I compare it to a satanic mass.” That last comment got raised eyebrows from Federico Lombardi, the veteran Vatican press office director appointed by Francis’s predecessor.

The Pope’s conviction that inter-faith dialogue can help the cause of peace was taken up by Israeli President Shimon Peres on Monday, who confirmed he and his Palestinian counterpart will go to Rome on June 6 to pray for peace.


Pope says he favours celibacy for priests but door open to change

Francis to meet victims of abuse

The Times of Malta

Pope Francis said late yesterday that he believed that Roman Catholic priests should be celibate but the rule was not an unchangeable dogma, and “the door is always open” to change.

Francis made similar comments when he was archbishop of Buenos Aires but his remarks to reporters on a plane returning from a Middle East trip were the first he has made since becoming pope.

“Celibacy is not a dogma,” he said in answer to a question about whether the Catholic Church could some day allow priests to marry as they can in some other Christian Churches.

“It is a rule of life that I appreciate very much and I think it is a gift for the Church but since it is not a dogma, the door is always open,” he said.

The Church teaches that a priest should dedicate himself totally to his vocation, essentially taking the Church as his spouse, in order to help fulfil its mission.

However while priestly celibacy is a tradition going back around 1,000 years, it is not considered dogma, or an unchangeable piece of Church teaching.

There has been pressure for change, particularly in the wake of recent sexual abuse scandals with proponents of optional celibacy in the Church arguing that sexual frustrations could drive some priests to sexually abuse children.

But the Church has rejected this argument, saying that paedophilia, whether in the Church or outside of it, is carried out by people with psychological problems.

Priests are allowed to marry in the Anglican and other Protestant churches as well as in the Orthodox Church.


The pope also said that he will have his first meeting with a group of sex abuse victims at the Vatican early next month and said he would show zero tolerance for anyone in the Catholic Church who abused children, including bishops.”Sexual abuse is such an ugly crime … because a priest who does this betrays the body of the Lord. It is like a satanic Mass,” he said in some of the toughest language he has used on a crisis that has rocked the Church for more than a decade.

“We must go ahead with zero tolerance,” he said, adding that three bishops were currently under investigation.

Francis said he would meet with eight victims and Cardinal Sean Patrick O’Malley of Boston, who is head of a commission set up to study ways of dealing with the crisis.

The 77-year-old pontiff fielded questions on a range of topics, including Vatican finances, priestly celibacy, his concern for the environment, and whether he himself would one day retire like his predecessor Benedict XVI instead of serving for life. The concept of a “pope emeritus” could someday become normal in the Church, he said.

During his trip he invited Israeli President Shimon Peres and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to the Vatican next month.

He said that the meeting would not be a mediation but a prayer meeting that he hoped could encourage the stalled peace process.

5 Responses to “Pope compares child abuse by Catholic priests to ‘satanic mass’” & related article

  1. Sylvia says:

    Strong words – it’s true, a priest sexually abusing a child is diabolical. I’m not sure that’s exactly how Pope Francis meant the words, but it is diabolical – evil. The comparison accurately depicts the evil of this particular sin and crime.

    Now for action. If zero tolerance really is going to be zero tolerance, then hallelujah.

    We shall see.

  2. Members of religious Orders says:

    The Pope spoke about Priests, but what of the members of Religious Orders? Those who have committed pedophillia also have taken vows. Brothers such as those Canadians identified in the Brothers of Christain Instruction in Japan and Canada on this site muust be ethically included. One such Brother is Brother John Paradise who also uses a plethora of names and resides in the grounds of a school in Quebec.

    Then of course here are the enablers who allow pedophiles to continue their evil and to remain in positions of trust or live like Brother John Paradise in Quebec amongst children in the campus of a school. While the pedophilia remains at allegation stage these people need to be removed from living amongst or visiting schools and institutions for children. These vile people need to be captured under the pedophile umbrella and also removed from their Orders if they protect or hide a pedophile. If Brother John Paradise is found to be a pedophile he needs to be removed from the Order and cast aside and the Order should assist prosecution of him.

    • PJ says:

      It sounds like you have some information on this person. If you do, it would be best to take it to the authorities and let the process begin. It’s a step many here have had to take.

  3. Members of religious Orders says:

    We have several pages here on this site about Brother John Paradis who like many pedophile priests changes names often.

    He resides in the grounds of a school in Quebec as revealled here on this site. His Order Provincial has no issue with this, clealry an ENABLER, and in my opinion enablers are more than likley pedophiles themselves.

    PJ, if you know who this can be reported to in Quebec, both the name and email address of educational authories and the RCMP body dealing with this please advise me.

    The Catholic Church would be reading this site on I am sure a daily basis, yet they allow him to live on a school campus.

  4. PJ says:

    mrO: If you want to pursue this as one with first-hand knowledge of sexual abuse by clergy, you will need to do it in person with your nearest QPP detachment, or of local police depending where you live. They won’t action anything over the phone or email.

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