Marcel Lalonde sex-offences trial postponed

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A scheduled trial for a serial sex offender has been postponed until December.

Marcel Lalonde, a former teacher who has been convicted three times already, was charged in February 2014 for an incident that occurred in 1989, involving an 11-year-old boy.

Lalonde was to stand trial this month.

A former teacher whose licence was revoked, he was convicted in 2001 of six counts of sexual assault against several of his students while at Bishop MacDonell School from 1971-83.

5 Responses to Marcel Lalonde sex-offences trial postponed

  1. F.M says:

    July 6 is the day for trial again maybe.

    summer is the time for the countrer house and the boat:

  2. Sylvia says:

    F.M., I think you are referring to Father Denis Vallancourt? He does have a court date in Alexandria tomorrow, but it will not be for trial. It will still be a while before there is a trial. Tomorrow will be probably much the same as his other court dates so far – it will be over with very quickly and there will be another court date set.

  3. Geenda says:

    Re:VICTOR PHELAN He was in Ottawa in 69/70. No allegations of abuse while in Ottawa, but I have a confirmed source who is certain he was here as a “white father” prior to ordination. He was often with a father Fritz…that’s all I have

  4. Sylvia says:

    I have been doing some digging around on this Geenda – discovered that the White Fathers once had a huge Scholasticate in Ottawa (Vanier). There is a good chance that Victor Phelan was there. I will keep digging. I have also sent off requests for further info and hopefully a picture of him .

    If anyone has further info please contact me or post a comment.

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