Message to St Thomas High School alumni re Father Jack Hanna csb

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From: St. Thomas High School []
Sent: Friday, March 08, 2013 7:58 AM
Subject: Important Message from Frs. Storey and Fulton

Dear Alumni,
Approximately three weeks ago, you were informed that an allegation of
misconduct was made by an adult against Father Jack Hanna. Immediately
upon receipt of the allegation, Father Hanna agreed to undergo an
assessment at a therapeutic center for priests. He has acknowledged
that he behaved inappropriately and will be receiving extensive
residential treatment at the facility. He has expressed deep regret
for any harm caused by his behavior and believes it is best that he
resign his position at St. Thomas High School so that he may focus on
his treatment.
We wish to express our sincere appreciation to you for your concern
for Father Hanna and ask you to please keep him in your prayers during
this difficult time.
Yours in Christ,

Fr. Kevin Storey, C.S.B.
Fr. Patrick Fulton, C.S.B.

57 Responses to Message to St Thomas High School alumni re Father Jack Hanna csb

  1. Sylvia says:

    I was told yesterday that Father Hanna (“Happy Hands Hanna”) is definitely in Canada. Is he perchance at Southdown?

    Note that, according to the email, it was Father Hanna who believed he should resign. Does that mean his superiors did not? why else make that comment? or, is this to show what a nice fellow Father Hanna is?

    Note again the stress on the allegations made “by an adult male,” the inference perhaps being that the “misconduct” had nothing to do with minors? I tried without success to find out the nature of the allegations. I have however since been advised that Father Hanna was known at St. Thomas as “Happy Hands Hanna.” We all know now how Father Hod Marshall acquired the same title. Need I say more?

  2. PJ says:

    “He has expressed deep regret for any harm caused by his behavior” – Regret at being caught that’s all.
    “We wish to express our sincere appreciation to you for your concern
    for Father Hanna and ask you to please keep him in your prayers during
    this difficult time.
    Yours in Christ,
    Fr. Kevin Storey, C.S.B.
    Fr. Patrick Fulton, C.S.B.” – Once again prayers for the accused collar and NOTHING about the complainants…another case of collars supporting collars…damn them!

  3. Ken says:

    Yes there are connections to Canada, I know for sure. Fr. Hanna was known as “Father Handsoff” at St. Thomas High School, and I know that for sure too. At the university level, he was very “handsy”, for lack of a better word to young adult guys. I know more but choose not to say anything more.

    • Nina Moore says:

      Father Hannah was innapropriate with former high school Spanish teacher Mr. Santos. STH has covered-up abusive behavior by then assistant track and field coach Mr. Santos. Coach Labus kept assistant track and field coach on staff after being arrested for operating massage parlors (a crime of moral turpitude) without a license. Father Storey and Father Fulton and Athletic Director Mike Netzel receivd emails with Coach Santos’, criminal record and proof of gross domestic violence. The emails were ignored and Coach Labus is still a faculty member at STH.

  4. C says:

    I attended STHS for all four years of my high school career. At that time Father Hanna taught my advanced Spanish class (freshman). He seemed like an OK guy, but he was indeed very very strange. He was very “hands on” with some of the students in the class and there were numerous rumors that circulated around the school regarding types of misconduct that involved Father Hanna, but no one came forward. Im glad that I only had him as a teacher for one semester. I can honestly say that he never did anything innapropriate to me, but that’s not to say that he didn’t creep me out sometimes. This allegation of misconduct really doesn’t come as much of a shock, but I do believe that there is potential for others to come forward should they have the courage to do so. Overall, STHS was an outstanding school and I hope that this allegation of misconduct doesn’t tarnish the schools reputation for excellence.

  5. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    How many times have I seen or heard of someone that “creeps me out”. I recall having that feeling very often as a young man, only to find out the hard way that my feelings of loathing or of “being creeped out’ were completely justified.
    Trust your instincts! If you are creeped out by someone, it is likely all too real. Save yourself years of torment and anguish, and STAY AWAY! Mike.

  6. J says:

    I attended STHS and Fr. Hanna made advances towards me when I was working in campus ministry. Believe me this goes deeper and hopefully the Chronicle or others will do more reporting on it.

  7. Kay Goodnow says:

    Oh yes, ask for prayers and support for the sexual offenders and ignore the victims, whose lives have been destroyed. How very Christian!

  8. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    Isn’t this just a shining example of love coming from “the one true church of Christ” Like you said, let’s all pray for the pedophile and to hell with his victims. Mike.

  9. Mike Mc says:

    Makes me wonder how many other priests shiver in their own thoughts about when the day comes that they get revealed. Saw the article last night hosted by Peter Mansbridge..Susan’O’s 9 minute revelation of Vatican and what Catholics want to see happen in the Church. It was very clear. One comment was about “faithful, devout and submissive Catholics.” The fact that the above priests ask STHS students to pray for ‘Fr Hands’ and NO menton of the victim/s, shows their belief in faithful, devout and “submissive” Catholics. I believe most Catholics are submissive and will pray before they act. No harm in praying….but quite often that’s as far as it goes. The STHS should be LOUD and CLEAR on their reactions to this….and speak out to these priests, Frs Fulton and Storey. It doesn’t ruin the reputation of their good school. But it will if they submissively do NOTHING! Those priests in charge know what to do! But will they? I doubt it.

  10. Brenda Brunelle says:

    I recall the last Sunday Mass I attended. Bishop Fabbro had prepared a letter for the Pastor of my church to read regarding the allegations of Fr. John Duarte, hearts together for haiti. This letter was sent to my parish, as OLPH was the last parish in Ontario that John Duarte was Pastor and created the Hearts together for Haiti project.

    My point here is the letter from the Bishop very clearly warned parishioners to continue to pray for Fr. John Duarte he has not yet had his day in court, he is presumed innocent until proven guilty. Not one request in this letter from the Bishop to pray for the poor children in Haiti and their families. My husband and I stood up, asked the congregation of OLPH to remember the children in Haiti in their prayers, shame on Bishop Fabbro and we walked out and never returned.

  11. E says:

    Another four-year STH student chiming in. I had Fr. Hanna for Theology two semesters. He was a very beloved teacher and priest, but he definitely had a reputation for being touchy-feely (the nickname I was familiar with was “Handy Hanna”). I’ve also been subjected to his back rubs (he’d just sneak up on students while at their desks) and arms around the waist. Definitely strange, particularly at an all-boys’ school, and kids would be relentless teased whenever Hanna would give them a shoulder rub in class (we’d say Hanna-isms back in a provocative way: “Ayyyy, chico. rapido, rapido”, as teenagers are apt to do, but in retrospect, it was way less innocent). The general feeling among students in those days was that Fr. Hanna was a bit effeminate (and probably gay), but that he would never cross any boundary. Also, why would someone who was so open about being hands-on actually be crossing the line, given how much suspicion it brings on? But then, that’s how teens tend to think, especially when raised under the authority of the Church.

    • C says:

      Sounds like you and I probably graduated around the same time, if not the same class. I remember and agree with everything you said (right down to the “Ay chicos” line as well)…he was quite beloved and if anything just seemed harmlessly effeminate. I never heard any specific allegations while there, and for my part I can say that the man was never anything but kind to me, and I have fond memories of his class. This really bums me out.

      To “E”: Take care, fellow anonymous Eagle.

  12. TS says:

    Another somewhat recent four-year STH student.

    I had Father Hanna for Spanish my freshman year and he continued to be my mentor throughout my tenure at STH. Yes, he hugged the guys and was a tad touchy, but he was like this with students AND teachers (male and female). Fr. Hanna was a loving man who has no “bad” intention in his body. Those who write poorly about him barely know him.

    As for the child abuse allegations, people should not be so quick to jump onto the “bash the Catholic Church abuse scandal.” This is something that shouldn’t be handled lightly and for the time being, no “abuse” charge has been made toward Fr. Hanna.

    STH is a very close community of brothers and sisters, so the prayer to Father Hanna was a prayer for his well being and mental health. There is just an allegation of MISCONDUCT, not child abuse or abuse.

  13. PJ says:

    TS: You may be right but that’s not the usual way it goes. The defenders all rally and pray/support the accused and deride the complainants for coming forward. But once the allegations become fact, the supporters all skulk away in to the shadows never once to return and express their regret for supporting the pervert, or to even whisper a prayer for the victims. VERY christian-like eh? And about your statement “There is just an allegation of MISCONDUCT, not child abuse or abuse.”, the allegation was made by an adult, but nothing is mentioned about the age of the complainant at the time of the incident so how do you know there was no “child abuse or abuse”?
    And you also say, “people should not be so quick to jump onto the “bash the Catholic Church abuse scandal.” This is something that shouldn’t be handled lightly”…do you think we just jumped on the scandal??? NO, we were forced into the scandal by the actions of the pervert collars and their protectors. We do not take this lightly which is why we are so tenacious in our comments on this site. As you have not walked in our shoes, you have no right to criticize!!!

    • TS says:

      PJ: My comment was not meant to deride the complainant for coming forward, it was simply to say that the facts of the case have not be disclosed, yet people jump on a Priest’s misconduct. One would think that if the complainant was underage at the time of the activity, the police would immediately be involved. Its accusing Fr. Hanna of being guilty of child abuse without know the facts of the case– it’s simply wrong to accuse those not proven guilty.

      When Jerry Sandusky was first charged with child abuse in 2008, the police became involved immediately in investigations. As far as the public knows, there has been no police activity concerning Fr. Hanna. Why wouldn’t the Houston Police Department involve themselves in the situation immediately if the misconduct was child abuse?

      As for your comments about the “protectors,” the STH community does not take any situation lightly, and I’m positive that they are remaining silent until all facts are known and are able to publish a factually based statement concerning the matter. I do not speak for the STH community, but as a graduate of the school, I can tell you that every person involved in this situation is being prayed for, even if he/she is not mentioned in the emails from the administration.

      In addition, I do not and will never support the Catholic Church’s hiding of sexual/ sexual abuse scandals. My own parish was troubled by many scandals for years and I have no sympathy for priest who committed such crimes. And if it does come out that Fr. Hanna has committed child sexual abuse, then I fully support the idea that he should be dealt with accordingly like any other child predator. However, as I stated before, the facts are not yet known to the public and no assumptions should be made.

      I do not criticize, I simply state what I have written: no assumptions should be made and if evidence proves otherwise, then shame on me and shame on Fr. Hanna. However, I do concern myself with this situation when the reputation of a school that taught me morals and values and taught me how to grow and help my society is being attacked.

      • PJ says:

        TS: Thank you for your lengthy and well thought out reply. It has cleared up some of the confusion I felt. I agree with your points and know that the truth will eventually prevail. I am not saying that I believe this collar to be innocent but if an investigation proves that he is, I can accept that. My experience has shown that almost 100% of complaints prove true and the supporters tend to vanish without a trace. Too bad because some of them would likely make excellent supporters of this site based on the collar’s deception. It is classic. Anyway, I admire you for responding and hope you will continue to monitor this site and offer your observations.

        • C man says:

          I guess we all know where the debate club nerds ended up hahaha am I right boys? Class of ’03 here. This is the first I’ve heard about this. I’ve been out of the loop. I’m just reading it all now.

  14. Mike Mc says:

    Read this again from the article:
    Father Hanna agreed to undergo an
    assessment at a therapeutic center for priests. He has acknowledged
    that he behaved inappropriately and will be receiving extensive
    residential treatment at the facility.

    Well there’s the problem! How often have we seen this? Fr George Smith received treatment in 1992. What did that prove? He just received 11 years in prison for sexual misconduct and assault.

    All too often it starts with the priest admitting “inappropriate behaviour” and that’s their “first step” to admitting they have been caught. Their sorrow is not for the victims but sorrow that they have been caught.

    Good Lord!!…. people of STHS…wake up. This hands on touchy-feely person should have been dealt with years ago but no one had the courage to speak up to Fr Hanna. Where were his superiors? And if this priest was gay, well personally I don’t have a problem with that. But if he misbehaved inappropriately, and admits that, then there is a problem and possible criminal one.

    All this stuff about innocent until proven guilty…yes of course I agree. But the writing is on the wall……and this site has proved it time and again. I had Fr George Smith as a priest/retreat master who gave the class I taught a day of awareness. When I think back to it now, he was a little too cool with the kids. It’s hard to explain. But there was defintely something there. Of course I see it now.

    Perhaps you can see the same situation with Fr Hanna. There just wasn’t something right.

  15. STH Alum says:

    How many of the people in this comment of actually knew Fr. Hannah? I’d say probably none. I am an STH alum and not only have I known Fr. Hannah all four years I was there, he taught my freshman Spanish class. I know him as one of the kindest, warmhearted priests I have ever met, as well as a wonderful and very learned teacher. He truly loved being a priest and a teacher, as well as he loved his students and his colleagues. He would have never done anything to harm
    a child or anyone, for that manner. Nor is it even remotely likely this man is a pedophile, there are stories about him when he was a student at our school that say he was on of the best ladies men on campus. Myself and the entire student body and alums support and love this man, as well as we pray for him; we are sorry to see him go and saddened that he was removed. Instead of judging him, which you useless bigots seem to do at every chance you get, why not demonstrate some charity and pray for this man, or the heartbroken pupils he left behind? I’m sad that you vipers call yourselves Christians, because our Lord himself said that we should take the log out of our own eyes, and to judge not lest we be judged. On a practical and logical note, it probably speaks volumes of the integrity of all of you who condemn this poor man to jump
    to conclusions based on little fact or experience. The Lord have mercy on all of you.

    • Dave Savage says:

      Thank you for your comment. I too knew Fr. Jack Hanna and many other Basilian priests.
      Many comments on this site strike me as so venomous – extending blame to anyone and everyone around the accused who might have even remotely known the priest. Case in point, a comment regarding Fr. Tim Scott who served as the spokesman for the Basilians at the sentencing of Fr. Hodd Marshall. In one of the comments on this site Scott’s role was called into question simply because he taught and lived at the same high school in 1983.
      Deal with the accused but stop casting suspicion all around.

    • J says:

      Defending this pos. Did he offer you some candy and a rim job to come on here and post in his defense. Can only imagine the fun freaks in prison would have with the two of y’all.

  16. PJ says:

    STH ALUM: Get off your high horse…”to jump to conclusions based on little fact or experience”. You have done the same thing that you say about this site. You have likely never read any of the rest of the blogs on this site and so you too are using little fact or experience. Shame on you! “Useless bigots”??? Wow, aren’t you the charitable Christian? The vitriol coming from your mouth speaks volumes of just how shallow and judgmental you are. And if you speak for that alumni, then there is a big problem at your school. You’ve never walked in our shoes yet you condemn us as if we didn’t know what we were talking about. Have you been abused by a collar? Have you faced the anger of others who stand 100% behind their collar and swear he could never have done what a victim has claimed? And later when convicted, the SAME “protectors” of the collar NEVER apologize to the victims…instead, they walk away as if nothing ever happened. Are you 100% positive and willing to put your name, career, reputation and life on the line for this man? Well guess what? We victims have ALL come forward willing to sacrifice ourselves for the truth and have paid various prices for our convictions. Have you ever thought of the victims and what they must be facing? Nobody ever wanted to come out and admit we were abused, yet each of us found the courage to do so…even in the face of derision and scorn by people like yourself who in 95% of cases, defend their collar, blinded by the smooth talking devil in disguise. I’m sorry for your loss of vision and impartiality in this case, maybe you should pray for God’s mercy for yourself and the other blinded sheep.

  17. Sylvia says:

    Well said PJ

    STH, would it surprise you at all to know that most Catholics who finally accept the reality that a beloved priest is in reality a sexual predator realize at the same time that, as much s they thought they knew “Father” they never really knew him. Many are deceived and betrayed by priests who truly are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

    I could not venture the number of times I have read or heard that “Father” would never harm a child.

    As for Father Hanna being one of the best “ladie’s man” on campus – you really do need to educate yourself. There are priests who molest who also have, or appear to have, an eye for the ladies. Go through the files. Be prepared to have every stereotype of a clerical molester challenged. But first understand this: clerical molesters do not sport horns! I can not tell you how many families entrusted their child to, say, “Father X” because “Father X” was like a member of the family, was such a dear friend and wonderful man. Nor can I tell yo how many victims recall what a great guy “Father X” was, i.e.m all the kids loved him, so much fun, great teacher and on and on and on – until Father X moved from grooming to seduction and abuse – and damage was done.

    I have no idea what the situation is with Father Hanna. I know what I have been told and what people have blogged. I know that the Basilians pulled him, or, depending on which story line we accept, he resigned, and that after some sort of allegations. I know that the Baslians have been less than candid about the nature of the allegations and that that in turn obviously leads to speculation.

    I suggest that before you say another cruel word you contact the Basilians who run the school and ask for honesty.

  18. PJ says:

    And the basilian buffoons will do what they always do…deny, defend, and denigrate.

  19. Brunelle Brenda says:

    I just wonder if Chris Quinlan runs with this pedophile as well? Talk about a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Fr. Quinlan was one priest I held in the highest regard, what a hard fall it has been for me to learn of who all his closest friends were, convicted pedophile priests! I never would have imagined in a million years that he would associate with such people, as he was in all appearance such a holy man. I certainly question today, just what exactly the Diocese was protecting by not forcing Quinlan to take part in Discovery regarding my claim against the church. The Diocese certainly settled my claim, but just what exactly were they protecting when doing so? I wonder.

  20. F says:

    I know that this thread is old, but I still feel like I have to stand up for Fr. Hanna. First off, I would believe I have the most knowledge on who Fr. Hanna is personally, as I am a freshman who he taught this year, meaning I have probably the most recent experience with him also. I will admit he was hands on, but I spent hours after school with him, not only to learn, but to talk. He was a nice man, and I never felt intimidated or that he was trying to harm me. I cannot justify whatever sort of action he did, but I do think I know what happened. I think it’s responsible to think that whatever was reported wasn’t pedophilia, as it was reported to the Glaveston/Houston archdiocese and not the police, as should be the case with something this extreme. He also went out of town that weekend on a competition with his art history team to Galveston. I think there he got drunk and made unwanted sexual remarks toward a grown man. This doesn’t surprise me to much, as I think him being an exentric man, I think it’s reasonable to say he’s gay. It has been 3 months since the complaint first came in, and with no updates or any sort of news headline, I feel that the complaint was major enough to get him kicked out of STH, but doesn’t seem major enough to put him in jail. I can’t say what the case is, but to me, nothing seems to add up to the allegations beig made here.

    • Sylvia says:

      F, do you agree it would be nice if the Basilians would speak up publicly and tell one and all the truth concerning the situation? That, and that alone, would put an end to all the speculation.

      • F says:

        Yes, it would be nice for them just to come out and say it, I’m just saying that all of these accusations, especially pedophilia, have no merit, and I’m just presenting my argument

      • F says:

        I would also like to note that I would imagine that STH would be under extreme public scrutiny for a case that involved pedophilia as we already had a coach this year arrested for possession of child pornography

  21. Nick says:

    I don’t really know what the situation with Father Hanna is, but I feel that I must say something.

    I am a Biology major at the University of Texas right now, and I’m definitely very lucky to say that I have been taught by many very good teachers. However, to this day, Father Hanna is the best teacher that I have ever had. I took him for Spanish my freshman year of high school, and my junior year I was struggling deciding whether or not to take AP Spanish senior year. Father Hanna convinced me that I would be able to do it, and while it was one of the most difficult classes I have ever taken, I feel that I learned more in my senior year Spanish class than I have in any class before.

    Father Hanna is a great person and an incredible teacher. Like I said, I don’t really know what exactly happened, and I don’t really care either. I just know that this guy really cared about his students and was definitely a positive influence in my life.

    • PJ says:

      And guess what Nick??? We really don’t care what you think anyway. Go start your own We Love Hanna page elsewhere…you’re not needed here.

      • Lina says:

        That’s good Nick has only good memories about Father Hanna.

        Nick fails to grasp that not everybody shared the same happy experiences as he did.

        There may be a bit of selfishness going on but it’s a personal choice to correct it or sadly to just carry on as is.

        • JK says:

          I don’t think Nick has demonstrated that he ‘failed to grasp’ anything. I think he’s trying to balance out some of the negative comments being made on the board. If Fr. Hanna had an ‘inappropriate’ relationship with an adult male, it’s really none of our business. If the relationship was with a minor, there’s a legal procedure for resolving the issue.

          Fr. Hanna was one of, if not the best, teachers at that school while I attended. Whatever personal struggles he was dealing with at the time, I’m proud to have been one of his students.

    • Sylvia says:

      ” don’t really know what exactly happened, and I don’t really care either.”

      I can only hope and pray that if you now have or are in future fortunate enough to have children of your own, and hear of a similar “situation” involving your child’s teacher or priest, the lights will finally go on and not only will you really care, you will make it your job to find out exactly what the situation is, for the sake of your own child.

  22. B says:


    You may feel you received a wonderful education, but in my opinion, if it left you unable to empathize with–or even express any curiosity towards–those who may have had a negative experience, your education was in fact sadly inadequate.

  23. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    I don’t know if you attended any of Hod Marshall’s court cases, or if you know any of his myriad victims.
    I have, and I know three of his victims personally.

    I tried to speak to Tim Scott at Hod’s last sentencing. He was condescending, somewhat rude, and very obviously there to support ONLY Marshall, not his victims. He claimed that Marshall was a nice old feeble man who was no longer a threat to society, and deserved leniency from the court!!!!!
    Is it any small wonder suspicion is cast in his direction? Mike.

  24. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    If Hanna “had an inappropriate relationship with an adult male” it’s none of our business.

    Whoever you are JK, this comment you have made mirrors what is wrong with the church today. The church has it’s head “stuck in the sand” and refuses to identify and accept the problems of it’s own making, and to do something about it.
    An inappropriate (whatever this means) relationship with an adult male and a Roman Catholic priest is most certainly my business, as it is everyone’s else’s!!!
    You seem to have forgotten the vows a man takes when entering the Roman Catholic priesthood, JK. They’re called celibacy and chastity.
    When a priest loses credibility by breaking his holy vows, it most certainly is everyone’s business, especially his parishioners. Mike.

  25. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    1 abandoned sheep;
    My gut tells me no, but in the anonymous world anything is possible, even to the extent that “JK” could be Happy Hands himself!
    I think I might know who you are referring to, and I just can’t see it. Take care. Mike.

  26. M K Buehler says:

    Fr. Hanna was one of the best teachers I ever had. I took his advanced conversation and grammar class at UST, and he was amazing. His style of pedagogy was genuine, and he made me want to learn. Plus he was marvelously organized and funny, too. I am sorry to learn of his recent issues. I have nothing but respect for him as an educator. If his accuser suffered from Fr Hanna’s actions, I am sorry for that, too. I hope a speedy resolution can be reached. It would be a very sad ending to a distinguished teaching career. God bless you, Fr Hanna.

  27. Mike Arroyos says:

    I attended St. Thomas High School from 1982-1986 and had the opportunity to know Fr. Hanna. He was known as “Happy Jack” and would give students very nice hugs. I also spent two weeks in Israel with Fr. Hanna as a junior with other students from the school. Fr. Hanna was never inappropriate with any students or myself. He was caring and would always give you a very warm welcome and whenever he saw you.

    My nephew attended St. Thomas High School and went on to UST. Fr. Hanna was a wonderful teacher and invited my nephew to got to Merida for the summer. I had no concerns about letting my nephew go with Fr. Hanna.

    It really upsets me that St. Thomas High School lost such a great teacher. Yes Fr. Hanna may be a little handsy, but I’m confidant he was never inappropriate with any of the students. To this day I still tell everyone that Fr. Jack Hanna is the best priest I have ever encountered and enjoyed having him as a teacher and now as a friend.

  28. 1yellowknife says:

    Mike Arroyos:

    You can certainly say you did not suffer any harm from Hanna.
    You can even say you did not observe anyone being harmed by Hanna.
    However you can not say “he was never inappropriate with any student” because you simply do not know that.

    You are not all-seeing. Only God is all-seeing.

  29. jim says:

    Fr. Hannah hit on me for three of the four years I attended STHS. I worked for campus ministry and he would often press up against me from behind and rub my stomach. He also massaged my hands and told me how cute they were.

    I don’t care how good he was as a teacher. He is a predator.

  30. prima facie says:

    yes 1yellowknife. I agree…”well said”.

  31. prima facie says:

    RE: Jim, November 17, 2014 post. I totally agree with you. Also, regarding the previous posts relating to something like; there is a legal process to follow. Well, based on various personal experiences, I believe I have an informed opinion on which “weigh” the scale is leaning relating to the majority of cases involving sex abuse allegations, and of the process that unfolds. In addition, it has been often written in these posts, that predators “select” their victims. A teacher being overly affectionate with hugging and being a little handsy, is unacceptable behavior. As has also been written, victims are often “groomed” over days, months or years, before “the assault”…then we hear, “the victim invited the sexual interaction or was seductive towards the alleged predator”. Some unfortunate soul is “chosen”. Mark my words, if any person, teacher, priest or otherwise, offers overly affectionate hugs to my grandchildren or gets a little handsy with them, I will not be happy at all.

  32. prima facie says:

    I am thankful that people like Jim, Mike Fitzgerald, PJ, B, 1yellowknife, John, Sylvia and many others, refute the ridiculous and obviously ignorant/uninformed opinions, posted by many people who want to protect the accused/and already convicted. I believe the “protectors” attempt to rationalize, justify and minimize the behaviours of the accused or already convicted. Furthermore, as I see it, these uninformed, blind followers (cognitive dissonance theory) attempt to redirect blame/responsibility and they cloud facts with conjecture, speculation, presumptions and supposition. As one example, on May 6, 2014 I read where one person hoped for a “speedy resolution”. Well, in what context should we really consider this; i.e.) the legal proceedings or the victim’s life? “We” all know, there is NO “speedy resolution” for victims. Good for you people who have decided, through this site, to refute the claims of the ridiculous.
    James P. Bateman

  33. Sylvia says:

    I just noticed the thread here was closed. I have mentioned before that sometimes the software does its own thing and a thread shuts down like this. I don;t know it has happened unless I myself try to post a comment or someone tells me. If you notice this on other threads please let me know. I very rarely shut down a thread, and if I do I tell people. So, if you attmept to post a comment somewhere on Sylvia’s Site and are unable to do so please let me know so that I can fix the the problem. It’s a very easy fix 🙂

  34. Sylvia says:

    Well said all of you in response to Mike Arroyos.

    Mike Arroyos, please re-read the latter and note the following:

    ” Father Hanna agreed to undergo an assessment at a therapeutic center for priests. He has acknowledged that he behaved inappropriately and will be receiving extensive
    residential treatment at the facility.”

    “Extensive” counselling!

  35. Robert says:

    Sure would clear things up a little if the nature of the complaint was released, I was a student that loved having Father Hanna as a teacher. It is a shame the the speculation runs rampant and no facts are present.

  36. AY says:

    Father Hannah was innapropriate with former high school Spanish teacher Mr. Santos. STH has covered-up abusive behavior by then assistant track and field coach Mr. Santos. Coach Labus kept assistant track and field coach on staff after being arrested for operating massage parlors (a crime of moral turpitude) without a license. Father Storey and Father Fulton and Athletic Director Mike Netzel receivd emails with Coach Santos’, criminal record and proof of gross domestic violence. The emails were ignored and Coach Labus is still a faculty member at STH.

  37. Maria Delgadillo says:

    I worked for Father Hannah for over 25 years. He was such a kind, loving, and wonderful Man of God. I worked with him seven days a week and never seen any inappropriate actions from him. He was such a kind and giving person. He will always be in our prayers and may God bless him always!
    From the Delgadillo Family!!!

  38. H1987 says:

    I attended STHS from 1984 to 1987. Father Hanna was my Theology teacher freshman year. I have suppressed this for many years as Father Hanna was a great teacher and very kind, but Hanna is/was a predator. One occasion I went to his office (his office was always dark and in a quiet area of the school) to get help with homework. While in his office he force hugged me by grabbing my waist, pulled my body into his, and pushed his pelvis up against my body. If Hanna hugged you, he always wanted to pull your waist into his lower body. Another time he took me into the rectory and wanted to show me around. Hanna was Father Superior of the rectory at that time, so I guess he could bring visitors. Hanna took me to his room in the rectory gave me a piece of glass artwork. I now know Hanna was grooming me. As someone already pointed out, Hanna was know as “Happy Jack” when I was at STHS. I remember Hanna as a great teacher, but his perverted predator behavior overshadows all the good he ever created.

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