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Maloney Henry Maloney picture Bancroft Times

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Father Henri-Joseph Maloney

Father Henry Maloney

Father Hank

Priest, Siocese of Pembroke, Ontario.  Ordained 22 May 1941 (several directories give date of ordination as 22 May 1947.  The 1985-86 directory gives date of ordination as 1941.  1941 is the correct year. )

April 2015:  Lawsuit launched by Michael (Mike) Fitzgerald about four years earlier settled out of court for an undisclosed amount.  Mike was first groomed by Father Henry Maloney, and then molested relentlessly from around March 1973 to 1974.


Maloney Mike Fitzgerald aged 16

Mike Fitzgerald, age 16. around the time he first met Maloney and the grooming began

Mike first met Father Maloney when David Kelly, a new young Protestant teacher at the senior elementary school in Bancroft invited him , Mike, an accomplished musician, to play the organ for the choir he, Kelly,  was starting at Our Lady of Mercy in Bancroft (at the request of Father Maloney).  Mike agreed. Arrangements were made to allow the boy to travel to the church for practices and Masses.

In a matter of months Mike’s father apparently had discussions with Father Maloney, and both felt that the boy should become a priest.  Unfortunately, to that end, the boy was sent off to Bancroft to live in the rectory with Father Henry Maloney.  The abuse came to an end when Mike ran away from home in 1974.  (David Kelly later converted and, in 1984 was ordained as a priest for the Diocese of Pembroke. )


Bishops of the Diocese of Pembroke Ontario during Father Henry Maloney’s years:  Patrick Thomas Ryan (05 August 1916 – 15 April 1937); Charles Leo Nelligan (16 August 1937 – 19 May 1945); William Joseph Smith (19 May 1945 – 8 February 1971); Joseph Raymond Windle (8 February 1971 – 05 May 1993); Brendan Michael O’Brien (05 May 1993 – 04 December 2000); Richard William Smith (27 April 2002 – 22 March 2007); Michael Mulhall (30 June 2007 – )


July 2016:  A brave wife speaks out: Former OPP officer endured childhood sexual abuse at hands of Father Henry Maloney

12 April 2016:  Mike Fitzgerald letter to Bishop Michael Mulhall (with Bishop Mulhall statement of 02 October 2015 attached)


Catholic Priest Falls From Grace:  Pembroke Diocese vs Local Abuse Victim

This is the Barry Hendry article which broke the story and ran in the  30 September 2015 and 08 October editions of the Bancroft Times.  It has been scanned and is posted here in five parts.

Part One (30 September 2015):

(1) 30 September 2015:    Catholic Priest Falls From Grace – first page

(2) 30 September 2015:   Catholic Priest Falls From Grace – second page

(3) 30 September 2015:   Catholic Priest Falls From Grace – final page

Part Two (08 October 2015):

(1) 08 September 2015:  Catholic Priest Fall From Grace:  Part 2 – first page

(2)  08 September 2015:  Mahoney Bancroft Catholic Priest Falls From Grace:  Part 2 second page


08 May 2016:  Devout Catholic catalogues clergy’s crimes, offers victims comfort


Documents of Interest

Statements of Claim

September 2014:  Statement of Claim identifying Father Henry Maloney as a molester (redacted)  (Elsewhere I identify the victim who filed this suit as “Joe.”  According to Joe he was molested by Father Maloney over a period of about two years in the late 1940s.  Joe recalls that he would have been between the ages of nine and 11 at the time.)

04 July 2012:       Mike Fitzgerald Statement of Claim re abuse by Father Henry Maloney  (Mike was groomed then molested by Father Maloney between 1972 and 1974.  Mike was between the ages of 16 and 18.)

Diocesan Response

02 October 2015:  Statement of Bishop Michael Mulhall re “allegations of sex abuse by Father Henry Maloney”


07 October 2015: BLOG  Connections…

02 October 2015:  BLOG  Another Pembroke priest added to ‘the list’


The following information is drawn from Canadian Catholic Church Directories (CCCD) which I happen to have on hand, the 1980 Ontario Catholic Directory (OCD8)) media (M) ,

07 July 1987:  DIED

October 1986:  retired (scroll down for article)

1985-1986:   – Pastor, Our Lady of Mercy Roman Catholic Church, Bancroft, Ontario, with mission at St. Anthony in Haliburton (CCCD) listed in the directory as “Henry Maloney” vs “Henri Joseph in other directories referenced below.

October 1984:  Along with Cardinal Emmett Carter and other clergy concelebrated funeral Mass for his brother, Arthur Malony, a defence lawyer and former Conservative MP for the Parkdale riding in Ontario (scroll down)

1980:  Pastor, Our Lady of Mercy Roman Catholic Church, Bancroft, Ontario, with mission at St. Anthony in Haliburton (OCD80)

1973-74, 1971-72: Pastor, Our Lady of Mercy Roman Catholic Church, Bancroft, Ontario, with mission at St. Anthony in Haliburton (CCCD)

July 1972:  officiated at wedding of his nephew at St. George Roman Catholic Church in Ottawa.  His nephew Mark Maloney was best man. (Ottawa Journal 13 July 1972 ) Mark Maloney is well known in Ottawa as the former city counsellor who resigned after he admitted he lied to police officers about the circumstances surrounding a drunk driving car accident.

For a spell during his years as city counsellor he was, believe it or not, assisted in the office by Father John Hunt, an Oblate priest who, now, amongst other things, was answering the phone for Maloney, had  previously assisted at St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church in Ottawa.

1972-1974:  groomed then sexually abused Mike Fitzgerald (one of 11 children).  Mike’s father hoped his son would be a priest so sent him to live with Father Maloney.  The abuse came to an end when Mike ran away from home in 1974. (P)

1968-69, 1967:  Pastor, Our Lady of Mercy Roman Catholic Church, Bancroft, Ontario, with mission at St. Anthony in Haliburton (CCCD)

“Advocati” with “Diocesan Court”

1959:  Pastor, Our Lady of Mercy Roman Catholic Church, Bancroft, Ontario, with mission at St. Anthony in Haliburton, with assistant Father R. A, Glofcheski  (CCCD)

1960:  Father Maloney’s brother, the Honourable James Maloney, was present for the blessing of the new four-room school  (Father Henry Maloney referenced re starting at Our Lady of Mercy his brother James Maloney)

08 September 1957:  appointed Pastor of Our Lady of Mercy Roman Catholic Church, Bancroft, Ontario.

June 1954:  Officiated at wedding of a niece.  (Ottawa Journal  21 Jun 1954)   Note:  …”the bride’s uncle, who was served at the altar by a cousin, Mr, Robert J. Bedard, of St. Augustine’s Seminary, Toronto.”  That is reference to the Bob Bedard most know as Father Bob Bedard, an Ottawa priest (October 2011 deceased) who founded The Companions of the Cross, a charismatic order of priest.  Father Bedard is also known as the priest who was in the classroom at St. Pius X in October 1975 when 18-year-old Robert Poulin, after raping and murdering a young girl, headed to the school and opened fire in Bedard’s classroom,  killing one student and injuring five others. (See “Dear Lord help us! ” and “Well-Known Ottawa Priest Fr. Bob Bedard Passes Away “)

As a child Bedard  holidayed at a cottage at Lake Clear, about 10 miles from Eganville.  (External link – scroll to page 12  –  shows link to Maloney clan)

17 March 1950:  Directed “The Bells of Shannon” a three-act play during St. Patrick’s Day Irish Concert in Eganville, Ontario (Ottawa Journal 18 March 1950)

1950:  Chaplain to Eganville Junior Holy Name Society (  Ottawa Journal 14 Feb 1950)

October 1943:  Officiated at funeral Mass of his Aunt ( Ottawa Journal 20 October 1943 )

September 1942:  serving in Combermere, Ontario (serving in Combermere, Ontario )

June 1942:  In Eganville, officiating at wedding of his sister Frances Mary to Dr. John F. French ( Ottawa Journal June 1942)

22 May 1941:  ORDAINED at St. Columbkille Cathedral, Pembroke

attended St. Peter’s Seminary

1937:  BA in Philosophy St. Michael’s College, Toronto ( Maloney history in North of 7 … and Proud of It! )

Picture:  (Henry Maloney Degree from U of T – Ottawa Journal 16 June 1937)

attended St. Patrick’s College, Ottawa

graduated from Eganville Catholic High School

Born in Eganville, Ontario.  Son of Dr. Martin James Maloney, a physician who was later elected as a Conservative Member of Parliament for the Ontario riding of Renfrew South, a position which held from 1925-1935.  Father Maloney’s brother Arthur Edward Martin Maloney, a lawyer, was also a Conservative MP; he was elected and served as the member for the Parkdale riding  from June 1957 to June 1962.  In 1975 he was sworn in as the first ombudsman in Ontario history.  According to online reports his September 1984 funeral was held in Toronto at St. Micheal’s Cathedral with Cardinal Emmett Carter officiating. Another brother, James A. Maloney, also a lawyer,  was elected and served in the Ontario provincial legislature as a Progressive Conservative member for Renfrew South from June 1957 until his death (heart attack) while in office in October 1961.


Pembroke diocese moves priests

The Ottawa Citizen (Valley edition)

26 September 1986

27 Responses to Maloney: Father Henry Maloney

  1. lyle says:

    I no longer live in Ontario, and haven’t seen Mike Fitzgerald in years. But I grew up with him, went to school with him, played hockey with him, went to his first wedding, and so on. I had no idea of the hell the church has put him through, but I applaud Mike’s courage in bringing this to light. Way to go Mike – I hope your bravery helps others find the strength to speak out. As for Father Mahoney – if there is a hell, he should be in it.

  2. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. In those years very few people actually knew what was going on. The ones that did know only spoke in hush-hush whispers, which was the norm in those days. I couldn’t say anything because of my fear, shame, and guilt. The church obviously would not say anything because of their culpability.
    I am very grateful to have had a strong support system in place these last seven years. My lawyer Rob Talach, who has been referred to as an “ambulance chaser” on this site, has continued to be a source of advice, encouragement, and support. He is the furthest thing from an “ambulance chaser” that I have ever seen, and I resent the insinuations in some blogs that have referred to him as such. I have had a battery of great counsellors, 2 super doctors, Sylvia McEachern of this site, numerous supporters on the site, as well as a number of other victims of other priests.
    Lyle, I must tell you of my shame and humiliation regarding my behaviour through those years. You guys must have wondered what was up with me, because I now recognize my behaviour as being bizarre at times, and very unsettling. I had no choice. My behaviour was the result of the twisted self-defence mechanisms I had invented to try to overcome the feelings of guilt, shame, and self-loathing.
    You cannot begin to guess how much your words mean to me, and to others on this site. It’s been a long time, huh?
    Take care, and thank you. Mike.

    • PJ says:

      Mike, Rob Talach is the best thing that has happened to us in our quest for justice against that church. He is not an ambulance chaser for sure…I contacted him not the other way around. Keep the faith (not in that church though) and I admire your actions. Merry Christmas.

  3. Lynn J. Davis says:

    Way to go, Mike. Through the many years of growing up, going to high school together and all of the memories that entailed, flying airplanes, riding snowmobiles, hunting and waterskiing, etc, etc; I can think of no closer friend than you. Please know that no matter how much time has gone by, I still consider you and will always consider you a true friend. Know that my door for you and yours will always be open, 24/7.
    P.S. After all that you have suffered and endured, I was very pleased and smiled to myself when reading near the end of your story in the Bancroft Times it was revealed that you had taken your first solo as a pilot. This is monumental step in any pilot’s career, and is sync with you courageous step in telling YOUR story.

  4. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    I have thought a lot about your kind words over the last two days, and I believe I need to say some things to you in this public forum of Sylvia’s site.
    I have received a tremendous amount of support and encouragement from a lot of people these last two weeks. Consistent in this support has been the use of words like “courageous”, “brave”, “hero”, etc. I appreciate the support, but I have to acknowledge that I’m really not the courageous one. The really courageous ones have been people like you! I, and many others on this site who have been victimized by these monsters would not be able to continue if not for real people like you.
    Lynn, I lied to you and deceived you years ago, yet here you are 20 years later offering your unconditional support and friendship. I am humbled. You are so much a better man than I can ever hope to be. I will use you as an example.
    Even more humbling is my knowledge that my behaviour through those years must have been very unsettling (at best) for you, and others around me. It was the only way I could cope with the overwhelming guilt, shame, and self-loathing.
    We had a long history that was full of fun (and pranks sometimes) that I miss terribly.
    In my heart you have always been “THE” friend, although my behaviour didn’t show it. It’s my hope that it’s not too late.
    Thank you old friend – I’ll be in touch. Mike.

  5. Brent says:

    Just caught up with this report Mike and I’m so sorry. You may remember me from our high school band days. In any event, I certainly remember you, for your talent, enthusiasm and contributions to high school life during the period that I was present there with you. I admire your courage in speaking up. Doubtless you are an inspiration to many, particularly to those who may currently be suffering in silence. Wishing you future success and happiness. B.D.

  6. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    I most certainly remember you and your family! If there is one thing that I have held dear to me these last 40 years it would be my memories of you guys and the wonderful times we had at high school. It was a magic time, that got interrupted abruptly by this terrible 2 year period.
    As I said previously I am so sorry that my behaviour through that period was so unsettling and upsetting for you guys. I didn’t have much choice, in hindsight.
    Brent, I miss those wonderful times terribly. I’ve often wondered what could have been, if not for this!
    I hope you, Brad, and all the rest of our old ‘gang’ are well and excelling.
    Your support and encouragement means the world to me, and I thank you! If you are so inclined, you can get my contact information from the sponsor of this site (Sylvia McEachern) and give me a call.
    Are you still playing the saxophone as well as you used to. I hope so.
    Take care Brent, and again thank you!!! Mike.

  7. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    Unfortunately, the family of another Maloney victim has come forward and contacted me with their story. The sad part of this (heart-breaking) is that the victim is deceased.
    I have visited with this family now, and I must say that their story is gut-wrenching. I understand the damage a sexual predator within the catholic clergy can cause all too well (or so I thought), but this case went on for YEARS! The damage has been profound to say the least.
    The family is willing to share their story, and to be publicly identified in the hopes that the other victims out there (there are others!) will come forward and lessen their own personal burdens.
    More to come……………………… You will not be “prayerfully forgotten”! Rest easy, Pembroke! Mike.

  8. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    Right back atcha!! I hope you guys have a great holiday. Couldn’t agree more regarding Talach.
    You keep strong, and keep their feet to the fire! They (the church) has no intention of cleaning up their sorry act, so it falls to we victims of their sicko priests to force them to clean up their act.
    I admire your courage and fortitude. All the best. Mike.

  9. Fr Henry's extended family says:

    A family member was conducting research for our family tree and came across this site. We were shocked and horrified that Fr. Henry abused you, Mike, and for what it’s worth offer our sincerest and deepest apology. Nothing will ever erase what happened to you but we hope to aid in your healing process by letting you know we believe and support you. You are not in this alone. 
    Signed, Fr. Henry Maloney’s extended family. 

    • PJ says:

      This must be the first time an abuser’s family has indicated support for the victims…I thank you so much for your words and although he wasn’t my abuser, your post gives me comfort in knowing your family feels this way. God bless you.

  10. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    Fr. Henry’s Extended Family;
    You cannot begin to know how much your kind words of encouragement mean to me. I have waited 43 years for the chance to address your family, and I thank you.
    Before I go any further, it is my sincere hope that you and your family are well. The Maloney family (and extended) have done a tremendous amount of good for countless numbers of people and their families over the years, and judging by your courage and character in coming forth like this, it will continue.
    I have NOT judged your family just on the actions of one member, and it is also my hope that you can feel some comfort in this knowledge yourself. It was NOT your fault!! My father (Patrick) went to St. Michael’s College with one of your family, and he always had high praise and admiration for your family member! Henry’s actions were not a reflection of your entire family – please do not forget this.
    I continue to have some very dark days and will likely be like this for the rest of my natural life. Having said this I find great satisfaction and comfort in continuing to chase down the “church” in the hopes that “it” will clean up it’s act and become the great institution that it was meant to be.
    Yes, there are unfortunately others. There is a case pending from the Golden Lake area against Fr. Henry. There is also an old friend of mine (Constable Pat Mahoney) who died a few years back at the age of 54. I have visited with Pat’s widow Geraldine and their kids. Pat lived a life of great torment because of his treatment at the hands of Fr. Henry.
    I admire your courage and charity in coming forth like this. My heart is singing tonight because of your words, and again I thank all of you. Mike

  11. Leona says:

    What an absolutely brilliant letter, Mike! Can you get this published as an open letter in the paper! Your voice is strong and forthright! Your courage is inspiring!

  12. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    Leona – thank you. I have tried with the local paper with no luck, but I’m not going to stop!
    There are SO many victims out there who are so silent, and so desperately in need of support and encouragement.
    We need HONEST answers and an open, ethical, and moral response from the church, not the piffle and “spin control” that we are hearing.
    I think of you often, Leona. Keep up the good fight! Mike.

    • 1 abandoned sheep says:

      Mike, have you tried the Eganville Leader ? The publisher is Gerald Tracey, and he would have known Henry Maloney many years ago. They are reluctant to say mush about anyone who came from Eganville, especially well connected families, such as the Maloneys

  13. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    1AS – thanks. The Eganville Leader and the Pembroke Observer have both been approached previously regarding this matter, and both have not commented, nor returned any calls.
    It is quite obvious that they are reluctant, for whatever reason. I will give it another try. Mike.

  14. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    Geraldine, Nancy, Kelly, Katherine – I commend you all for finding the courage and fortitude to step forward and get this weight off your shoulders.
    Your love and respect for your Dad, and husband, shines through loud and clear. Mike.

  15. Steven Knight says:

    My older brother was sexually abused by Father Maloney when we lived in Bancroft . My brother saved me from Father Maloney. My brothers life was changed for ever by that man. I am glad someone went after him. My parents would believe my brother.

  16. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    Steven – Please contact me – it’s been a long time old friend! Do you still play the flute? Sylvia, the moderator of this site will give you my contact information. Mike Fitzgerald.

  17. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    Steven – one further thing. I have fond memories of our days in the old High School band; you and your family did not deserve this!
    I suspect that you may not know how many families this monster ruined! His reign of terror in Bancroft lasted almost 30 years, and the carnage left in his wake is almost as long as Haley’s Comet.
    I will look forward to hearing from you. Mike (your trumpet buddy!)

  18. Steven Knight says:

    Great to hear from you Mike.. we had a great time in the band, that was the best part of high school. I still have my flute but do not play very often.
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon

  19. Michael McKenna says:

    I am a distant relative of “Father Hank”, I only discovered his sordid history this evening and my heart goes out to you and all of his other victims. I admire your courage and wish you nothing but the best in your life.

  20. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    Michael – thank you so much for your kind words. It means so much to me.
    I want you to know that I believe the actions of one person does not reflect on the reputation of a large and good family. Your family has done so much over the years for all of us, and is not diminished by the actions of Henry.
    I have found it in my heart to publicly and sincerely forgive him, and that is in itself empowering. Life is well again, and I hope for you as well! Mike.

  21. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    Michael – thank you so very much for your kind and supportive words – they mean so much to me.
    I believe that the evil acts of one person does not taint or tarnish the good reputation of a family, and such is your case.
    The Maloney family (and extended) have done so much for our society, and I am grateful for this!
    The damage is permanent, but how I chose to deal with this is empowering.I have chosen to publicly and sincerely forgive Henry, and herein lies the difference.
    Life is well now and I hope for you and your family as well. Mike.

  22. anonymous says:

    Dear Mike,
    I also recently found out the terrible treatment and trials you went through as a boy, at the hands of Henry Maloney. I came across your horrendous and tragic account in The Bancroft Times while I was searching for information about another matter.
    I am a convert to the Catholic faith. Henry (I can no longer call him father) gave me my instructions. This must have been going on while your were being used and assaulted. I am appalled. How did no one do anything to help you? Because someone must have noticed…..And to think that he was so looked up to, by so many. A scion from the great Maloney family! I also admired him, and continued to do so after my family moved away. I corresponded with him until he died. I still have close contacts in Bancroft, and am so sorry that they have kept this terrible sin from me, when it became public.
    I admire your courage in bringing this truth to light, and I feel for you in the pain and suffering you have had to go through. And I admire you for having forgiven Henry. I am not sure I could, in your place. I will keep you, and your loved ones, in my prayers.
    I am sorry I have to be “anonymous”. Having my name published would cause enormous problems for many people who do not deserve it. My contacts are in the extended family, clergy, sisters, politicians and my own family. I would gladly sign my name to this comment, for myself I am not afraid. My last name is on my email, but I believe the promise that it will not be published. But my first name is not common, and it would immediately identify me.
    But I did want you to know Mike how I feel for all you have suffered. Knowing that I honoured and praised that animal makes me feel dirty.
    Stay strong Mike!

  23. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    Anonymous – I am so grateful to you for having the courage to come forward in such a supportive and kind way. Thank you.
    I completely understand and support your anonymity. It will not be violated.
    Many people in Bancroft and surrounding area knew that something wasn’t right at Our Lady of Mercy. Maloney was always in the company of teenage boys, and amazingly did not try to hide it. In those days (and even now) to speak up publicly against the local catholic priest would not be well received, even if it was the truth. Indeed, even the bishop of the time (Windle) knew I was living there, although Maloney went to great pains to move my stuff out of his bedroom when the bishop came to visit.
    There were boys before me, and after me as well. I have spoken to a number of them.
    Please do not judge yourself as harshly as you appear to be doing – you really had no way of knowing. Maloney had a way of ingratiating himself in the community, he certainly had a “presence”! However, he had a dark, cold, cruel side to him that was reserved for special occasions.
    Forgiveness for Maloney came as the result of many years of thought and research on this very topic – if I couldn’t forgive him, I was no better than he. I had to rise above his filth. Now, I feel pity for his soul – he lived a desperately lonely and disordered life.
    I still have anger and resentment toward the church – they are trying to convince the public and their flock that they just found out about all these horrible things in the last couple of years and now “Look at us, see the wonderful things we are doing to to correct this”!!! All they are doing to this moment is damage control. They are treating the symptoms, but not the root cause.
    I really hope all is well with you and your family. If you ever have the inclination, please feel free to contact Sylvia, or my lawyer’s office for my contact info. You’ve made my day! Mike.

  24. Patricia Moynes says:

    Dear Mike,

    You won’t remember me, but growing up in Bancroft I had this amazing, fun, talented piano teacher that came to my house once a week. You were my piano playing hero. And then you just were gone. No one could explain to me why, but now I know.

    My heart goes out to you with all you have had to endure over the years and I’m so sorry this happened to you Mike. I sincerely hope you have found healing through support of friends and family through the years who stuck by you and believed you without question.

    Guess what you’re still my hero. All the best to you Mike!! Stay strong you have the courage of a lion.

    Patricia Moynes

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