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Donald Richard Andrews

Don Andrews

Donald R Andrews

Former teacher.  Convicted molester.

Don Andrews taught Grade 6 class at St. Mary’s International School in Japan after the 1980 death of Father Benoit Lessard fic.  Prior to teaching the Grade 6 class Andrews had been at the school as a student teacher for about one year.

SMIS is a prestigious school operated by a  Canadian province of the Brothers of Christian Instruction.  At this time is it unknown how long Andrews taught at SMIS, but it was in the range of about three to four years.

In 1991 or 1992 Don Andrew was hired as Principal for St. Patrick’s Elementary School, in Spokane Washington by a Father Joseph Weitensteiner.  Weitnensteiner was Pastor at St. Patrick’s  Church and Director at the Morning Star Boys’ Ranch, the latter a a home for troubled boys.  (In the mid to late 2000s there were numerous settlements paid out by the Spokane Diocese related to sex abuse allegations against Father Weitensteiner.  Weitensteiner denied the allegations and remained a priest in good standing.)

Donald Andrews was convicted (guilty plea) in 1997.  The charges relate to sex abuse of a 13-year-old boy, a student  at St. Patrick’s school.  I was told that when he was arrested in 1995 Andrews was about to head off on a trip to Japan with a group of students from the school.  I have also been told that there were other boys who were molested by Andrews, – as is sadly and so often the case, only one victim came forward.  More information to come.

Donald Andrews is now a “Center Dean”  at DeVry University, Anaheim California .  With the exception of the years 2011-2013 it seems he has been employed by the university in various capacities since 2002.

According to media reports he also taught at the American School in Scotland – dates unknown.  This, I believe, would have been The International School in Aberdeen, also known as the American School in Aberdeen which was established in 1972.


March 2014:  Donald Andrews – Center Dean at DeVry University (Anaheim California)

20 October 2000:  Donald Richard Andrews – permanent revocation of teachers license Washington State


30 March 2016:  Evidence mounts of missed red flags in case of former Tokyo teacher facing U.S. child rape charges

16 August 2015:  Australian diplomat’s son in Tokyo St Mary’s child sexual abuse story

27 October 2014:  Former St. Mary’s teachers faced child sex abuse charges in U.S.

06 October 2014:  BLOG SMIS sex abuse scandal

28 August 2014:  BLOG There is much more


The following information is drawn from media reports (M), Washington State Superintendent of Public Instruction revocation of license (WSSPI), personal knowledge (P) and Linked-in (LLI)

March 2014 – :   Centre Dean at DeVry University (LLI)

 Donald Andrews DeVry University

April 2013-March 2014:  Academic Affairs Specialist, DeVry University, Anaheim, California (LLI)

2011 – 2013:  ???

2002 – 2011:  Vice President Academic Affairs. Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts, Los Angeles, Pasadena and Hollywood, California (LLI)

20 October 2000:  Permanent revocation of Washington State teacher’s license (WSSPI)

14 April 1997:  Sentenced to 90 days in jail “on work release,” and, amongst other things,  fined $5,210.00, and placed on 24 months community supervision (WSSPI) and not to hold any position with authority over children and not to frequent areas where children congregate.” (WSSPI)

–  working as a car salesman in downtown Spokane, Washington when he was sentenced (M)

March 1997:  Lawsuit filed by the parents of the victim, Mary Lee Gaston and Leon Gaston,  of Spokane, Worthington (M)

03 March 1997:  GUILTY plea

1996:  Deadlocked jury

03 March 1997:  charged (WSSPI)

March 1995:  fired by Father Weitensteiner after reports Andrews had improperly touched a 13-year-old boy at St. Patrick’s Elementary School  in Spokane, WA (M)

February 1995:  abuse of 13-year-old boy (WSSPI)

1992:  hired by Father Weitensteiner to work at St. Patrick’s Elementary School in  (Diocese of Spokane, Washington).   Andrews was Principal and also taught Literature and/or English to Grade 7 and Grade 8 students (M)

1990 – 1994:  Gonzaga University for a doctorate in Education (Educational Leadership) (M & LLI)  hired to teach at St. Patrick’s while pursing his doctorate

1984-1987:  studied at Gonzaga University, earning two Masters degrees (M)

1984-1987:  MEd, teaching (LLI)

16 July 1986:  Continuing Elementary and Secondary Teacher Certificate issued (WSSPI)

01 July 1985:  Initial Secondary Teacher Certificate (WSSPI)

1984-1985:  MA – Administration, Curriculum and Instruction (LLI)

1980:  Hired to teach Grade 6 class at St. Mary’s International School, Japan (this was after the sudden death of Brother Benoit Lessard (P)

1979:  I have been told that Don Andrews was a student teacher at St. Mary’s International School in Japan for one year prior to being hired to replace Brother Lessard (P)

1976-1978:  BA, Psychology, California State University, Long Beach, California (LLI)

according to media reports Andrews also taught at the American School in Scotland (M) – when he taught at this school  is at this time unknown (the school was established in 1972, so it must have been sometime between 1972 and 1976?


Man Acquitted Of Raping Prostitutes Prosecutor Calls Verdict, Reached In 6 Hours,’Very Disillusioning’

The Spokesman-Review

04 September 1998


A Spokane County jury had to choose between believing four prostitutes or the 32-year-old man accused of raping them a year ago in a city park.

After less than six hours of deliberations, the six-man, six-woman jury Tuesday acquitted Charles Clugston of the crimes.

Clugston, at the time an unemployed electrical engineer with a college degree, admitted having sex with three of the women. He said he paid for their services, then fell victim to a scheme by the women, who stole nearly $500 from him.

Prosecutors said Clugston used the same method in attacking the women the night of March 27, 1995.

He picked them up at different times, drove them to Liberty Park, raped three and tried to rape the fourth but failed, according to Deputy Prosecutor Carol Davis.

Davis told the jury he paid no money and injured all four women. Clugston weighed nearly 300 pounds when the incidents occurred, police reports said.

Defense attorney Mark Vovos said the case against Clugston was far-fetched and filled with inconsistencies.

“They had real credibility problems because of the stories (the alleged victims) told the jury,” Vovos said.

Davis said the verdict “was very disillusioning.” After talking with jurors later, she said they told her they thought Clugston had committed the crimes.

“But they thought we had not presented enough evidence to get them to convict,” she said.

She declined to speculate what evidence was needed beyond what jurors saw and heard. “All I know is we had everything we thought we needed.”

Vovos said the charges against Clugston were part of a pattern of misplaced priorities by police and county prosecutors.

“They always charge cases like this, cases with the emotion of a sex charge, thinking that will affect jurors. But that’s not the way it is,” Vovos said.

Vovos said he saw the same problem occur earlier this year in the trial of a former principal at St. Patrick’s Catholic School.

Vovos defended the principal, 40-year-old Donald Andrews, who was charged with second-degree child molestation.

Davis was the prosecutor in that trial, which ended in a hung jury.

Clugston is now employed as an engineer at Trumark Industries in Spokane. His trial before Superior Court Judge Michael Donohue lasted about two weeks.

, DataTimes


Former Principal Sentenced To Jail Term

From Staff Reports

The Spokesman-Review

15 April 1997

A former Spokane Catholic school principal accused of molesting a student was sentenced Monday to 90 days in jail.

Donald Andrews, 41, can serve the sentence on work-release, a judge decided.

Rather than face a second molestation trial, Andrews pleaded guilty last month to third-degree assault involving a former student at St. Patrick’s Elementary School.

The student, then 13, told his parents that Andrews fondled him in 1995, when he and a friend spent the night at the principal’s home.

Andrews was fired shortly after the parents reported the incident.

Last year, a Superior Court jury deadlocked 11 to 1 in favor of acquitting the defendant on the molestation charge.

Andrews now works as a car salesman in downtown Spokane. His employment stability is one reason prosecutors agreed to work-release.

The defendant was also fined $5,000. , DataTimes


Parents Sue Spokane Diocese, Ex-School Principal Damages Asked For Trauma From Alleged Sexual Abuse

The Spokesman-Review

26 March 1997

Tom Sowa

A Spokane couple filed a lawsuit Tuesday against Spokane’s Catholic Diocese and a former school principal whom they accuse of sexually molesting their son.

Mary Lee Gaston and Leon Gaston of Spokane say they want damages to be awarded at trial for traumas associated with the alleged abuse.

Their suit names the diocese, the former principal, Donald R. Andrews, and St. Patrick’s School.

The boy was a 13-year-old student at the Catholic elementary school in 1995 when he reported to his parents that Andrews had sexually touched him while he was visiting the principal’s home and watching a video.

The 40-year-old Andrews was charged with child molestation. He went on trial last year, but the jury was deadlocked 11-1 in favor of acquittal.

Prosecutors planned to retry him until Andrews signed a plea agreement accepting a felony conviction for third-degree assault. He will be sentenced next month.

“This is a complete surprise to me,” the Rev. Joseph Weitensteiner, pastor of St. Patrick’s Parish, said of the lawsuit.

The Gastons allege that Andrews abused his role as principal during the time he knew their son.

They also say the diocese and St. Patrick’s Parish “knew or should have known of the sexual molestation and failed to intervene or stop the activity.”

“That’s not true,” Weitensteiner said. “As soon as we got word, (Andrews) was suspended. We didn’t know about the molestation before they came to us.”

Andrews continues to live in the Spokane area but was unavailable for comment.

“This is sad for all of us,” Weitensteiner said.

Spokane Bishop William S. Skylstad announced Andrews’ firing the day after meeting with more than 100 St. Patrick’s parents in March 1995.

He also offered monetary support and agreed to pay for counseling of any parents needing help, Weitensteiner said.

, DataTimes


Former Principal Pleads Guilty To Assault On Boy Onetime St. Patrick’s Administrator Says He Was Horsing Around With Boy

The Spokesman-Review

04 March 1997

Tom Sowa

Seeking to avoid a second trial on sex crime charges, the former principal of St. Patrick’s Elementary School in north Spokane pleaded guilty Monday to third-degree assault.

Donald R. Andrews Jr., 40, was fired by the Catholic Diocese and the school two years ago after the parents of a 13-year-old student said the principal molested their son while he was visiting Andrews’ house.

Andrews denied the charge during a jury trial last year, insisting his relationship with the boy was like any principal-student friendship.

His plea statement entered Monday said: “I acted in a criminally negligent way and caused harm to (the youth) while wrestling and horsing around. It is my desire to bring closure to this matter.”

Andrews’ trial last year on a charge of child molestation ended in a hung jury. Eleven of 12 jurors voted to acquit him.

County Prosecutor Jim Sweetser decided to retry Andrews, a move Andrews’ attorney, Mark Vovos, called “unheard of, considering the previous jury outcome.”

Jury selection was to have started this week in Spokane County Superior Court.

Andrews will be sentenced April 14. The standard range for a person with no prior criminal record is from one to three months in jail for third-degree assault.

“We knew another trial would have been hard on us,” said the father of the boy who said he was assaulted. “We’re glad we don’t have to go through that stress again.”

A felony conviction usually causes a teacher to lose or have his teaching certificate suspended, said Rick Wilson, staff attorney with the state office of the superintendent of instruction.

Any action by the SPI office would occur after a review of the case, Wilson said.

Andrews was the principal and an English teacher at the school for three years before the incident.

Police investigators said Andrews had two students from St. Patrick’s spend the night at his house in February 1995.

One of the boys told police they were watching a movie when Andrews put his arm around the boy’s shoulder and then fondled him.

The student ran to a bathroom and stayed there while Andrews apologized for his action, the investigation report said.

The 13-year-old told his parents of the incident about a month later.

“This is the appropriate solution to this charge,” Deputy Prosecutor Mary Ann Brady said. “The victim’s and his family’s wishes certainly had some bearing on this decision.”

, DataTimes


Jury Can’t Decide Fate Of Ex-Principal

The Spokesman-Review

From Staff And Wire Reports

13 July 1996

A judge declared a mistrial Friday in the case of a former Catholic school principal accused of molesting a student.

Superior Court Judge Paul Bastine dismissed the charges against Donald Andrews, 40, after the 12-member jury couldn’t come to a unanimous decision.

The former principal of St. Patrick’s Elementary School, was accused of fondling a 13-year-old boy while the pair watched a movie at Andrews’ apartment in February 1995.

He was charged with one count of second-degree child molestation.

There was only one vote for conviction, according to Mark Vovos, Andrews’ attorney. The 11 other jurors voted to acquit, Vovos said.

County Prosecutor Jim Sweetser said he and Davis would decide soon if they will re-try Andrews, who was fired from his job shortly after the molestation allegations surfaced.

, DataTimes


St. Patrick’s School Turns To The Future

The Spokesman-Review

24 August 1995

Jonathan Martin Staff Writer

When St. Patrick’s School begins classes Monday, Principal Joanne Duffy will have plenty to think about other than Donald Andrews.

Like 133 names.

To heal any lingering wounds caused by her successor, Duffy is trying learn the name of every one of the school’s 133 students.

“It is a lot (of names), but I was a teacher, so you learn little tricks,” said Duffy.

Andrews was fired last spring after a 13-year-old student accused the principal of fondling him. Another student told police that Andrews discussed masturbation with him.

Andrews is scheduled to stand trial on Oct. 28.

Duffy, a vice principal at Spokane’s St. Aloysius School for three years, plans to spend time in each classroom and eat with students every day.

She says regaining trust that may have been lost with Andrews’ dismissal is crucial to her success as a principal.

Duffy was hired in April and started full time at St. Patrick’s in June. She spent time in the school during summer, meeting with families and students. Duffy says she, the teachers and the students are trying to put the incident out of mind and focus on the new year.

“The community is really looking toward a new year, to a new beginning,” said Duffy.

The Rev. Joseph Weitensteiner, pastor of St. Patrick’s Parish, said counseling sessions held before school let out in June helped students.

“Kids are very resilient. If they get an opportunity to speak … how they honestly feel and think, there is healing in a hurry,” said Weitensteiner.

Andrews, who had been principal at St. Patrick’s for five years, pleaded innocent last spring to second-degree child molestation.

He is working in Spokane and preparing for the trial, said Mark Vovos, his lawyer.

, DataTimes MEMO: Open House St. Patrick’s School, 2706 E. Queen, will be holding an open house today from 6 to 7:30 p.m.

Open House St. Patrick’s School, 2706 E. Queen, will be holding an open house today from 6 to 7:30 p.m.


Principal Scheduled For Trial Ex-St. Patrick’s Administrator Pleads Innocent To Molestation

The Spokesman Review

08 June 1995

Kim Barker The Spokesman-Review

The former principal of St. Patrick’s Elementary is scheduled to go to trial this month on charges of molesting an eighth-grade student while watching a movie at the administrator’s apartment.

Donald Andrews, 39, was fired in late March after Spokane’s Catholic Diocese heard he improperly touched the boy, then 13 years old. Andrews had been principal for three years.

He pleaded innocent to the charge of second-degree child molestation, said his lawyer, Mark Vovos.

Although the trial has been scheduled for June 26, that date will probably be pushed back to the fall, Vovos said. He declined to comment further. Efforts to reach Andrews Wednesday were unsuccessful.

Police asked prosecutors to charge Andrews after the boy’s family complained he improperly touched the boy the weekend of Feb. 19.

That day, the boy and a friend spent the night at Andrews’ house, according to court records. The friend played computer games. The boy and Andrews watched “The Mask” in the living room. While watching the movie, Andrews allegedly put his arm around the boy’s shoulder and a little later, fondled the boy.

The boy then ran to the bathroom, shutting the door, according to records. Andrews repeatedly apologized.

The boy told police that he didn’t tell anyone about the night because Andrews was always nice to him. The boy said Andrews gave him candy during school, lent him a St. Patrick’s sweatshirt, and took him to eat, play games and work out.

Another student told police he also spent the night at Andrews’ apartment. The boy said Andrews wanted to sleep on the floor in the same bedroom, although the apartment had two bedrooms.

The boy also told police that Andrews talked to him about masturbation.

While at St. Patrick’s, Andrews taught literature to seventh- and eighth-graders chosen by him. He studied from 1984 to 1987 at Gonzaga University and earned two master’s degrees. He returned to Gonzaga in 1990 to work on a doctorate in education, during which time he was hired by St. Patrick’s.

Diocese officials reacted quickly to the concerns of the boy’s family, first suspending Andrews from his job and then firing him.

“The Diocesan level is to be very up-front and honest,” said the Rev. Joseph Weitensteiner, pastor of St. Patrick’s Parish. “Then you can move on to healing. That’s a big part of healing, is being honest.”

Since the firing, the school has worked to recover from the matter.

Counselors from Gonzaga Prep have talked to students and parents. The school has held three meetings with parents, answering questions and informing them about what happened.

The school’s 166 students are coping well, administrators said.

“One thing about most children, in a situation such as this, it’s just a matter of being able to speak their feelings and thoughts and having someone listen,” said Weitensteiner, also executive director of Morning Star Boy’s Ranch. “Kids are marvelous. They just move on to new things. They don’t forget, but they move on. The school has moved on.”

Joanne Duffy, an assistant principal at St. Aloysius School for three years, will start as St. Patrick’s principal in the fall.

Duffy, who started teaching in 1972, taught for 12 years in New York. She also was a social studies department chair and a vice principal at Stamford Catholic High School in Stamford, Conn.

Duffy moved to Spokane in 1990.

Since being hired, Duffy has met with a number of concerned parents and attended several meetings.

“The children seem to be doing fine,” Duffy said. “I’ve spoken with many of them. They seem to be excited about next year. The healing process is really coming along.”

, DataTimes


Ex-Principal Faces Charge Of Sex Abuse St. Patrick’s Educator Accused Of Molestation

The Spokesman-Review

04 April 1995

Kara Briggs Staff writer

FOR THE RECORD: (April 5, 1995): Father Joe Weitensteiner is executive director of Morning Star Boy’s Ranch as well as pastor of St. Patrick’s Parish. A Monday story incorrectly reported his relationship to the boy’s ranch. (Unpublished note: The story actually ran on Tuesday.)

Spokane police asked prosecutors Monday to charge the former principal of St. Patrick’s Catholic School with second-degree child molestation.

Don Andrews, who was fired last week after a family complained that he had sexually touched an eighth-grade boy, had been principal at the school for three years.

No other students have reported incidents involving Andrews, according to police and the Spokane Catholic Diocese.

Andrews, 37, could not be reached for comment Monday.

The Rev. Joseph Weitensteiner, pastor of St. Patrick’s Parish, received a complaint from the boy’s parents on the weekend of March 25-26.

According to diocese protocol, Andrews was suspended immediately from his job. Then – after officials uncovered “accompanying reasons” – he was fired, Bishop William Skylstad said.

“Every case has to be judged on its own merits,” Skylstad said. “When you get into a case where an allegation is disputed strongly, it’s difficult to act.”

Andrews previously worked as a teacher at The American School in Scotland and at The International School in Tokyo.

He studied from 1984 to 1987 at Gonzaga University and earned two master’s degrees. He returned to Gonzaga in 1990 to work on a doctorate in education, which he completed last spring. During that time he was hired by St. Patrick’s.

Diocese officials conducted the standard Washington State Patrol background check on Andrews before hiring him.

Last week Weitensteiner, who formerly ran the Morning Star Boy’s Ranch, helped St. Patrick’s students cope with the allegation and the dismissal. On Thursday he called a meeting of parents in which he explained the allegation. The mother of the boy also spoke.

On Sunday, Weitensteiner told parishioners at all three of St. Patrick’s Masses about the events of the week.

Skylstad said the parish and the diocese talked openly to control the rumors, and to acknowledge the hurt that comes when there are reports of abuse.

Diocese Fires St. Patrick’s Principal Bishop Says Student Alleged He Was Touched Improperly

The Spokesman-Review

01 April 1995

Tom Sowa The Spokesman-Review

Spokane’s Catholic Diocese this week fired the principal of St. Patrick’s Elementary School after getting reports the man improperly touched an eighth-grade male student.

The action was announced late Thursday at a meeting between 150 parents and school and diocese officials.

Donald Andrews, 37, was in his third year as principal at the North Side school.

Bishop William S. Skylstad said the decision to fire Andrews resulted from “accompanying circumstances” he and other diocese officials learned recently.

“We discovered some accompanying behavior that was very unprofessional and led us to see that termination was a must,” Skylstad said Friday.

He would not reveal details.

The unnamed student told his parents of one alleged instance of Andrews touching him in a sexual manner, Skylstad said.

The Rev. Joseph Weitensteiner, pastor of St. Patrick’s Parish, learned of the alleged contact last week and then met with students and teachers at the school

Weitensteiner fired Andrews on Tuesday.

The diocese arranged Thursday’s meeting at the school to explain what was being done and to help provide counseling help for those affected.

Said Sklystad: “Word was starting to get around and rumors were spreading. It was important for us to be upfront about this.”

In a prepared statement read Friday, Sklystad added: “We apologize to the alleged victim, the family and to the entire community for any hurt which may be the result.”

Police investigators are preparing a report on the incident. A decision on whether criminal charges might be filed would be made later.

No other students have reported incidents involving Andrews, Skylstad said.

Efforts to contact Andrews were unsuccessful.

A diocesan spokesman said Andrews was hired as principal at St. Patrick’s in 1992 from outside the area.

The diocese requested the standard Washington State Patrol background check at the time he was hired. That screening found nothing, Sklystad said.

Several incidents involving teachers or school staff have taken place in Spokane’s Catholic schools over the past 20 years. But in all those previous instances, the diocese has dealt with the issue quietly.

Skylstad said the change in approach comes from recognizing the diocese’s responsibility to make information public quickly to insure that proper steps are taken “to address this situation.”

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