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I posted the following article a few days ago.  It deals with a lawsuit involving the University of St. Tomas in Houston Texas.  The university, and the nearby school St. Thomas HS, are run by the Basilians.  Here is the article:

16 January 2018:  Lawsuit: University of St. Thomas retaliated against woman who reported sexual misconduct

I am posting this and drawing it to your attention because, as  some of you may know, the headquarters for the Basilians is here in Canada.  Furthermore it is not at all uncommon for Basilians in Canada to serve at universities and/or schools in the States, and vice versa, with Basilians in the States serving at universities and/or schools in Canada.  In that vein some may recall that Father Hod Marshall csb spent time teaching at St. Thomas HS in Houston, and Father Leo Campbell csb attained a B.A. from the University of St. Thomas, and, more recently, Father Jack Hanna csb landed in Toronto after allegations of some form of “misconduct”  led to his suspension from teaching at the University of St. Thomas and St. Thomas HS.

I do believe therefore that what happens in and is learned through this lawsuit is definitely of interest to we who live in Canada.

The plaintiff in the case is Dr. Siobhan Fleming, the university of St. Thomas’ associate vice president for academic affairs.  Dr. Fleming, who  has been on staff at the university since 2013,  received a nude photo via email in 2015.  The photo has been described as an “obscene sexual photograph” and, according to the above article, was accompanied by text which Fleming “ interpreted to suggest that (the sender) was masturbating at home and planned to come in later ‘to do as much of this as I can.’”

In  response  to her complaints to authorities Fleming alleges that  ” St. Thomas and its employees  silenced her accusations, improperly investigated her report and pared back her job responsibilities after she complained.”

This lawsuit is of particular interest to we in Canada because back in early 2013 a Basilian priest, Father Jack Hanna , was suspended from teaching and ministry after allegations of “misconduct.”    At that time Father Hanna taught at both St. Thomas High School and University of St. Thomas in Houston, Texas.

Sadly, the Basilians refused to divulge any further information regarding  the allegations, but, in a letter sent to Alumni, Fathers Kevin Storey and Patrick Fulton advised that Hanna had acknowledged that he “behaved inappropriately” and would be receiving “extensive residential treatment” at “a therapeutic center for priests.”   According to the two priests  the misconduct  related to misconduct toward an adult.

On the heels of news of the “misconduct” and suspension came word via the grapevine  that Father Hanna had relocated to Canada!  And, indeed he had.

Father Hanna has been in Toronto since at least 2014, living at, and probably working out of, the Cardinal Flahiff Basilian Centre in Toronto.    (The facility,  located on the grounds of St. Michael’s College, is home to the Basilian’s international headquarters.  A retirement home is also on site).

Despite his “misconduct”  Father Hanna holds a leadership position with the congregation, serving as Secretary General of the Congregation.  Serving  alongside him  as Second Councilor is Father Kevin Storey.  Yes, that’s the same Father Storey  who alerted Alumni that Father Hanna would receive “extensive residential treatment” at “a therapeutic center for priests.”

Other Basilian Houston Canadian connections of interest include the following

Father Michael Ceretto csb

Father Ceretto was arrested in 1997   for exposing himself in a Houston adult bookstore and in a movie theatre.

Father Michael Cerretto arrested on lewdness charges

Ceretto wound up spending several years in Toronto.   He also served as instructor for the diocaonate program in New Mexico and assisted at the Cathedral.  He died in 2014 .

Farther Hod Marshall csb

Convicted serial molester Hod Marshall spent at least one year in Houston teaching at St. Thomas High School.

Father Leo Campell csb.

There have been many allegations of sex abuse against Father Leo Campbell.  Father Campbell, who  died in 2008, served as Director of the Columbus Boys Camp for eight years.  Campbell attained a  B.A. from the University St. Thomas, Houston, Texas.

I commend Dr. Fleming for bringing this to the fore.  Please keep her in your prayers. I am sure the Basilians are not taking kindly to this legal action at all.


And, speaking of Basilians…

Bishop Ronald Peter Fabbro, the Basilian Bishop of the Diocese of London Ontario, has a huge battle on his hands regarding insurance and sex abuse settlements.  In truth, he inherited the problem, but, as bishop of the London Diocese, it is indeed his problem.

AXA Insurance (now Intact Financial Corp) is asking that the diocese return $10 million which the diocese paid out to victims of clerical sexual abuse.  AXA accuses the diocese of “concealing reports of child sexual abuse by members of the diocese’s clergy, and then assigning the priests in question to different parishes in the Diocese, thereby providing the priests with further opportunity to commit sexual assaults upon children within the new parish.”

Here is the article:

18 February 2018:  Insurer seeking $10 million back from diocese that knew about predator priest

Shades of the New Brunswick Dioceses of Moncton and Bathurst?

And, here is a 2016 court document dealing with the matter:

23 March 2016:   The Roman Catholic Episcopal Corp v AXA Insurance Canada 2016 ONSC 4061

According to media, the case is scheduled to go to trial in September.  I’m not yet sure what date in September – will try to find out.   Meanwhile, those of you in the London area mark September on your calendar!  (I’m assuming it will be held in London?  Am I mistaken?)

Enough for now,



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What the heck is going on?

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I went to the Ottawa courthouse this morning for the Jessica Beraldin sentencing.  All I can say is that I felt like I came out of the twilight zone, or La La Land.  It was without a doubt the strangest sentencing I have ever witnessed.

First, a few specifics regarding the charges and the sentencing:

  1. The victim was a male student at Mother Theresa High School in Barrhaven Ontario. He was 16-years-old when the abuse started;
  2. The abuse allegations date back to 2014;
  3. There was reference made to three incidents of kissing, and two incidents in which the victim was allowed to or did touch Fiori’s breasts;
  4. The charges of sexual exploitation and making sexually explicit material available to a child are gone. The guilty plea applied to the sexual assault charge;
  5. We have no idea what was entailed in the charge of sexual exploitation; ditto the charge of making sexually explicit material available to a child;
  6. The abuse allegedly transpired when Fiori was going through a very difficult time in her life. It seems as though the very difficult time included a divorce;
  7. Beraldin no longer goes by her former married name. As I noted on Monday, her maiden name is Fiori.  I shall refer to her from her on in as Jessica Fiori;
  8. Jessica Fiori apparently pled guilty back in June of 2017. Bear in mind that that was 14 moths after she was charged, and eight months before the general public had any idea that there was a guilty plea;
  9. Jessica Fiori has been sentenced to 6 months conditional sentence (that means no jail time) and 18 months probation. Conditions of probation include the stipulation that  Fiori is not to engage in any paid or volunteer activities which would place her in a position of authority or trust of any  any males under the age of 18;
  10. Fiori is not to have any direct or indirect contact with the victim;
  11. Jessica Fioris’s name will be on the sex offender registry for 10 years. (It was agreed that she would be listed as Jessica Fiori A.K.A. Beraldin);
  12. Fiori had to submit a DNA sample before leaving the courthouse;
  13. There is, as is the norm in sex abuse cases, a publication ban on the name of the victim. The victim and his mother are said to be very concerned that they will be identified;
  14. Two items of evidence have been sealed
  15. There were three teenage boys from Mother Theresa High School and eight members of Fiori’s family and in the courtroom. All in all there were abut 13 people in the courtroom plus myself, my husband and about three reporters;
  16. Fiori, in red jacket and black slacks, sat beside her lawyer. She offered a tearful apology;
  17. The judge was Madam Justice Perkins-McVey (appointed to bench 2009).
  18. Assistant Crown is Mark Holmes. People would perhaps be familiar with his work on the Mike Duffy case;
  19. Defence is John Norris, a Toronto based lawyer who is also an adjunct member of the Faculty of Law at the University of Toronto.  He was called to the bar in 1993 and practised criminal law with Clayton Ruby and Marlys Edwardh. Some may recall his name as one of the lawyers who worked on behalf of Omar Khadr;

Now on to a few observations – I will just put them out here and let you sort them out.

When I say I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone or La La Land I mean it.  Honest to goodness it seemed to me that the  judge, defence and Crown were  tripping over and/or trying to outdo each other in extolling the goodness and virtues of Jessica.   It was the strangest thing I have ever witnessed in a court room.   I am talking here about hearts and flowers for a self-confessed sex offender whose actions have dictated that her name is being added to the sex offender registry               !

What the heck is going on?

And so we had accolades that Jessica “took responsibility” entered a guilty plea and spared her victim the pain of a trial.  (That is very much the norm for these plea deals.  In this instance the fact that it took 14 months for Jessica Fiori to enter the guilty plea and a further eight months to finally get to sentencing seems to be just, well, somehow totally irrelevant .)

All seemed concerned with Jessica’s emotional state at the time she seduced/assaulted/ molested that boy.  It seemed to me that  the fact that she was going through a divorce and stressful time her life was deemed a rationale for  her actions.

There seemed to be great admiration for the fact that she turned to her family.

At  one point the assistant Crown wanted to be sure it was understood that he “didn’t mean to speak ill “ of Ms. Beraldin, and he felt it necessary to point out that he wasn’t trying to run her down.

Defence went on about the merits of the guilty plea which, he said,  ensured that the victim would be spared testifying, and he added to that that he considered that the victim would have been a very reluctant witness, and that the offense it was an isolated incident and that her guilty plea mean the end of her teaching career.

Then there was the concern from one and all that a report written by a Dr. Gray be seen by anyone. There are, the court heard, some very private and personal things in there. Actually, it was the judge who raised the issue.

No matter, once the issue was raised a decision was made to seal the report because, said the judge, the victim and his mother are very concerned that they will be identified.    This I fail to understand as grounds to seal a document and thereby prevent public access to that information.  The name of the victim is available.  There are always publication bans on the names of victims.  It’s automatic.  Despite those publication bans it is routine to file reports and other documents at trial without a seal.  In fact, it is understood that there is a publication ban on the name of the victims and that ban is not to be violated.  To say therefore that the ban is to protect the identity of the victim and his mother makes no sense at all.  None.  If,on the other hand, it is to ensure that private and personal details do not get into the public domain, that’s another matter.  Our courts are supposed to open, are they not?

There was an exchange in which the Crown was actually pondering what would be the scenario if the offender were male and victim female, and the judge interjected that that is not the case.

Back to Dr. Gray.  The doctor  apparently said that Jessica is a very low risk to re-offend. And apparently he said that the close relationship Fiori had with the victim should not be seen as grooming.  He also allegedly made comment that that there were certain critical stressor in Jessica’s life at the time, and she was feeling distant from her partner. Honestly, the impression conveyed – at least to me –  is that this is all perfectly understandable conduct for a female teacher in her late 20s who is undergoing a divorce or is in a stressful situation:  in other words, it’s just fine in those trying circumstances for a female teacher to seduce a young male student.  I don’t understand why there was not at least a little concern that Jessica – as a teacher – did not know better. Nor do I understand why no one thought it untoward that Jessica did not see fit to find a man for companionship and/or sex.  Would it, I wonder, have made a difference if Fiore was a male and the victim female? I don’t know.

Yes, true enough there was actually acknowledgment that the offence is illegal, ….but then that led to some talk about how on the spectrum of things it is usually something that evolves to intercourse, and that didn’t happen.  (My thoughts on that  are that there was no actual agreed upon statement of facts so we the public  truly have no idea exactly when and how the interaction between this boy and Fiore came to an end, and therefore no idea if it would have eventually led to intercourse.    )

We did hear that at the time this was happening the victim was presumably a voluntary participant, but also that Fiore seemed to be ” the lead.”  And we  also heard that the victim now looks back at this as a dreadful period in his life.

Then there was a tearful apology.  The judge actually gently suggested that Fiori  speak to her family seated in the courtroom and address the harm she had done to them.

Jessica Fiori said she was deeply sorry “for the terrible choices I made in a time of crisis.”  She said she was very disappointed in herself, that she never intentionally meant to harm anyone, and that she accepts responsibility for her “mistakes.”

In return, the judge talked about spending sleepless nights thinking of this case.  She was thankful for the joint submission of the Crown and defence.  She talked of “a jail sentence served in the community.” (I think that’s perhaps tough talk for a conditional sentence?)  And, she commended Fiori for entering a guilty plea and taking responsibility.

At the end of the day the message this morning was that Jessica Fiore is quite a girl/lady/woman.  She entered that guilty plea.  She spared the victim.  She turned to her family.   She is truly sorry.  It was a mistake.  She is a very low risk to re-offend.

And, of yes, great , what’s the word –  admiration? –   for the fact that in entering her guilty plea Fiori  “guarantees the end of a career that she loved.”  I personally am more inclined to say, and I repeat, that in seducing  that young lad Jessica Fiori ended the career that she loved.

A strange morning.

The victim was not in court.  Please keep him and his family in your prayers.

Enough for now,


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Sentencing of female teacher tomorrow

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I finally connected with someone at the Ottawa court house 🙂

The next court date for Jessica Beraldin is:

08 February 2018: 10 am, “sentencing” (sentencing hearing?), court room #12, Ottawa courthouse (161 Elgin St.)

Jessica Beraldin has obviously made a decision to enter a guilty plea.   There would be no sentencing without either a guilty plea or a conviction.  There has not been a trial so,   …there must be a guilty plea.

Tomorrow is listed as “sentencing” but I think that first there will have to be an agreed upon statement of facts read into the record, and some sort of sentencing hearing wherein each side argues what it believes is a fit sentence. Usually there are also reports from experts regarding  the accused’s possibility of re-offending and so on. There is also opportunity for any victims to give a victim impact statement. After all of that the judge renders his/her decision on sentencing. Sometimes the judge will render the decision the same day (usually after a break), but more frequently will set another date for sentencing. I have no idea what will happen here.

Please keep the victim and all those who have been negatively impacted by this young woman in your prayers.  This I am sure is both confusing and scandalous to all those students who attended  Mother Theresa High School in Barrhaven Ontario where Beraldin was teaching .

Enough for now,


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What happened to this young woman?

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The following pictures and timelines have been added to the Jessica Beraldin page:

Jessica Fiore graduated Carleton U

Jessica Fiore engagement

Yes, Jessica Beraldin is Jessica Fiore.  Jessica’s maiden name, as you see by the engagement photo, was Fiore.  Her Italian-born father Angelo was a  Sergeant with Ottawa Police Force.   Judging by various editions of IL Postino the  family were long-time parishioners at St. Anthony of Padua (St. Anthony’s) Roman Catholic Church in Ottawa.

I just can not stop wondering what in the name of goodness happened to this young woman?   What triggered a 30-year-old married female high school teacher – and I believe mother – to do whatever she did to a child which would prompt a criminal investigation and the subsequent 31 March 2016 charges of sexual assault, sexual exploitation and making sexually explicit material available to a child?  The unfortunate child, whose gender and age are as yet unknown, was one of her students.

I must say that as I looked through the joyful pictures which I found posted online I could not help but think of Jessica’s  family.  I could be mistaken, but I’m thinking they surely must have been shell-shocked when these sex charges were laid?

Anyway, I am waiting for a call back on the next court-date.  There is word via the grapevine that there may have been a guilty plea?  If anyone knows any more please contact me or post a comment.  As soon as I know more I will pass it along.

As always, please pray for the complainant.  Pray for the complainant’s family.


I will be getting all the information which came my way over the past few weeks posted a bit at a time 🙂  Yet again I say:  Bear with me.

Enough for now,


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The bloom is fading

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When it comes to Pope Francis’ attempts to cultivate an image as a pope who has zero tolerance for, and understands and sympathizes with victims of clerical sexual abuse, the latest revelation regarding the pope’s denial of knowledge regarding the allegations of cover-up against Bishop Barros  ensures that the bloom is fading from the rose:

05 February 2018:  “Pope’s advisers say he got abuse victim’s letter, despite denial” & related article

Sad.  But, good.   And yes, it is  good to see some vindication for victims who were so cruelly demeaned by none other than the Pope himself.

Keep the victims in your prayers.

Enough for now,


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“Friends of Father Steve” fundraiser should not have been associated with Giant Tiger

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Some interesting information regarding Giant Tiger and a fundraiser which was conducted on behalf of Father Stephen Amesse .

Giant Tiger has separated itself from a fund-raising email sent out in early 2015 by Greg Farrell , CPA, CA President & COO Giant Tiger Stores Limited | 2480 Walkley Road Ottawa.  The fundraiser was set up for Father Amesse  in December 2014 after Amesse was charged with  two counts of sexual assault and two counts of sexual interference.  As you see,  Greg Farell signed off on the email very publicly identifying himself as President and COO of Giant Tiger Stores Limited and thereby implying to recipients – deliberately or otherwise – supp0rt and backing of Giant Tiger for his venture:

Cover letter for “Friends of Father Steve”

Some questioned Giant Tiger’s Association with the fundraising.  And that was it until this year when Irene Deschenes happened on the letter.

Some of you will recall that Irene Deschene was one of the brave victims who played a key role in bringing serial molester Father Charles Sylvester to justice in the Diocese of London Ontario in 2006. (In 2006 Sylvestre pled guilty to sex abuse of 47 girls aged 7 to 15 between 1954 and 1986.  He died in jail in 2007, three years into a three-year-prison-sentence)

After she came across the Farrell letter on Sylvia’s Site a deeply concerned  Irene contacted Giant Tiger regarding what she saw as its stance.   A copy of the Farrell letter –  including comments – was sent to Julia Knox.

In a recent email to Irene Deschenes regarding the Farrell email, Julia Knox,   Giant Tiger Senior Vice President for  Strategy and Customer Experience, wrote in part that “As an inclusive organization any endorsement of members of the clergy would go against our brand values particularly on this serious issue.”

Here then is a copy of the email sent by Julia Knox to Irene :

From: Julia Knox – Strategic Planning <xxxxx>

Sent: January 11, 2018 11:56 AM

To: Irene Deschênes

Subject: RE: Greg Farrell – concerns

Hi Irene,

Once again, thank you for reaching out to Giant Tiger with your concerns and bringing the letter to our attention.

I have reviewed the letter and its origins, and can confirm that the content should not have been associated with Giant Tiger Stores Limited.

As an inclusive organization, any endorsement of members of the clergy would go against our brand values particularly on this serious issue.   We are a proud Canadian retailer, and our goal is to be connected and committed to the communities in which we operate and call home.

I apologize for any distress that this letter may have caused yourself and others.

As a result of your inquiry, we are reviewing our internal processes so that all employees of Giant Tiger Stores Limited are aware of our policies moving forward.

Thank you for taking the time to connect with me.  We are proud to have people like yourself in the community, and hope to be able to serve you for years to come.

Kind Regards,


Julia Knox

SVP, Strategy and Customer Experience

Giant Tiger Stores Limited


office: xxxxxx

Thank you Irene!!

As you all know of course, Father Amesse was acquitted, or, as I prefer to say, alas, he was acquitted.

For those unfamiliar with what transpired in that  courtroom here is a list of the blogs I wrote :

08 March 2017:  BLOG The Father Stephen Amesse trial

10 March 2017:  BLOG We shall see….

11 March 2017: BLOG A heavy day

03 May 2017:  BLOG  “some issues”

29 April 2017:  BLOG Odds and ends

30 March 2017:  BLOG Many are sheer porn

15 March 2017:   BLOG He doesn’t know what grooming is?!

At the very least the fact that Father Amesse admitted in a court of law that he gave the boy a body shaver  should have been suffice for Archbishop Prendergast to realize that there are problems with this priest.  But, no, Father Amesse is now Associate Rector at Ottawa’s St. Patrick’s Basilica in Ottawa. Associate Rector, no less, at one of Ottawa’s largest and busiest churches!

(Father Amesse- St Patrick’s Basilica  Bulletin 14 January 2018)

I hear via the grapevine that some parishioners are less than happy.  I shall try to find out more.  I do earnestly hope and pray that  Roman Catholic parents will take the time to read what happened in that courtroom and fight to protect their children.  They also need to ask why, if there is no problem, Father Amesse spent weeks in Southdown?

And then, of course, there are those filthy pictures of Father Amesse’s friend Eric.

As you know I sent an e”mail to Archbishop Prendergast before Christmas.  No response.  I will email again.


I have been, and still am, under the weather.  A nasty cold which just wants to stay close to me :(.


Nasty weather here yesterday and today, – pretty inside looking out, but not nice for those who have to be on the roads..  Snow, freezing rain and rain.  Compared to the weather others have been enduring across Canada and the States we really can not complain.

Enough for now,


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Blog is gone

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Well, I don’t know what happened, but late yesterday afternoon I posted a blog about Giant Tiger and an early 2015 Friends of Father Steve fundraiser for Father Stephen Amesse.  The blog is  gone!  I don’t know what happened to it, but,  it’s not there, and I can’t find it.  I’ve done a quick hunt to find it, but so far to no avail 🙁

I am going to resume my search.  It has to be there somewhere.

If anyone saw it would you please let me know, and also give me an idea when you read it?  That may help me sort out what happened.

Good St. Anthony look around…. 🙂

If/when I find it I will re-post.  If no luck in the search I will unfortunately have to red-do 🙁

Enough for now,


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Alas, my question has been definitively answered

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When it comes to clerical sexual predators, complicit clergy and  apologies Pope Francis has stepped over a line:

18 January 2018:  Pope Francis shocks Chile by accusing sex abuse victims of slander

Accusing the victims of calumny?

And this demeaning of victims comes on the heels of the papal apology:

17 January 2018:  “Why this Chilean abuse survivor refuses to accept Pope Francis’ apology” & related articles

Yesterday I pondered if anything had changed since Pope Francis’s previous defence of Bishop Barros with claims that the opposition to him was unfounded and coming from the ‘the left.’

Alas, my question has been definitively  answered.

Pray for  victims everywhere.  This papal accusation of calumny against victims  papal  goes beyond to pale.

Meanwhile in Ottawa  at St. Patrick’s Basilica:  (Father Amesse- St Patrick’s Basilica  Bulletin 14 January 2018)


Enough for now,


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Victims deserve better than this from their archbishop

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Very disturbing news from the Archdiocese of Moncton, New Brunswick:

17 January 2018:  Blame tough lives of priests’ victims on economy, not abuse, says church

Note the following four quotes from the article:

 – (1)  To the argument that victims were emotionally traumatized by the abuse and unable to complete an education or earn a decent income, the church maintains it is not responsible for what happened to those individuals through the course of their lives.

“Such damage was on account of existing sociological, educational, linguistic and economic factors present in New Brunswick and elsewhere at material times, which factors were not caused by the archdiocese,” the defence document says.

 – (2) The church also argued it shouldn’t have to pay because it already engaged in a conciliation process in 2012, led by retired judge Michel Bastarache and meant to compensate victims.

“The plaintiff chose not to enter that process, and cannot complain of not being provided for as a result,” the archdiocese said in its defence


– (3) “The plaintiff has entered into an illegal, inflated and unenforceable agreement of contingency with his solicitors, the result of which is to promote unreasonable litigation … and to increase costs to the archdiocese,” the church says.


 (4)  according to the article, in denying responsibility for psychological anguish the victims experienced, the diocese argued that “Such losses or damages arose from mental or physical conditions that existed prior to the assaults or were acquired … after the assaults,”

I believe it is a given that the disregard for the plight of victims of clerical exhibited above  embraced by the Archbishop of the Moncton Archdiocese, Valéry Vienneau.  It is, after all, Archbishop Vienneau who is paying these lawyers.  But are we to conclude that the archbishop, Justice Bastarache, all the “Conciliation” process staff, diocesan lawyers and all diocesan staff who have dealt with and interacted with victims over the past few years  concur with the mindset exhibited above?  And, are we to conclude that any hint of understating or sympathy expressed to victims for the long-term suffering they have endured was a ruse, – no more than a means to an end, the end being to entice them into the conciliation process and thereby, it seems, avert an “increase in costs to the archdiocese” ?

It’s amazing is it not that the diocese seems to think that victims should have had no option but to engage in the diocesan conciliation process?

This truly is disgusting.  And revealing.

Please keep the victims in your prayers.  They truly deserve better than this.

Enough for now,


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Home about two hours ago.  A dirty drive – we skirted  that awful strom rolling up the Eastern seabord, and then ran into the lake effect weather in upper New York state.

It was amazing to watch the temperature plummet six degrees as we crossed into Canada.  But, all in all a good run, and hearts go out to those on the east coast who are truly suffering because of that awful noreaster (sp?).

As always it was extremely difficult to leave family behind and good to be back home.

We have a second Christmas on Sunday,  with our Ottawa family 😊

Time permitting I will get a couple of articles posted tomorrow and relay some information.  I do have a commitment in the morning, and still need to get things put away,  get washing done and so on, but I will do my absolute  best to spend a few hours getting things up to date.

Enough for now,


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