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Selas Frank Selas


Selas mug shot January 2016

Selas mug shot January 2016

Frank Selas

Frank Szeles

“Mr. Wonder”

for years a fugitive from justice.

Former lay teacher at St. Mary’s International School in Tokyo Japan

According to June 1971 news article, Selas claimed he had lived and worked in no less than 31 countries as part of his studies into Child Psychology (see article below)

Former Principal of St. Anthony Catholic Indian Mission School, Zuni, New Mexico

Former “Mr. Wonder” on popular children’s TV show in Monroe, Louisiana.  Wanted for  molestation of six young boys during 1979 summer camp.

Thought to have fled to South America .


September 2018:  In July 2018 finished sentence of five years hard labour , however after completing six months of sentence news that he is being held in custody and extradition to California –  where he is wanted for making false statements on a passport application – is pending .  (This passport business relates to his change of name from Selas to Szeles)

26 September 2018:  “Done with state sentence, feds now seek to try ‘Mr. Wonder'” & related articles



26 January 2016Arrested in San Diego

Selas has been  charged with two counts aggravated rape, three counts sexual battery, and eight counts indecent behavior with a juvenile. He has pleaded not guilty to all 13 counts.  According to media, there are seven “alleged” victims.

GUILTY plea January 2018 (plea bargain).  Sentenced to five years at hard labor with credit for time served.  With good  behavior will probably be out around July 2018.


Investigators ask anyone with information about Selas to call them at 318-473-6700, Detective Stephen Phillips at 318-473-6727 or CrimeStoppers at 318-443-7867.


January 2016:   The Odyssey of Mr Wonder (by Ken Booth)


Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division at (318) 473-6727 or (318) 473-6700.


Court Dates (related to allegations of sex abuse of seven young boys in the late 70s)

GUILTY plea January 2018

Next court date21 February 2017:  09:00 am, “contradictory hearing,” Rapides Parish courthouse (701 Murray St, Alexandria, LA 71301, United States); 07 November 2016: Bail hearing, Rapides Parish courthouse (701 Murray St, Alexandria, LA 71301, United States; 07 October 2016:  09:00, “contradictory hearing,” Rapides Parish courthouse (701 Murray St, Alexandria, LA 71301, United States) (see here, and here for some information on contradictory hearings )


BLOGS & Media coverage

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27 October 2014:  Former St. Mary’s teachers faced child sex abuse charges in U.S.

27 October 2014:  St. Mary’s school in Tokyo to investigate child sex abuse after teacher’s rape confession


Unless otherwise indicated the following information is drwn from media (M) or information which was attained personally (P)

Selas was extradited to Louisiana .  Charged with two counts aggravated rape, three counts sexual battery, and eight counts indecent behavior with a juvenile.   Plea deal – GUILTy plea January 2018 to one felony count of indecent behavior with a juvenile.


July 2018:  finished state prison sentence but remains in custody because he has been accused by Federal prosecutors in California of lying on a passport application

January 2018:  GUILTY plea (plea deal).  Sentenced to five years hard labour with credit for time served (M)

25 January 2016:  Arrested at his home in Bonita, California (M)

said to belong to a Mormon church in San Diego area (M)

2014Where is Mr. Wonder?


2003Comments on blogsite re Mr. Wonder and abuse of boys

Early 1990′s:  legally changed his name to Szeles. (M)

06 June 1979:  Warrants out for his arrest:

The Salina Journal

06 June 1979

MONROE, La, (UPI) – “Mr. Wonder,” the host of a children’s television show, was sought Wednesday by Louisiana authorities on two warrants for his arrest in the molesting of at least six young boys. Frank Selas — 40, emcee of “Mr. Wonder’s Childrens Show,” aired on Saturday afternoons on KNOE-TV in Monroe — is wanted on charges of misbehavior with juveniles, the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Department said Tuesday. He is accused of molesting at least six young boys during a summer camp he sponsored last weekend for boys from 5 to 15 years old, deputies said. One of the victims was hospitalized, they said

According to media reports after his arrest in 2016, fled to Brazil to elude arrest.  It is believed he returned to USA in early 1980 and lived with with his wife under several different assumed names in various locales, including San Diego; Chicago; Darien, Connecticut; South Royalton, Vermont; and Sheffield, Massachusetts.

During his time in San Diego worked with Bonita’s Cub Scout Troop 888 (M)

approx. 1978-1979:  Selas is now “Mr. Wonder” – emcee/host of Mr. Wonder’s Children’s Show on KNOE-TV in  Monroe, Louisiana. (M)

May 1979:  Molested six boys during the camping trip in Louisiana.  Fled town when police came to question him.  His car was found at the Monroe airport.  It is believed he fled the country. (M)

April 1979:  Announced on air during his show that there would be a camping trip  in May for boys age 5 to 15 in May. (M)

December 1978: Grand Marshal for the Christmas Parade in Natchitoches Parish (The Odyssey of Mr Wonder)

15 May 1978:  Ad in Broadcasting magazine”

“Production Assistants needed for daily children’s program.  No money but great opportunity to learn by doing. Volunteers contact Mr. Selas, KNOE-TV, Post Office Box 4067, Monroe, LA. 318-322-8155.”   (The Odyssey of Mr Wonder)


05 September 1974:  Principal of St. Anthony Catholic Indian Mission School, Zuni, New Mexico.  Running the following ad for teacher’s aids in New Mexico newspaper:

The Gallup Independent
05 September 1974

Page 14

ST. ANTHONY SCHOOL ZUNI has opening for TEACHER AIDS. No special educational requirement. No experience necessary. Apply in person.  Ask for Frank Selas, principal

Greatly admired by some of the boys because he drove one of the first Nissan Zs

June 1972:  Still identified as elementary school teacher at SMIS.

As Director of the Junior Peace Corps-Japan and with several other adults took 37 boys and girls age 7 – 17 (mostly military dependents) on a one month summer tour of Hong Kong, Thailand, Nepal, India and the Philippines (scroll down for article “37 Jr. Peace Corps Slate Trip”)  Also offering one week and two-week summer camps in August at Lake Inawashiro, Bandai-Asahi National Park, at the base of Mt. Bandai, Fukushima (M)

[Was Selas back teaching at SMIS after summer holidays in 1972?  I don’t believe he was.  Could those with yearbooks for 1971-1972 please check for me?)

July 1971 :  ‘Junior Peace Corps’ adventure for 34 0r 40?

Selas and two or three other men took a group of boys from various international schools in Japan on a 28-day “‘Junior Peace Corp’  adventure” to India and Southeast Asia.  Please take the time to read the 1971 Tokyo Weekender writeup on this trip below (click on each page of the article to enlarge for reading)  Note the latter part of the highlighted para on the second page advising of Selas credentials which include “living and working with youngsters in no less than 31 countries as part of his studies in Child Psychology.”

Click on the pictures to enlarge and read.

Selas world trip with students 1971 newspaper article_Redacted_Page_1

Selas world trip with students 1971 newspaper article_Redacted_Page_2







It is believed but has not been confirmed that Frank Selas was kicked out of SMIS for his behavior around the boys.  Some years later an SMIS grad mentioned to one of the brothers that he, the former student, had had concerns about Selas – the brother allegedly replied that he knew about Selas and that Selas had been fired. (The scout leader who replaced Selas was Brother Alban Cyr) (P)

1970:  Teaching at SMIS during Expo 70 in Osaka.  Selas  took about SMIS six boys with him to Osaka.  When the boys returned they were, I was told,  “bug-eyed” – telling the other boys that Selas had then taking about six showers a day – together! –  and that he, Selas, kissed one of the boys on the cheek. (P)

Took over as leader of the Boy Scouts at SMIS in 1970.  I have been told that he took the boys to the swimming pool and told them all to jump in.  The boys didn’t have their bathing suits so had to jump in in their undies. Once the cotton undies were wet of course they became clinging and see-through. (P)

Layman teacher at St. Mary’s International School in Tokyo in the early 70s.  While at SMIS taught Grade 4 boys.. (P)


37 Jr. Peace Corps Slate Trip

Pacific Stars and Strips
30 May 1972

Selas Pacific Stars and Stripes, 30 May 30, 1972, redacted photo

S&S Staff Writer

TOKYO — Thirty-seven boys and girls are going to share a unique summer experience when they leave Tokyo on June 30.

All will be members of the Junior Peace Corps-Japan, a teacher-supervised, nonprofit, International youth program which combines the activities of summer camp with travel and goodwill pursuits.

Before the youths, ages 7.-17, return to Japan on July 28, they’ll have seen the sights and sounds of Hong Kong, Thailand, Nepal, India and the Philip pines.

Further the youngsters will have done goodwill work projects in those countries.

Speaking before a group of interested parents and children at the Sanno Hotel in Tokyo, Frank Selas, director of the Junior Peace Corps-Japan, out lined the mission and plans of the organization.

He pointed out that most of the JPC members are U.S. military dependents who want to be goodwill ambassadors for their country.

However, Selas noted, anyone from anywhere is invited to join the JPC and participate in its activities.

While the Junior Peace Corps is not affiliated with the U.S. government, it is supported by local military Special Services and publicized by information officers in the Far East.

Selas said, “Having mostly U.S. military dependents as JPC members makes for an ideal situation because these kids are somewhat used to traveling and knowing what good group discipline is.

“And don’t forget that only well-behaved boys and girls from any school, anywhere, regardless of race, color or creed, are accepted to accompany the summer tour,” he added.

Selas is an elementary school teacher at St. Mary’s International School in Fukushima, as well as a certified Red Cross swimming and boating instructor and a Boy Scout leader. Some of the other JPC staff members are equally qualified:

Keith Brunning is a teacher and basketball coach at Nile C. Kinnick High School, Yokosuka NB; Mrs. Eilean Lally, instructs tennis at a junior college in Tokyo; and PO 2.C. Gary Kolasa, an announcer for FEN, is a Boy Scout leader in his off-duty time.

They’ll be going on the summer tour as supervisors and instructors.

Among the highlights of the upcoming world tour are a visit to the Taj Mahal and the viewing of Mount Everest. There’s also an elephant safari in India and a horseback camping expedition in the Himalayas, already scheduled.

While in Thailand, the group will be staying at the Joint U.S. Military Adviser Recreation Center at Pattaya Beach, for six full days. During this time, they’ll also camp out overnight in small groups at the JPC International Summer Camp at Coral Island, off Pattaya Beach.

One of the goodwill projects planned for the JPC youngsters is the repair of the Tin Wan Resettlement District play ground in Hong Kong. They’ll also work on some projects at schools and orphanages.

Another interesting feature of the tour is the experience of participating in sports activities such as soccer and basketball with native children in the countries to be visited.

“Parents should not be alarmed at the nature and activities of our tour,” Selas stressed during the JPC orientation. “We take extraordinary precautions concerning the health and safety of our members. Supervision is constant. Boys and girls camp out in tents only a minimal period, the majority of the time they are accommodated in deluxe hotels such as the Hong Kong Hilton. And the food is always the very best available,” Selas emphasized.

Summing up the orientation, Selas said the “cost of summer JPC world tour is cheaper than sending a child to a regular camp for the same period of time. This is because of the non profit basis of the program.”

For those who can’t afford the month-long summer tour, the Junior Peace Corps operates a one and two-week summer camp for boys and girls, ages 14 to 17. This is located at Lake Inawashiro, Bandai-Asahi National Park, at the base of Mt. Bandai, Fukushima, about four hours from Tokyo by train.

Summer camp sessions run from Aug. 6 to 13 for the first week and from Aug. 13 to 20 for the last week. Activities scheduled include swimming, baseball, boating, archery, water skiing and horseback riding. There will also be game contests with Japanese children.

Deadline for summer camp registration is June 17. Special transportation arrangements have been made to pick up the youngsters and take them to lake Inawashiro.

“Anyone who wants more in formation on the JPC and its activities can write to me at Namie Box 12, Fukushima-Ken 979-15, Japan,’ said Selas.

JPC information can also be obtained from any Special Services office in the Pacific Command. As a reminder, Selas said that there will be another JPC orientation at the Sanno Hotel at noon June 3. A special movie will be shown that highlights last year’s world tour.


12 Responses to Selas: Frank Selas

  1. You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet says:

    The saga surrounding SMIS this year on Sylvia’s site and the Tokyo Labor Dispute Forum site sound like an adaptation of the movie Titanic.

    After hitting an iceberg the Titanic was sinking, meanwhile the band played on the deck seemingly oblivious to their fate. Reminds me of SMIS. I wonder what tune Kagei will play as SMIS continues its path to the bottom.

    In the movie Titanic, a diamond and sapphire necklace ‘the Heart of the Ocean’ was retrieved from the depths. Who can possibly predict what treasures Sylvia will dredge up from the depths of the SMIS ocean of paedophilia ? I am sure readers of this site will be rewarded for the their patience when Sylvia retrieves some real treasures.

    The band “Bachman-Turner Overdrive” wrote a song we all know in 1974, no doubt around one of the peak times for pedophiles in Tokyo at SMIS. I am sure Sylvia will live up to the title of the most famous song in the album, “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet” and produce more gems for the Brothers, the Heamaster, the Archbishop of Tokyo and the rest of the SMIS “rat pack” to ponder.

  2. Sylvia says:

    As I often say “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet,” we shall see 🙂

    And, to add to the Selas profile I have just added another article regarding Selas camping and holiday activities with children via the Junior Peace Corps. Scroll down the page above to the header: “37 Jr. Peace Corps Slate Trip”

    There he was in the summer of 1972, off around the world for one month with a group of boys and girls age 7-17. Note that this was a change from the 1971 trip- most of these children in 1972 were military dependents, whereas the 1971 children were students from international schools.

    Why the change I wonder? Was he perhaps unable to get enough children from the International Schools signed up a second time around? (I think though that a number of children at the various international schools in Japan would have been military, would they not? Am I mistaken? I know that a number of diplomats sent their children to SMIS. Were there also boys at SMIS whose parents were military? I suppose it really makes little difference. Just trying to sort out why the changes? Is it that, for whatever reason, the ’72 trip was open to girls? Is it that simple?)

  3. Sylvia says:

    I have been told that it is doubtful that any boys who attended SMIS were US military children, specifically because there were military schools on base, there was the International School in Tokyo, and the cost of sending a boy to SMIS. The only boys who might have been considered ‘military’ at SMIS would have been sons of military attaches, and military attaches are diplomats.

    I think the same would hold true for the sons of Canadian military stationed in Japan?

    • Frank Schiffel says:

      There were US military, embassy, and business children at SM. The military dwindled as tuition increased and bases were cut. The military had buses to SM but as students from various bases diminished the buses were cut. At our base we got train passes paid for by the military in lieu of a bus the last 2 years before I graduated in 73.

  4. David says:

    Frank Selas, former host of a children’s show on KNOE-TV (Monroe, LA) “Mr. Wonder” was arrested in California. An article concerning his arrest can be found at I was searching for more info and found your site and thoughts others would like to know.

    • Sylvia says:

      A belated thank you David! I have posted several articles on the Frank Selas page – will post more as this most welcome arm of the saga unfold. I will do my best to keep tabs on the court dates throughout the coming months.

      My thoughts and prayers are with those who have waited 37 years to see this day, and with those around the world who may have fallen prey to this man.

  5. Sylvia says:

    There is some new info added tot he Frank Selas page. I am in the process of trying to find out when his next court date is – awaiting a call back with info on how to attain the info. Meanwhile, here is the latest:

    19 July 2016: “Mr. Wonder’s attorney files objection to DA’s response to request for 1994 call” & related articles

    January 2016: The Odyssey of Mr Wonder (by Ken Booth)

  6. Someone I used to know says:

    Any new updates on Frank Szelas?

    • Sylvia says:

      Following the Selas case is proving to be different. Selas was last in court 07 Joly 2016. The next court date has not yet been set. The Rapides Parish Clerk of Court could give me no further information.

      I contacted the prosecutor’s office (Brian Mosley)and confirmed that another date has not yet been set. In order to try to keep tabs on what is happening I must keep checking with the office and, once a date has been set, I can get the date and what the purpose of the court-date is. So, I will do my very best to check weekly 🙂 It’s quite different.

      So, for now, no court dates in the immediate offing.

  7. Sylvia says:

    I just checked with the prosecutor’s office. There is at this time no upcoming court date set for Frank Selas. I will continue to check.

  8. Sylvia says:

    The next court date for Frank Selas is:

    21 February 2017: 09:00 am, “contradictory hearing,” Rapides Parish courthouse (701 Murray St, Alexandria, LA 71301, United States)

    Please keep the complainant in your prayers.

  9. Just some guy says:

    I have been looking for this POS on and off for years, but had the spelling of his last name and work history wrong so I could never find anything.

    When Selas fled LA he went to Richardson, a suburb of Dallas, Texas where he stayed for a short while. His automobile was a yellow Buick station wagon and it also found it’s way to where he was staying in Richardson. I was 9 at the time so I’m a bit vague on some of the details. I know his wife and two daughters also made it to Richardson before following him to Brazil but I don’t remember if they were there at the same time he was or if they came later. I don’t think they were there by the time the Richardson Police showed up to search the house he had been staying at.

    The reason I was given that the police tracked him down to that house in Richardson was because he (allegedly) attempted to sexually assault a kid in a nearby store and the kid’s mom called the police. During his brief stay in Richardson, he sexually assaulted at least one other boy.

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