No real news

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There’s  no real new news from today.  Doctors are  still waiting for results from various  tests before determining the way ahead.   Our grandsons bone marrow is 10% functional – as one doctor said, 0%, 10% – really jo difference.  He is totally reliant on blood and transplant transfusions.

He is pale, – dark circles under his eyes, but is reading, playing games and chatting.  He’s also so enjoying all the Canadian chocolates and ketchup potata chips which are jammed into his bedside table 😊

We’re still waiting for results of tests done to determine if any of  his siblings would be a good marrow donor .  Pray that one is.

Still so very impressed with hospital and staff.  There are patients here from all over world.  Our grandson is in good hands.

Keep the prayers going.


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Day at hospital

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We arrived in Cincinnanti in the early afternoon. Went straight to children’s  hospital and spent the day there.

What an amazing place! I am totally at a loss for words.  It’s  not just the medical, it’s the lengths to which volunteers and staff go to ensure the patients  and their familiesare as comfortable as is humanly possible under what are frequently very trying circumstances.  There are just so many people doing good things.

They are still doing all sorts of tests on our grandson and awaiting results of others.  He had two more units it’s of blood today.  All blood counts are still low.

Thanks to those of you who have offered your support and prayers.  And thanks for those who shared your own personal and very positive and comforting dealings with aplastic anemua.

Keep the prayers going.  They  are needed as much as ever.




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Good run

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We stopped for the night. 3.5 hours to go tomorrow.  A good run .  A few spells where rain was coming down in buckets, but the day started and finished with sunshine

Grandson in good hands.


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Our grandson is being medivaced this morning to  another children’s hospital .  Please continue to keep him in your prayers.  As I told you before he, he has been diagnosed with aplastic anemia.  His red blood cells, platelets and white blood cells have all essentially tanked.  The way ahead will be determined by those who are taking over our grandson’s care.

My husband and I will attend Mass this morning and then hop in the car and head right for the States.  I think we will probably drive until early evening, stop somewhere for the night and then drive the last few hours in the morning.

I will just leave it at that for now – will post a few words when we stop for he night.

For the time being I will  be blogging to keep you abreast  the medical situation.   If there is an article you believe people should read please post a comment with a link to the article.

Thank you all for your prayers and support.  Please keep the prayers going.



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Most go that route

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Previously convicted molester Father Barry McGrory has been committed to stand trial on the charges from all three complainants.  And, yes, that means that the charges include those related to the allegations of one complainant who did not testify at the preliminary hearing.

McGrory has opted for a trial by jury.   And, yes, most do go that route.

So, the next court date for father Barry McGrory is:

26 June 2018: 10:15 am, pre-trial discovery,  Ottawa courthouse (161 Elgin St.)

I will have to check but think that this may NOT be open to the public.  As soon  as I find out will let you know.

Don’t for a moment think that a trial date is now just around the corner.  It usually takes about a year to move from committal to stand trial to the actual trial.

On and on and on it goes 🙁

Meanwhile  Father McGrory is still foot loose and fancy free. And, yes, I do refer to him as Father, an oxymoron to put it bluntly, and stark reminder to us all that that, to my knowledge,  Church officials have failed to ensure that this wolf in sheep’s clothing is defrocked.  The process was supposedly started by the Ottawa Archdiocese  late in 2016.

How long does it take?


Plans are being made to have our grandson transferred by helicopter to another hospital.  Things are apparently moving very quickly now.

Prayers. Prayers. Prayers.  Keep them going.

Enough for now,


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Beg to differ

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Father Barry McGrory has a court date this morning:

31May 2018: 09:00 am,  courtroom #2, “to be spoken to”, Ottawa courthouse (161 Elgin St.)

This will probably be a decision as to the way ahead with another court date set

If anyone hears or sees news of the outcome please pass it along.

Please keep the complainants in your prayers.


In case you missed it, previously convicted former Church organist Brian Lucy was sentenced to another three years in jail.

28 May 2018:  Sex abuser gets three years

I am struck by the following:  “Justice John Johnston of the Ontario Superior Court said his three-year sentence reflects the seriousness of the crime and society’s revulsion at crimes against children.”

I beg to differ.


Please keep up the prayers for our dear grandson.  All of his blood work is in the tank:  white blood cells, platelets, red blood cells, haemoglobin  Our daughter and family are in the midst of a move from one state to another.  Movers were in yesterday and today.  No house in their new destination.  Grandson in no shape right now to be transferred.

A troubling and difficult situation.


Enough for now,



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Heart is heavy

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Thank you to all of you who have offered prayers and support for our grandson, either personally or through a posted comment.    Thank you.

This evening  my heart is heavy.  The diagnosis is in:  aplasticl anemia.  It’s quite rare – a condition in which the bone marrow is no longer producing  the red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets needed to keep the body functioning.  All of our dear grandson’s blood counts have essentially tanked:   he has had platelet transfusions to bring his levels to a point where the risk of a bad bleed is minimized, and blood transfusions to get his haemaglobin levels up – the latter now apparently giving him a  little energy and touch of colour.

We await news of the next steps.

All of this is happening as our daughter and family are in the midst of a rather complicated move.  They just moved from a rental home in the south last week.  Their home in the midwest was sold about two weeks ago and the movers are coming in to pack up the house tomorrow.  They are supposed to be in Ohio by about mid June but don’t yet have a house to move to.

Difficult difficult times.  So many prayers needed.  Please keep the prayers going.



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Prayers please

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Please say a few prayers for our teenage grandson.  He is very sick, in hospital, had a bone marrow biopsy done and undergoing multiple tests to determine what is causing chaos with his blood-work.

Please please keep our grandson and his parents in your prayers at this difficult time.

Enough for now,




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Basilian insult to victim and jury

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The Basilians aren’t about to turn the other cheek.  The order is refusing to accept the judgment of a jury whereby it awarded Mr. Rod MacLean, a victim of clerical sexual abuse,  $500,000 punitive damages and damages for economic loss:

25 May 2018:  “Priests appeal $2.5M award in sex abuse case” & related statement from the Basilians

According to a statement put out by media spokesman Father Thomas Rosica csb, it is the the appellate court which “can best make a final determination ” of the compensation for Rod MacLean.

The Basilians are not, according to Rosica, appealing the amounts  awarded for “general and aggravated damages,” nor those awarded for counselling costs.

To get an idea of what is evoking the ire of the Basilians, here is a document which outlines the specifics of damages awarded by the jury:

26 April 2018:  “Questions to the Jury” (Ontario Superior Court of Justice doc)

So, according to Rosica,  he and his Basilian brethren  have no trouble with the $359,000 General Damages.  Nor do they have problem with the $75,000 aggravated damages.  Nor do they have problem with the $56,400 awarded for “future treatment.”    They do, however, have problems with the $1,588,781 awarded for “Lump Sum Income Loss.” They also have problems with  the $500,000 awarded for “Punitive Damages.”

Father Rosica and his confreres obviously believe that  judges of the Appellate court are wiser and smarter and more tuned in to the damage done to victims of clerical sexual abuse than is the jury of Hod Marshall’s peers.

Likewise Father Rosica and his Basilian  confreres obviously believe that – unlike the jury –  judges of Ontario’s  appellate court will readily understand that the poor Basilians should not be punished, because  after all they are in no way shape or form responsible for the damage inflicted and abuses perpetrated on children by Hod Marshall after it was known to at least some of his Basilian superiors and/or brethren that he had sexually molested one or more children.

I can certainly understand that the Basilians have deep concerns that a precedent has been set and that henceforth they will be punished   for their ‘sins’ of omission and commission in other civil cases.  I just fail to understand why they refuse to do the honourable thing, turn the other cheek, clean house and move on.

Likewise I can understand that other religious orders and dioceses are upset by this ruling on punitive damages because, well , again, a precedent has been set and without a shadow of a doubt they see the writing on the wall, ie, chances are high that they too will be punished  for their ‘sins’ of omission and commission over the past five or six decades.  There are , I do believe, many parties within the Church who have a vested interest in seeing this award for punitive damages negated.

As for the $1,588,781 awarded for “Lump Sum Income Loss,” well I suppose it’s no great surprise that an order which brazenly recycled Father Hod Marshall and in so doing willfully placed unwitting children at risk fails to understand the long-term damage inflicted on a boy who was sexually abused by a Roman Catholic priest.  The jury apparently grasped it.    Sadly, Father Rosica and his confreres do not.

I can’t help but wonder too if perchance the Vatican is quietly engaging in this battle via its English spokesman/attache Father Rosica in any way shape or form?

Anyway, the bottom line is that, when it comes to clerical sexual predators, victims and coverups in the Church,  the Basilians seem to believe that judges of the Ontario Court of Appeals  are smarter, sharper, wiser,  more learned and more knowledgeable than juries.

Please keep Rod MacLean in your prayers as this Basilian  insult to both victim and the jury    proceeds.

Enough for now,


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Where is this going?

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Look at this:

23 May 2018:  “Pope Francis Will Receive 5 Priests Who Were Victims of Abuse in Chile” & related article

More Chilean ‘victims’ invited  to meet Pope Francis. Some, it seems, are victims of clerical sexual abuse, while others are victims of something which is being bandied around a lot in the last few days: “abuse of conscience.”

I really don’t know what is meany by “abuse of conscience.” And I really do not like to see the issue of clerical sexual abuse being, as I see it, yet again watered down by referring to a litany of forms of “abuse.” Please, can we not just address the reprehensible issue of clerical sexual abuse without meandering all over the place?  Can we not just stick to the topic?

Where is this going?

And why do the Chilean “victims” receive invites to meet with the Pope in person? Why, for example, is such an ‘honour’ not bestowed upon victims of any of host of clerical Canadian molesters, ie Father Hod Marshall, Eric Dejaeger, Robert Whyte, Dale Crampton.  For that matter, what about the countless Irish victims of clerical sexual abuses? Ditto the Australians? Ditto American?

I don’t for a moment expect all victims  of clerical sexual abuse to be invited to the Vatican to meet with the Pope.  That is an impossibility.  There are literally thousands upon thousands.  But why all of this  loving and caring and sharing and reaching  out to this one particular group of victims?

The cover-up in Chile is by no means the only cover-up by Church officials world-wide. Far from it!

Why then the papal focus on Chile?

And, for that matter, where, if anywhere, does the Holy Father’s Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors fit into all of this?

There is something about the Holy Father’s response to this whole Chile scandal which I find unsettling.

Please keep all the victims of clerical sexual abuse worldwide in your prayers.

Enough for now,



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