Whyte: Father Robert Whyte csb

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Father Robert Whyte csb Picture from obituary (Rosar Morrison Funeral Home and Chapel)

Father Robert Whyte csb
Picture from obituary (Rosar Morrison Funeral Home and Chapel)

Father Robert Whyte csb

Robert J. Whyte

Robert Joseph Whyte

Basilian priest.  Ordained 1947.  Teaching at St. Michael’s College School, Toronto during his formation and prior to ordination in 1947.  Sent for “treatment” in 1977 then back teaching.  1990 GUILTY plea.  Died 22 July 2014

1990:  GUILTY plea.  Convicted on 18 charges related to sexual abuse of boys age 11 to 17 – abuses perpetrated between years  1962 and 1982 — involved boys between 11 and 17 who were altar boys, church members or Whyte’s students.   Sentenced to 4 years in prison.


Cardinal George Flahiff was elected Superior of the Canadian Basilians in 1951.  From 1954 to 1960 Flahiff served as Superior General of the Basilian congregation worldwide. The current Bishop of London, Ontario, Ronald Peter Fabbro csb, was Superior of the Canadian Basilians from 1997-2002

Paul John O’Byrne was Archbishop of Calgary 20 June 1968 – 19 January 1998


22 July 2014Father Robert Whyte, C.S.B Obituary


Friday, July 25, 2014
9:30a.m. – 10:00a.m.
Cardinal Flahiff Basilian Centre
95 St. Joseph Street
Toronto, Ontario M5S 2R9
Driving Directions

Mass of Christian Burial

Friday, July 25, 2014
Cardinal Flahiff Basilian Centre
95 St. Joseph Street
Toronto, Ontario M5S 2R9


June 1934: A very young Father Robert Whyte csb serves as page to Cardinal Villeneuve in 1934 (pictures)

Father Robert Whyte csb was chosen as one of eight pages  to attend Cardinal Villeneuve during a 1934 visit to Toronto.    This page is from the 1950 edition of The Blue Banner 1950.    Scroll down to bottom right.  (Cardinal Villeneuve was Jean-Marie-Rodrigue Villeneuve, an Oblate priest who served as Archbishop of Quebec city from 1931 to 1947.  He was elevated to Cardinal in 1933. )


Basilian Chart – showing dates and known whereabouts of the following four known or alleged Basilian molesters: Fathers William Hodgson Marshall,Robert Whyte, Leo Campbell and Kenneth O’Keefe


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The following dates are drawn from the Canadian Catholic Church directorties (CCCD), St. Michael’s College School (SMCS)  yearbooks,  information found online, and comments blogged on this site

1944:  Teacher XI-4 at St. Michael’s College School (SMCS yearbook)

1945:  teaching Religious Knowledge at St. Michael’s College School (SMCS yearbook)

1946:  teaching Math at St. Michael’s College School (SMCS yearbook)

1947:  ORDAINED (several directories list date of ordination as 1948 but then correct and are consistent with 1947)

teaching religion at St. Michael’s College School in Toronto.  (SMCS yearbook)

1948: Teaching Religion at SMCS. Toronto (SMCS yearbook)

1949:  No SMCS yearbook available

1950:  teacher at SMCS (SMCS yearbook)

( MR. William Hodgson Marshall csb on staff)

1951:  “Guidance” at SMCS and responsible for publication of the Religious Bulletin.  Note in yearbook advises that Whyte “was forced by the bitter blow of pneumonia to head south”

(MR Hod Marshall csb on staff, teaching Mathematics and coaching football team )

1952:   Not in SMCS yearbook, but CCCD lists him as at SMCS.

1953-1956:  Holy Rosary Church, Toronto, Ontario (CCCD)

1957:  Assumption College, Windsor, Ontario (CCCD)

(Father Hod Marshall csb also at Assumption)

1958-1961:   St. Mary’s College, Sault Ste Marie, Ontario (CCCD)

1962:  St. Mary’s Boy’s School Calgary yearbook (blog – http://www.theinquiry.ca/wordpress/2010/06/28/think-again/comment-page-1/#comment-58487) (CCCD)

1963:  St. Mary’s Boy’s School Calgary yearbook (blog – http://www.theinquiry.ca/wordpress/2010/06/28/think-again/comment-page-1/#comment-58487)

St. Agnes Church, Carstairs, Alberta  (CCCD)

1964:  St. Agnes Church, Carstairs, Alberta (“Historical notes online: http://www.archive.org/stream/historicalnotesc18scoluoft/historicalnotesc18scoluoft_djvu.txt

St. Mary’s Boy’s School Calgary yearbook (blog – http://www.theinquiry.ca/wordpress/2010/06/28/think-again/comment-page-1/#comment-58487)

1966:  teaching at Bishop Grandin Secondary School in South-West Calagry (Historial Notes CSB (Volume 48)

1967 -1969:  St. Mary’s Boy’s School, Calgary Alberta (CCCD)

1971-1972:  listed as teacher, address 1818 First St.S.E. (address for Basilian Fathers of Calgary) (CCCD)

1972-1979: Teaching at St. Mary’s Boys’s School in Calgary, Alberta and pastor at St. Mary’s Church, Cochrane, Alberta (History of St. Mary’s Parish – online http://www.stmaryscochrane.ca/history.php

1977:  according to media (scroll down) received “treatment” in Toronto for five months

[According to media reports (scroll down) sometime between 1962 and 1982 served as parish priest at St. Pius X Church in Calgary.  According to the article Whyte was teaching at two schools during those years.]

1983: address 2424-24th Avenue N.W., Calgary, Alberta (address for St. Pius X Church, Calgary, Alberta) (CCCD)

1985-1986:  95 St. Joseph St., Toronto (address of St Basil Church, Toronto, Ontario – Pastor Father Gerald T Gregoire csb) (CCCD)

1990:  GUILTY plea.  Four year sentence

1991:  JAIL?  address St Basil Church,Toronto, Ontario (Pastor Father Gerald T Gregoire csb)  (CCCD)

1992:   JAIL?:  address St Basil Church,Toronto, Ontario  (Pastor Father Thomas B Mailloux csb) (CCCD)

1993: JAIL or Probation?  address St Basil Church,Toronto, Ontario  (Pastor Father Thomas B Mailloux csb) (CCCD)

1994:  JAIL or Probation?  address St Basil Church,Toronto, Ontario  (Pastor Father Thomas B Mailloux csb) (CCCD)

1995:  address 95 St. Joseph St.  (Cardinal Flahiff Basilian Centre, Toronto) (Superior General Robert J Barringer csb) (CCCD)

1996: address 95 St. Joseph St.  (Cardinal Flahiff Basilian Centre, Toronto) (Superior General Robert J Barringer csb) (CCCD)

1997: address 95 St. Joseph St.  (Cardinal Flahiff Basilian Centre, Toronto) (Superior General George Lapierre csb) (CCCD)

Assistant Director of the Basilian Fathers residence (25 June 1997  Basilian newsletter )

1998-2013:  address 95 St. Joseph St.  (Cardinal Flahiff Basilian Centre, Toronto) (CCCD)

22 July 2014:  Died


Canadian Press

January 18, 1990  19.18 EST

By Sylvia Strojek


The Roman Catholic Church cannot be blamed for an apparent lack of action years ago when it first became aware of a priest’s  indecent assault of several young boys, says the Superior General of the Basilian Fathers.

Rev. Jack Gallagher said the church was under the impression Rev. Robert Whyte’s pedophilia was under control after he received treatment for five months in Toronto in 1977.

Whyte, a 68-year-old member of the Basilians, was sentenced to four years in prison Thursday after pleading guilty in provincial court last week to 18 counts of indecent assault and one count of attempted indecent assault.

The incidents involved fondling the genitals of boys who were altar boys, church members or Whyte’s students between 1962 and 1982.

He was a parish priest at St. Pius Catholic Church at the time and a teacher at two high schools.

“I believe that it is unfair to blame authorities in the past because they did not act with the kind of awareness that we have today,” Gallagher told a news conference after the sentencing.

“Second, I can assure you that during my short time dealing with this case it has become apparent that Bishop Paul O’Byrne of Calgary has acted correctly and with a great sense of responsibility. Certainly there has been no suggestion of a coverup. ”

O’Byrne is the bishop of the Calgary diocese, which covers all of southern Alberta and has more than 160 priests serving almost 200,000 people. He has not been available for comment.


The Basilian Fathers will continue to support Whyte, Gallagher said. They will also help him resume therapy after he is released.

He may eventually be allowed to go back to a pastoral setting where he would not be in contact with young people, Gallagher added.

Whyte’s conviction, at a time when there is growing evidence of physical and sexual abuse by priests, has prompted the Basilian Fathers to create a committee to review the issue. Policies on how to deal with indecent assault within the church are expected by May.

In the meantime, the order has pledged to investigate any alleged incidents promptly and send suspected offenders away for therapy immediately.

Gallagher said he is not aware of any other priest under suspicion.

The Basilian Fathers have also offered to help Whyte’s victims and their families if they come forward. But Gallagher admitted  there are some rifts that will be difficult to heal.

“There is some damage to the trust one hopes people would have to the ministers of religion,” he said. “Obviously I feel terrible about it. One wants to bring anybody back that was alienated from the church.”

Whyte’s conviction also means the church will keep a closer eye on its priests as it in turn falls under the intense scrutiny of its congregation.

“It will happen in the future inevitably that many innocent and useful and profitable contacts will be viewed with suspicion.

“People simply will be viewed with some suspicion, and certain things will simply not be done because of that.”


Canadian Press

January 18, 1990  19.36 EST

By Sylvia Strojek


A Roman Catholic priest who admitted to indecently assaulting young boys over a 20-year period clutched his Bible Thursday as he was led away to start serving a four-year prison sentence.

Rev. Robert Whyte, 68, pleaded guilty in provincial court last week to 18 counts of indecent assault and one count of attempted indecent assault.

Eleven of the charges resulted from incidents in Calgary while Whyte was a parish priest at St. Pius Catholic Church and a teacher at two high schools. The other offences took place in and near Radium, B.C.

Judge T. B. McMeekin said Whyte used the goodwill of parishioners and students to help him prey on young boys.

“It would certainly appear that he was well regarded . . . and in certain quarters a much-beloved priest,” McMeekin said of Whyte, whose eyes were fixed intently upon the judge. “But it is clear that he used this goodwill to assist him in preying on the victims. ”

The incidents — which occurred between 1962 and 1982 — involved boys between 11 and 17 who were altar boys, church members or Whyte’s students.

Whyte is a member of the order of Basilian Fathers. Evidence in court indicated the church was aware of Whyte’s problem but did not seek help other than to send him for treatment in Toronto for a five-month period in 1977.

Whyte’s conviction comes at a time when an inquiry has been investigating claims of physical and sexual abuse at the Mount Cashel orphanage in Newfoundland. Evidence shows some members of the Christian Brothers running the home made deals with police to suppress charges against several members of the Roman Catholic lay order in the 1970s.


Court heard last week that Whyte would befriend a boy’s family and at some point ask him on an overnight excursion to British Columbia or to sleep over at the rectory. He usually made sure the two slept in the same bed. He would then fondle the boy’s genitals.

McMeekin said Whyte’s age, his remorse and willingness to continue treatment for his pedophilia worked in his favor. The judge also said the fact Whyte pleaded guilty, sparing his victims the agony of testifying, was a mitigating factor.

But he added he could not ignore the number of charges, the breach of trust committed and the fact Whyte kept putting himself in situations where “he could succumb to his temptations.

“The case must be catergorized as a serious sexual assault,” McMeekin said.

Defence lawyer Noel O’Brien said he was disappointed the sentence did not include provisions for treatment.

“This problem is a problem that’s becoming very aware to the public, and I think it’s time now that we address forms of treatment,” said O’Brien. “This sentence does not deal with aspects of treatment. I find that somewhat unfortunate.”

O’Brien had asked for a light sentence and probation.


Rev. Jack Gallagher, Superior General of the Basilian Fathers, said the order will continue to support Whyte.

“We will provide him with all the help he needs to continue his success in recent years in controlling his addiction,” Gallagher told a news conference. “Robert Whyte continues to be a valued member of our religious community.”

Gallagher said the order has created a committee to come up with policies on handling indecent assault within the church.

Bishop Paul O’Byrne of the Calgary diocese has not been available for comment.



Priest charged with indecent assault

The Edmonton Journal

15 June 1989

CALGARY (CP) — Calgary police have charged a Roman Catholic priest with four counts of indecent assault.

The charges against Father Robert Joseph Whyte of Toronto were laid Wednesday morning.

The incidents were alleged to have taken place from 1962 to to 1982, when the 67-year-old priest worked in Calgary. They involve boys and girls from 10 to 15- years-old and were alleged to have happened at a Calgary church and a church school.

Calgary police investigators worked with RCMP in Nelson, B.C., who have charged the same priest with seven counts of indecent assault. Those charges arise from incidents alleged to have occured seven years ago near the southern British Columbia town of Radium.

Whyte appeared briefly in Nelson provincial court Tuesday. He was released on several conditions and is to enter a plea June 29.

49 Responses to Whyte: Father Robert Whyte csb

  1. TH says:

    This man was also at Assumption High School in Windsor in the mid to late 1950s (1956 or 1957 to ???). I had no contact other than classroom contact with him, but he was possibly there for a short time while Hod Marshall was also at Assumption.

  2. Sylvia says:

    Thanks TH.

    IS there anyone out there who attended Assumption in the mid to late 50s who can confrim what years Whyte was there?

    Does anyone have access to a library with the Assumption year books?

  3. Sorry I Can't Say says:

    I have access to the Assumption year books for 51/52, 53/54, and 54/55. I have not looked but I was just now told that Fr. Whyte did not arrive until the very late 50’s or possibly even 1960. Don’t know for sure. I could find out. He was not at Assumption at the same time as Hod Marshall.

    I understand he was known to celebrate the “Feast of the Circumcision” with selected boys from his classes. A very holy feast day I am sure though I myself have never heard of it. It apparently required the boys to take their pants off to ensure they were “correct”. I’ve heard the story second-hand but I may be able to get it straight from the source if need be.

    Is Whyte still alive? Is he being investigated?

  4. Sylvia says:

    Sorry I Can’t Say,

    I know that Whyte was alive in January 1999.

    I don’t know if Whyte is under investigation. He was convicted in 1990. Those convictions relate to his time in Alberta as a parish priest and teacher in Catholic schools.

    I personally am hard pressed to believe Whyte started molesting when he arrived in Alberta.

    As for the Feast of the Circumcision, it disappeared in 1970 with the advent of the Novus Ordo Mass and was replaced by the Feast of Mary, the Mother of God. The Feast day for both is 01 January.

    I gather from what you say Whyte’s ruse was to see if the boys were circumcised?

    What a sick and novel approach to satiating his perverse desires

  5. TH says:

    Whyte taught me in either Grade 10 (1955-1956) or Grade 11 (1956-1957) at Assumption HS in Windsor.

  6. DR says:

    Thank you for posting this information. When I was an 11 year old alter server (1979) this man befriended me and asked me to stay over at the rectory one Saturday night. Only because my grandfather happened to call and talk to my mother was I made aware that, “sometimes a priest might ask you to do something you don’t want to do”. Thanks to that conversation I refused to sleep in his bed after he watched me have a shower. Though I was not molested I did not sleep at all that night and have carried this secret with me my whole life. Thank you for posting this information.

  7. Sylvia says:

    Thanks you for sharing that DR. How fortunate for you that your grandfather called. I am sure you have thought of that countless times.

    1979? Where was he when you knew him DR? Was he teaching at St. Mary’s Boys School in Calgary and/or pastor at St. Mary’s in Conchrane, Alberta?

  8. Claire Quinn says:

    I was a student at Holy Rosary School in Toronto from Grade 1 to Grade 8. This priest (Father Robert Whyte) arrived at our school in 1953. I was in grade 8. He was young and athletic and I guess charismatic. He began to organize baseball & basketball teams & tournaments against other Catholic schools in Toronto for girls & boys. He made sure he got to know the parents of a lot of the kids and everyone loved him. In grade 7 or 8 rumours began about his “sex talks” where he’d invite a girl or a boy to the sacristy, alone, to have a “talk” During these “talks” he had the victims remove their underwear so he could explain the “facts of life” What a sick man. He preyed on kids of single parents mostly. My father died when I was very young and my mom didn’t remarry and had to work so many of us kids of single parents (boys & girls)were perfect targets for him. During my entire 8th grade, he tried to get me to go to one of his “meetings” but I always found an excuse and spent the year afraid of him and trying to avoid him. He continued to “harrass” me all year and finally towards the end of the school year, sent a note to my teacher during class (Sister Mary Francis) saying he wanted to see me after class in the rectory (priests’ house). I was absolutely terrified and felt sick. My self preservation instincts kicked in and I asked my classmate Margaret (whose parents were very vocal & outgoing and very involved in Holy Rosary church matters)to come with me. So we both arrived at the rectory after school and when he opened the door, his chin dropped. I guess he thought I was a pushover – easy target. Little did he know. He brought us to his office, then left immediately. He returned 20 min. later and said he had to leave to give someone “the last rights” – a final blessing before death in the Catholic Church. As a result of all this harassment by him, I almost failed my 8th grade. I could not concentrate on anything and spent my energy avoiding this creep. Fortunately, I had enough self preservation to save myself from his sick intentions. But I was traumatized and felt betrayed by a man whom I, at first, thought of as a kind “father figure” I’d like to know if anyone reading this was at Holy Rosary school during that time and was victimized by him and if so, would they be interested in somehow seeking monetary compensation against the Basilian fathers. ….or from Rome! They owe us for letting this pervert continue to work among young, vulnerable kids. They knew all about his sick obsession but protected him!

  9. Sylvia says:

    If what you say is true, and I have no reason to disbelieve you, how fortunate you were Claire that he never laid a wayward hand on you. That was quick thinking on your part to bring along a friend. I’m sure it was scary year. but you made it through. Others may not have been so fortunate.

    I’m no lawyer, and I stand to be corrected, but since you were never actually physically or sexually abused I don’t think your fear of being abused and the sense of betrayal you experienced that year would be grounds for a lawsuit. Does anyone out there know?

  10. xxxxx xx xxxx says:

    Well it was about 60 years ago and I thought about it again yesterday at Mass. I thought I would google his name as I remember reading a newspaper article in the Toronto paper when he was arrested. I wondered if he might be still alive.I was surprised to see how much information had accumulated. I wonder just how much time he spent in jail. Likely with good behavior he was out in a year and a half. My purpose in writing is just to confirm some of the things mentioned by others herein.
    Yes it did happen long before he was sent to Alberta. It was about 1952 when I was an altar boy at Holy Rosary Church in Toronto. I was rather close to Father Whyte and he asked me to drop by one Saturday afternoon. I thought he might want me to consider becoming a priest although I was only 13 or 14 at the time.
    I had no idea that it was for a sex talk but later, after my experience ,I overheard other boys talking about it during a ball hockey game. I remember the talk very well and I recall him telling me that if I had an erection that was a sign that I was committing a sin. How was I to know differently when in those days we had no sexual information either at home or at school? During his “instruction” he had to show me something and asked me to approach the side of his desk where he removed my belt, trousers and lowered my underwear. [alleges Whyte then checked his testicles “as if to see if there was sperm inside” and pulled his foreskin “to show me what was removed at circumcision”] however I never heard of him having a Mass on January first where he checked the boys to see if they were circumcised. I find that rather hard to believe,and would like to hear from anyone who had that experience.
    Some many years later I was in Calgary and visited him at his school. As we crossed the foyer of the School, a young student crossed our path and gave Father Whyte a look that I have never forgotten. I knew what the boy was thinking.
    I did not know that he had sex talks with the girls. Does anyone know if he also took a look at their genetals?
    I must say that I was not harmed emotionally by the experience and I guess I was one of the lucky ones.

  11. Sylvia says:

    xxxxx xx xxxx

    Thank you for filling in a few more pieces of a puzzle.

    You say you were note emotionally harmed and that you guess you were one of the lucky ones. That is something to be thankful for for sure.

    What do you mean then when you say that when you were in Calgary visiting Father Whyte, and the young student crossed your path, and he gave Father Whyte a look that you have never forgotten, and you add: “I knew what the boy was thinking”?

    What was the look?

  12. Sylvia says:

    I have edited xxxxx xx xxxx’s blog. The edit changes nothing but does eliminate what I personally felt was a graphic and perhaps inadvertently sympathetic depiction of an act which, for a Roman Catholic priest, was, sick and perverted. It was possibly also criminal. I can think of no rationale for a priest to engage in such behaviour with a child.

    xxxxx xx xxxx, I fear that your account will upset victims. I am sure that is not your intent.

    Finally, since the act you describe could be grounds for criminal charges I believe it is not appropriate to provide such detail.

  13. xxxxx xx xxxx says:

    Well ,to answer the question about the young boy in the Calgary school who gave
    Father Whyte a look that I will never forget, let me say that it was the look one would reserve for someone that was despised. Since I had the experience described above , I presumed that the young boy either had heard stories of the sex talks or he had been a victim emotionally harmed by the experience.
    ( I was in Calgary on business and during some time off I had arranged to drop in and see Father Whyte who I knew was stationed in that city. It was years before all the news of sexual pedophiles ,who were priests, broke in the papers. While I felt my experience was intrusive, I had no context to see it as a sexual assault or as criminal behavior. As I said, I was not emotionally scarred, as others have been by such experiences, so I still considered Father Whyte as a friend.)

  14. Sylvia says:

    Thank you xxxxx xx xxxx. I understand.

    What were your thoughts in 1990 when you heard of Father Whyte’s conviction ?

  15. Sean O'Neill says:

    I don’t know who you are. I came across you as I was researching Fred Henry the Bishop in Calgary and his more than coincidental sitting on the board of a recovery home for priests. My mind turned to, “You can call me Bob, or Robert..or Father Bob”, and I wondered if he was still hiding out at The Basilian House in Toronto. I had the strange thought of going there and offering to hear his confession. Reading these earlier posts, I can tell you that his methods adapted by the early seventies. He explained that due to Vatican II, masturbation was not a sin. Then the inquiries…do you know what masturbation is? Do you know what sperm looks like?
    I don’t know about the Feast of the Circumcision, but when I met him his way to turn the conversation that way was somewhat more subtle. He told a story about a very funny scene in a movie he had recently seen. He described a man running naked from a bed who looks down realizing the Nazi’s in the film will discover his true identity. He thought this extremely funny.
    I realize that if he is still alive, he may be reading this. If that is the case: Father Whyte, There are many people who think four years in jail to be insufficient punishment. I don’t share that opinion. It is not for me to punish. There is a certain justice in merely being exposed. Sadly, the complicity and encouragement by the Archdiocese of Calgary has yet to be addressed. I could easily have sued you and the Diocese long ago. I chose not to. Your sins against me are of little consequence. They are your transgressions, not mine. However, your silence regarding your accomplices at the Archdiocese concerns me because it allows others to still be victimized. What I know about that rather makes me an accomplice doesn’t it? We both know this has nothing to do with an addiction. Your sexual desires are deviant from what could be considered normative. Whatever the mitigating circumstances, of your own personal history which may have brought this about, they’re irrelevant. The important issue is the planned movement of men from parish to parish. In the larger scheme of things -the enlightenment of human consciousness- you have been little more than a pawn. Your personal weaknesses were used by your superiors for decades. You thought all along their hiding your secret and moving about was to help you? They served themselves. You didn’t get real help until the Crown Attorney came along. It was the day of light which afforded you the humility to admit who you were. Wasn’t it humility that you were supposedly selling as a Catholic priest? Sell them some of their own medicine..turn them over. Don’t be afraid that they won’t be there to protect you anymore. They have only been protecting themselves.

  16. Sylvia says:

    You are quite right Sean about the complicity of the Archdiocese of Calgary. Father Whyte was shipped off for “treatment” and then recyled right back into the Archdiocese. Did not a soul in the Archdiocesan offices know?

    The same of course holds true for the Basilians. One can only wonder what reports they received regarding Whyte’s circumcision perverse fixation during his early pre-Calgary years in Toronto. We have heard of that from xxxxx xx xxxx. I would say that perhaps this was Whyte’s ruse to molest?

    I wonder where he got the notion that due to Vatican II masturbation was no longer a sin? Convenient for him I suppose, but not at all true.

    (I just added the fact that Paul John O’Byrne was Archbishop of Calgary 20 June 1968 – 19 January 1998)

  17. Please use just C.K. says:

    I am 71 now. I was molested many times in the rectory office by this man. Attending Holy Rosary Catholic school 1946- 1954 in Toronto, the sisters of St. Joseph were the teachers. I would be sent by the principal to what she called education lessons, to this priest. This was during school time. At that time at least 1/3 of the grades 7 and 8 had problems. To this day I do not worship as a catholic. This is the first public record of my sexual assaults. To those who are victims keep your faith in God, the priest was sick and knew no sense of reality. As I do not have much time left in life. ” You must let go and let Jesus carry the burden”. For the record I have over come forty years of mental illness and still trust “Jesus”

    • Sylvia says:

      CK, I am so terribly sorry – that is a long time to carry the shame and pain. I am glad however that you have finally found the courage to speak publicly.

      What was Whyte doing at Holy Rosary Catholic school? Was he a regular teacher? Did he go back and forth between Holy Rosary and St. Michael’s College School? Do you hava any idea?

  18. Please use just C.K. says:

    Fr. Whyte was a resident parish priest at Holy Rorary Church. He did not teach in the school.
    He started baceball teams for the grades 7 and 8. The grade 8 teacher and pricipal Sister Ann Francis and the priest were close. She would send boys and girls daily to the rectory. The nun was pointing out to him any child that came from a single parent or alcohol disfuntional home. For the record she would take me to a room on the landing above her class room twice a week and use a rubber strap. This was done across the wrists with the comments open your mouth and it will be daily. The priest had free run until he raped the daughter of a medical doctor at the school. At this time it would be in poor taste to say more. I will contact you soon with the whole night mare privatley as other priests were as bad in the parish. I must keep in mind others will read this and they could suffer emotionaly.

  19. Patrick McMahon says:

    As one who was abused as a child by another horrible Basilian priest – Hod Marhsall, I commend you for speaking the truth. I hope, if it is in you to do so, that you continue to speak all that you know of this child molester Whyte and others if appropriate. Hearing the truth can be hard for some but that doesn’t make it wrong or deliberately hurtful. Do what is right for you. You will be surprised at the good it does for both yourself and others.
    Whyte was indeed mentally diseased in some way but not one that excuses his actions. Worse than that are the actions of the Basilian order and the catholic church in protecting these men even to this day. They are the ones who need to be held to account for what has gone on and is going on. Your speaking may have little or even no effect on the man who did this but it can have an impact on other victims of this man and those like him and on all the victims the catholic church continues to harm through both their actions and their indifference.
    I hope we hear more from you. Trust in those you love to support you.

  20. JM says:

    *I am only just beginning to deal with the impact that this pedophile had on me.  I was sickened to learn that his attempt to grope my genitals in 1971 was clearly after the time that the Basilians knew of his other abuses – yet had not seen fit to act on them appropriately. Had he been arrested then, my abuse and that of many others, would have been avoided.
    I recognized is pattern of “grooming” his victims and their families was the same. I found these descriptions difficult to read.  In my case, he actually visited me in the hospital, brought be baseball magazines, and then, after I was discharged, took me to baseball games. Ultimately, he took me to a secluded beach by a river outside of Calgary.

    I also find it interesting, and disturbing to see that Bishop Paul O’Byrne was “in charge” in Calgary at this time and also when Father Frank Van Tighem was charged for sexually abusing two of my female relatives. The Good Bishop never had the guts to reply to the girls’ mother. The Calgary Catholic School District subsequently saw fit to name a High School after O’Byrne. Sick.

  21. Sylvia says:

    JM, I am sorry to hear that you too have a story to tell about Father Robert Whyte, but also glad that you are now dealing with it and speaking out.

    What parish and school was he at when you knew him?

  22. Mike Mc says:

    Once again I am floored. To those above who were abused, I  sincerely commend you for speaking out in here. I believe part of the inner healing process is1) speaking out, 2)identifying abusers, 3) possibly helping others to do the same, and 4) putting away for good these abusers. (even if they are already dead).
         As for the recurring theme of Superiors/Bishops “moving abusers around” and “keeping secrets about these very sick or evil priests), I am becomming only too well aware that this was happening all over the place. It really makes me angry to know my revered leaders in our RC Church were doing this. And to think even today some of those abusive priests are still functioning or being “fed and housed” quietly by the Church. Shame on the RC Church!

    Please tell your stories in here. It may help others. I am sure it will help you to free and remove that corner of your consciousness that still haunts you. We must put a definite end to sexual abusive priests in our Church once and for all. This site is part of that cleaning up plan.

  23. J. Mc. says:

    *I attended Bishop Grandin High School from 1973 to 1975 in Calgary. Father Whyte was my teacher for- get this- religion class.  I had no personal interaction with him, but recall having a strange feeling about him and did not respect him. Years later, when I saw that he had been arrested I discussed this with my sister. She said she wasn’t surprised.  She said the  common warning at our school (to the boys) was “Don’t go bowling with Father Whyte!” 

    I remember  the newspaper article on his arrest had quoted Father Whyte as saying he wasn’t feeling too bad about the charges because “God forgives sinners.” While I believe this is true, it struck me that he was saying, he could do whatever he wanted, ask for forgiveness and then just carry on with more abusive acts… How convenient for him.

    I was raised a Catholic but am not currently practicing. One of the main reasons for turning away from my church is the “pedophile priests” and  how those in authority have dealt with them.  My heart goes out to anyone who has been victimized by both the predators and those who have covered it up. I pray for your healing.

  24. JF says:

    Oh my!!

    Was thinking about this excuse for a human the other day and found your site. I went to St Mary’s Boys High School in Calgary . Yes that is right ” Boys High School”. He was the Guidence counseller. Yeah right!!!

    Was asked down to his office for a talk. Turned into one of his “sex ed” classes. Did not touch me or do anything but was sure he was fondling himself under his desk the whole time. Did not ever return to his many recurring requests. Whew — Lucky.

    One of my best friends many years later made the comment ” Gee J aren’t you glad Father Whyte never liked us?” Yes for sure. Hope he rots in hell!!

    All the church cares about even to this day is how they can help their poor priests who have a problem. No concern at all for the abused!! Disgusting.

    I have so much disgust and hatred for the church today that it can still after all the news of abuse be so evil and unconcerned about the abused children.

  25. Chris says:

    Robert J. Whyte was the priest that married me back in 1985 at St Basils Church. I am Greek Orthodox, my fiancee was Catholic, and wanted to be married in a Catholic church. Robert J. Whyte was the uncle of a friend of ours and agreed to marry us at St Basils church. He gave me a book to read on catholic religion and I was to meet with him several times over a two week period to discuss my learnings. Each time I would arrive for the meeting I would have to introduce myself again as he could not remember who I was or why I was even there. Very Strange!

  26. Once a Catholic says:

    It is due to my brother’s courage and rage that Whyte was finally tried and charged. The ‘priest’ took one of the my brothers, J, ‘camping’ in the 1970s while at Pius X in Calgary; J didn’t tell anyone and was away a few years later when my brother ‘P’ was taken ‘camping’, so couldn’t stop it. P wrote to O’Byrne about it a few years later when he was 16, but never received a response.

    P and I were talking over coffee after a movie one night in 1987 when it came out. P didn’t know that I knew, but I did. I’d long had a wrong feeling about Whyte: he tried to interest me in another boy at the church of whom he spoke admiringly – one too ‘cool’ to go camping with him, luckily – then one night I walked into my third brothers room (he was 3 at the time) to find Whyte sitting up close to him on the bed. Being naive I sat down next to him and he ran his hand all the way down my back to the bottom. I stood up fast and he left the room. I’ve always wondered what happened before I walked in … So when J confessed to me what had happened to him, later that same year, I wasn’t surprised. By then Whyte had disappeared from St Pius overnight – turns out it was because another boy’s family had gone to ‘talk’ to the other parish priest about an incident. This would have been in about 1982.

    As soon as P and I had talked, in 1987, he resolved to do something right away before anyone else could be attacked. At first our mother insisted that it be done solely though the Basilian Order, as so many of them were family friends (oh yes, Father Leo had drunk more than a bit of our scotch, alright!). But the Order’s response was so slow and weak – some pathetic, sickening, non-apology ‘apology’ letters from Whyte come to mind – that P and our father eventually insisted on the police being involved. The police were great; we made them a list of all the other kids we could think of that went to that church then, and they did a great job of investigation. Pity Whyte was so old by then, and spent so little time in prison.

    This is not my story to tell, it is my brothers’ story, their pain, which is why I said nothing for years after J told me; why I had no direct involvement with the court case; why I rarely speak of this. I will never reveal our names. But I want you to know how brave P was. And I want you to know that there was very definitely a cover-up, inertia, denial, on the part of the Order and the wider Church, all of which left these trust-abusing monsters free to carry on and create more victims. O’Byrne never responded to P’s letter and later claimed never to have received it. The Order just moved Whyte from our parish to one in Toronto with a ‘largely older’ congregation (what, no altar servers? No grandchildren??)

    Typing that last sentence has reminded me how uncomfortable I used to feel as a girl server in the changing area; Whyte always seemed to hanging around while I took my robes off. Always had full clothing on underneath thankfully! He mostly preferred boys, anyway. May he burn in hell.

    • Sylvia says:

      Once a Catholic, thank you so much for passing that information on. I have often wondered about the brave boys who cam forward back then. And two and possibly three of your brothers were molested by this wolf in cheep’s clothing. This must have been an absolute agony for your parents when they found out?

      I hope and pray your brave brothers have been able to pick up the pieces of the lives. And, yes, they were brave. You are justifiably proud 🙂

      I know of other victims – they are not, for various reasons, prepared at this time to come forward. There are, I believe, a lot of Father Whyte’s victims out there, both in Calgary and in Toronto.

      You mention Father Leo. You must mean Father Leo Campbell? Did you ever hear of or suspect anything about him?

      Another question. Do you know if Father Leo and Father Robert Whyte good friends?

      • Once a Catholic says:

        No one in the family is now, needless to say, a churchgoer. My brothers were of course marked by their experiences, but are good, stable men with lovely families.

        As for Leo Campbell, he seemed an affable fellow, he and Whyte definitely knew each other but I don’t know to what extent. I never heard of anything untoward about him. But then other Basilian priests, lovely men, were around as well and surely their presence alone kept the others in check at least some of the time. (I read something interesting elsewhere on your site about John Malo – I met him shortly after he was ordained, a very good person and I’m sure sickened by all this). Then again, none of those good men put a permanent stop to any of this evil!

        • Sylvia says:

          Buckle in Once a Catholic. Here is the page on Father Leo Campbell I have had contact with several of his victims. He too left a wake of destruction and devastation

          • Once a Catholic says:

            Yes, I’ve read all that. Makes me wonder whether Whyte and Campbell divied up their ‘spoils’. I can’t get over how the Order cared more about them than the victims. For example, in that article above, Gallagher (also a ‘friend of the family’) saying: “Robert Whyte continues to be a valued member of our religious community.” !!!! A community he dishonoured, despoiled and tore to shreds. Its good to know there are people like you to shine a light on what was hidden for so long.

  27. Sassofras says:

    Fr. Whyte is a distant relative and believe me his atrocities came as a unbelievable shock. Never had anything to do with him since the day he was charged. Certainly changed my perspective of the Church. I do believe he is still alive.
    Bless all of you who were affected by this creature.

  28. mark shenfield says:

    I was just checking on the intronet looking for a Basilian friend of mine and came across your site and to put it into a phrase of Robert De niro what a crock of %$#@ WHEN everyone else had abandoned him including the( man who knew nothing about what was transpiring) Bishop Paul J Obyrne ( Bull) another family and my wife and i walked the walk with Father Bob even though our children had been victims I dont want to get into the hypocrisy that exists on this site If Our Lord had acted in the same way The Adulterous would not have stood a chance. I visited along with my wife Fr Bob AT Prince Albert Penitentiary(odd penitent is A derivative)Do not begin to judge the man rather judge the hypocrites who do nothing but see opportunities for gain .I have never heard of a wound healed by a dollar bill. IS’NT IT ODD NOT ONE PRIEST VISITED THE MAN WHO CARED, ONLY A MENNONITE ELDER .WHO BROUGHT HIM HOLY COMMUNION myself and my wife and HE Cried (A PRIEST FOREVER OF THE ORDER OF MELCHISADEC) LET HIM WHO HAS NOT SINNED CAST THE FIRST ASPERTIONS

  29. Sylvia says:

    How unfortunate mark that you are unable to speak with and hear the tears of those victims who have never come forward but suffered at the sullied hands of this predatory priest. Father Whyte was molesting young lads before he ever landed in Calgary.

    Several years ago I spoke to a 72 year old man who had been abused by whyte in Toronto. For various reasons he did not want to lay charges – he just wanted to tell someone. He cried.

    There are others.

    I can only hope and pray you offered as much sympathy, understanding and compassion to your children as you did to this Basilian wolfanunderstanding to
    In sheep’s clothing. I pray too that your children do not shed the same tears shed by the 72 year old of whom I spoke – the man who was sexually abused by Father Whyte before he preyed upon your own terribly unfortunate children.

    Father Whyte has left a trail of human destrction in his wake. There are many who suffered at his hands. Many who have never come forward publicly. He is unfit to be a priest.

    Perhaps you could see fit to offer prayers for the many who continue to suffer and weep because they had the misfortune of being robbed of their innocence by this predator? And perhaps you could give him a call and suugest he do likewise? You might aldo suggest he contactand and offer an apology to every single one of his many victims. If he is truly repentant he will be anxious to do so.

    • PJ says:

      Nothing you can say will be truly heard by shenfield…he has blinders on for sure. And if what he wrote about his own children being victims is true, then I feel sorry for them because their parents are fools. Shenfield is a great example of why many victims don’t come forward!

  30. C K says:

    On Jan. 25, 2014 I posted a distasteful experience with the deceased.
    I’m am now 74 still awake in the night writing again.
    As there is only one God who is all merciful and forgiving everyone will agree. So this message is to let everyone know that Robert is sitting beside Jesus this very minute.
    I have never seen a father turn his back on a child and not over look there failures.
    Jesus gave us free will at birth some keep it and some give it back. Those who give it back become ” Spiritual” explained we follow gods will.
    I am now at full peace with myself and God and yes , I will tell Robert of my forgiveness if and when I meet him in the next life.

    • Sylvia says:

      I am glad that you have found peace CK, however, as much ss you might wish it I don’t believe that you or I or anyone else can say that Father Whyte is in Heaven. That is for God to decide. You can implore God to have mercy on Father’s soul. You have forgiven,and you want God to forgive, but I believe you must leave God’s forgiveness in God’s hands.

  31. C K says:

    Error date Jan. 26 , 2012 posting

  32. L Smith says:

    I attended St. Augustine school and later Bishop Grandin HS in Calgary.
    In 1974 Whyte was present at St. Augustine. He had an office on the second floor behind the library. This office was in the wing of the school where the Elementary aged students (ages 6-11) were taught. I was in the other wing where the Junior High students (ages 12 – 14) were taught. I don’t know what his position or role at the school was, to my knowledge he never taught a class, but he was definitely there.
    Even then there were rumours about him. My older brothers warned me about him.

    The next year when I started at Bishop Grandin he was a religion teacher there. I did have him as a teacher in Grade 11. He was quite odd. I do remember him criticising a student for wearing a ‘loud’ Hawaiian shirt and then being amazed on the last day of school, when a pal and I went to find out our final marks, to see him walking the school halls in a ‘loud’ Hawaiian shirt!

    Lots of rumours which my mother got quite angry at us for discussing at home. Mom was quite devout and didn’t like priests being bad mouthed. Just a part of the system of denial and disbelief which these criminals took advantage of.

  33. mark shenfield says:

    whom ever PJ is,blinders are what Sylvia is wearing french law is french law. Why don’t you contact the victims who have forgiven him. Oh that’s right sorry they also have blinders on For your info he is now deceased( aww are prayers in order)Oct 2014

    • PJ says:

      No prayers from me…and as I said before shenfield, if what you said about your children having been abused, I’m shocked that you would be so cavalier about them. Not sure what you meant about french law but whatever. And thanks to Sylvia’s efforts, pervert collars like him are found here for all to see. At least someone has the balls to do this since that church and all it’s pervert collars/protectors never grew the balls to do the right thing.

    • 1abandonedsheep says:

      Mark it is you who needs the prayers. Willfully blind is not an excuse, nor is deliberate stupidity ! What did you say about who should throw the first stone?

    • Sylvia says:

      Father Whyte died 22 July 2014 Mark. His obituary has been posted above for over a year.

  34. Syd says:

    Dear Sylvia,

    I was sexually fondled by this man on one occasion in Sault Ste. Marie in 1960 or 1961 in his office at St. Mary’s College. I was 13 yr old … playing Saturday morning basketball in that school gym, when he took me upstairs.

    I have a photo published in the May 8, 1961 edition of the Sault Star (everyone is named in the photo) … he is presenting a trophy to the seven of the boys on “his basketball team”. I am one of those boys – and was never a student at that school (my brother was).

    I found this photo today hidden in a bible that my parents gave me in 1955.
    My online search led me here. Thank you for this opportunity to disclose.

    I rejected catholicism many years ago.


  35. Coulson Kloepfer says:

    On January 2, 2015 I last posted. Under CK
    Now June 28, 2022 at 81 + years I am interfaith volunteering in Ottawa with homeless.
    Yes I never recovered from my experience of the man Robert Whyte. CSB. However I wish to publicly state my name, Coulson “Coly “ Kloepfer ! Holy Rosary School & Church. I am still a Roman Catholic and currently financially support 4 Friars OFM. CONN in India.
    I will never condone vulnerable people abuse.
    And neither does Jesus

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