Non Clerical Catholic

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Prominent non-clerical Roman Catholics charged, sued or accused in Canada

AMERONGEN: Max Jospeh Amorongen

TEACHER in Edmonton, Alberta.

AUCOIN: Paul Aucoin

teacher at Shelburne School for Boys in Nova Scotia in the late 60s and early ’70s. After leaving the school attained a Masters in Social Work.   At some point in or before the ealry 80s began workin as a social worker  at the Ottawa Civic Hospital.  May 1998 ADMITTED sexually abusing three boys at the school. Committed suicide June 1998 after his admision of abuse the boys was made public.   See 24 January 1998:   ‘He was looking for forgiveness

BAGGIO: Mark Baggio

former teacher Windsor-Essex Catholiuc District School Board. CONVICTED in 2008.  Sanctioned by Ontario College of Teachers only after he failed to pay his annual fees. Four year prison term.  Click here for further info

BARQUE:  Nelson Barque

EX-SEMINARIAN/PROBATION OFFICER Cornwall, Ontario.  CONVICTED.  Nelson Barque funeral notice .   Click here for further info

BERALDIN:  Jessica Beraldin

30-year old teacher at Mother Theresa High School in Barrhaven Ontario charged 31 March 2016 with with sexual assault, sexual exploitation and making sexually explicit material available to a child.  Click here for further info

COULOMBE:  Justin Georges Stephen Coulombe

Layman who misrepresents as a priest, at least in pictures.  Has lived in Langley BC and Edmonton Alberta.  Fourth degree Knight of Columbus and former counsellor for Columbian Squires.  July 2017 charges of sexual assault, child luring and child pornography charges in the alleged exploitation of two teenage boys under the age of 16.  Click here for further info

FAGAN:  Steven Fagan

Layman.  Member of the Knights of Columbus and former  adult leader of the Our Lady of Fatima Squires in Ottawa, Ontario. October 2014 convicted of sex abuse of 14-year-old Squire during a visit to Kingston Ontario for the ordination of Father Paul Hamilton. Click here for further info

GAGNON:  Martial (Killer) Gagnon

former REFEREE with Junior Hockey League.  Friend of Fathers Paul Lapierre and Edouard Berube, the former a convicted molester, the latter accused.  1969 GUILTY plea.  Put on probation on condition he stay away from Cornwall]

GRAGEDA:  Brother Darvin Regaspi Dominic Grageda

Brother with a Filipino religious order, the Servants of the Risen Christ (src).  Several memebrs of the order operate the Immaculate Heart of Mary Shrine and Centre, a retreat centre in Cache Creek, British Columbia (Diocese of Kamloops).  Sex related charges laid April 2016.  May 2017 charges stayed and a peace bond was entered into.   The peace bond was to remain in effect for 12 months.  Click here for further info


TEACHER Cornwall, Ontario.  Sex abuse allegations by Marc Latour.  Charges not laid.  Click here for further info.

HICKERSON:  Richard Francis Hickerson

Riahard Hickerson was ex Marianist priest turned Canada Manpower employee.  Violin virtuoso.  Served as a priest/teacher  in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan and St. Boniface, Manitoba.  Richard Hickerson worked as an employee of Canada Manpower in Cornwall Ontario.  Committed suicide 1998 before standing trial on allegations of sex abuse.  Richard Hickerson obituary   Pages from 1961-63  Academie Provencher yearbooks showing Father Richard Hickerson as staff (Saint Boniface, Manitoba)   Click here for further information on Father Richard Hickerson

LABATT:  Nathan Labatt

24-year-old volunteer youth minister with Archdiocese of Regina, Saskatchewan Youth Ministry. Also volunteered with the Ukrainian Catholic Church and assisted at camps. Former Boy Scout leader.  Charged January 2015 with child exploitation, invitation to sexual touching and possession of child porn.  Click here for further info

LALONDE: Marcel Lalonde

TEACHER in Cornwall, Ontario.  CONVICTED twice for sexual abuse of young boys.  New charges laid February 2014.   Click here for  further info

LEDUC: Jacques Leduc

Married Cornwall lawyer and canon lawyer.   “Walked” when judge ruled his Charter rights to a speedy trial had been violated.  Click here for further information

LEROUX:  Paul Leroux

Ex seminarian.  Former supervisor at residential schools in Norther Saskatchewan and Inuvik. CONVICTED 1998 for sex abuse of boys at Grollier Hall.   September 2011 further charges laid in relation to allegations of sex abuse at residential school in Northern Saskatchewan.  Click her for further info

LUCY:  Brian Lucy

Organist.  Since 1969 has played organ at St. John’s Roman Catholic Church in Gananoque, Ontario (Kingston Archdiocese).  Charged 28 August 2013 – one count of indecent assault on a male and one count of gross indecency.  The allegations date between 01 January 1977 and 03 January 1983.  Click here for further info

MacDONALD:  Alexander John MacDonald

Roman Catholic teacher in Sheshashit, Labrador.  Charged at Sheshatshit Labrador May 1989 with five counts sexual assault and two counts buggery dating between 1986 and 1989.

MacDONALD:  Malcolm MacDonald

LAWYER in Cornwal Ontario.  Former Crown attorney and Knight of St. John of Jerusalem.  Died before standing trial.  Click here for further info


MacDONALD:  Milton MacDonald

father of former Cornwall Crown attorney Murray MacDonald.  CONVICTED.  Click here for further info

MASON:  Jennifer Marie Mason

female teacher in Calgary, Alberta Roman Catholic School.  GUILTY plea July 2014 to sexual exploitation of teenage male student.  Mason began to cultivate a relationship with the boy and his family when the boy was 14.  The sexual relationship began when the boy was 15.   Sentenced to two years in federal prison and register as a sex offender for 20 years.  Click here for further info

PEACHY: Dr. Arthur

PHYSICIAN in Cornwall, Ontario.  Former coroner, team doctor for the Cornwall Royals hockey team, and acting physician for the Cornwall Police.  Died before standing trial on one count of indecent assault and three counts of gross indecency.

RUSSELL:  Frank Russell

Roman Catholic teacher.  Taught at St. Paul’s elementary school in Lakefield, Ontario (Diocese of Peterborough, Ontario).  CONVICTED.  Click here for further info

SABOURIN:  Robert Sabourin

TEACHER Cornwall, Ontario.  CONVICTED 1999 and 2009 for sexual abuse of young boys.  Click here for further info


EX-SEMINARIAN/PROBATION OFFICER in Cornwall, Ontario.  Multipe men allege child sex abuse by Seguin.  Committed suicide.  Click here for further info.

STANFORD:  Raymond Gareth Stanford

Roman Catholic teacher.  Also known as Gary.   May 1989 charged at St. John’s Newfoundland with one count sexual assault, one  indecent assault, one count assault – offences between 1979 and 1986. Click here for further info


31 Responses to Non Clerical Catholic

  1. A.Lozynskyyyy says:


  2. st.john bosco says:

    Update on convicted sex offender Raymond Garrett Stanford,ex school teacher in st.john’s Newfoundland,charged with sexual assault,assault and indecent assault against young boy from community where teacher taught.He is now employed by government of newfoundland and labrador,works at local newfoundland and labrador sports center.At this center,young boys and girls play sports all year long.He must be is his glee.This pedophile also goes by the name Gary.Please people,don’t let your kids go there alone,this man is “physco”. He uses abuse to get what he wants from young boys.

    • 1 abandoned sheep says:

      Please go to the Press about this, as well as the RCMP. Thanks for making this public, but something more has to be done before he ruins more lives. I will pray you find a way to stop him in his plans. GOD Bless !

  3. Sylvia says:

    Thanks for that information st. john bosco. I have moved Stanford’s name over to the Of Interest/Non Clerical page where it belongs. I have also opened a page for him. I don’t unfortunately have much information. Can you perhaps help?

    Was he convicted? Which school or schools was he teaching at? Any information you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

    IF he was convicted then the fact that he is now employed by the provincial government and permitted to work at a sports centre amongst young boys and girls boggles the mind.

    • st.john bosco says:

      Yes he was convicted,he was sentenced to 4 and a half years.He was a teacher at St.john bosco school in a community in St.john’s.NL.(Shea Height’s). He is now working at the newfoundland and labrador sports center on Crosbie road in st.john’s.

  4. tony w says:

    To st.john bosco- Is he the same Gary Stanford that taught at st.pat’s school in st.john’s,i remember him. I spent time at mount cashel,an orphanage for young boy’s , and he used to bring basketball teams in to play against us.When we were done playing,the christian brothers used to let us go swimming in the pool.I think Gary was good friends with alot of christian brothers.Thanks for the update st.john bosco!! I cant believe that the government of newfoundland employes him at the newfoundland and labrador sports center. This totally outrages me, Im blown away.

  5. Stevie says:

    st. johns Bosco….thanks for this info
    hi all, i think the abuse went beyond strictly clergy and appears to be involved in RC spin-offs such as teachers, etc..

  6. Joan says:

    To St. John Bosco and Sylvia,

    Was this convicted RC School Teacher fired from teaching and what has he been doing since then. To hear of the present employment circumstances suprises me!

    To St. John Bosco any further updates are appreciated, whereabouts, etc..

  7. Sylvia says:

    I am trying to get some more information on Stanford. I have no idea if his teaching licence has been revoked or not. It should have been, but, …maybe it wasn’t? I will try to find out.

    Yes, Stevie, Catholic teachers figure in this dirty mess too. I can’t list them off the top of my head, and don’t have time right now to look them all up, but there are a number of disturbing sex abuse scandals involving Catholic teachers. For example, in the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall there was Robert Sabourin. He was a great friend of Bishop Proulx and of number of diocesan clergy, and was sort of the unofficial diocesan photographer. He was convicted.

    And in the Diocese of Peterborough there was Frank Russell , who at one time was in charge of Religious Education in the diocese: he was convicted, as was his brother Father William Russell.

    And of course in the Diocese of London Ontario there’s Mark Baggio who was convicted years ago and has just now had his licence revoked.

    There are many more.

    And then I’ve been noticing that there seem to be a number of predatory clergy who were teachers first before they felt ‘called’ to the priesthood, and then eventually wound up convicted.

    My plan way back was to eventually add the names of all convicted Catholic teachers. I will eventually get around to that.

    • Paddy says:

      Ken Deluca of Sault Ste. Marie separate school board was loose in the 80’s and found guilty of sexual crimes against girls over many years. He was ‘counselled’ by his brother, Wayne Deluca a separate school board trustee and parish priest and moved from elementary school to girl’s catholichigh school, where he could be ‘watched over’ by his wife and fellow teacher. Said parish priest was subsequently appointed to the diocese office and given the rank of Monseigneur.

  8. Mark says:

    To st. john Bosco,

    If you have any further details it would be appreciated given stanford is still employed at a place where children attend. Were the convictions for assault, sexual assault and indecency, while he was a teacher? God bless

  9. Frank says:

    To All, Is this nuts or just crazy, having this convicted sex offender working in the building with young people. What are the people in newfoundland thinking…wake up!

  10. susan says:

    WE Need more information….anyone?

  11. Terry says:

    To st. john Bosco & Sylvia,

    As a Convicted sex offender does this ex-teacher need a Police Conduct to work at this center? As children are present!

  12. Gail says:

    To St. John Bosco: after being convicted and serving time for sex abuse how did this ex RC school teacher get hired for this job??

  13. Fred says:

    Hi—were there any news paper references to this case? If so, this may help Susan, Sylvia and Tony W.

  14. Sylvia says:

    Let’s move the comments on Stanford over to the Raymond Garth Stanford page so that all of the information is collected in one place. There are comments starting here

  15. Shelley says:

    TO St John Bosco= Everyone, especially parents, are thankfull that this matter was brought public. Thanks

  16. Marion says:

    Wondering if this pedophile was “checked”?
    It is August 30, 2014. Any more on him? Has anyone checked with the courts?

  17. Nadine says:

    Looking for an elementary school girls basket ball coach called Mr Bump, from 1972.
    He coached at a catholic school in Burnaby.
    Any info on his first name appreciated.

  18. Maureen Raffa says:

    I have just returned from Kelowna and found out about Ken Farrell et al. It is always such a surprise to me when I find out about these monsters. Looking back on my life there has always been these people in our midst. First was F.McKay in St.James in Calgary, R.White in my high school and now all the diferent “priests” in the Nelson Diosese. What makes me angry is I was always fooled by them. What a poor judge of character I have. A friend once said to me that I was most fortunate in the family that was and is mine. If something had happened to me I would have told my parents and would have believed.
    I have not seen the name of F.McKay anywhere and he was pure evil. The coverup by the Diosese still amazes me to this day.

  19. Newfoundgurl says:

    It’s hard to live with a secret, especially when it is not my own, but that of a loved one.

    Only 3 months ago my husband had humbly shared with me the incident from his
    elementary school years. The time when he went to have music lessons with his
    female music teacher at her home. That was the day he lost his virginity.
    Just a small town on the east coast, who would ever find out ?

    Three more sessions of tutoring on “how to play a recorder”
    never happened, instead he was taught about a 25 year old woman’s body and
    the pleasure of intercourse, ejaculation and oral sex; at just 8 years old.
    Other boys had tutoring with this teacher.
    It makes me wonder how this has affected them, and if they too carry this burden.

    This teacher carried on her career and retired from a school in St. John’s a few years ago.
    For well over 30+ years, she has been well known and recognized in several rural communities;
    Mme is known specifically for her contribution to teaching, singing, choral and the arts.

    Today, my spouse suffers from social anxiety, depression, and past addictions, thankfully medication helps. This has affected his perception of woman, of sexual desire, and embracing the true intimacy of lovemaking. He carries the guilt and shame; for agreeing to revisit this teacher, given the pleasure he so innocently discovered as a boy, with a trusted music teacher, who preyed on his shyness and fed her sick sexual desires over him and other helpless children.

    I pray forgiveness over her. I pray the healing blood of Jesus of each child she molested.
    I pray for my husband and the marriage we have just started 9 months ago.

    I too was molested at age 9 and in my teens, by family members.
    Thank God, I have moved past that time and healed.

    It is not my place to announce this to the authorities. Hearsay.
    One day, I pray my husband will break the silence and share this with
    his psychiatrist and the RCMP.

    • Geenda says:

      She is a disgusting pig and a sick pedophile to do that to a young child of 8 years old. She should be charged and jailed for what she did it isn’t too late. How many children were abused? He surely wasn’t the only one…I feel for him he like many of us, has endured a life sentence but she gets away with it…

  20. James Victor says:

    Former Catholic School Teacher Gerald Rene Levert is currently before the courts in Quebec and Ontario for multiple accounts of sexual assault and one charge of gross indecency.

  21. Tom B says:


  22. John says:

    Tony Wakeham, who commented on Gary Stanford’s arrest in the Telegram, is now seeking the PC leadership in NL.. Gary Stanford must be a big supporter!!!!

  23. James Victor says:

    In follow up to my previous comment on Gerald Rene Levert. His court case in Quebec resulted in acquittal though the judge said ” it is likely that this abuse occurred” – Reasonable doubt wins again.

    During the trial it was learned that Levert bounced around Ontario and Quebec with many stops lasting just a few months. He was also forced to admit to his previous convictions for similar crimes. Through this process I have learned that justice is hard to come by in Canada.

    I have also learned a new term that is used in education circles to signify criminal behaviour from students and teachers – “Fresh Start” It is where past behaviour is swept under the carpet at their new school. I learned this from a currently employed Toronto Catholic teacher. This is the biggest crime in our education system in my opinion. Schools and Boards burying their garbage praying crimes will not be repeated.

  24. Wil says:

    Does anyone know about someone by the name Mike Mooney, or Michael John Mooney, who might have been a support worker or priest in the Windsor area in the late 1970s to the late 80s? Particularly within the Roman Catholic network. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    • Catherine Heart says:

      I’m not 100 percent sure about a Michael Mooney, but the Mooney family is very well known in the RC Diocese of London. There were five brothers and one sister in the Mooney family – born circa 1930’s – descendants of Frederick and Helen (Moran) Mooney. Four brothers all became Catholic priests, Paul, John, Thomas and Donald. They were all London Diocesan priests with the exception of Donald who was a C.S.B. (Basilian Order – same congregation as Bishop Fabbro). The fifth brother, Joseph, married Bernadette and they had seven children – Mary Helen Mooney (she was a doctor – died in 2016); Jim; Patricia; Gerald; Bernard; Maureen and Kevin.
      Unfortunately – no reference in this family to a Michael Mooney. He may have been a cousin – or nephew???

  25. Wil says:

    Thank you for your reply. His full name is Michael John Mooney and I believe he is about 75 right now. Thank you for the information.

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