It’s finally posted

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It took a while, but the page for Father Lucien Larre has finally been posted.  A you can see, Father Larre has been in the news a fair bit over the past few decades, everything from his founding of the Bosco Homes for troubled youth, facing 14 charges of both physical and sexual abuse, conviction on two physical assault charges and acquittal on all others, sentence to one day in jail with his time in court serving as the one day in jail, to his troubles as a Psychologist.

If anyone can fill in any information please do pass it along.

I am currently attempting to find out if Father Larre, a former Oblate priest,  is still incardinated (ie, ‘belongs’ to) the Archdiocese of Regina, Saskatchewan.    As soon as I find out I will let you know.


In case you missed it, the next court date for previously convicted Father George Smith is:

05 December 2017: 1:30 pm, Sentencing, Corner Brook, Newfoundland courthouse (82 Mt. Bernard Avenue).

Please keep Paul in your prayers.


 I will, as promised,  add pages for the names of recently New Brunswick priests.  After this  I will add the names of clergy identified in a lawsuit only after the suit is settled.   I will post articles, but will not put together a page.

Enough for now,


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Let’s hope and pray it proceeds

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A reminder that previously convicted molester Father George Smith  has a re-scheduled court date today in Corner Brook, Newfoundland:

27 November 2017:  1:30 pm, “Facts and Sentence,” Corner Brook,  Newfoundland courthouse

Let’s hope and pray that this time it proceeds as scheduled.  As always I encourage those who can do so to attend.

Please keep Paul in your prayers.

Please pass on any news you see or hear regarding the outcome.


I’ll be back shortly with news of all of the catch-ups which need to be done on addition of names to the Accused list 🙂

Enough for now,


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A new page

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A page for recently accused, sued and suspended Servite priest  Father Jacques Desgrandchamps has been added.  I still need to do some research – will add information as I can and will let you know when I do so.  I

Father Desgrandchamp’s name still needs to be listed on the Accused page.  I will get that done shortly.

Enough for now,


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Name added

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The Name of  Father Hope Klutsey SMA has been  added to Accused list.  Please pass along any information you may have.

Engoh for now,


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And that’s it!

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First, the courtdate for previously convicted molester Father George Smith in Stephenville today has been rescheduled for Monday, 27 November, in Corner Brook, Newfoundland.

Please keep Paul in your prayers.  No matter the reason, it’s  always hard when things are rescheduled like this.  Paul is back in Newfoundland and will be in Corner Brook  Monday.  I encouarge anyoen who is in the area and fre to do so to attend.

The docket indicates that this is for “Facts and Sentence.”

So, the next court date for Father George Smith is:

Monday, 27 November 2017:  1:30 pm, “Facts and Sentence,” Corner Brook, Newfoundland courthouse, (82 Mt. Bernard Ave. )


Next, the name of Father Hope Klutsey sam will be added to the list later today.  I nearly have the page ready but not quite 🙁

Father Klutsey, a Ghanan born priest  who is a member of the Society of African Missions (SMA), has been serving in Gravelbourg, Saskatchewan since December 2013.  As I understand it he just up and disappeared about a month ago.  No farewells.  Nothing.  Just …..poof!  Gone.  Very puzzling indeed, particularly in light of the fact that in August 2015 Father Klutsey was assigned to serve at Our Lady of Assumption Co-Cathedral for six years.

Archbishop Donald J. Bolen,  a native of Gravelbourg and now Archbishop of Regina, talked to parishioners at the Co-Cathedral in Gravlebourg this past Sunday.  I was told that the Archbishop told parishioners that there had been – or perhaps still is? –  a police investigation, and that Father Klutsey’s superior back in Africa asked him to return, and that the police allowed him to leave.

And that’s it!

An email sent on Monday asking for confirmation of the accuracy of what I have been told and correction of any errors has not as yet been answered.  There was a short article which ran yesterday on Radio-Canada advising that there is a new priest in Gravelbourg:  there is no mention of a police investigation or Father Klutsey’s sudden and unexpected departure.

If anyone has any further information please pass it along.

As I said, the page is essentially finished so it will be posted tomorrow.  I just need to check through it and see if there is anything I have missed,  I got tied up with family matters this evening which needed to be dealt with right away so just wasn’t able to get back to the computer to wrap things up.  (And this I must say was a very pleasant  getting wrapped up with family matters :).  Some day I’ll tell you about it. )

Enough for now,



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Pre-sentence in Newfoundland tomorrow

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Previously convicted molester Father George Smith has a court date in Stephenville Newfoundland tomorrow:

)(Wednesday) 22 November 2017: 09:30 am, Pre-Sentence Report, Stephenville Newfoundland courthouse

Pre-sentence report implies a conviction or “guilty” plea.  Is there something we missed here?

No matter, tomorrow then should be  the pre-sentence report (ie, “experts” advising  he is a low threat to re-offend, health is poor and so on) and Victim Impact Statement.

Please keep the complainant in your prayers.  He will be travelling back to Newfoundland for this:  a mixed blessing.  Om one hand, home again!  Back to beautiful Newfoundland.  On the other, so many painful memories.

Please pass along any news.


Well, I am trying to get all the things done which need doing and which I promised to before I proceed into the book-writing phase and simultaneously cutting back on work on the Sylvia’s Site.

Right now the project is getting a page posted for Father Lucien Larre.  Yes, that’s the Father Larre of Bosco Homes ‘fame.’   His name has been on the Accused list since, I think, day one.  For whatever reason I never did get back to putting that information together.  Recently someone kindly brought the oversight to my attention, and here I am working on it 🙂  And, I must say, it’s taking a loooong long time!  Hopefully I will have it all together tomorrow.  I do have an appointment in the afternoon so will see how I fare in the morning 🙂

I am also waiting for an email response regarding what seems to be an untoward situation in a Canadian diocese.  I do need some more information before I comment.  Hopefully that will come tomorrow.

Then it’s on to the three priests identified in the New Brunswick lawsuits.  I will do those, and one more – an email which I received yesterday with link to Fench article regarding  Fr. Jacques Desgrandchamps, O.S.M.

Once those are taken care of,  barring clergy and/or religious who are charged, and at least for the year or so that I work on the book,  I will not be adding names of clergy who are accused in lawsuits.   I will also be trimming back in other areas – have not yet sorted out just how, but I  I will need  to restrict the total amount  of time I spend on Sylvia’s Site to a max of two hours/day.  The one for sure is that I will stay on top of those cases where a priest or religious is charged, and will continue to follow those courtdates and post them on the Legal Calendar so people can keep tabs on what’s happening in court.

I asked for prayers before as I go through this process.  I really mean it!  I need prayers.  Sadly,  cutting back at this time is necessary, but not necessarily easy.

Enough for now,




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I will be writing that book

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As promised,  some information from closing arguments from the sex abuse trial of previously convicted former Cornwall teacher the Marcel Lalonde .

As I mentioned before, my husband and I, Lalonde’s partner and one female Lalonde supporter were the only people in the courtroom on Friday, 17 November 2017 for closing arguments . And, as I mentioned before, I unfortunately was not in court to hear the testimony of the complainant or that of his mother so can not put the closing arguments into context in relation to their testimony.  Plus, as you know, there is, as is the norm in these trials, a publication ban on the name of the complainant and anything which would identify.  I will therefore make the following limited comments regarding closing arguments.

Defence:  Don Johnson

1.   Focused on credibility of the complainant, and referenced the fact that the complainant has a criminal record and, according to Johnson, admitted he lied.  Said that Greg’s evidence is “tainted.”

Suggested Greg told police about Lalonde to “alleviate the pressure on him” from the criminal charges;

2.  Referred to the complainant’s mother as a “pleasant lady” and acknowledged that she  testified that “Greg”  stayed after school 2-3 times/week;

3. Stressed the fact that one former student testified that she never stayed after school.  (One male testified that he stayed after school several days a week and soemtimes was back in the evenings);

4.  Said that Lalonde and Lamoureaux have great respect and love for each other, and have a relationship which is steadfast and loyal and then questioned why Lalonde would step out of bounds of that relationship.  A little later Johnson questioned why would Lalonde “suddenly want to take him [Greg] on as a sexual partner?”;

5.  .  Said that under cross examination Greg said he didn’t know that Lalonde wore dentures and had to remove them to engage in oral sex;

7.  Claims no one knows why Lalonde was at the home of the complainant, but that the Crown will say that it was grooming;

8.  Used Case Law to try to prove that Greg is what he termed an “unsavory witness.”


Crown (Assistant Crown – Brockville):  Claudette Breault

1.  Told the Court that the two cases Johnson provided to prove Greg an “unsavory witness” were not applicable;

 2.   Said that while he was on the stand Lalonde called Greg a lot of things, including belligerent, rude, bad boy, and all sorts of things, – “but never did he call him a liar”;

2.  Greg’s mother testified that every other year every other teacher told her that Greg was a nice polite boy but just could not settle down in class.  But, when Greg was in Lalonde’s class she was never told that Greg had trouble settling down in class.  Lalonde always told Greg’s parents that the boy was doing well.  This is not at all how Lalonde portrayed the boy in his testimony;

3.  Greg’s mother recalled very clearly having Marcel Lalonde to her home for dinner.  She apparently testified that she is a terrible cook and was really concerned about preparing the meal.  She cooked spaghetti and meat sauce, and was so happy that Lalonde cleaned off the plate (Lalonde flatly denied eating a meal at the home.  he insists the visit was short).  Said that the visit was part of the grooming ;

4.    Lalonde performed oral sex on Greg.  Greg said that he was never asked to perform  sex acts on Lalonde;

5.  As far as Lalonde and his dentures and oral sex are concerned, the Crown simply said “Really!   the penis size of an 11-year-old  is quite different”  from that of an adult male;

6.  Said that the mother testified that when Greg came home from school he would go straight to his room.  He was very quiet.

7.  Greg started rejecting religion because Lalonde was teaching religion.

It sounds as though some of Lalonde’s prior convictions were tied into use as similar fact evidence.

It also sounds as though Greg first went to police with his allegations against Lalonde, and then told a counsellor.  My understanding is that the counsellor in turn contacted police.

I’m not sure if I told you before or not, but Lalonde denies that he ever molested anyone.  He denies the current charges.  He denies the charge for which he entered a guilty plea.  He denies the charges for which he was  convicted.

Also, by way of interest for those who followed Cornwall sex abuse scandal and cover-up over the years, the Assistant Crown handling the case is from Brockville, Ontario.  The Crown in Brockville is Curt Flanagan

And, with that, the next court date for Marcel Lalonde is:

06  December 2017: VERDICT, 10 am,  Cornwall, Ontario  courthouse (29 Second St. W., )

Please keep the complainant and his family in your prayers.


I have been doing a lot of thinking over the past months.  Wrestling with myself 🙂  The two  trips to Cornwall last week and seeing Marcel Lalonde in the courtroom defended by Don Johnson finally brought it to an end.

I will be writing that book I was going to write when the Cornwall Public Inquiry ended.  I must.

This decision obviously has a significant impact on how I operate Sylvia’s Site over the next year or so.   I have been thinking that through.   I just will not have the time to operate and maintain the site as I do now.  I have decided therefore that I will deal only with criminal cases which are or should be before the courts.  That means I will continue to post names of those clergy and religious accused criminally and then keep tabs on their court dates and the outcome so that those who are interested can keep in touch with what is happening.  I will not “open pages” for clergy named in lawsuits.  It is very difficult for me to follow those through to conclusion, and frequently I do not get word of an outcome.  I will however, when I can, post articles which refer to launching of lawsuits.

That’s where I am at right now, and that is what I think I may be able to handle and maintain as I delve into and write about “Cornwall.”

Please say a wee prayer for me as I continue to think this through and sort out the best way to handle things.

Enough for now,


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Wrapped up today

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The sex abuse trial of previously convicted former Cornwall teacher the Marcel Lalonde wrapped up today with closing arguments.  A few comments to come tomorrow.

My husband and I, Lalonde’s partner and one female Lalonde supporter were the only people in the courtroom.

The verdict will be rendered 06 December:

06  December 2017: VERDICT, 10 am,  Cornwall, Ontario  courthouse (29 Second St. W., )

Enough for now,


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Big BIG trouble in New Brunswick

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Ex-priest and serial Oblate molester Eric Dejeager  is now costing we the tax payer a small fortune.  Here is the latest:

16 November 2017:  Ex-priest Dejaeger’s appeal starts moving through Nunavut court

Remember, Dejaeger had been denied legal aid to file an appeal, and then Justice Sharkey graciously stepped into the fray and ruled that Dejeager ws to have a court appointed lawyer with fees picked up by the A So, a team is poring through “boxes of volumes” of documents and expect to be ready by 15 March 2018 to “perfect the appeal,” which means doing what must be done to have the case ready to go to the Court of Appeal.   The lawyers have been ordered to provide the Crown lawyer with all relevant data by mid February so that they have sufficient time to prepare their arguments.

A date for hearing the appeal will be set 15 March 2018.

I certainly hope that whoever is handling the appeal for the Crown will given as much consideration regarding time constraints as Dejaeger’s new legal team!

So, Eric Dejeager’s next court date is:

15 March 2018:  “to perfect the appeal.”  Iqaluit court house, Iqaluit, Nunavit

Please keep the many Dejaeger victims in your prayers.


Father Clair Richard, one of the Richard twins who were both priest and both molesters, has died.  The following is the short note on the Diocese of Antigonish website:




He has gone to meet his maker.

Thank you to Lloyd for drawing this news to our attention.

Please keep Father Richard’s victims in your prayers.  This is generally  a difficult time for them.  And yes, despite the convictions, he was still a priest.


Oh my!  Big BIG trouble in New Brunswick.

Despite the Bastarche deals in both the Diocese of Bathurst and Archdiocese of Moncton – and flat refusal to release the names of those  clergy identified as predators via the conciliation process – the names of ‘alleged’ clerical molesters and magnitude of the scandal are slowly leaking out into the public domain:

 15 November 2017:  56 lawsuits against Catholic Church that allege sexual abuse are before N.B. courts

I think the header should aptly  read the Catholic Church in New Brunswick might be broke?  No matter, the battle continues to get insurance agent to pay:

16 November 2017:  Catholic Church might be too broke to compensate sex abuse victims

It’s getting late after a busy day, and I have to be on the road early in the morning so I can say no more.  Read the articles.  And weep.

When will they learn?!


A reminder that the Marcel Lalonde. trial wraps up tomorrow:

17 November 2017:  10 am, closing arguments, courtroom #4 12 Dec. 2016, Cornwall, Ontario  courthouse (29 Second St. W., )

I encourage those who can do so to attend.

Please keep the complainant and his family in your prayers.

And, for those who may have missed, I bogged a few words about testimony from Wednesday:

16 November 2017:  That Crown has become a defence lawyer


Enough for now,


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That Crown has become a defence lawyer

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Okay, a little information regarding testimony yesterday (Thursday 16 November 2017) at the sex abuse trial of previously convicted former Cornwall school catheter Marcel Lalonde.


1.  Marcel Lalonde has been previously charged and convicted, as I understand it, three times. I will have to sort that out – right now there is mention of being previously convicted twice;

2 Lalonde was a good friend of  Ken Seguin an ex-seminarian turned probation officer at the heart of the Cornwall sex abuse scandal.  Seguin committed suicide November 1993 after Perry Dunlop started asking questions and the David Silmer sex abuse had allegations came to light;

3.  Don Johnson was the Crown at the time of what I can only say was the  thoroughly botched January 1989 Cornwall Police “investigation”  into sex abuse allegations against local Roman Catholic teacher, Marcel Lalonde. In that instance, there were a total of six complainants.  With regard to one of the complainants  Johnson – then the Crown –  told Cornwall Police Service Constable Kevin Malloy  that the sex between Lalonde and the complainant was consensual:  charges  were not laid.  With regard to the other complainants,  Malloy allegedly asked Staff Sgt Wells if the Lalonde file could be placed in abeyance for a spell because he, Malloy,  wanted to interview Lalonde.  And that was the end of it!  The Children’s Aid Society was not informed.  The school was not informed.  Lalonde continued to teaching.

Johnson also told Malloy that there were no grounds to obtain a search warrant of Lalonde’s home for photos of nude persons.

Since then, that Crown has become a defence lawyer.  Don Johnson is Marcel Lalonde’s lawyer ;

4.  In 1997 – eight years after that Cornwall police “investigation”  Lalonde faced 16 charges from seven male complainants.  The investigation became weighed down in jurisdictional issues, and essentially whether or not, since Perry Dunlop had information regarding Lalonde allegations, Project Truth should be handling the file.  At the end of the day the Lalonde allegations were broken from the other Project Truth allegations and investigated separately.     If memory serves me correctly, at one time   there were three different police forces or groups ‘investigating.”  When the case finally went to trial the trial got bogged down with allegations that Perry Dunlop had not disclosed information.  (Those following the Cornwall Public Inquiry know that what in fact had happened is that files which Perry had disclosed were not shared between various investigative bodies.    The left arm didn’t know or have a clue what the right was doing.  It was a mess! )

Lalonde was convicted  on charges related to abuse of  four  victims.  He was acquitted on charges related to allegations of three complainants.  Don Johnson was representing Lalonde.  (On 04 July 1997 he sent a letter to the Crown regarding a bail review hearing for Lalonde.)

5.    Don Johnson testified at the Cornwall Public Inquiry.   His testimony was to be related solely to his years as a Crown attorney.    Johnson expressed concerns that he might be asked questions which would violate Lalonde’s solicitor-Client privilege.  Thus, lawyers were allowed to ask questions of Johnson which were deemed to be “safe.”

Current Charges

1.  Lalonde is facing three charge from one complainant:  one of sexual assault, and two of sexual interference.   These charges date to the Fall of 1989.  The charges were laid February of 2014.

After a preliminary hearing in January 2015 Lalonde was committed to stand trial.

2.  For reasons unknown a three day trial set for June 2016 never got off the ground.  Again, for reasons unknown, a four day trial set for December 2016 ended up as day one of this trial which, as we now know, continued on Tuesday of this week, 14 November 2017.  Yes, you read it right.  That’s almost one full year from day one to day two of the trial;

3. Don Johnson, the former Crown, is defending Lalonde.

Testimony at this trial (Wednesday, 15 November 2017)

There is a publication ban on the name of the complainant and anything which would reveal his identity.  I will refer to the complainant as “Greg.”

There were two Crown witnesses called, one male and one female. Both were students and fellow classmates of Greg.

Much of  the testimony related to whether or not students at Sacred Heart school stayed after school for certain activities.  The male witness recalled staying after school for activities on a fairly regular basis, sometimes right after school and occasionally in the evenings.  He did not recall having to have his parent’s permission to stay.  There was testimony regarding what time the school closed, and whether or not teachers stayed for a period of time after school was out.

There were also questions related to what time school was dismissed..

After the above two witnesses testified the Crown’s case was concluded.

Defence began its case.

Don Johnson called two witnesses on Thursday:  (1) Marcel Lalonde and (2) Kevin Lamoureux

Marcel Lalonde

1.  Marcel Lalonde, now age 69, testified in his own defence.    He started teaching in 1969.   He attained a B.A. from Ottawa U. in 1987.  He attained a B.Ed. from Ottawa U. in 1991.  With the exception of one course he was able to attain credits for all courses in Cornwall;

2.  He is homosexual.  He was married in 1979 (did not say for how long, only that he had been married in 1979).  He taught at Catholic schools.  He did not initially disclose his homosexuality for fear of retaliation against the Separate School Board but testified that those close to him knew;

3.  Has been living  with Kevin Lamoureux since 1986 – had known him for six years before they moved in together;

4.  Taught at Bishop Macdonnell Catholic school from 1969 until 1987.  Taught at Sacred Heart school from 1987 to 1997.  (Both are elementary schools – classes fro Kindergarten to Grade 8)

5.  In 1989 was taking two University of Ottawa courses, one being Religion;

7.  Testified that he  wears dentures.  In his examination in chief (by Don Johnson) testified that he and Kevin engage in oral sex, and that when they do, he, Lalonde, has to remove his dentures or he, Lalonde, gags.  There was no testimony as to how long he has had these dentures;

6.  There is some sort of issue regarding Marcel Lalonde’s criminal record and what can be entered into evidence at trial.

Don Johnson read out what was referenced as Lalonde’s criminal record.  There was one set of convictions read out in court as being Lalonde’s criminal record.  Lalonde agreed that that was it.  Under cross examination however he said soemthing which made clear that there had been another conviction, and this came from a guilty plea a guilty plea he made while he was in jail.

Lalonde testified that what happened in that case was consensual.  He said he entered a guilty plea on the advice of his lawyer who, he says, told him that since he, Lalonde,  was already in jail he would not end up spending any more time in jail if he entered the guilty plea.

The victim in that case was, by the sound of it, 19.

There followed some  discussion between Crown and judge regarding Lalonde’s criminal record and what could be entered into evidence or addressed at trial.

The Crown indicated that she would like to know when the assault of the 19-year-old transpired and hence would like to see the record.     The judge has a soft voice – I couldn’t hear what she was saying at all so have no idea what is going to happen with this.  Puzzling;

6.  At one Lalonde point denied that Greg ever was in class for any period of time class after school hours, but later it was “I don’t believe so.” ;

7. Lalonde insisted that children did not stay after school without a note from parents.  Those students who wanted to help clean up the classroom would be required to bring a note giving permission to stay the following day, or whatever day or days.  Lalonde filed and kept those notes.  According to Lalonde this was a rule which came from the Principal;

8.  He insists that he was out of the school as soon as he was free to leave ;

7. Lalonde  alternately denigrated Greg as a problem child, a belligerent child, a bully and/or a child who needed a lot of discipline and a lot of extra help.   Testified that Greg was “bad” but when questioned about that comment replied:  “Did I say that?  Children aren’t bad.”

He testified that he had to  give Greg simpler assignments which the boy could accomplish, and that he had to find things for Greg to do to make Greg “feel good.”   There was an inference that the boy was perhaps mentally slow.  But then he  testified that the boy was smart and intellectual, and Lalonde had to challenge him.

At times, according to his testimony, he wanted Greg to see him as a friend.

8.  Lalonde met with Greg’s parents at their home.  Lalonde testified and insists that he was invited. He insisted that the visit was made during the day;

He denies that he joined the family for supper.  He also said something about the parents inviting him because they wanted Greg to see him, Lalonde, as a person.

He testified that he had a cigarette out on the porch, and that he accepted a beer offered to him by Greg’s Dad.   He seemed to have great difficulty recalling what they talked about.

 When the Crown suggested that he visited the parents to tell them how well Greg was doing he replied:  “It’s nice to make people happy sometimes.”    At another point in his testimony said:  “I’m not just a teacher, I’m a person too.”

9.  He testified that he now works as a gardener, and as a housekeeper and assists Kevin at KAV Productions.

Levin Lamoureux

1. Now age 55.  DOB 19 September 1962.

2.  Moved to Cornwall in 1977 – and into  Bishop Macdonnell school in Grade 7.  Lalonde was a teacher at Bishop Macdonnell school.  Lamoureux said he knew who Lalonde was as a teacher but they did not meet during that time frame;

3. Living with Marcel Lalonde since 1985.  Initially not many knew about them but gradually more and more knew as society was changing and it became more acceptable;

 4.  Attended St. Lawrence High School.  He became involved with a musical theater group in his last year of high school (Grade 13).  This is when he and Lalonde became acquainted  and would socialize at Lalonde’s house;

 4.   Said that Lalonde did not keep children in after school and added: “He didn’t want to stay at the school.”;

 5.  Testified that he and Lalonde had their routines .  Lamoureux would have considered 4:30 pm late for Lalonde to get home.  Said that Lalonde would tell him, if, for example, he, Lalonde, was visiting parents that night.  He testified that it would only be the odd time that Lalonde would visit parents – it was not often.

 6.  Lamoureaux is the owner of KAV multimedia productions.  He operates out of the home.  He testified that he “doesn’t really ” have employees.

He also has a part time job in tourism.


The Marcel Lalonde trial continued this afternoon (Thursday 16 Nov. ’17).  Defence was scheduled to call two more witnesses.  I didn’t make the drive down.

Closing  arguments are scheduled for tomorrow:

17 November 2017:  10 am, closing arguments, courtroom #4 12 Dec. 2016, Cornwall, Ontario  courthouse (29 Second St. W., )

I encourage those who can do so to attend.

Please keep the complainant and his family in your prayers.


Does anyone have ready access to trial dates and convictions for Marcel Lalonde?  If yes, could you please send them along?  I think the information is all tucked away in transcripts and media articles .


I will post an update on Eric Dejaeger and the articles re New Brunswick lawsuit and Father Clair Richard’s death this evening – will let you know as each is posted

Enough for now,


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