Abusive priest banned from ministry

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The Star Tribune (Minnesota)

Updated: November 9, 2012 – 7:30 PM

The Rev. Curtis Wehmeyer

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A Catholic priest who pleaded guilty Thursday to molesting two underage brothers is banned from “ever exercising priestly ministry,” according to a statement from the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis.

The Rev. Curtis C. Wehmeyer will remain a priest, but cannot perform any duties of the church.

Wehmeyer, 48, pleaded guilty in Ramsey County District Court to 20 counts, including one count of second-degree criminal sexual conduct, two counts of fifth-degree criminal sexual conduct and 17 counts of possessing child porn. He did not receive a plea bargain.

His sentencing is scheduled for February.

He admitted in court that two years ago he molested two brothers, then 12 and 14, in a camper parked at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church in St. Paul. He was the parish pastor at the time and lived there.

Wehmeyer plied the boys with alcohol and marijuana and showed them pornography. He admitted to touching one boy’s genitals more than once, exposing himself to the other and masturbating in front of them.

The church removed him as pastor in June when the allegations came to light. He was ordained in 2001 and previously worked at St. Joseph Catholic Church in West St. Paul from 2001 to 2006, when he went to work at Blessed Sacrament.

Archdiocesan officials said that anyone with information about misconduct should call local authorities or the archdiocese at 651-291-4497.


7 Responses to Abusive priest banned from ministry

  1. Sylvia says:

    Who thinks this man is such an asset tot he priesthood that they can’t bear to defrock him? and, why?

    What will he do?  Study canon law?  Work in the diocesan centre?  Work on the tribunal?  Become chancellor?

    The priesthood does not need the likes of him.  He, and every other one like him, should and must be defrocked.

  2. Mike Fitzgerald says:

         Is it any wonder why the “church” can’t seem to shed it’s shadow of controversy? When I look at the picture of this creature, it just takes me back to 1973, and it starts ALL OVER AGAIN!
         They just don’t get it! A sick, pathetic predator like this has NO place in any church, or ministry.
         My heart goes out to the parents of these boys, and to the boys themselves. I can’t imagine how they feel right now, knowing that this “man of God” will continue to be a catholic priest.
         I know how my own mother felt back then; she KNEW there was nothing she could do to stop what was going on with me.
         I hope these parents will know that there IS something they can do today.
         SHAME on the catholic church for not only allowing, but encouraging, more of the same.     Mike.

  3. Mike Fitzgerald says:

         Sorry, but I can’t let go of this.
         In this day and age of instant communications, and the constant media scrutiny of clergy sexual abuse, it causes me to wonder where the mentality of this creature was at.
         Did he think he wouldn’t get caught? Did he think it was “okay” as long as he went to confession after?
          Is he somewhat like Brian Mulroney? Remember, “I am entitled to my entitlements”. regardless of the circumstances.
         When I look at this picture, I am reminded of the sneering stare of the likes of R. Bourne and Hod Marshall, etc..
         This all comes from the “top” folks, and I am afraid it is going to continue. Time to dry up the money.     Mike.

  4. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    O.M.G. – here I go again! I just can’t get over this one. He will remain a priest, but will never again “perform any duties of the church”!
         I feel like smacking my head against a cement wall! I guess I’m missing something here.

         It’s like having a sworn police officer who got himself in trouble. He remains a police officer for life, but can never carry out the duties of a police officer.

        What in heaven’s name is going on here. Is the whole world, including the church, gone completely bonkers?     Mike.

  5. Sandra Bourbeau says:

    The Catholic church will only continue to decline as it puts its ‘proverbial head in the sand’. The church will excommunicate a gay person but will allow a pedophile to remain a priest??!!

  6. Sylvia says:

    Which gay people are you referring to who have been excommunicated Sandra? I don’t recall hearing of any, but I may have missed it.

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