U.S.A. Pre 01 July 2013

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01 August 2013: “New files reveal decades of abuse in Los Angeles Catholic churches” & related articles

21 July 2013:  Ex-priest seeks $450,000 from Wis. archdiocese

21 July 2013:  “Priest who allowed accused molester to live in parish says he may have made a mistake” & related articles

17 July 2013:  Catholic Church Lobbies Against Abuse Bill

08 July 2013:   “KC diocese reaches settlement in abuse case” & related article

05 July 2013:  Woodland priest charged with molestation reaches plea deal

05 July 2013:  City man working on documentary on clergy sex abuse

05 July 2013:  “Green Bay diocese officially removes former priest accused of abuse” & related article

02 July 2013: Articles re the Milwaukee Archdiocese disclosure of documents

01 July 2013: “Documents show Milwaukee archdiocese shielded pedophile priests” & related articles

28 June 2013:  Prison officials deny early release for abusive Texas priest

25 June 2013:  NJ Archbishop Wary of Pacts on Priest Oversight

25 June 2013: Church official says he wasn’t Ojeda’s ‘confessor’

19 June 2013:  Accused priest too sick for trial, lawyer says

18 June 2013:  “Audit Finds Sexual Abuse Was Topic Decades Ago” & related article

June 2013:  Report of the Audit and Review of the Files of the Capuchin Province of St Joseph June 2013

18 June 2013:  Priest who served in area accused of sex abuse

17 June 2013:  Catholic priest remains behind bars on criminal sex charge

17 June 2013:  Joliet Diocese Priest ‘Brutally Raped’ Teen in ’70s: Lawsuit

15 June 2013:  “Green Bay Diocese’s investigation clears priest of abuse” & related article

13 June 2013:  “2 priests sentenced to long prison terms in abuse case” & related article

10 June 2013:  The bishops’ big guns in Trenton: Editorial

10 June 2013:  Alexandria-based priest found dead in hotel room was subject of investigation

06 June 2013:  Pedophile Priest Released On Parole

02 June 2013: “Retired priest denies role in 1960 slaying ” & related articles

25 May 2013:  “Priest, woman charged with open lewdness” & related articles

25 May 2013: ” Doing All We Can to Safeguard Children” (Op-Ed, Newark Star Ledger, by Archbishop John J.Myers, Archbishop of the Newark Archdiocese)

24 May 2013:  Archdiocese clears priest of ’70s child abuse charges

24 May 2013:   Message from Archbishop of Newark John. J. Myers re Father Michael Fugee and resignation of Vicar General (VIDEO)

24 May 2013:  “Archbishop John J. Myers addresses Fugee scandal, demotes his second-in-command” & related articles

20 May 2013:  Pa. priest removed in 2009 faces new porn charge

17 May 2013:  Father Fugee – Criminal Complaint (warrant)

16 May 2013:  Many reports about priest preceded boy’s suicide, parents say

14 May 2013:  “St. Vincent parishioners, school parents told of accusation against priest at Monday meeting” & related article

13 May 2013:  LA Catholic archdiocese wants key clergy abuse suit tossed

10 May 2013: Rabinowitz: The Trials of Father MacRae

10 May 2013:  Long road toward priest’s removal traces church’s abuse journey

10 May 2013:  Abuse scandal’s total cost: $2.62 billion since 2004

09 May 2013:  “St. Louis Archdiocese removes priest from ministry over allegation” & Archbishop Carlson’s statement

09 May 2013: One-time altar boy claims 3 priests in Alamogordo molested him

09 May 2013:  “Priest resigns from clergy treatment center amid allegations” & related article

07 May 2013:  Worcester bishop McManus arraigned on drunken driving, leaving the scene of accident charges in R.I. court

May 2013: Bishop O’Connell to parishioners of St Marys, Colt’s Neck NJ  re Father Triggs resignation

May 2013:  Father Triggs resignation announcement to parish St Marys Colt’s Neck, NJ

07 May 2013:  Priest who confessed to groping child also worked with youth in a Nutley parish

Information re Our Lady of Fatima First Saturday Club and Quebec pilgrimages

06 May 2013:  Three more resign after priest was allowed to work with kids despite lifetime ban

05 May 2013: New revelations in priest scandal highlight lax supervision by Newark Archdiocese

03 May 2013:  Archdiocese of Newark Press Release re Father Michael Fugee resignation

03 May 2013: “Priest at center of Newark Archdiocese scandal quits ministry” & related articles

01 May 2013:  “The Day Primeaux Died” & related articles

01 May 2013: “Newark archbishop, Monmouth County pastor face new calls for resignation in priest scandal” & related article

29 April 2013: Priest calls on Vatican to investigate Newark Archbishop John J. Myers

28 April 2013:  “Newark archbishop allows priest who admitted groping boy to continue working with children” & related articles

25 April 2013: Wrong then, wrong now: the bishops’ top adviser on sexual abuse

24 April 2013: “St. Louis priest indicted on federal child porn charge” & related article

24 April 2013: Pa. judge defends church aide’s trial, conviction

23 April 2013:  Greenwood County deputies say man won’t pursue 15-year-old abuse charges against priest

23 April 2013:  Archbishop Jerome Listecki suggests church erred in Wauwatosa priest case

23 April 2013:  “Victim refuses to pursue charges” & related articles

17 April 2013: “Appeals court bars lawsuit in 1970s Miami church child-abuse case” & related article

17 April 2013: Milwaukee checking priest’s alleged sexual misconduct

15 April 2013: Former Orangevale priest targeted in sexual-abuse investigation

14 April 2013: LA priest ministered despite abuse conviction

09 April 2013: Pa. diocese alerts public to dead priest’s abuse

08 April 2013:  “3 more Philly priests removed in sex investigation” & related articles

06 April 2013: Priest cases show abuse issues persist

04 April 2013: Married mother of nine claims Catholic priest RAPED her when she went for counseling and then fled to Poland with help from the archdiocese

03 April 2013: Archdiocese of Milwaukee to release sex abuse records

02 April 2013: “Former priest ‘Monsignor Meth’ who ran adult shop admits to drug dealing” & related article

02 April 2013: Angel Armando Perez Sentenced: Oregon Priest Gets 6 Years For Child Sex Abuse

28 March 2013:  Priest charged with kissing teen no longer in custody

27 March 2013: Ex-Fitchburg priest pleads guilty to child porn, larceny charges

27 March 2013: “‘Cross-dressing, meth dealing Connecticut priest’ will plead guilty to intent to distribute drugs” & related article

15 March 2013:  ‘I can still feel Father Mike’s beard on my face’: Victim of Catholic priest says he holds LA Cardinal responsible for cover-up” & related article and VIDEO

12 March 2013:  Visiting Colombian priest arrested in Yuba City on 2 sex charges

11 March 2013: Don’t Spurn This Priest, or He’ll Slash Your Tires and Torch Your Buildings

03 & 08 March 2013:   Vandalism Victim: ‘Priest wanted me to kiss him’ (with VIDEO) & related article and VIDEO

21 February 2013:  Catholic church shell game (CNN 21 February 2013. VIDEO clip)

21 February 2013: Drug-dealing Catholic priest was feared to be ‘on brink of nervous breakdown’ as he began his fall from grace

15 February 2013: LA cardinal to be deposed in abuse lawsuit

15 February 2013: Vatican impeded Mahony attempts to remove priests, files show

01 February 2013: Los Angeles Archdiocese clarification re status of Archbishop Roger Mahoney and Bishop Thomas Currie


07 February 2013: “Archdiocese adds LA clergy docs after complaints” & related article

06 February 2013: “Newark archdiocese stands by ministry of priest accused of sex abuse” & related articles

06 February 2013: LA police pore over 12,000 pages of priest abuse records for leads

04 February 2013: Alex Gibney’s ‘Mea Maxima Culpa’: Sex, Lies, and the Catholic Church

01 February 2013: Cardinal Mahony relieved of duties over handling of abuse

31 January 2013: `Phila. jury convicts 2 in sexual assault of altar boy`& related articles

30 January 2013: “Probe of abuse not over, DA says: Adults who were aware could face consequences ” & related articles

28 January 2013: Fmr. Priest Sentenced For Underage Sex Abuse

23 January 2013:  “Bishop apologizes for role in hiding priest abuse“ & related articles

22 January 2013: Monsignor Meth Kevin Wallin: The Kinky Priest Who Sold Meth

21 January 2013: Los Angeles: Files show how archdiocese covered up priest abuse

21 January 2013: ‘I am sorry,’ Cardinal Mahony says amid new priest abuse details

19 January 2013: “Monsignor Meth” – Catholic priest dressed as a woman and laundered drug money through his own sex shop

18 January 2013: Jailed ex-priest recants guilty plea for sex abuse

18 January 2013: Witnesses: Teacher was strange and awkward

17 January 2013: “Ex-Catholic Priest in Connecticut charged in Federal drug case” & related article

17 January 2013: Catholic priest recants sex assault plea in Philadelphia trial of fellow priest, teacher

17 January 2013: Suicide note read at teachers’ sex assault trial

16 January 2013: “Witness: After rape by teacher ‘I had to go’ to school” & related articles

14 January 2012:  Priest claims state officials defamed him

14 January 2012: Opening statements in priest abuse trial

13 January 2013: Private Pain, Played Out on Public Stage

13 January 2013: Roman Catholic priest, ex-teacher set for sex abuse trial in Philadelphia

07 January 2013: Child porn charges against priest dropped

07 January 2013: Priest, ex-school teacher go on trial in US on charges they raped former altar boy

07 January 2013: Church Can’t Withhold Names in Calif. Priest Files

03 January 2013:  Former Priest Charged With Sexual Assault And Child Abuse

10 December 2012:  Files on accused LA priests could soon be public

19 November 2012: San Jose parish pastor resigns in wake of scandal over child molester volunteer

19 November 2012: Rev. James Scahill admits to drunken driving incident in East Longmeadow

19 November 2012: Judge releases Fairfield priest on bond

19 November 2012: “Priest pleads not guilty to W.Va. abuse charge” & related article

09 November 2012: Abusive priest banned from ministry

05 November 2012: Nun faces grand larceny charge tied to casino gambling

01 November 2012: Men describe priest’s alleged abuse

01 November 2012: “Head of Catholic school quits over abuse” & related article

31 October 2012: Former Boonville priest wants to dismiss sexual abuse charges

31 October 2012: Priest accused of stealing $380K from Bonneauville church

29 October 2012: Norwell priest takes leave following accusation of inappropriate behavior involving minors

27 October 2012: Sheboygan family shares its story of priest abuse to help others come forward

26 October 2012: “Miami priest accused of child sex abuse” & related article

25 October 2012: Priest accused of drunk, naked drive in treatment

24 October 2012: Priest accused of sex abuse

24 October 2012: State orders ex-priest to stop practicing psychology

23 October 2012: Billboard calls for KC Bishop Robert Finn to resign

20 October 2012: “LA archdiocese to release accused priests’ files ” & related article

14 October 2012: Bishop explains why he’s suing former Catholic Diocese lawyers

10 October 2012: “Spokane Diocese claims lawyers mishandled bankruptcy” & related article

10 October 2012: Oregon priest, a friend of Sacramento-area priest accused of molestation, faces similar charges

09 October 2012: Child porn charges added to St. Paul priest accused of sexually abusing brothers

04 October 2012: Man sues Catholic diocese, alleges sex abuse by priest at US Army base in Hawaii in the 1970s

03 September 2012: “Felony charges reinstated against priest” & related articles

September 2012: Mea Maxima Culpa Silence in the House of God (Trailer – Toronto International Film Festival 2012) VIDEO

25 September 2012: “Priest linked to sex abuse in US, expelled by Dominicans” & related article

24 September 2012: “The priest who ‘gambled parish funds in Las Vegas’… but has vowed to win back his collar” & related articles

23 September 2012: “Lynn Priest Accused Of Child Sex Abuse” & related article

23 September 2012: “Lynn priest placed on leave after child sexual abuse accusation” & related article

23 September 2012: “Lynn priest placed on leave after child sexual abuse accusation” & related article

21 September 2012: Former Tariffville Priest Found Guilty of Sex Assault Charge

20 September 2012: Bronx priest working to clear his name

18 September 2012: Joliet bishop reverses decision, removes accused priest from ministry again

18 September 2012: 8 new civil suits allege Philadelphia priest abuse

17 September 2012: Plea hearing for Woodburn priest accused of sex abuse postponed

13 September 2012: Priest pleads guilty to stealing ashtray from Belleville antiques store

12 September 2012: St. Louis Catholics React To Bishop Robert Finn’s Conviction

12 September 2012: Jesuit in Bellarmine abuse case also accused of misconduct at Sacramento school

12 September 2012: Priest accused of abuse returned to limited ministry

12 September 2012:  Priest won’t face perjury charge

12 September 2012: North Palm Beach priest accused of retail theft gets probation, ordered to pay restitution

11 September 2012: “Reno man accused of masturbating on DIA flight is ex-Catholic priest”  & related articles

07 September 2012: Conviction of Missouri priest on misdemeanor charge intensifies calls for him to resign

07 September 2012: Cambria DA’s office launches investigation into priest

07 September 2012: Father Rolando Garcia Named In Sex Abuse Lawsuit Against Catholic Archdiocese Of Miami (with VIDEO)

07 September 2012: “2nd Philly priest-abuse trial set for Oct. 22” & related article

06 September 2012: Benedict Groeschel Retires, Leaves EWTN’s ‘Sunday Night Program,’ A Catholic Cable Show, After Abuse Remarks

06 September 2012: “Mo. bishop convicted for failing to report priest” and related article

05 September 2012: “Kansas City bishop, diocese now to be tried by judge on Thursday” & related articles

05 September 2012: Deaths in lawyer’s family delay sexual abuse trial of priest and teacher

04 September 2012:  Prosecutors recommend up to 10 years for Catholic priest in child porn case

04 September 2012:  Judge postpones rape trial of Philadelphia priest, Catholic school teacher

02 September 2012: Trial to open in notorious archdiocesan abuse case

31 August 2012: Diocese worker says she misspoke when recalling accused KC bishop saying ‘boys will be boys’

31 August 2012: NY priest pleads not guilty to sex abuse in Mass.

30 August 2012: ‘Boys will be boys,’ Bishop Finn purportedly said after being told of priest’s lewd photos

30 August 2012: “Fr. Groeschel under fire” (William Donohue – Catholic League)

30 August 2012: Apologies re Father Benedict Groeschel interview

30 August 2012: “Outrage at friar’s claims that it is often the teenage boys who seduce priests in religious sex abuse cases… and he calls Sandusky ‘a poor guy'” & related articles

27 August 2012: Father Benedict Groeschel Reflects on 25 Years of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal

29 August 2012: “Judge sets March retrial for Philly priest in sex assault case” and related article

29 August 2012: Priest placed on leave while church investigates ‘credible’ sex abuse allegation

29 August 2012: Until victims come forward, prosecutors unable to investigate allegations against Priest

28 August 2012: C.A. Revives Sex Abuse Suit, Citing Insurance Code Provision

28 August 2012: “Former priest pleads not guilty in child sex case”

28 August 2012: “San Francisco archbishop DUI charge: The Rev. Salvatore Cordileone arrested in San Diego” and related articles

27 August 2012: Saginaw ‘s top Catholic bishop — called ‘kingpin’ by lawyer — to be named in Philadelphia clergy sex abuse lawsuit, reports indicate

27 August 2012: Former Auxiliary Bishop of San Diego Arrested During DUI Checkpoint

27 August 2012: Woman shares story of alleged abuse by priests

27 August 2012: A church’s regrets: Sexual abuse victim hears rare apology at Mass in Reedsport

25 August 2012: L.A.-area priest stole $284,000 from elderly widow, suit alleges

25 August 2012: Demonstrators demand removal of Darien priest

25 August 2012: A tale of 2 priests: Woodburn priest, best friend from seminary, face similar sex charges

25 August 2012: Diocese investigates sexual misconduct claims

24 August 2012: Priest ‘Ruined My Life,’ Molestation Victim Says at Sentencing

24 August 2012: Archbishop’s Statement [re offering a loan to Father Angel Perez]

24 August 2012: Archbishop Vlazny defends loan to Woodburn priest in alleged abuse case

24 August 2012: Diocesan priest placed on leave following allegations of sexual misconduct in Cambria Co.

22 August 2012: Father DeCosta accused of sex abuse

22 August 2012: Towson priest gets probation, suspended sentence for indecent exposure in Harford

22 August 2012: Prosecutors refile charges against priest

21 August 2012: Father Perez denied bail

20 August 2012: Priest slapped with restraining order

20 August 2012: Lawyers for bishop, KC diocese want some evidence kept out of trial

20 August 2012: Woodburn priest indicted on four more charges

18 August 2012: Woodburn priest’s arrest focuses attention on Mount Angel Abbey

17 August 2012: Phoenix Diocese misses abuse-reporting deadline

17 August 2012: Police quick to act on boy’s claims in priest abuse case

17 August 2012: Charges against priest thrown out after dispute over ‘penetration’

16 August 2012: Catholic priest accused of drunkenly fondling Woodburn boy hires A-list attorney

16 August 2012: “Alleged Victims of Priests Cannot Shield Documents” & related articles

15 August 2012: “Arrest affidavit: Man recorded priest’s apology” & related article

15 August 2012: Imprisoned Philly priest appeals for bail in higher court

14 August 2012: “Seminary leader shocked by sex abuse allegations against Woodburn priest” & “‘We’re not supposed to touch,’ said Woodburn priest accused of sex abuse”

14 August 2012: “Police: Woodburn priest chased boy down street after abuse” & related articles

13 August 2012: “Woodburn priest accused of sex abuse” & related articles

13 August 2012: “Salina priest pleads no contest to battery” & other relevant articles

12 August 2012: Ex-priest charges on 10 counts of sex abuse

11 August 2012: “Charges against priest ruled unsubstantiated” & related articles

10 August 2012:  Priest abuse victim Paul Hearty faces child porn charges

10 August 2012: DWI-charged priest: ‘I like to drive around naked’

09 August 2012: Former Lake Area priest indicted on sex charges

09 August 2012: Diocese Releases Ombudsman Report on Child Sex Abuse Allegations

August 2012:  A Report from the Ombudsman to the People of the Diocese Report of Activity for July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2012 August 2012 (Kansas City-St Joseph Roman Catholic Diocese Ombudsman Report)

09 August 2012: New London priest abuse case readies for trial

08 August 2012: Dearborn priest charged with driving naked, intoxicated

07 August 2012: Belleville Diocese faces another suit over alleged priest abuse

07 August 2012: “Sacred Heart priest arrested for drunken driving, indecent exposure” & related article

07 August 2012: “Ex-priest pleads guilty to stealing parish funds” & related article

04 August 2012: Former Waterford priest charged with possession of child porn (document)

07 August 2012: Alleged Victims Added to Mont. Church Abuse Suit

06 August 2012: Philadelphia priest denied bail amid appeal

02 August 2012: Seminarian screening aims to prevent abuse

02 August 2012: Portland diocese cleared in Augusta abuse case

02 August 2012: KC priest pleads guilty to child porn charges

01 August 2012: KC priest expected to plead guilty in child porn case

01 August 2012: South Boston priest faces child porn charges

02 August 2012: Priest Target Of Criminal Investigation

02 August 2012: “Accused priest ordained in Maine dies in Texas” & related articles

01 August 2012: Priest at center of Kansas City sex abuse cases expected to plead guilty

01 August 2012: Boston police: South Boston priest charged with possession of child pornography

31 July 2012: St. James Priest on Leave Plans to Step Down

31 July 2012:  Priest, on leave, steps down from Sewickley parish

31 July 2012:  Calif. priest charged with sexual battery

30 July 2012: Accused Phila. priest hires lawyer

30 July 2012: More Victims Claiming Sexual Abuse by Montana Priests

28 July 2012:  Area priest facing sex assault charges

27 July 2012: Suspended priest arrested for sexual assault, related charges

26 July 2012: Priest’s sentence is appropriate

26 July 2012: Priest’s Alleged Sexual Misconduct Under Investigation

26 July 2012: Court rejects Adamson abuse case based on Keenan’s repressed memory

25 July 2012: Monica Yant Kinney: Priest-abuse victim: “Lynn didn’t give a damn”

25 July 2012: Long Beach priest pleads not guilty to sex abuse charge

24 July 2012: Catholic diocese dismissed from Jackson County priest abuse suit

24 July 2012: Long Beach Catholic Priest Arrested on Sexual Assault Charges

24 July 2012:  “Msgr. William Lynn sentenced to 3-6 years in priest abuse case” & related articles

24 July 2012: Man sues Orlando Catholic diocese, claims priest molested him

23 July 2012: Bishop Michael Bransfield statement and coverage re allegations against him

23 July 2012: 9 jurors seated in clergy sex abuse civil trial

23 July 2012: Sentencing Tuesday in priest abuse case

23 July 2012: Philly to Retry Priest After Abuse Trial Deadlock

22 July 2012: Abuse probe dogs bishop, despite Rigali’s unorthodox role

19 July 2012: Accused Visitation Priest Out on Bail

14 July 2012:  Legal Expert Links PSU, Catholic Church Scandals

14 July 2012:  Pa. prosecutor reopens ’07 fondling complaint against Roman Catholic bishop of West Virginia

13 July 2012: Catholic Priest Placed On Administrative Leave During Sexual Abuse Investigation

11 July 2012:  Remaining charge dropped in priest assault case

10 July 2012: Documents suggest ‘uncharged crimes’ by Mo. priest

09 July 2012: Philadelphia Archdiocese Resolves 6 Priest Sex-Abuse Cases

07 July 2012: New York law puts older pedophilia cases off-limits

06 July 2012: “Will Lynch found not guilty of beating priest” & related articles

06 July 2012:  “2 Philly priests removed after abuse inquiry” & related article

05 July 2012: Man Acquitted of Assaulting Former Priest He Alleges Abused Him as a Child

05 July 2012: Judge denies convicted monsignor’s bid for house arrest

04 July 2012:  Judge: Diocese can shield names of accused priests

04 July 2012: Jury eyes case of man accused of beating priest

03 July 2012: Akron priest ‘Father Sam’ must be resentenced, appeals court rules

03 July 2012: “Priest Assault Trial Nearing Conclusion in Calif.” & related article

03 July 2012: “UPDATED: Bishop Cote: ‘We Pray The Allegations Are Not True'” & related articles

02 July 2012: Sandusky case overshadows abuse by priests

29 June 2012: Judge may grant house arrest to Pa. monsignor

29 June 2012: “Will Lynch trial: Lynch admits he beat priest, but says it wasn’t planned” & related article

29 June 2012: Former priest from Duson facing more sex charges

28 June 2012: Philly archdiocese to sell large NJ beach house

28 June 2012: Diocese ordered to give Jackson County prosecutors documents related to priest misconduct

27 June 2012: Will Lynch priest beating trial: Judge clears courtroom, issues warning to public

26 June 2012: Woman Says ‘Exorcist’ Priest Abused Her

26 June 2012: VIDEO: William Lynch Attorneys Say Priest’s Injury Was Minor

26 June 2012: Berlin Priest Accused Of Sexual Talk With More Boys, Possessing Child Porn

26 June 2012: Convicted monsignor to remain jailed until July 5

26 June 2012: 2nd mistrial request denied in priest assault case

26 June 2012: Msgr. Lynn’s lawyers will ask that he be let out of jail pending sentencing

25 June 2012:  Foreman: Priest Abuse Jury Deliberations Got Heated (with video)

25 June 2012: Judge tosses priest’s testimony in assault case

25 June 2012: San Jose: Priest who was beaten invokes 5th Amendment

25 June 2012: Years of work by Philadelphia D.A.’s Office led to priests’ trial

24 June 2012:  Among Catholics, anger and sorrow after the Lynn verdict

24 June 2012: Church and School Cuts Anger Catholics in Philadelphia

23 June 2012: “Former Norristown Priest Takes Bishops To Task in Remarks to Parishoners” & comments

23 June 2012: Priest’s conviction is a first, will more follow?

23 June 2012: “Defense attorneys in priest beating seek mistrial” & related article

22 June 2012: High-Ranking Priest Guilty On One Count In Child Sex Abuse Case

22 June 2012: Monsignor convicted of child endangerment in priest abuse coverup

22 June 2012: High-ranking priest guilty on one count in child sex abuse case

22 June 2012: Philadelphia Priest Trial: Jury Reaches Split Verdict In Case Of Monsignor William Lynn

22 June 2012: Lynn guilty in clergy sex-abuse trial

21 June 2012: Accused Berlin Priest Facing Further Charges

21 June 2012: Church cuts jobs amid Philadelphia child sex abuse trial

21 June 2012: Archbishop Chaput Press Release re archiodiocese’s deficit

21 June 2012: Diocese exits bankruptcy, but work isn’t over

21 June 2012: Judge in priest beating case sends jury home for the week without explanation

21 June 2012: Priest accused of being a serial molester testifies — claims complete innocence

20 June 2012: Former Las Vegas priest faces abuse allegation in Hawaii

20 June 2012: Bitter, Intoxicated Priest Released from Custody after Attacking Father’s Day Celebration

20 June 2012: ‘Hung’ jury in clergy sex-abuse case told to return Friday

20 June 2012: Former Blossburg priest turns himself in

20 June 2012: ‘Hung’ jury told to keep trying in clergy sex-abuse case

20 June 2012: Priest tells of sex scandal’s impact

19 June 2012: Jane Doe Statement of Claim re Father Thomas J. Euteneur

19 June 2012:  Diocese Pays $2 Million to Settle Abuse Lawsuit Involving Ex-SMCHS Principal

19 June 2012: Supporters surface to stand behind defendant in priest-beating case

19 June 2012: Church abuse victim faces trial for beating priest

18 June 2012: No questions, no verdict on 10th day of clergy sex abuse trial deliberations

18 June 2012:  Jury back deliberating in priests trial

17 June 2012:  Archdiocese goes on trial in abuse case

15 June 2012: Sex abuse victim charged in attack on priest in Los Gatos looks forward to day in court

15 June 2012: Priest sex abuse suit filed against Gonzaga Prep

14 June 2012: Canadian cardinal, representing pope, meets with Irish abuse victims

14 June 2012: “Louisville Catholic priest, facing sex charges, dying of skin cancer” and related articles

14 June 2012:  Eighth day of deliberations end with more questions from jury in clergy-sex abuse trial

14 June 2012: Second woman sues Crookston diocese over sex abuse claims involving priest on loan from India

14 June 2012:  USCCB meeting: plans for Year of Faith announced; 10-year report on abuse scandal issued

14 June 2012:  Attorneys squabble over stalled jury in clergy-sex abuse trial

14 June 2012:  Judge rules priest abuse trial jury can’t rehear testimony

14 June 2012: Church Battles Efforts to Ease Sex Abuse Suits

13 June 2012:  Accused priest’s photo in school yearbook

12 June 2012:  Defense lawyer voices frustration as priest trial jury asks to rehear testimony

11 June 2012: “Milwaukee Archdiocese doing the right thing on investigation” & “Waukesha priest on leave over abuse accusation”

10 June 2012: The calling leads priest to Ratigan’s prison

11 June 2012:  Suit seeks diocese’s sex abuse records

11 June 2012: “No verdict yet in Philadelphia church child sex trial” and related articles

07 June 2012: Signs emerge of a long deliberation at priests’ trial

06 June 2012:  Diocese publishing list of priests removed during past decade

06 June 2012:  Lawsuit says Montana church abuse spanned decades

06 June 2012: Clergy Abuser Represents Catholic Church & Sacred Wine

06 June 2012: Priest sex abuse jurors ask: What’s an ‘ephebophile?’” & “Jurors in clergy abuse trial ask about rape, conspiracy charges”

05 June 2012:  Church Reinstates Priest After Guilty Plea

05 June 2012: Philadelphia Archdiocese Legal Bill: $11.6M

05 June 2012: Jurors in clergy abuse trial ask about rape, conspiracy charges

04 June 2012:  Clergy trial jury sent home after full day of deliberations

03 June 2012: Philly parishioners hail pope’s planned 2015 visit

03 June 2012: Dolan Rips ‘Groundless’ Claims That He Authorized Payments to Abusive Priests

02 June 2012: Philly priest abuse trial: Jurors start deliberations, eye ‘smoking gun’

01 June 2012: Priest gave victim expensive gifts, asked him to call him “grandfather”

01 June 2012: Phily priest sex-abuse trial hears heated closing arguments

31 May 2012: Former St. Gabriel’s priest charged with sex assault on a child

31 May 2012: Closing statements made in Philadelphia church pedophilia trial

31 May 2012: Wis. archdiocese no longer paying priests to leave

31 May 2012:  “Defense: “Lynn ‘put spotlight’ on sex abuse by priests” & “Defense: Monsignor not liable for sins of church”

31 May 2012: Sewickley priest on leave pending probe into computer use

30 May 2012: Closing arguments Thursday in Pa. priest trial

30 May 2012: “Parishes giving $1.5 million toward settling sex cases” & “Morning Star Boys’ Ranch”

30 May 2012: Sewickley priest on leave over online posts

30 May 2012: In Milwaukee Post, Cardinal Authorized Paying Abusers

29 May 2012: “Monsignor: ‘Many victims … told me I helped them’” & “Pa. monsignor apologizes in clergy-abuse case”

29 May 2012: Monsignor: ‘I didn’t have the power to do anything’

29 May 2012: Coverage re Vatileaks

28 May 2012: Cross-Examination In Clergy Sex Abuse Trial

25 May 2012: Lawsuit claims abuse by former Honolulu priest

25 May 2012: Decades Old Priest Sex Abuse Case Delayed for Psych Report

25 May 2012: Another tough day on the stand for Msgr. Lynn

25 May 2012: Child Molesting Priest to be Sentenced Today

24 May 2012: Monsignor: I didn’t put list of predators in safe

24 May 2012: Secret files detail clergy abuse at Santa Barbara boarding school

24 May 2012: Senior U.S. priest defends response to child sex abuse complaint

24 May 2012: Monsignor’s response to DA attack: ‘I’m not perfect’

24 May 2012: Judge rules for Catholic Diocese in alleged privacy invasion

23 May 2012: Suspended Pa. priest pleads guilty to child porn

23 May 2012: Vatican denies bid to keep Boston Catholic churches open

23 May 2012: RANCHO CUCAMONGA: Child-molester priest admits probation violation

23 May 2012: Church abuse victims seek information, not money

23 May 2012:  Monsignor’s testimony: ‘ ‘I thought I was helping victims’

23 May 2012: Monsignor: Cardinal wanted accusers kept in dark

23 May 2012: Lead defendant takes witness stand at Philadelphia cleric abuse trial

23 May 2012: Detailed account of priest abuse allegations released

23 May 2012: Suspended Pa. priest to plead in child porn case

22 May 2012: Priest in Pa. case: ‘You don’t say no’ to cardinal

22 May 2012:  APNewsBreak: Franciscan files tell abuse story

22 May 2012: Churchill priest to plead guilty Wednesday to child porn charges

22 May 2012: Diocese of Colorado Springs press release re Father Charles Robert Manning

22 May 2012: Former Catholic Priest Surrenders To Police

22 May 2012: Defense witness: Lynn had no power over accused priests

22 May 2012: “Philadelphia clergy abuse scandal grows” and other similar articles

21 May 2012: Evidence in clergy abuse trial shows a culture of secrecy

21 May 2012: Bishops created a committee to hide archives from discovery

21 May 2012: Jury awards brothers $700,000 in lawsuit against Green Bay Catholic Diocese

20 May 2012: Pa. statute of limitations for abuse victims should be altered

19 May 2012: Late Cardinal Bevilacqua is ghost in Philly courtroom at church cover-up trial of his aide

18 May 2012: UPDATE: Man testifies ex-priest sexually assaulted him as boy at gunpoint, threatened to harm his family

18 May 2012: “Texas: Ex-Priest Found Guilty of Soliciting Murder” & “Former priest convicted of murder plot”

17 May 2012: Attorneys present their defense in GB Catholic Diocese civil fraud case

17 May 2012: Judge drops conspiracy count in clergy-abuse trial

17 May 2012: Fate of ex-priest accused of death plot with jury

17 May 2012: Prosecutor seeks to undercut monsignor’s inexperience defense

17 May 2012: Priest sex assault victims say their faith was shaken

17 May 2012: Prosecution rests at landmark priest sex abuse trial

16 May 2012: Lawyer seeks delay in priest’s child porn trial in KC

16 May 2012: Assault victim says faith was shaken

16 May 2012: Trial begins for Catholic priest accused of trying to hire hit man to kill accuser

16 May 2012: “Pa priest-abuse files kept behind lock, key, alarm” & “Secret Archives deployed to undercut Monsignor’s innocence”

16 May 2012: ‘Never admit there are other cases,’ Msgr. Lynn was told

15 May 2012: Trial: Church ignored complaints on Philly priest until donor complained about rival business

15 May 2012: Green Bay Roman Catholic diocese trial under way

15 May 2012: Green Bay Catholic Diocese trial

14 May 2012: Church lawyer: ‘Somebody lied to me’ about list of priests suspected of abuse

14 May 2012: Church lawyer: Philly cardinal, aides lied to me

13 May 2012: Father Porter: Remembering the evil

13 May 2012: Kelly case continues to stir emotions

13 May 2012: LA Catholic Church may be sued over Midland paedophile priest

13 May 2012: Sex abuse civil suit against Green Bay diocese heads to trial

12 May 2012: At clergy trial, focus turns to safe full of secrets

10 May 2012: Nun: Catholic official could have quit over abuse

10 May 2012: Archdiocese clears priest in sex abuse; Vatican may take up another’s case

10 May 2012: Convicted Roselle priest must keep menial job, judge says

10 May 2012: Pedophile priest jailed for probation violation

09 May 2012: Priest’s personnel file had no hints of sexual wrongdoing

09 May 2012: Priest placed on leave while abuse allegation is investigated

09 May 2012: UPDATED: Lawyer questions reason for accused priest’s leave

09 May 2012: Lynn’s response to sex-abuse presented to jurors

08 May 2012: INLAND: Child-molester priest released from jail

08 May 2012: Defense: US church trial veering far from charges

08 May 2012: New charge sought against KC bishop, diocese

08 May 2012:  Exclusive: Ex-Bishop Verot teacher puts ruling to the test

08 May 2012:  New program seeks healing for all in wake of child sex abuse crisis

08 May 2012: SNAP order could ‘chill’ abuse cases, advocates say

08 May 2012: Cloistered nuns’ testimony sought in Philly trial

08 May 2012: Did Lynn mislead cop about sex-abuse accusations?

07 May 2012: Ex-FBI agent: Priest’s accuser told truth

07 May 2012: Witness: Parish told Pa. priest had Lyme disease

06 May 2012: Catholic church knew pervert priest had “unwholesome relationship” 25 years before he was jailed for sexually abusing boys

06 May 2012: “Five Philly priests ousted after inquiry about abuse” & “Five Philadelphia priests sanctioned in sex abuse probe”

05 May 2012: Former Catholic priest’s extradition case adjourned

05 May 2012: Ex-priest convicted of sexual assault of a child granted early release

04 May 2012:  5 Philly priests removed after abuse inquiry

04 May 2012: Former Port Richmond pastor will be removed from ministry

04 May 2012: Suspended Pa. priest appeals teen contact charges

03 May 2012: Former Sacred Heart priest charged with stealing ring

03 May 2012: Philadelphia archbishop to announce abuse findings

03 May 2012: Priest: Teen girls ‘were more than willing.’

03 May 2012: Trial begins for San Franciso man accused of beating South Bay priest

02 May 2012: Cardinal Brady will not resign over ‘abuse failure’

02 May 2012: Evidence: Pa. pastor punished for raising concerns

02 May 2012: Announcement may be at hand on accused priests

01 May 2012:  Story of ‘ladies man’ priest turned molester unfolds in court

01 May 2012:  Fugitive ex-priest in child sex case to remain free

01 May 2012: Archdiocese clears priest of abuse charge

30 April 2012: UPDATED: Witness unleashes fury at Catholic church during priest abuse trial

30 April 2012: Priest admitted letting teen watch porn, sharing bed with him

30 April 2012:  “Former Norfolk, NE priest put on leave amid abuse allegations” and similar articles

28 April 2012:  Diocese assails latest charge against Cairo priest

27 April 2012:  At trial, following a defrocked priest’s 25-year trail

26 April 2012: RI priest defrocked on sexual misconduct claims

26 April 2012:  Advocates call for online registry of priests accused of sexual abuse in Maine

25 April 2012:  Judge orders SNAP to turn over abuse records

24 April 2012: “Former altar boy testifies of sexual abuse at trial of two Philadelphia priests” and other related articles

24 April 2012: Priest from Hempfield charged with abuse

24 April 2012:  Ohio priest files another appeal in nun’s killing

24 April 2012: Documents: Accused Pa. priest kept in parishes

23 April 2012: Trial: Priest told of attempted seminary gang rape

23 April 2012:  Guilty priest now focus of child abuse trial

23 April 2012: Lawyer says priest pleaded guilty to end case

21 April 2012: McConnell to resume ministry in Catholic Church

22 April 2012:  Philadelphia trial unearths shocking tales of widespread abuse by priests

20 April 2012: Priest gets probation for groping woman

20 April 2012: Beaumont Diocese Sued Over Priest Who Allegedly Abused Teen in 1976

20 April 2012: Stockton diocese settles abuse case for $3.75M

19 April 2012:  Monsignor: Abuse investigation fell through cracks

19 April 2012:  Salina priest charged with 1st degree sexual battery

19 April 2012: BC Board Member Resigns Amid Allegations Of Priest Abuse Cover-Up

19 April 2012:  “W.Va. Roman Catholic Bishop Denies Sexual Abuse Allegations by a Witness” & “Bishop denies witness’ abuse allegations”

19 April 2012:  Jurors can weigh priest’s departure in abuse case

18 April 2012:  Witness: Priest said W.Va. bishop once abused teen

18 April 2012:  Virginia priest who headed child protection office is accused of abuse

18 April 2012:  Former Swissvale pastor pleads guilty to stealing Mass donations

18 April 2012:  Passion perversion allegedly hushed up

17 April 2012: Priest’s flight to Ireland halts trial proceedings

17 April 2012:  D.A. struggles to get church judge to testify at priest trial

16 April 2012: Catholic priest accused in abuse suit returns to Ireland

16 April 2012: Ex-priest testifies to alleged abuse by pastor

16 April 2012: Years later, school may alert parents to abuse

16 April 2012: Witness: Priest plied me with booze, molested me

14 April 2012: Priest in Greene County on leave, accused of abuse

13 April 2012: Gambling Vegas priest due at Texas federal prison

13 April 2012:  Accused priest had been evaluated

12 April 2012:  Supporter of priest tries to sway jury

12 April 2012: Lawyer-priest: Bishops had duty to pursue sex abuse claims

11 April 2012: Philadelphia Priest Trial: Mother Of Abuse Victim Stayed Friendly With Accused Reverend James Brennan

11 April 2012: Mass. lawyer releases 6 new accused clerics’ names

11 April 2012:  Former baseball coach testifies: Saw priest massage boy’s back

11 April 2012: Secret files detailed in Philadelphia priest trial

10 April 2012:  Witness, 56, says priest fondled her when she was 12

09 April 2012: Nun: I Was Fired for Reporting Priest’s Dirty Mags

07 April 2012: Man abused by priest found dead in Ohio home

07 April 2012:  Father Michael Kelly speaks to supporters in Lockeford

05 April 2012:  Bishop Robert Finn:  Order Regarding Pretrial Motions (State of Missouri, Pliantiff vs. Robert W. Finn, et al, Defendants

05 April 2012: Accuser in Philadelphia Church scandal is questioned in court

05 April 2012:  State of Missouri, Plaintiff vs Robert W Finn et al Defendants 05 April 2012

05 April 2012:  Judge orders Kansas City bishop to stand trial in abuse case

05 April 2012:  Accuser returns to the stand in Pa. priest trial

05 April 2012: Judge won’t dismiss charge against Missouri Bishop

05 April 2012: “Witness details clerical terror” & “Accuser Describes Attack by Priest in Pennsylvania”

05 April 2012:  Bankruptcy judge to hear arguments on disclosing more priest sex abuse evidence

04 April 2012:  Accuser calls priest ‘sexual predator’ at Philadelphia trial, says he’s been damaged by abuse

03 April 2012:  Brothers’ lawsuit to be presented next month

03 April 2012: Diocese settles sex abuse case against former Dover priest for $265G

03 April 2012: Jurors Told That Church Put Off Abuse Complaints

03 April 2012: Kansas City abuse case decision expected to center on ‘mandated reporter’ statute

03 April 2012:  Admitted abusive priest warned to stay ‘low key’

03 April 2012: Jury hears dozens of memos from Philly archdiocese

03 April 2012: Secret reports on priests released

03 April 2012: Defrocked Pinoy priest ordered extradited to US for sex abuse raps

02 April 2012: Priest arrested again after another alleged victim comes forward

02 April 2012: 2 Jurors Removed From Philly Priest-Abuse Trial

30 March 2012:  Beasley Firm Sponsors Philadelphia Priest Abuse Trial Blog By Ralph Cipriano

29 March 2012:  Evergreen priest faces sexual abuse of children charges

29 March 2012: Priest Apologizes For Trying To Raise Funds For Accused Sex Abuser

29 March 2012:  “Prosecutors Of Philadelphia Priests Raise Decades Of Buried Abuse Cases” & “Memo: Philly parish misled about pastor’s leave”

29 March 2012: Oakland priest abuse ruling makes lawsuits more difficult

29 March 2012: “Priest’s S&M vid fetish kept secret from pastor” & “Woman: ‘Helpless, trapped’ at rectory with abuser”

28 March 2012:  Philly Abuse Case Flip-Flop? Serious Doubt Emerges in Charges Against Accused Priests

28 March 2012:  Missouri judge hears motions in case against bishop

28 March 2012:Philadelphia Priest Sex Abuse Trial: Rev. Francis Trauger Stalked Boy, Witness Says

28 March 2012:  Diocese clams up as questions remain on status of Gerald Riva investigation, priest policies

28 March 2012: PA trial: Priests struggled with ‘sexual sobriety’

27 March 2012:  Mo. Judge to Hear Motions in Case Against Bishop

27 March 2012: Accused priest of Fitchburg church indicted on related charges

27 March 2012:  Protecting children or church?

26 March 2012:  Supervising Priest Goes on Trial in Abuse Case

23 March 2012: Philly monsignor seeks new jury after priest plea

23 March 2012: Former priest charged with sexual assault

22 March 2012: De-frocked priest pleads guilty ahead of Philadelphia pedophilia trial

21 March 2012:  Lockeford priest remains steadfast in his rejection of sex assault allegations

20 March 2012:  Priest charged for child porn

20 March 2012:  Catholics eye Cleveland closures for national precedent

20 March 2012:  “Archdiocese of Philadelphia Places GC on Administrative Leave” & “Archdiocese suspends top attorney”

20 March 2012: Archdiocese fights to keep 12 documents out of Lynn trial” & “Prosecutors Plan To Show ‘Diocese-Wide Policy’ In Priest Sex Abuse Case”

20 March 2012:  Let’s give justice time

19 March 2012:  Ex-Greenbush priest appears in Indian court

19 March 2012: Priests’ lawyers want to air alleged victims’ past

19 March 2012:  Sex-Abuse Suit Against Archdiocese Rejected by Top Court

19 March 2012:  Waukesha Co. priest on leave, under investigation

19 March 2012: Archdiocese asserts privilege against subpoena in priest sex-abuse case

18 March 2012:  Indian priest wanted by Interpol arrested

17 March 2012:  A lost son

16 March 2012:  Hendricken alums receive ominous letter: Deadline set for claims against Christian Brothers

16 March 2012: St. Scholastica Catholic Church pastor Gerald Riva’s sex crime comes to light

15 March 2012:  Monsignor takes stand during trial of priest

14 March 2012: Philadelphia Catholic Church ex-official faces theft charge

14 March 2012:  Action against priest in memo

13 March 2012:  “N.Y. archbishop fights child abuse legislation” & “Catholic Church Fights to Kill PA’s Statute of Limitation Reform”

12 March 2012:  Removed Catholic priest under investigation

12 March 2012:  Church Puts Legal Pressure on Abuse Victims’ Group

12 March 2012:  Delco Priest Removed

10 March 2012: Pastor seriously burned in NJ church rectory fire

09 March 2012:  Prosecutors dispute Bishop Finn’s motions to dismiss

08 March 2012:  Coroner: Cardinal Bevilacqua Died Of Natural Causes

06 March 2012: Fates of suspended priests still in limbo

05 March 2012: St. Jude deacon arrested for sexual assault on five year old

05 March 2012:  Clergy-abuse reporting under fire from DAs

04 March 2012:  Memo of Monsignor James E. Molloy to Anthony Cardinal Bevilacqua re shredding of documents

03 March 2012:  Retired Allentown Bishop Edward Cullen Plays Role in Philadelphia Grand Jury Report on Abusive Priests

03 March 2012: Cullen had secret list: New court filing says Allentown bishop, four others knew of 35 allegedly abusive priests

02 March 2012:  SNAP leader’s deposition made public: Reveals lawyers cast a wide net in questioning

02 March 2012: Priest charged with patronizing prostitute

02 March 2012:  Winona diocese warns of admitted sex abuser’s return to Rochester

01 March 2012: Former altar boy testifies he punched Father Michael Kelly

29 February 2012:  Lawyers say Saginaw Bishop Joseph Cistone lied about knowledge of sexual assault documents and witnessed their destruction

29 February 2012:  Catholic backgrounds of juror candidates impacting who gets chosen for abuse case

28 February 2012:  NW Pa. priest gets probation for teen relationship

28 February 2012: Coroner: Bevilacqua had prescribed drugs in system

27 February 2012: Tennessee Supreme Court reinstates priest sex abuse suit filed by Memphis man

27 February 2012:  Judge Says Bevilacqua Memo Doesn’t Destroy Case Against Msgr. Lynn

25 February 2012: Philadelphia priest says cardinal ordered child abuse cover-up

25 February 2012:  Allentown bishop at meeting where cardinal ordered sex abuse memo shredded, according to court claim

25 February 2012: Malooly praises monsignors in letter

24 February 2012: Attorneys: Cardinal ordered memo on priests destroyed

24 February 2012: Lawyers: Bevilacqua ordered memo on priests to be shredded

24 February 2012: Suit filed against Marianists, claiming sexual abuse by Chaminade teacher and coach

19 February 2012:  Secret church files detail anguish

18 February 2012:  Disgraced priest is paroled

17 February 2012:  Suspended priest sues Monterey diocese

16 February 2012:  Priest Accused Of Abuse Brought To Cincinnati

15 February 2012: Records of accused priests released; resignations sought

14 February 2012:  Priest convicted of child molestation may be deported

13 February 2012:  US lawsuit claiming that the Pope covered up abuse is withdrawn

12 February 2012:  Mount Clemens priest suspended after parishioner charged in sex assault

12 February 2012:  Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha Pastor Rev. James E.  Braley Facing Child Sex Abuse Allegations

12 February 2012: Unapologetic Egan continues to defend role in priest sex-abuse scandals

11 February 2012:  Priests Accused of Molesting Children Hiding in Plain Sight

11 February 2012:  Portland Diocese investigating retired local priest

10 February 2012: D.A.: No criminal probe in Bevilacqua’s death

09 February 2012: Lawyers: Judge shows anti-Catholic bias

09 February 2012: Accusation of slapping child was not substantiated by state investigation

08 February 2012: Abuse Scandal Casts a Shadow on a Candidate for Beatification

08 February 2012: UPDATED 2:29 p.m. — New lawsuit filed against Catholic church in Montana

07 February 2012:  Psychiatrist: Altar Boy Saw Relationship With Sexually Abusive Priest As ‘Positive’

07 February 2012: Prosecutors win ruling to tell priests’ jury how archdiocese handled abuse allegations

07 February 2012: Vt. Catholics sell lake property to pay sex claims

02 February 2012:  Top priest banished

01 February 2012: “Sex abuse ‘widespread’ in Catholic Church, Philadelphia judge says” & “Philly Judge Should Step Down – OpEd”

01 February 2012:  500-plus sex-abuse claims filed against archdiocese as deadline looms

01 February 2012: Ex Catholic priest denies West Midlands sexual abuse

01 February 2012: “TELEGRAM FOR THE DEATH OF CARDINAL BEVILACQUA” & “Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua dies at 88”


21 October 2009: “Archdiocese removes priest from hospital in Newark after learning of molestation history” & related Monsignor Paul L. Bochicchio Letter to the Editor

03 March 2009: Bishops were warned of abusive priests

18 May 1994: Robert Van Handel Confidential evaluation by Social Worker Michael John Eremia to Deputy Probation Officer re Franciscan priest Robert Van Handel

17 November 1996:  Convicted Francisan molester Robert Van Handel’ request for laicization and other related documents

1994?:  Convicted Francisan molester Robert Van Handel’s account of his life


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