Coulombe: Justin Georges Stephen Coulombe

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Justin Georges Stephen Coulombe – undated Facebook picture

Justin Georges Stephen Coulombe – undated Facebook picture

Justin-Georges Coulombe

Justin Georges Stephen Coulombe

seems to be a Roman Catholic layman who has misrepresented himself as a priest.  Has allegedly told neighbours in Edmonton that he is a Monsignor

Initially facing charges of sexual assault, child luring and child pornography charges in the alleged exploitation of two teenage boys under the age of 16.  On 04 August 2017 five more charges related related to incidents alleged to have transpired in Edmonton 2017.

According to media, for months before his arrest various organizations across Canada were monitoring Coulombe identifying him as an “online predator” and “a high-profile member of pro-pedophilia internet forums.”

At age 20 was a fourth degree member of the Knights of Columbus and  youth counsellor for the Columbian Squires


Next court date23 February 2018 :  “to speak to,”  Edmonton Alberta courthouse,  1A Sir Winston Churchill Square; 21 August 2017: bail hearing?, Edmonton Alberta courthouse,  1A Sir Winston Churchill Square. Edmonton, Alberta;


08 August 2017:  Accused in child pornography investigation appears in court

05 August 2017:  Edmonton man who posed as priest re-arrested for more alleged sexual assault offences” & relates article

04 August 2017:  Man pretending to be priest re-arrested on more child exploitation charges

02 August 2017:  Vigilante outing of fake Catholic clergyman immaterial to investigation, detective says

01 August 2017:  “Edmonton man charged with child porn offences, extortion after mom of teen boy calls police” & related articles


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04 August 2017:  Two more complainants have come forward five more charges laid:   four counts of sexual interference and one count of invitation to sexual touching.

27 July 2017:  arrested.  Charged with luring to commit the making of child pornography (x2), luring to commit an offence against a child, sexual interference, invitation to sexual touching, sexual assault, possession of child pornography, and extortion.

Early 2017:  Moved from Langley, BC to Edmonton, Alberta (M) It is believed that he lived in Edmonton, moved to Langley, BC, and then moved back to Edmonton.  Scroll down for 2004 article quoting then 20-year-old Coulombe re vocations workshop in Edmonton. Alberta.

Unknown date:  In Langley, BC, Camp Manager, LandSea Camp and Catering Services (Linkedin profile)

17-18 September 2004:  Attended a vocations workshop at Camp Oselia, Alberta.  He was one of 16 participants , male and female, attending from  the Edmonton Archdiocese, the St. Paul Diocese and the Ukrainian Eparchy.  The retreat was led by Sister Geraldine Kelly of the Ursulines of Jesus.  Father Paul Moret, the Edmonton Archdiocese’s director of vocations, was one of the retreat organizers

2004:  age 20.  A member of  St. Joachim Roman Catholic Church in Edmonton. (St. Joachim is French parish)

youth counsellor for the Columbian Squires

fourth degree member of the Knights of Columbus.

In 2004 was forming the first French Columbian Squire circle West of Winnipeg. Manitoba

2000-2002:  according to online sources attained a high school diploma from St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy (the school is a private all male college prepartory and leadership development school in Delafield Wisconsin.  Tuition fees for international students in 2017 is listed as $43,000.)

– Cadet Colonel and commadning officer of the JROTC (Junior Reserve Officer Trining Corps) (as shown in Linkedin profile)

–  Valedictorian.  Prom king.


A young man’s dilemma: ‘What kind of father am I called to be
Group of 16 attends vocations workshop

[Wayback machine]

Western Catholic Reporter

Last Updated: Thursday – 09/23/2004

Week of September 27, 2004

WCR Staff Writer
Camp Oselia

Justin-Georges Coulombe has felt a call to the priesthood since age seven. Now, at age 20, he feels it’s time to respond.To help discern his calling, Coulombe attended a vocations workshop at Camp Oselia Sept. 17-18.

He went to the workshop feeling torn between being a father and being a priest. “I feel that I’m called to do both and I am not sure how I’m going to do both. I feel that I am meant to have children because I work very well with them and I feel that I am meant to work with children; so it’s a dilemma.”

Coulombe said the vocations workshop opened his eyes. “Being in contact with other brothers and religious people who (already) made the decision has helped me further discern the fact that the priesthood is the direction I want to go because (as a priest) I can help more than I can just being a father.”

The Alberta Vocation Directors’ Executive holds the retreat annually to provide an opportunity for those sensing a call to a religious vocation to explore that call more deeply.

This year, 16 participants from across the Edmonton Archdiocese, the St. Paul Diocese and the Ukrainian Eparchy gathered to pray, contemplate and listen to speakers share their experience of priesthood, religious life and secular consecrated life. Sister Geraldine Kelly of the Ursulines of Jesus led the retreat and gave participants some tools to help them out.

Prayer is the key
Kelly believes prayer is key to discerning a vocation and, accordingly, she shared with her audience a number of prayer practices designed to help them feel the strength of sharing their faith with others.”Prayer is number one,” she said, urging participants to develop a spiritual life so God can answer their questions.

And she said those discerning a call must seek the support of others who have already walked that road, good mentors who can guide them through their journey in an environment of prayer and contemplation.

Some anxiety about the future is normal while one is discerning a call but overwhelming fear isn’t, Kelly said. “If you have an overwhelming fear of making a decision, you better take a second look (at your vocation).”

The best way to arrive at a decision is to talk to Christ. “Tell Christ how you feel,” Kelly suggested. “Ask God for a second opinion.”

Father Paul Moret, the archdiocese’s director of vocations and one of the retreat organizers, said the idea behind the annual event is to help people recognize God’s call.

“God is calling people all the time but if we don’t do anything they may miss that call,” he said. “We want to give them the tools so they can keep fostering that call.”

Currently 18 men are studying for the priesthood for the Edmonton Archdiocese, including 10 at St. Joseph Seminary. There is even a 16-year-old candidate studying for Edmonton in Mission, B.C.

Coulombe, a member of Edmonton’s St. Joachim Parish, is a youth counsellor for the Columbian Squires and a fourth degree member of the Knights of Columbus. He is currently forming the first French Columbian Squire circle this side of Winnipeg.

He has being talking to religious orders and one day he might join the Spiritan Fathers. “I want to work with the Spiritans because they work with youth of all ages,” he said. “If I finish my bachelor’s and the Spiritans will take me.”

Emily Schietzsch, a Grade 12 student at St. Joseph’s High School and a member of St. Josaphat’s Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral parish, attended the workshop because she is discerning a call to religious life.

The 17-year-old has been wanting to join the Ukrainian Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate ever since she heard her mother talk about a lack of religious vocations five years ago.

“A lot of things in my life are pointing me in that direction,” Schietzsch said in an interview. “I feel that’s what God wants me to do. I want to serve where the need is greatest.”

She said the weekend workshop helped her realize she is not the only one facing difficult choices. “It showed me that even people who are already consecrated religious or lay people are going through the same struggles that I am,” she noted. “It’s not easy.”

But Schietzsch takes her struggles in stride. “I would miss having children of my own,” she said. “I love children but in some ways I already have children of my own because I work with many of them.”

In addition to being a member of the Ukrainian Catholic Youth group at the cathedral, Schietzsch is also a member of the eparchial Catholic youth executive.

Another dilemma she is facing is what career path to take on her way to being a sister. The choices are many because the Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate in Canada serve in any area that there is a need, be it social work, teaching or nursing.

At this point Schietzsch is looking at careers in social work, psychology or early childhood development. One priest at the retreat suggested Schietzsch complete her education before entering an order so she would have something to provide the order. “I think that’s a good idea,” Schietzsch said. “I want to join an order as soon as possible but if (finishing my education first) is a good idea, then I’m willing to wait.”

Michael Debusschere, a 16-year-old Grade 12 homeschooler from Clyde, is also willing to wait a little to fulfill his dream of becoming a priest. “I’m thinking of going to the John Paul II Bible School in Radway next year to prepare myself for the priesthood,” he said.

And he admits he needs preparation. He enjoys serving as an altar boy at St. Patrick Church but he is terrified when it comes to doing the readings. “I know I can’t talk in front of a big group but I’m willing to practise with my family.” He has six sisters and one brother.

Debusschere began thinking of the priesthood at age 10 after an older family friend told the young lad he could see him as a priest one day. That suggestion touched him deeply and changed the course of his life, leading him to becoming more active in his parish and community.

In addition to being a member of St. Patrick’s youth group, Debusschere is a member of groups such as Rock for Life, a pro-life group, and Youth for Truth, a group that prepares young evangelists. He has also attended Mannafest, a Catholic prayer festival, for the past two years.

“It’s like I’ve been preparing myself for the priesthood all along,” he said. “I know the call is really there.”

7 Responses to Coulombe: Justin Georges Stephen Coulombe

  1. Leona says:

    Great work, Sylvia! I managed to link to this page from “New”.

    This is information that I think would be helpful to those who may have been victimized by Coulombe.
    Uncovering that “Coulombe, a member of Edmonton’s St. Joachim Parish, is a youth counsellor for the Columbian Squires and a fourth degree member of the Knights of Columbus. He is currently forming the first French Columbian Squire circle this side of Winnipeg.”
    The fact that the Edmonton Diocese so quickly distanced themselves from him is definitely concerning. The right thing would do would be to post in all of the Western Canada bulletins informing of the role that Coulombe had in the church and that anyone who may have been harmed by this man speak to the police.

    Thanks again for your diligence that keeps kids safe and helps survivors heal.

    • Sylvia says:

      Agree Leona. I put the page together specifically because of concerns regarding his history.

      And agree too re diocese distancing itself so quickly. True they may not have known of his involvement 13 years ago, but why out out a statement which basically rules out any involvement ever over the years.
      And why do investigators seem to be so insistent that he didn’t seduce or whatever those young lads/complainants while posing as a priest? Perhaps he did, and perhaps he didn’t? Perhaps he has a fetish with dressing in priestly garb. Some do. Or perhaps he has discovered that that open doors for him? I don;t know. I just find it bizarre that the diocese was so quick to put hin at arm’s length from any diocese, and investigators equally quick to imply that his habit of posing in priestly garb had nothing to do with anything.

      I’m wondering if he actually did at some point spend time in a seminary somewhere? I’m wondering too how active he may have been as a Roman Catholic while he was in Langley, BC? for example, was he still involved with KOC there? Squires?

      It’s a strange story.

      o deermined that

  2. Sylvia says:

    He was telling neighbours he is a Monsignor!!! I think this fellow has quite a few ‘problems’

  3. Kazeraith says:

    I know Justin, or did when he was living in Langley. I am not super surprised by the allegations and that they are most likely true. Couple things I do know.

    RCMP investigated his old home in langley and found another laptop with more child porn on it.

    and His claims of being a priest. The archdiocese says he never studied with them or worked with them. He never claimed to be roman catholic here, his Church was the Vatican in Exile, based in the US and of course not recognized offically by any archdiocease around because it is a splinter group.

    Bright side he was never around my son thankfully.

  4. W says:

    I found this site through google, but I am interested.

    There’s rumors on Twitter going around that this person is “enderphile”, who claims to be a “non-contact (lol)” pedophile, and flaunted Medium articles about how he’s “non-contact”

    Although I know this site is about the Roman Catholic Church in Canada, there are a subcommunity of predators online and I was wondering how do I get in contact with creep-catchers who caught this man?

  5. Sylvia says:

    The next court-date for Justin Georges Stephen Coulombe is:

    23 February 2018 : “to speak to,” Edmonton Alberta courthouse, 1A Sir Winston Churchill Square.

    Please keep those who may have suffered at this man’s hands in your prayers.

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