Stanford: Raymond Gareth Stanford

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Raymond Gareth Stanford

Gary Stanford

Gary Stanford – cropped from undated team photo St. John Bosco School

Gary Stanford – cropped from undated team photo – St. John Bosco School

Gary Stanford – cropped from undated team photo – St. John Bosco school







Gary Stanford, coach of Kellys Pub basketball team – Metro Champs 2006-2007 (Picture cropped from team photo)








Roman Catholic teacher in St. John’s Newfoundland. Coached the boy’s soccer and basketball teams at St. John Bosco in Shea Heights.  He later taught at St. Patrick’s Hall, a Catholic boy’s school, in St. John’s.   CONVICTED in 1990.  A blogger references a Stanford who taught at St. Patrick’s who was a good friend of the Christian Brothers at Mount Cashel and used to take basketball teams to play at Mount Cashel and then go for a swim.  That is Stanford.   Stanford was a good friend of Christian Brother Harold Thorne. The pair coached a soccer team together in the 80s. (Thorn was convicted for sexually abusing boys at Mount Cashel.)

(As another small note of interest, when Stanford transferred back to St. John Bosco school the pastor at St. John Bosco Church was Father John Corrigan .  The K to 12 school was located on the same property as the Church.  The school or parish had a van which was kept at the rectory. Stanford routinely had to use the van to transport teams to and from games – he would  get the keys from Corrigan. Corrigan pleaded guilty in 1988 – some of abuse transpired at St. John Bosco)

October 2011:  word that Stanford is “employed by government of newfoundland and labrador,works at local newfoundland and labrador sports center. At this center, young boys and girls play sports all year long


02 March 2012:  BLOG Common Sense

04 November 2011:  Dr. Patrick Parfrey, Chair of the Board of Directors, Newfoundland and Labrador Sports Centre (re Raymond Stanford)

November 2011: Tourism, Culture and Recreation: Government of  Newfoundland  and  Labrador responds to questions re Raymond Gareth Stanford

02 November 2011:  E-mail to Rod Snow, Facility Manager & High Performance Director, Newfoundland and Labrador Sports Centre


October 2011: working at the Newfoundland and Labrador Sports Centre on Crosbie St., St. John’s, Newfoundland.  He has apparently been working at the centre for about two years.

 External link to Newfoundland and Labrador Sports Centre in St. John’s, Newfoundland

1990:  CONVICTED of sexually abusing a student at St. John Bosco starting when the boy was in Grade 7.  The abuse continued after the boy transferred to Brother Rice in St. John’s in Grade 10.  According to one media article, Stanford followed him, securing a teaching position at nearby St. Patrick’s Hall.  According to a blogger was sentenced to 41/2 years in jail.

According to media coverage of the trial the victim testified that he was abused more than 300 times by Stanford and punched in the stomach and face more times than that.  The victim said he lived in fear.  He testified that he was “trained like a dog to do whatever Mr. Stanford told me to do.  If I didn’t I was in trouble.”

Stanford used to virtually stalk the boy, following him everywhere he went.  After the victim started dating Stanford even followed the boy and his girlfriend around by car, even on graduation night.

The abuse ended in May 1986 when, according to media coverage, the victim “finally relaliated and punched Mr. Standord in the face after he had been punched himself.” After that “It was all over.”-

May 1989:  faced charges of assault, indecent assault and sexual assault.

around 1986:  transferred back to St. John Bosco and was teaching at St. John Bosco when he was charged

1983-1986:  began to teach at St. Patrick’s Hall, St. John’s Newfoundland.  The victim had transferred to Brother Rice in St. John’s.  The abuse continued.

1979-1983:  teacher at St. John Bosco in Shea Heights (St. John’s), Newfoundland

physically and sexually abusing a student during these years (M)


02 March 2012:  BLOG Common Sense

27 February 2012:  Recreation conference planned for St. John’s

02 November 2011: BLOG Did the Archbishop perjure himself?

23 March 1990: Crown asks two to five for teacher in sex case

02 November 1989:  Former teacher faces sex charges


Second teacher charged with offences against boys

The Ottawa Citizen

15 May 1989

GOOSE BAY (CP) _ A second Newfoundland teacher in less than a week has been charged with sex-related offences against boys.

Alexander John MacDonald, 38, a teacher in Sheshatshit, appeared in provincial court in Goose Bay this morning to face five counts of sexual assault and two of buggery.

MacDonald, an employee of the Roman Catholic School Board of Labrador, was remanded to hospital in St. John’s for psychiatric evaluation. He was ordered to reappear in court May 30.

The offences are alleged to have occurred over the last three years.

Last Thursday, Raymond Gareth Stanford, 39, was arraigned on charges of assault, indecent assault and sexual assault. The St. John’s teacher was released until a court appearance May 19 for election and plea.

The sex-related charges against MacDonald is the latest in a string involving the Catholic community. Fourteen priests, former priests and members of the Christian brothers have been charged with sexual offences against altar boys.


90 Responses to Stanford: Raymond Gareth Stanford

  1. Larry says:

    2 teachers in one week!!
    Whatever happened to these 2 school teachers? CONVICTIONS,?
    Are they still working in schools? If so, where?

  2. st.john bosco says:

    One that i know of is RC school teacher Gary Stanford from st.john’s,he was convicted and sentenced to 4.5 years.He is now working in the Newfoundland and labrador sports center.Kids are there all the time,there’s also a full daycare in the building.

  3. Larry says:

    Would he need a certificate of conduct from the police to work there?

  4. Terry says:

    To st. john Bosco & Sylvia,

    As this Convicted Sex Offender is working in such an environment, I wonder if he has a Police Conduct clearance. He was a school teacher now he’s around kids again! A reasonable questrion I think!

  5. Gail says:

    To St, John Bosco: I was reading the comments on this page and the other comments on the other page. I was really suprised to see that this Convicted school teacher was working in the same area as children. How did he get this job after being sentenced for sex offence and abuse? Doesn’t make sense to me!?

  6. Gail says:

    HI All-there is more info regarding this situation on Of Interest/non-clerical. It is very interesting & unbelievable!

  7. Sylvia says:

    I linked to those other comments Gail and will ask now that everyone post their comments re Stanford in this thread. Once two or more threads get running on the same person it becomes awfully difficult for everyone to both find and keep track of the information.

  8. Sylvia says:

    I am in the process of getting, or trying to get, further information. Business offices are now closed in St. John’s (that 11/2 hour time change!) so will have to wait ’till Monday. There definitely would be media coverage. I am doing what I can to get it, but it’s not easy. If anyone out there has any news clippings please contact me at [email protected]

    I’m not sure, but I think it’s very possible he obtained a pardon? But, would that allow him to work around children? Surely not, but, if he did and that’s the case then we’re looking at another very serious flaw in “the system.” Surely questions are put to all prospective employees in such a facility regarding convictions for child sex abuse?

  9. Sylvia says:

    I have posted a pdf file which shows that Stanford was indeed convicted:

    23 March 1990: Crown asks two to five for teacher in sex case

    I know it’s difficult to read, but, if you enlarge the page it is readable.

    Someone is going to try to get me copies of the other articles – hopefully that will come to pass. In the interim I have added some info from the other articles to the Stanford page.

    Note that the the victim testified that he was abused more than 300 times by Stanford – and punched in the stomach and face more times than that. He lived in fear.

    Note too that Stanford was stalking the boy. Even when the lad began to date Stanford followed the boy and his girlfriend around. The abuse finally came to an end after the victim punched Stanford in the face after Stanford had punched him.

    This man is working at the Newfoundland and Labrador Sports Centre?!!!!

  10. Dave Mantin Maritime S.N.A.P Leader says:

    I’m not sure now to comment on this, 1. In this day and age with all the press on sexual abuse, you would think they would not of even hired him. And once knowing that he is a CONVICTED child molester that they would of had him removed at once. I personally feel that, Dr. Patrick Parfrey and Rod Snow should both loose their jobs as well for allowing children to be in harms way and not doing anything to protect the children of the center. Anyone that would hire a child molester to work in a facility with children should NOT work in any field that deals with children.

    • noah says:

      back then they treated shea heights like the third world, all the teachers were nuts in one way or another or drunk, or psycho and they tried to make it seem that we are so lucky to be educated, what is a beating or two when we are being all edjamacated
      I sure loved that strap – they must have been into bdsm

    • Andy G says:

      In St. John’s NL it’s all about WHO you know or your friend’s know. Gary Stanford was hired at the Provincial Recreation Center because he was known to people who had influence to hire a pedophile around children.

      It’s simple….”Connect the dots” who has/had enough influence to hire him because he was a friend or had a connection.

      • noah says:

        back then the city ran on sports – after supper and every weekend the diamonds were full all over town with softball teams and soccer games. It became a mafia. person A got a job because he coached person B’s kid and gave him a ‘gimme’ trophy. etc etc
        People who played on the same team did favors for one another. It is strange to see them all empty now. There would be two teams and their families and supporters like a hundred people on the field. Not me, I was an outsider, but I did learn how the world worked.

  11. Sylvia says:

    Amen to that David!

  12. Sylvia says:

    Some pictures added – all from St. John Bosco team pictures.

  13. Sylvia says:

    I’ve added a more recent picture of Gary Stanford. It’s small but I think it might help parents identify him at the Newfoundland and Recreational Sports Centre, where, to my knowledge, and unbelievable as it my seem, he is still gainfully employed!

    The picture is cropped from a team photo of Kellys Pub basketball team. They were the 2006-2007 Metro Champs

  14. william says:

    RE: Patrick Parfrey- Is he speaking on behalf of the entire NL Government or the NL Sports Centre, because it’s frightening to hear that they have confidence in the hiring process, AND, confident in this Ex-School Teacher Convicted of child student sexual abuse and assault. Does Pat Parfrey feel this ‘comfortable’ with hiring this convicted sex offender working in the same building with children….what are you people thinking? It’s very strange thinking?

  15. Joseph says:

    This smeels of anothe ‘COVER-UP’ of sorts William. WHAT IS BEING HIDDEN????

  16. teresa says:

    Does he have a Criminal Record Certificate??

  17. Tom says:

    Something is being covered up for Parfrey to make this written statement!!! Dont you think>>>>>>>

  18. st. pat says:

    To st. john Bosco & sylvia,

    this CONVICTED child molester inn his role as a teacher who is now again working around children is VERY DISTURBING! Who else is being put at risk at that sports center??? Watch your kids there, especially if pat parfrey feels Gary Stanford, convicted , was a good person to hire. Be careful!

  19. Sylvia says:

    I agree st pat. I can not believe that that man is still employed at the centre and that Dr. Parfery sees no problem having a convicted molester around the young people at the centre.

    Nor do I understand why the people of St. John’s put up with this. Hopefully I can re-visit this next week and get a few more letters off in the hope of finding someone in a position of authority in St John’s who recognizes that you just do not take the chance of hiring convicted molesters to work in facilities frequented by children and youth.

  20. st. Pat says:

    Sylvia, knowing the ‘right people’ must pay off in st. johns???

  21. Tom says:

    Is the City of St. Johns funding any of the NL sports center? If so, what the hell is everyone in st. johns thinking. This Convicted child molester is worker around children once again!! (As he used to be when he was a School Teacher).

  22. Tom says:

    Why isn’t somebody doing something about this? This is heartbreaking to think that we have become a society of people that react after the fact. What ever happened to an ounce of prevention. It is heartbreaking that it could possibly take the loss of innocence of other new victims for this to be stopped. Heartbreaking and criminal, if it takes a village then why is perpertrator still employed by this province especially in any vicinity of our most innocent.

  23. Sylvia says:

    Tom, this is what I was told: “Although the Provincial Government has a representative on the Board of Directors, the corporation operates at arms-length in terms of daily operations and the hiring of staff, and in partnership with Sport Newfoundland and Labrador, the Swilers Rugby Club, and the City of St. John’s.”

    Does that partnership extend to funding? That I don’t know , but will try to find out. I would think there would be a financial dimension to the partnership, but just not sure.

    Yes, it is heartbreaking. I am doing what I can. I urge others to contact the St. John’s Mayor and city councilors to voice their objection to Newfoundland Sports Centre having a convicted child molester on staff. Here is contact info.

  24. Joyce B says:

    To Sylvia; if these organizations are all in partnership to operate this NL Center, there has to be some type of ‘operational’ partnership or agreement. Now that you have brought this to light, St. John’s City Councillors must be fully aware of the Convicted child molester’s employment at the center. I would bet swilers, Province NL, City St. John’s are all aware of Pat Parfrey’s decision to be confident in hiring a Convicted child molester to work at a Sports Center, when he used to be a Teacher and Sports Coach, prior to going to Jail. Wake Up!

  25. James T says:

    Is This Convicted former school Teacher that well ‘Connected & Protected’???
    What Has to Happen?

  26. Jason says:

    I would bet there is a financial agreement in place between the province of NL, The Swilers, City St. John’s, Sport NL. Who are the Board of Director members?

  27. Clyde says:

    After reviewing this entire story here online, there is no doubt whatsoever that the ‘appropiate’ people in authority, are fully aware of Stanford’s Conviction and jail time for Sex assault upon a student. Who puts up with this…?

  28. Lawrence says:

    I just reviewed comments on the ‘common sense’ Blog page and it raises some very interesting questions!!!! Check it out.

  29. Joey says:


    Just wondering if this convicted abuser is still working at the NL sports Center?

    Do all these people really know his past and still allow him to work there where children play sports?

    • Sylvia says:

      The last I knew he was, sad to say, still working there. I have tried appealing to the good sense of city council and the Premier – to no avail. Does anyone have any ideas on how we can ensure the children and youth who frequent the centre are protected?

  30. Esperanza says:

    *I wonder if a letter to The Telegram or one to the management of the Sports Centre with a copy to The Telegram.  With the Jimmy Savile debacle in the new it might have more traction now.

  31. Freddy says:

    Good suggestion in a normal place, but for some reason the telegram & politicians are staing away from this situation?? If the [email protected]#t hits the fan nobody has to dive for cover. What abot the news people? cbc, ctv must be hiding from this news story also?
    Only in NL.!! Gary Stanford must be laughing at everyone.

  32. Freddy says:

    Hey everyone,

    Is the Perv still working there?????

  33. noah says:

    arresting screwed up teachers in bosco was like handing out speeding tickets at the indy 500 – anybody remember mr walsh? liked to take off his rings and his watch so he wouldnt hurt them before he beat the shit out of you – same with Ms Slaney, she made waterboarding look like fun, not to mention sr coffee – anyone remember these a holes?
    I was happy one year because my home room was just a drunk and harmless
    so many of us suffered at the hands of these psychopaths, nobody gives a damn about the lower working class, we had to be grateful that someone deigned to teach us so keep your mouth shut
    I wonder where these clowns are today? under the ground I hope

  34. tony says:

    Yes, Stanford & Mr. Walsh were very close….any one else remember!!!

  35. Jim says:

    Hi Noah, Gary Stanford is working with the Newfoundland and Labrador sports center where the kids play Basketball on Crosbie Road St. John’s, NL

  36. Joey says:

    This convicted abuser is still working around children at the NL Sports Center on Crosbie Road, St. John’s. AMAZING how the people who hired this convicted pedophile still protect him…..remember, he was sentenced to a Federal Prison> from school teacher, school coach to Federal Prison, then to Sports Center around kids again…..?

  37. Sylvia says:

    You are so absolutely correct Joey. It is a scandal in and of itself that Stanford, a convicted molester, is allowed to continue working at the sports centre which is frequented by children.

    Many people in high places know and turn a blind eye.

    When it comes to the protection of children, there is much that needs fixing.

    Is there anyone in St. John’s who would run off and hand out some fliers advising those who enter the centre that a convicted child molester has been working there for years? Get the word around. Let parents know.

  38. Mike says:

    Sylvia, I think that people in high places & influential are fully aware of Gary Stanford job at NL Sports Center on Crosbie Road, St. John’s, NL.. Dr. Pat Parfrey, a Physician in St. John’s, The Premiers office & City of St. John’s Officials and even members of the RNC police force are aware! It is well documented!…..This is terrible!

    • Sylvia says:

      Yes, that’s the problem Mike. People in high places know. I dealt with and informed many. Nothing.

      It’s the people who drop off or accompany their children to the centre who need to know. I don’t believe they will be as tolerant when they hear, but, somehow they have to find out.

  39. Tony says:

    Gary Stanford may have applied for a Pardon BUT WAS DENIED by Parole Board of Canada!

  40. Tony A M says:

    BE PREPARED….perhaps we should start telling the names of these influential people … Stay Tuned!

  41. Tony A M says:

    He was seen just weeks ago “Totally Unsupervised” at the center on Crosbie Road…have a look at him the next time you are there….

  42. Dave says:

    UNBELIVABLE this child abuser is working around kids….Dave

  43. noah says:

    I watched mr walsh beat the living shit out of billy hollihan? hatcher?….crap i cant remember his last name
    im talking a punch in the face a full on slap and backhand – jesus we told mrs hayes and later on that day walsh comes into the lunch room and threatened all of us to keep our mouths shut

  44. Dave says:

    Hey Noah, I remember that too. And Gary Stanford was a mean idiot with his steel toe boats in the winter time. A couple of kicks from him & a punch in the face was a perfect way to start the school day!

  45. noah says:

    I found this in my travels, might be useful

    I found ms slaney the worst because she beat up six and seven year olds – we were just babies

    anyone remember mr stanford taking his favorite team members to macdonalds? he did that to turn team members against each other

  46. Dave says:

    Hey Noah, that’s a Fact….and sadly it worked!!!

  47. Dave says:

    Noah, do you remember all the people who just shut their mouths & let Stanford do what he wanted because he was like jesus f….n christ in a poor neighbourhood.

    • noah says:

      yes I did – everyone kept their mouths shut – and he was an unpleasant person, people think diaper snipers are candy giving happy groomers but he was sarcastic, mean spirited and an all around pee cee
      he got me in the face with a soccer ball once, geez did that ever sting! I had a polygon outlined on my face for a month

  48. Andy G says:

    I could type a list of adults (parents & teachers) who turned a “blind eye” in exchange for Gary Stanford giving up his precious time to be such a good influence to the kids on his teams…..and maybe i will within next few days……Standbye R, H, D, R, T….

  49. Andy G says:

    To NOAH: sad to hear that man…what an asshole he was, i bet you were only 12 or 13 and having a 200 pound “god-school teacher” wallop a ball at your face must have been a real treat! You also hit the nail on the head….he had to be a PC , take it from there. Thats the 2nd Dot.

  50. Ray says:

    Hey Parents, keep your eyes open for Gary Stanford , this creepy looking “convicted sex abuser” the next time you go to the Sports Center on Crosbie Road. Oh, he also used to be a School Teacher at St. John Bosco (Shea Heights) & St. Pat’s.

  51. tom byron says:

    Yes, Gary Stanford still works at the center on crosbie road, st. john’s. He used to ‘hang around’ all the popular sports spots but now he gets paid for it by the government of newfoundland. How many convicted sex abusers get that job!!

  52. Sylvia says:

    I asked before and will try again: Is there anyone in St. John’s who would run off and hand out some fliers advising those who enter the centre that a convicted child molester has been working there for years? Get the word around. Let parents know.

  53. Joe Eastern says:

    Who knows but he’s most likely still driving kids around? Who knows! It’s hard to change a convicted sex offenders behaviour, like Gary Stanford.?

  54. Joe Eastern says:

    I wonder if the School Board in St. John’s fired Gary Stanford?

  55. Jack says:

    Initially when Gary Stanford was charged in May 1989, it is my understanding from the Telegram, that he was suspended without pay and when he was CONVICTED he was fired by his employer, The school Board in St. John’s NL. Hope this helps. Oh, then he went to a Federal Prison.

  56. Tim says:

    I wonder how the Eastern School District deals with abuse situations now…especially if there is a convicted school teacher, such as Gary Stanford??

  57. Sharon V says:

    It makes me wonder as a parent what safeguards are put in place by school boards to make sure a case like this doesn’t happen again. Very sad.

  58. Wendy says:

    I’ ve been reading this individual, and it’s unbelievable he is allowed to be around children! A former teacher after doing federal jail time..these people can’t be cured…

  59. Dave says:

    Word on the street is that disgraced convicted child molester and Jail bird, Gary Stanford. is still working at the NL sports Center on Crosbie Road St. John’s NL. It’s a good thing he was caught when he was but more needs to be done . especially when he was a school teacher at St. John Bosco (Shea Heights) & St. Pats!!

  60. thomas says:

    It made me stomach sick to read this! We have a sick convicted child molester and school teacher like gary Stanford working around children. How can the governing body including pat parfrey endorse this type of hiring, which was when the pc’s were in power….any connection! Stay tuned!

  61. Fred B says:

    TOM, hell ya…I just read this information about Gary Stanford working at the newfoundland & Labrador sports centre on crosbie road, st. john’s. This is a crazy situation. I wonder who this convicted child molester & ex school teacher at st. john Bosco on shea Heights , knew to get this job. It must have been his political friends? But the PC’s are no longer in power, so perhaps the liberal government in NL would like to know about this!

  62. Andy G says:

    Yes, it’s like I said before. Connect the “Political Dots” & we will probably see how he got hired. Jobs for convicted sex offenders against children like Gary Stanford, don’t just fall in convicts laps. I pity a person who has a shoplifting charge…….Sad

  63. freddy says:

    WHAT…OMG…GARY STANFORD a convicted pedophile and former teacher at St. John Bosco is working where kids play sports. How the hell is this getting past the new liberal government? Contact your MHA’s, Gary Stanford working around kids…WOW.

    • Geenda says:

      The whole thing stinks and badly…. But whatelseisnew? If they aren’t ignoring it they’re covertly permitting it. He was an evil cruel horrid person who inflicted pain and suffering on his victims ..he should NEVER be working with children or youth in any capacity!

  64. Jordan says:

    I can’t everything I just read about this Convicted child abuser…I will be keeping my kids away from the NL sports center for sure. Gary Stanford should cover his face in shame. Give Pady Daley a shout on vocm open line!! What a story.

  65. Jason says:

    I remember when Gary Stanford used to take his St. John Bosco boys basketball teams down to Mount Cashel to play a game against St. Pats boys, of course, then let them “go for swim” in the Mt. Cashel pool. I believe Brother Harold Thorne who is on this web site also was the coach of the St. Pats team.

  66. Tom B says:

    Hey Jason, crazy creepy days….Stanford & throrne having a “great” time watching the Boys.

  67. Tom B says:

    UPDATE…A check was done recently and Gary Stanford still works.

    • Sylvia says:

      I am disappointed that the good people of St. John’s have not fought tooth and nail to get him out of there. Unbelievable that authorities put him there knowing full well his background. Unbelievable too that he is still there after all of these years. In St. John’s Newfoundland of all places! Sad!

      • John says:

        As Tom B said, the ones who knew are still spineless hypocrites. People don’t change. The response of that Dr. Parphrey says it all and speaks volumes as to attitudes.

  68. Tom B says:


    It’s a Disgrace, plain and simple! It also shows that the “mindset” of people who know his history, is the same now as it was when he was teaching, coaching and abusing. I hope these people who found him “strange” when he was teaching, are able to “justify THEIR conscience” when they think back. You were his colleagues, drinking buddies, you all knew he was a pervert. Even the Principal of St. John Bosco found Gary Stanford to be strange, as he testified under oath, but no one did a thing! SHAME On all of you. Look at the pics……it was like it was only yesterday. Hell DOES EXIST……

    • noah says:

      to be a child back then, you could not even cast a disparaging glance at them without getting at the very minimum of a hard shaking, leaving your neck sore and your teeth clacking together. I spit out tooth chips for a week after one of the teachers shook the s..t out of me

      poor kids had absolutely no power, no recourse, no redress of grievance

  69. John says:

    Sylvia, half of the problem is that some of the people who fully know Gary Stanford’s past, are turning a blind eye. That’s easy to do.

  70. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    I really wonder if this Stanford has ever went for a walk with a real man (not a boy) in a field unobserved by others, late at night!! He looks like he considers himself a real stud-muffin, judging by the body language.
    Perhaps he wouldn’t be quite so brave under different circumstances. Mike.

    • Tony says:

      Well said & observed Mike, he has behaved the opposite compared to his tough fake looks!! Trying to look like a wwF fighter, but only a pervert punk.

  71. John says:

    What we need is an elected city councillor, from Shea Heights, or mha who knows Gary Stanford’s past who might have the guts to ask what is he doing working at this child populated rec center.

  72. John says:

    Sylvia, Gary Stanford and all his buddies (?) will always be a big influence in the “sports” scene in St. John’s. He even has contacts the local media because of sports. This is a prime example of Gary Stanford controlling others. So, he still works there I believe…amongst the kids !

  73. John says:

    Well Tony Wakeham is running for the PC Party leadership in NL.. Gary Stanford will be his big supporter as Wakeham, being a frequent flier at the NL Sports Centre, and B Ball player years ago make him & Stanford supporters. Back in 1989 when Gary Stanford was arrested and charged, Tony Wakeham wrote his “letter of public opinion” to the Telegram…..

  74. Freddy says:

    Public Announcement….John Corrigan died yesterday Dec. 28, 2017.
    Gary Stanford has gained a friend and lost one…

  75. Tina says:

    Is Gary Stanford still working at the sports complex on crosbie road, St. John’s. My son has a tournament there and if he is I have to tell the principal of our school. Shocking!!!

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