From Claude McIntosh

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Excerpt from “COFFEE BREAK: Trading a cruise for a Bill Clinton speech”

 Cornwall Standard Freeholder

11 December 2010


* * *

Two positive additions to our community were the arrival of Bishop Paul-Andre Durocher (2002) and Police Chief Dan Parkinson (2004).

Both came at a time when a black ominous cloud was hanging over the diocese and police service.

The two institutions were crippled by innuendos and rumours.

They shepherded their institutions through the rough waters, and both bodies have improved immensely under their guidance.

In short, they were the right people for the time … and remain so.

No bishop or police chief has been more committed to making Cornwall a better place to live.

5 Responses to From Claude McIntosh

  1. Sylvia says:

    “innuendos and rumours”?

    What can I say?

  2. Michel B. says:

    I actually soloed “O holy night” in front of Durocher one Christsmas eve in a small church in Markstay, Ontario where he said midnight mass. One of those items on my bucket list aand one of the last times I actually went to church.. but midnight mass has always been a special melancholic time for me and my faith. I just love music.

    Innuendoes and rumours… more like diclosures, trials, convictions and sentences and a lot of disrespect in general for their offices their community and their most vulnurable children, an ominous cloud of their own making from what I understand.

  3. geraldine fitzpatrick says:

    Mrs. Fitzpatrick has had a complicated history. She was a child protection worker and was involved in many complex and difficult cases.l She was able to work efectively. Her work involved child apprehensions, appearances in court both family and criminal, she worked closely with the Police Services and the Crown Attorneys. She was involved in several high porfile cases. She received death threats. She was successful in being a significant investigator helping to convict several peodophiles.

    In February 2006 she was a key witness in the Cornwall Public Inquiry changed her life completely. She testified bout the systemic failures that did not protect vulnerable children. According to her testimony, Mrs. Fitzpatrcik was shunned by her colleagues for telling the truth. Her trust in people and institutions has been shattered.

    • Sylvia says:

      I remember Geraldine. I do indeed remember.

      I was just checking for the article I posted several days after you testified only to find that, unfortunately, it is one of many which remeains to be reposted on the website. Yes, very complex. I am going to dig it out and get back out into the public domain. It needs to be documented – all part of trying to connect the dots.

      My thoughts and prayers are with you .

  4. geraldine fitzpatrick says:

    At 6:am this morning over 600 members of the community came to support the Children’s Treatment Center. They were our School Boards, our Clergy, our Senior Police Officers, Our Therapists, our Doctors,,,,,and our local business,,,…They came together to express their gratitude and their ongoing commitment in giving their support to the Children’s Treatment Center……I can tell you that after seeing who attended this gathering and knowing whom the team is at the Children’s Treatment Center, the people in our community can sleep at night knowing that our children are in good hands….

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