“Child abuse inquiry: George Pell sick note delays appearance” & related article

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The Australian

Tessa Akerman     Reporter Melbourne

George Pell.

Cardinal George Pell‘s appearance before the child sex abuse royal commission has been postponed until February after he pleaded ill health.

Cardinal Pell’s counsel, Allan Myers QC, asked that the Cardinal be permitted to provide his evidence via video link as it was not “reasonably possible” for him to appear in person because of health difficulties which had been exacerbated in recent times.

Cardinal Pell was due to be questioned next Wednesday in relation to the Diocese of Ballarat and the Archdiocese of Melbourne.

However Commission chair Justice Peter McClellan said the commission needed evidence of Cardinal Pell’s health. He said video links were not always satisfactory and the previous link had experienced technical difficulties.

Justice McClellan said Cardinal Pell was to be questioned in relation to two case studies and there would be a significant number of documents, so it was preferable that he give his evidence in person. He said he could delay giving evidence until the commission sat again in Ballarat in February.

Justice McClellan said if Cardinal Pell’s health had not improved by then further consideration would be given which might include a further delay.


George Pell withdraws from child abuse Royal Commission hearing due to ill health

The Herald Sun

CARDINAL George Pell has launched a vigorous denial of allegations raised by the royal commission into child abuse in the Catholic Church.

The Vatican-based 74-year-old released a statement to the Herald Sun yesterday, after ­announcing he could not ­appear before the commission in person next week due to a worsening heart condition that prevented him flying.

Dr Pell had applied to give evidence by videolink, but that request was rejected by the commission, which hopes he will return to give evidence in Ballarat in February.

In his statement, Dr Pell hit back at accusations his lawyers had unfairly “grilled” child abuse witnesses in the hearing over the past week.

Dr Pell said it was vital allegations against him in regards to what he is claimed to have seen or heard in Ballarat in the 1970s were cross-examined.

“It is basic fairness, and part of the procedural requirements of the royal commission, that Cardinal Pell has an opportunity to test the evidence of witnesses who have made allegations against him,” the statement from his office said.

The second part of the Ballarat hearings, first hosted in the town itself in May this year, are taking place in the Melbourne County Court.

This week a witness, referred to only as BWE, alleged Dr Pell had made a comment about now-jailed paedophile priest Gerald Ridsdale to ­Father Frank Madden while they were getting ready for a ­funeral in September 1983.

Dr Pell had allegedly said: “I think Gerry’s been r—— boys again.”

The Pell statement yesterday said on that claim: “There were only two funerals at the particular church in September (1983), neither of which Cardinal Pell attended. And Ridsdale had not been in ­Ballarat for 10 years.”

Another witness, BWF, ­alleged this week that he visited Cardinal Pell at a presbytery in Ballarat to complain a priest had molested his brother, but he was told to go away.

But the statement from Rome said: “In cross-examination it was revealed Cardinal Pell was not living at the presbytery BWF visited and was working at Aquinas Campus at the time.”

Dr Pell had been expected to leave the Vatican — where is the Prefect, Secretariat for the Economy — tomorrow to be in Melbourne in time for his scheduled appearance at the commission on Wednesday.

Protests were expected outside the court and more than 40 Ballarat victims of Catholic priests’ child sexual abuse were expected to fill the public seats for his appearance.


6 Responses to “Child abuse inquiry: George Pell sick note delays appearance” & related article

  1. Sylvia says:

    For those who planned to watch Cardinal Pell testify at the Australian Royal Commission this week, the Cardinal’s return to Australia to testify has been either postponed for a spell, – or perhaps even cancelled?

    It seems the Cardinal has been advised by a a cardiologist not to fly. He apparently could, as he has done before, testify by video link , but the commissioner prefers that the Cardinal appears in person. As it stands, the Cardinal’s testimony has been put on hold until February.

  2. jg says:

    This all sounds so familiar, “déjà vu” so many times before!!! Sick, poor health, suddenly rushed to hospital… Then we loose track and they get back to their normal. I think he may be afraid to get away from the safety of the Vatican “hideout”…I wonder how many others are there and registered as Father “Smith”?
    An opportune sickness, an understanding, well paid, in-house doctor!!!
    Another trick in the Vatican manual of deception!?…
    I shouldn’t be so skeptical!
    I can be so negative at times!
    I should rejoice that “someone” is at least suggesting the presence of a heart…right next to a $300. 00 bottle of wine, wrapped in silk…The Cardinal has found a new “good life” in the Vatican Club Med, why jeopardize that!

  3. cyril north says:

    This b@$%@%d will get away with it. Typical. ………… and he’s suposed to be one of those “reforming” the Vatican. What a joke! This story just goes on and on.

  4. Rachael says:

    I suspect Pell has been advised by his lawyers ‘not to fly’!

    Australian police raids at Melbourne’s Roman Catholic cathedral, clergy house and associated plant a day prior to Christmas lets Pell and his supporters know that his non appearance at the Royal Commission will not impede its work. Pell was its bishop.

    Perhaps Pell’s removal to the Vatican was more than just to do with with his arithmetical skills…..no extradition treaty exists between Australia and the Vatican. Overtones of Law and the Boston criminality here.

  5. Rachael says:

    Addendum to the Pell article and commentary;

    2016 will be a momentous year for the Australian Roman Catholic Church.

    2 Australian Roman Catholic bishops will go on criminal trial. The Ordinary to the Armed Forces, Bishop Max Davis and the Archbishop of Adelaide, Philip Wilson. Both in relation to sex crimes against children.

    If one or both are convicted it may open the way for prosecutions against other prelates and religious superiors in Australia.

    Pell is a notorious bully and manipulator. I am interested to see how he will manipulate and bully his way out of this corner.

  6. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    I see that Pell and Timothy Dolan are old buddies and colaborators in much to do with the church.
    I have been told for years that birds of a feather flock together. I wonder how many dollars Pell tucked away in his “cemetery fund”, as Dolan did to hide money from sexual abuse victims. Mike.

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