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Bishop James Wingle

 Bishop James Wingle bio and pictures from St. Marys College Reunion Bios Booklet

 Bishop Emeritus of St. Catharine’s Ontario.  (originally priest Diocese of Pembroke, Ontario.) Resigned suddenly, prematurely and mysteriously April 2010.  Bishop Wingle was found by detectives in Montreal Canada in mid May 2012.  He was served papers as a defendant in a lawsuit related to ex-priest and convicted molester Don Grecco.



11 August 2013:  concelebrated  Mass with Father Richard Starks and gave the homily at Nativity in Golden Lake (Father Lacey was away on holiday) (P)

May 2012: ‘Found’ in Montreal, Quebec

October 2010:  Former Bishop of St. Catharines named in Mike Blum lawsuit alleging Bishop Wingle did nothing when he disclosed sex abuse by Father Donald Grecco,

31 July 2010:  Monsignor Kirkpatrick discloses a “letter” received from Bishop Wingle – also dated 31 July 2010.  This article in St. Catharine’s Standard ran the same day

13 May 2010Anonymous posts that Wingle has been in Jerusalem on retreat and vacation for about three weeks

07 April 2010:  Unexpected and premature resignation. No one knows why, and no one seems to know where he is.

24 January 2002:  installed as Bishop of St. Catharine’s, Ontario

appointed to Pontifical Council for Health Care by Pope John Paul II

served on CCCB Commission for Ecumenism.

November 2001: named Bishop of St. Catharine’s Ontario

1993-2002:  Bishop of Yarmouth, Ontario

1993-1996:  Member, Episcopal Commission of Canon Law (CCCB)

24 August 1993:  installed as Bishop of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

Principal Consecrator:Archbishop Austin-Emile Burke (Halifax)
Principal Co-Consecrators:
Aloysius Matthew Cardinal Ambrozic (Toronto)
Bishop Joseph Raymond Windle (Pembroke)

31 May 1993: named Bishop of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia by Pope John Paul II

1987 – May 1993:  Rector St. Augustine’s Seminary

1984-1993:  Lecturer in Moral Theology at St. St. Augustine’s Seminary and at Toronto School of Theology.  (bio)

1984:  Returned to Canada following studies in Rome. Loaned to Archdiocese of Toronto and assigned to staff at St. Augustine seminary.

1979-84:  Graduate  studies in Moral Theology at the Academia Alfonsiana in Rome (bio)

S.T.L. Academia Alfonsiana in Rome (bio)

1977-79:  Parochial Vicar, St. Anne’s Parish, Mattawa, Intario (bio)

April-September 1977:  Assisting at St. James in Eganville, Ontario

16 April 1977:  Ordained in Eganville, Ontario for Diocese of Pembroke by Bishop J.R. Windle

1975-77:  St. Augustine’s Seminary, Toronto, Ontario (bio)

1975:  M.A. University of Windsor, Ontario (bio)

1970-1975:  Probation/parole officer for Attorney General, Government Ontario

(According to bio: ’Employed, Government of Ontario, Ministry of the Attorney General, Probation & Parole Services .’   Probation and Parole later became the Ministry of Correctional Services)

1969:   BA  from Western U.

studied sociology and philosophy at University of Windsor

1969-70:  Theology, University of St. Michael’s College, Toronto, Ontario

1965-66:  Redemptorist Novitiate, St. Grerard’s , Keswick, Ontario (bio)

May 1965:  graduated from St. Mary’s College, Brockville, Ontario (bio)

23 September 1946:  Born Pembroke, Ontario,  Raised and attended public schools in Eganville, Ontario


Media Coverage and relevant documents

19 August 2012:  BLOG Abdicating bishop says Mass at Golden Lake Mission church

20 May 2012: Niagara bishop who disappeared amid abuse case found in Montreal

18 May 2012: Wingle found by law firm

18 May 2012: “Lawsuit against the Diocese of St. Catharines and a former bishop” (translation with original French)

06 April 2011: Where is Wingle?

10 November 2010:  Rev. Gerard Bergie installed as bishop of St. Catharines diocese

05 October 2010:  Victim suing Grecco, Wingle, diocese for $3M

05 October 2010:  Sex abuse victim sues St. Catharines diocese

05 October 2010: Grecco victim launches $3-million lawsuit

04 October 2010:  Man sues former priest, ex bishop in abuse case

26 August 2010:  Pope, Bishop deserve better

24 August 2010: Catholicism’s culture of secrecy

03 August 2010: BLOG Very very very strange

03 August 2010:  St. Catharine’s Bishop James Wingle breaks his silence after sudden disappearance

03 August 2010:  Bishop Wingle breaks his silence

03 August 2010:  Letter from Bishop Wingle read at Masses

03 August 2010:  Bishop Wingle breaks silence on disappearance

01 August 2010:  BLOG Interesting developments

31 July 2010: Bishop Wingle letter to Monsignor Kirkpatrick

31 July 2010:  Where on earth is Bishop Wingle?

26 July 2010:  BLOG So many questions

25 & 26 July 2010:  In St. Catharine’s, it’s silence for the lambs

14 May 2010:  BLOG Interesting

13 May 2010: BLOG Bizarre

10 May 2010:  Mystery of the disappearing bishop

08 May 2010:  BLOG Whoosh – away he went

07 May 2010: St. Catharine`s Bishop James Wingle disappears, a congregation is left to wonder why

16 April 2010:  Resignation of the Bishop and elction of Diocesan administrator for Diocese of St. Catherines

Bishop WIngle BIO

10 April 2010:  Distressing departure creates uncertainty

10 April 2010:  Former Cayuga priest faces sentencing on sex related charges

07 April 2010:  Bishop Wingle steps down

09 April 2010: “Why did Bishop leave his post” & “Catholics surprised by Wingle’s move”

08 April 2010: St. Catherine’s bishop resigns suddenly

07 April 2010:  BLOG Bishop Wingle gone

07 April 2010: Bishop James Wingle’s 07 April 2010 letter of resignation

07 April 2010: Resignation of St. Catherine’s bishop takes church by surprise

07 April 2010: Bishop Wingle announces resignation


22 Responses to Wingle: Bishop James Wingle

  1. Doug Leinweber says:

    I have Known Bishop Wingle since our days in the Junior
    Seminary at Brockville Ontario in the 1960’s. He has always lived and been an excellent example of a Christian to his classmates and friends.
    I wish him the best and hope his time spent in Sabbatical will refresh his spirit. The church today needs people like him.
    D. A. Leinweber

  2. Sylvia says:

    Do you know where he is though? That’s the question which has people puzzled.

  3. michael says:

    July 31, 2010
    To All Our Parishes
    Given all the speculation in media, I think it is important that you read the following letter at all Masses this Sunday and that you also post a copy of it on your bulletin board.
    Msgr. Wayne Kirkpatrick
    Diocesan Administrator

    July 31, 2010

    Dear Monsignor Kirkpatrick,

    With this letter I send you my good greetings. I pray that all is well with you and with the Diocese.

    This is to inform you, that as I had announced in the letter that I sent to the Diocese last April, at the time of my resignation, I have now completed the first part of my sabbatical which I spent in the Holy Land in a time of prayer and rest. Later in the summer, I plan to continue my sabbatical doing some writing and research on a catechetical-pastoral project.

    I would be grateful if you would extend my sincere thanks and assurances of my well-being to the clergy and faithful of the Diocese. I am deeply appreciative of their expressions of concern and for their prayers.

    With you, I am praying earnestly for the needs of the Diocese and for the Holy Father and his advisors in their important work of choosing a new bishop for St. Catharines. As I continue my sabbatical, I would be grateful to have the ongoing support and assistance of your prayer.

    Faithfully yours in Christ,

    Most Reverend James Wingle
    Bishop Emeritus of St. Catharines

  4. Lina says:

    Thanks Michael for posting this letter.

    Earlier this afternoon there was a article posted by GRANT LAFLECHE, from the St.Catharines Standard newspaper. When I read the post it was already posted there for 2 hours.

    What is very strange now the article is not to be found at all, even from that original link I read it at.

    It spoke about Eganville is a study in contradiction.

    However, silence is what defines the crisis facing another Catholic priest from Eganville.

    Bishop James Wingle, former head of Niagara’s Catholic community, is one of the town’s favourite sons.

    Yet, despite his deep connection to the town, Catholics in Eganville — like those in Niagara — wait for Wingle to break his silence and explain why he left the job he spent his career building for.

    Thanks Michael for that information on Most Reverend James Wingle letter.

    Bishop James Wingle’s letter says it all doesn’t it? I guess the mystery has been solved?

  5. Lina says:

    I check the article at:

    It is under the title: Where on earth is Bishop Wingle?
    The Standard

    I click on the titled: ‘Where on earth is Bishop Wingle?’ Now the story is back on & updated 1 hour ago.
    Go figure!

  6. Sylvia says:

    Thanks Michael. I checked the diocese’s website and don’t see it there yet. I have posted it:

    I think it’s intriguing that Monsignor Kirkpatrick’s letter and the “letter” from Wingle to Kirkpatrick are both dated 31 July 2010. If that is accurate then Wingle’s letter had to be an email?

    I also find it intriguing that Monsignor Kirkpatrick decided to make the communication public. I am guessing that he asked for and received permission to do so? Finally, is it sheer coincidence that these “letters” were apparently written and made public the same day the Standard ran Where on earth is Bishop Wingle?

    Lina, the article is back on St. Catharine’s Standard website. I found it there around 10:30 pm – it had been updated five hours earlier.

  7. paul michael wood says:

    Bishop Wingle,is a great and holy man! He has done much much good for people and the Church. I will never forget him and will keep him in my prayers.

  8. I find it laughably predictable that Wingle happily addresses his supporters while at the same time selfishly arrogant to ignore an opportunity to mention the elephant in the room.

  9. arlene says:

    If Bishop Wingle is supposedly the wonderful and holy man that some claim him to be, then you would think that he would do the right, just and Christian thing and allow his whereabouts to be revealed so that the lawsuit papers could be served to him. In that way he would give Blum and Hennessey the ability to move forward with their healing and Wingle could clear the mystery around his sudden departure and prove his innocence.If Wingle has nothing to hide, then the ONLY CHRISTIAN thing to do is to make his whereabouts known and allow healing for Blum and Hennessey.What do you think Bishop Wingle……are you really a Christian??

  10. Michael says:

    Arlene, Post #9
    First of all Bishop Wingle has nothing to do with Blum’s case. He was not the bishop of St.Catherines when the abuse of Blum took place. It all happend before 2000.As far as I know he is not hiding from the people concerened.The pope and church only need to know about a retired Bishop and they know it. He has resigned and technically retired from active ministry. But he still is a bishop and priest. Very intellgent and holy man I can say that since I know him very personally. As far as I know he now helps out in Ottawa Apostolic Nunciature when ever he can. Two of his sisters are sick with cancer and I think he spends lots of time with them . He himself was not in good health while he was here.
    He has a right to privacy and peace of mind. Just leave that man alone. If Blum has an issue or filed a case againest the diocese, it is the current bishop is the one to deal with it. Though Blum mentioned bishop Wingle’s name in his lawsuit, Bishop Wingle is no more in authority so is not a party to Blum’s case. As I mentioned, Grecco was not a priest or never worked under Bishop wingle, while he was the bishop of St.Catheranes.

  11. Michael says:

    I just want to add one more thing that I do not know why on earth some of you bring again and again Bishop Wingles’s name?? May be yourown pleasure in gossipping? cooking up stories like the news papers around us do!! That is why I do not buy or read any news papers, But listern to the CHCH, CBC or CNN. They are pretty good in giving accurate informations. There is a crazy guy in Toronto star, have nothing else to do , but write only negative things about the catholic church. Why don’t you all be constructive instead of destructive by telling the good things the church has and then point out the bad experiences. That only can help the victims. Some times I feel some of you have nothing to do and looking for cases and takes bits and bits here and there and make it big. Bishop Wingle is gone, I think you do not have any hot news so attack Bishop Wingle!!!????.

  12. Knowing says:

    The reason Bishop Wingle is named in the case of Michael Blum is that he was the Bishop when Mr. Blum made a formal complaint at the Diocese office in Sept 2005. Mr. Blum was basically shown the door, there are steps that a Bishop is supposed to follow when such a complaint is made, not just ignore the complaint.

  13. michael says:

    I do not Blum directly met with Bishop Wingle. I think he met with the Vicar General or the Chancellor. Any way who ever it is they were representing Bishop. I am sure they did not tell Blum to keep it as a secret or keep quiet. Prehaps gave him spiritual guidance and support like Fr.Michael of Dunville gave him.
    What resposibility Bishop Wingle has of a person who left priesthood years back of his arrival in St.Catharines Diocese. He does not know even who Grecco is, because Bishop Wingle comes from Pembroke, and NF. If Blum want to sue a bishop let him sue Grecco’s brother whi is a bishop in Charletttown, who quietly moved from Toronto, to escape from the cases surrounding his brother. Wo as far as I know indirectly support his brother. I am quite sure the diocese never told Blum not to file law suit. If grecco was active as priest at the time Blum went to the diocese there is a case in mentioning bishop wingle.
    One of the public persons, who was a high official in Cayuga told me that there were rumours at that time in cayuga about Grecco’s indecent behaviours. But no one came forward with complaints at that time.

  14. michael says:

    Blum was an adult when he met Bishop Wingle or his representative. So he was old enough to make hisown decisions. bishop wingle does not need to do anything about a priest whom he does not know, who did not work under him. He had nothing to do with this case. That was the right thing for him to do at that time. Blum was free to do whatever he wants and I am sure Bishop Wingle did not prevent him from doing it. Why does he bother about a person or case he does not know or involved?He doesnot need to take someone else
    issues as hisown. That is what I will do ,if I am the bishop. Bishop wingle did the right thing.

  15. Knowing says:

    michael, ….you have no idea what is going on in this case. His name is Michael Blum, not Blum, like you mention, he is the victim of a pedophile as is two more proved in court. Trust me there is more comimg and Wingle is hiding for a reason, and he will have to answer for his actions.

  16. michael says:

    Mr. Knowing who ever you are?. You do not have a name!!!?? His name is Blum.That is his last name. I think I am not wrong in addressing him in his last name. For your information bishop Wingle is not hiding.There is nothing coming as you mentioned, nothing coming. Nothin gis going to happen. Again Bishop Wingle has nothing to do with Blum’s case. I know much better than you think about this case.There is no point in writing back and forth about Bishop Wingle. Time will tell. I am glad We had a holy bishop wingle for a while as our bishop and also many many holy priests in our diocese and in our country. Now we have another wonderful bishop now. That is why our churches are filled with people compared to protastant churches. long live the pope, bishops and our good priests!

  17. arlene says:

    Re: post 16…….If Bishop Wingle is named in a civil lawsuit, then he should do the right thing and at least accept the papers waiting to be served upon him.Then and only then can anyone(including yourself)know what the truth is.All I am saying is that he should willingly want to be served the papers. If he does not willingly accept the papers by disclosing his location, then we are left to wonder why?? As a previous public figure within the catholic church that fled under suspicious circumstances, we as the public do have a right to know his whereabouts.And exactly how do you know more than anyone else??It is not good enough to make this statement without any proof.

  18. Michael says:

    Post #17 If there is someone named in a civil lawsuit, if it has any credibility to the lawsuit, the law of the land will find where bjshop wingle is.Why did they not do it? Because Bishop Wingle is not a party to Blum’s case. That is why the law does not bother. I am a catholic, people in the parish I go and all the people i know are satisfied with the email Bishop Wingle send to us of his departure. He has right to privacy. He does not need to tell the whole world about his whereabouts. This lawsuit is like anonymous emails people receive, which has no credibility, that is the reason he ignored it. Who want to pay attention to accusations in which he is not a party. Only some who write in this site think that he is, but all the people of the diocese and in this country and the law know it, that is why they did not persue the lawsuit against him. But for gossip sake you all can continue to mention him, but just waste of time and energy from your part. He is not bothered by this I am sure, also none of the catholic are bothered. May be the ” SO CALLED ‘ CATHOLICS’ are bothered who have nothing else to do, no faith, though they claim they have!!.

  19. arlene says:

    Any news about the impending civil suit anyone?

  20. arlene says:

    Article from CKTB website………..

    1 year later: Where is Wingle?
    Siobhan Morris, 610 CKTB News

    Where is James Wingle?

    One year after suddenly resigning as Bishop of the St. Catharines Diocese, little is known about his whereabouts.

    Over the summer, Wingle wrote to parishioners to say he was on sabbatical in Jerusalem.

    He hasn’t been heard from since.

    Lawyer Robert Talach would like to talk to the former Bishop.

    He represents 2 men pursuing civil suits against Wingle, the Diocese & the former priest who molested them, Donald Grecco.

    Talach’s clients, Mike Blum & James Hennessey were sexually assaulted by Grecco as teens in the 1970s & 80s.

    Grecco is serving a 18-month sentence in a Brampton jail.

    Blum & Hennessey have filed separate, $3 million suits. Talach says 3rd victim, who can’t be named because of a publication ban is also considering action.

    But Wingle’s vanishing act has ground the legal process to a halt.

    Talach tells 610 CKTB News the 1st step is for all the parties to question each other. That could start without Wingle, but Talach says when the former bishop DOES get on board, his lawyer would likely want to star over. Talach doesn’t want to put his clients through that.

    He’s looking at ways to push ahead with the lawsuits in Wingle’s absence.

    Talach finds it hard to believe Wingle hasn’t kept up any relationships that would’ve spanned decades or that he isn’t aware of the civil suits.

    Talach says he’s received little more than “arrogant silence ” from the St. Catharines Diocese. He feels that’s reflective of the organization’s overall culture.

    Blum & Hennessey have been warned the legal road ahead of them will likely be a long one. Talach says they’e anxious to put the civil suits behind them, but any court resolution won’t erase the abuse they suffered as teens

  21. Sylvia says:

    Thanks Arlene. I now have it posted on the Wingle page.

    And where indeed is Wingle? Anyone know?

  22. arlene says:

    Incredible that still no whereabouts of Wingle………………..what is happening with the lawsuit????? Anyone??

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