Michael Fitzgerald letter to Prime Minister Harper

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Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper,                                                                      February 19/2013-02-19

Prime Minister of Canada,

80 Wellington Street,

Ottawa Ont.



Michael Fitzgerald,




Dear Sir;

I hope my letter finds you well! I am writing you today seeking your help regarding the on-going criminal sexual abuse cases, and the apparent “soft-touch” approach our judiciary seems to employ in the prosecution of same.

I am aware that our Attorney-General is preparing to introduce a new “Victim’s Bill of Rights”, and for that I thank you and your government.

I am a victim of sexual abuse by a Roman Catholic priest in the years 1973 thru 1974. My case is pending in Pembroke’s Superior Court of Justice.

Mr Prime Minister, I am concerned that these Criminal Sexual Assault charges (which are essentially crimes against the person) appear to be treated very lightly, with very lenient and forgiving sentences! Canada’s judiciary appears to mete out far more serious sentences to citizens who are caught cultivating marijuana plants in their basements!

Sexual assault by a member of ANY clergy is a serious breach of trust, resulting in years of mental torture for their victims. As you would be aware, some victims have resorted to suicide as the final solution to their torment.

I beg of you sir to lend your office’s considerable influence to this matter. The new “Victim’s Bill of Rights” can be a very refreshing document in a more effective method of dealing with these matters by our judiciary.

Forty years of my life were destroyed by this priest, along with many relationships and friendships. I will continue for the rest of my natural days, needing professionsal counselling to cope.

I would like to see more appropriate sentences meted out to these criminals, not just the soft slap-on-the-wrist they are receiving at present. I do not believe that they should receive special consideration just because of their title, rather the sentence should be severe BECAUSE of their title. These people should know better!

I only wish the best for you sir, and I would hope that you can consider what I have communicated to you today.


Michael Fitzgerald

2 Responses to Michael Fitzgerald letter to Prime Minister Harper

  1. Maria says:

    It is sad to hear that religious clergy men as priests have ruined the lives of children my heart to those victims.i am a practicing Christian catholic women that prays for victims like you to come back to church and find healing. I have met a beautiful young name Jen who was raped by a priest she was only a small child when this happened thankfully her have a strong faith in god.she still goes to church and believes in him. She got her settlement from the church.shes still catholic and her faith is still in god. Not all priests do this evil thing . May god heal you spiritually and the memory that has scare you for life.may you find god in your own .

  2. Brunelle Brenda says:

    Mike, thank you so much for taking the time to prepare this letter to the Prime Minister.

    Your message is strong and sincere. I hope that many will follow your lead and write to our Government asking no demanding for harsher penalties for these pedophile priests and stronger justice for the victims.

    Very well written, Mike.
    Thank you

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