Prince: Monsignor Bernard Prince

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Monsignor Bernard Prince

priest, Diocese of Pembroke, Ontario.  Ordained 05 November 1964.  Canon lawyer. Spent years many years in Rome, also working for the Apostolic Nuncio in Ottawa and for the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, also in Ottawa. Taught at Ottawa’s St. Paul University.   2008 GUILTY plea to charges related to sex abuse of 13 boys -sentenced to four years. 2009- laicized.


Bishops of PEMBROKE Diocese from time of Prince’s ordination: William Joseph Smith  (19 May 1945 – 08 February 1971 ); Joseph Raymond Windle † (08 February 1971 – 05 May 1993); Brendan Michael O’Brien 0(5 May 1993 –  04 December 2000);  Richard William Smith (27 Apr il2002 — 22 March 2007 ); Michael Mulhall (30 June 2007 — )

Archbishop of OTTAWA during Prince’s years in the Archdiocese: Joseph-Aurèle Plourde (02 January 1967 – September 1989)

Auxiliary Bishops of OTTAWA during Prince’s years in the Archdiocese:; John Michael Beahen  (11 May 1977 to 14 March 1988); Gilles Bélisle (11 May 1977 – 19 August 1993)

Archishop of Ottawa during Prince’s time in the TORONTO Archdiocese:; Aloysius Matthew Ambrozic  (17 March 1990 – – 16 December 2006 )

Auxiliary Bishops of TORONTO: Michael Pearse Lacey (03 May 1979 – 31 May 1993); Robert Bell Clune  (03 May 1979 to 27 December 1995); Leonard James Wall  (03 May 1979 — 25 February 1992)


21 March 2017:  Pedophile priests: The escape

July 2010:  The Story of Bernard Prince  (Catholic World Report)

30 March 2010:  Barry Conway Affidavit re Monsignor Bernard Prince sex abuse

10 February 1993:  Pembroke’s Bishop Windle letter to Papal Nuncio re Father  Bernard Prince  expressing concerns that Prince’s sexual abuse of several young boys might become public knowledge.

15 August 1990:  Unsigned letter on Pembroke Diocese letter head.  (Appears it may be letter which Pembroke Bishop Windle claimed he sent to those Bishops in whose jurisdiction Monsignor Bernard Prince had served in some capacity at some point in time) 


The following information is drawn from Canadian Catholic Directories (CCCD) which I have on hand, media (M) and the article in the Catholic World Report (CWR)

2011:  I have been told that Prince is living in North Bay with a member of his extended family

May 2009:  LAICIZED (M)

2008:  GUILTY plea (M)

2006:  arrested at Montreal’s Trudeau International Airport after a trip from Italy to Canada. (M)

2001 – 2006:  Via Propaganda Rome (incardinated in Pembroke) (CCCD)

2002, 2000, 1999, 1998, 1997, 1996, 1995, 1994, 1993, 1992:  Via Propaganda Rome 1c (incardination Pembroke) (CCCD)

1991: Congregation for Evangelization of Peoples named Prince Secretary-General for Pontifical Society for the Propagation of the Faith, meaning he would be world-wide director (CWR) The appointment took him out of Canada and back to Rome.  Bishop Windle was aware of the allegations Prince at the time – this was a “second chance” and, witness the contents of the letter, Archbishop Ambrozic had allegeldy siad that Prince was no longer welcome in the Toronto Archdiocese unless he underwent treatment at the Clark Institute)

3329 Danforth Ave., Unit D, Toronto, Ontario Pontifical Missions Societies (incardination Pembroke) (CCCD)

1990:  address listed is St. Augustine’s Seminary.  Incardination now indicated as Archdiocese of Toronto (CCCD)  (would have been living there while working for the Pontifical Mission Societies in Toronto?)

victim told Pembroke priest that he had been molested by Prince.  The victim later told the Vicar General, Father John Barry (CWR)

1988:  address listed is that of St. Augustine’s Seminary.  Incardination now indicated as Archdiocese of Toronto (CCCD) (would have been living there while working for the Pontifical Mission Societies in Toronto?)

1987: was named Director of the Pontifical Mission Societies for English-speaking Canada by the Congregation for Evangelization of Peoples (CWR) The society was based in Toronto.

1985-87:  President of the Canadian Canon Law Society

1985-1986:  address and phone for St. Mary Roman Catholic Church, Wilno, Ontario (Pastor Father N.J. Cybulski) (CCCD)

1983: CCCB Ottawa

1980:  address for CCCB in Ottawa, Ontario (OCD)

1969-75:  Assistant General Secretary -English,  CCCB (CWR)

1973-74: Assistant General Secretary -English,  CCCB (General Secretary Father Everett MacNeil) (CCCD)

1971-72:  CCCB, Ottawa, Ontario (CCCD)

during his years away from his home diocese Prince regularly travelled back to Wilno and assisted or said Masses at St. Mary’s (CWR) It was during those visits that he was molesting boys age 10 to 16

1968-69:  JCD, Apostolic Delegation, Manor House, Rockliffe Park, Ontario (CCCD) (he was working for the Nuncio, at that time Archbishop Emanuele Clarizio)

1967: Article by Prince published in premier edition of  Studia canonica, a biannual canon law journal. Founding editor of the journal was Father Frank Morrisee omi.

worked in the Chancery at Pembroke Diocese and assisted at pther parishes in Pembroke Diocese (CWR)

1963-1966: sent to Rome for studies in Canon Law – attained a Doctorate in Canon Law (CWR)

1967:  Canadian College, Via Quatiro Fontane 117, Rome, Italy (CCCD) (this probably refers to his last year in Rome, 1966)  attaining his JCD)

1964:  ORDAINED in Wilno

Studies in Rome (CCCD)

after leaving the trappist abbey entered the seminary. (CWR)

1957:  left the Trappists two before taking his final vows

1954: made his temporary vows as a Trappist (CWR)

1951:  Trappist Abbey in Quebec – became Brother Richard (CWR)

1934:  Born in Wilno, Ontario (M)


22 September 2010:  Lawyer for Prince victims wants to hear from others

15 September 2010:  Bernard Prince gets parole

14 September 2010:  Sex-assault priest out on parole

14 September 2010: Priest convicted of sexual abuse to be paroled

30 March 2010:   Affidavit of Barry Thomas Conway alleging that the  Diocese of Pemroke Ontario had knowledge around 1963 that Monsignor Bernard Prince was molesting young boys (Prince was ordained in 1963.  If the time frame is accurate Prince was known to be molesting either immediately before or immediatley after his ordination)

11 April 2010:  Diocese speaks about defrocked Pembroke priest

10 April 2010:  “It ruined my life” victim of pedophile priest says

10 April 2010: Local bishop responds to latest sex scandal allegations: Tonnos says he learned of Ontario case when charges were laid

10 April 2010:  Ex St. Catharine’s bishop implicated in cover-up

10 April 2010: Former bishop implicated in cover-up

10 April 2010:  Pembroke diocese told of abuse in 1963, lawsuit alleges

10 April 2010:  Bishop Tonnos` knew nothing` of abuse: Statement

09 April 2010: The Troubled Church: Vatican. Canadian church officials tried to keep scandal secret

24 August 2009:  Pembroke priest defrocked after sex assault conviction

15 January 2008:  Retired priest sentenced to penitentiary:  Momsignor Bernard Prince’s name will appear on national sex offender registry


82 Responses to Prince: Monsignor Bernard Prince

  1. Bill Bourque says:

    Noted article in Hamilton Spectator around 2001/02 indicatibg chaplain at St. Joseph’s Hospital, Hamilton was from Newfoundland to Pembroke to Hamilton. It was a restricted posting but he was found hearing confessions at St. Patrick’s School close to hospital. What priest????

  2. Sylvia says:

    Is it perhaps Father Douglas Stamp? Check the little info I have on him here:

    He was from Peterbourgh – not Pembroke. But he did serve at the hospital in Hamilton – I think I recall an article somewhere where Catholics in Hamilton had just found out he was a convicted molester and were furious. He was forced to step down. Seems to me that was around 2002. I will try to look for it next week.

    • Sylvia says:

      It was the Spring of 2002 and Father Douglas Stamp was forced to step down as hospital chaplain at St. Joseph’s in Hamilton, Ontario. From Macleans magazine (Catholic Church Sex Abuse Scandals, Johnathon Gatehouse, 22 July 2002):

      Douglas Stamp, a Hamilton priest forced to step down from his job as a hospital chaplain this spring when a parishioner brought to light his 1997 conviction for indecently assaulting two 12-year-old boys in Peterborough, Ont.

      I have another article “Priest pleads guilty to sex assault” which I am getting ready to post now. Time permitting this evening I will also update the Father Douglas Stamp with some timelines

  3. Lina says:

    This is in the area newspaper about Bernard Prince gets parole.

    The last time I checked it is still on the website at:


  4. Lina says:

    ( Ex-Monsignor) Bernard Prince website has been updated.

    They have it updated as of October 26th, 2010 but it is typo error it is meant September 26th, 2010. For those who are interested in the Bernard Prince the ex-monsignor case.

    Victims lawyers are asking for help from the public.

  5. Sylvia says:

    Thanks for that Lina. I just posted it. People often have little pieces of very relevant information which they believe are irrelevant. I hope those with any information speak up.

  6. Lina says:

    This item (about Bernard Prince, ex-Monsignor, now defrocked) was in the Parish Bulletin (October 31, 2010) The Most Holy Name of Jesus Church, Pembroke ON

    Question: “Father, I know of some parishioners, who attend our parish and others, who have stated that they will no longer financially support their parish because they do not wish their money to have anything to do with the Bernard Prince sexual abuse case or with legal fees. What do you think of that?”

    Parish priest’s Answer:
    “As we all know, the recent events that have occured in our diocese have been phenomenally painful for all of us. Your priests know this pain too. As has been mentioned numerous times, the most important aspect of these cases is to find the truth! Victims must be cared for in every way possible and those accused must face justice before the courts.

    With respect to the question of finances, no parish in the Diocese of Pembroke has been asked to contribute any funds to these matters whatsoever. The funds that are givin through the Sunday offering or through any special donations to the parish, remain in the parish so that the parish may function. All parishes are separate charitable entities and all have financial obligations from month to month. To withhold funds from your parish is to punish your parish.

    In accordance with the law of the church and according to normal practice, funds that are transferred to the diocesan office include: all special collections (Needs of the Canadian Church, Pope’s Pastoral Works, Foreign Missions etc.). These special collection amounts are forwarded by all parishes and are then sent on to the appropriate charities by the Chancery Office. The only other funds sent to the diocesan office are the yearly diocesan tax (Cathedraticum). Every parish must send 10% of the Sunday, Christmas and Easter offerings in order to assist the diocese in its operations. These transfers and all other amounts are indicated in the yearly financial report which all juridic persons (Code of Canon Law) of the church are obligated by law to complete and publish. As always, we rely on the financial support of each and every family each week of the year. We are very grateful for this support as we continue the great mission of this parish since 1921. ”

    Sylvia, Where is the money coming from to pay out the lawsuits to the victims of the Bernard Prince then? Some of Bernard Prince victims lawsuits cases are settled but many are not? Did this parish priest really answered the question or did he leave something out? I am confused! Did I miss something?

  7. Sylvia says:

    I honsetly don’t know where the money is coming from Lina. Do you remember that I tried to sort some of this out in regard to Monsignor Prince last August? Here’s the link:

    My questions then dealt with covering legal costs. Is there an opening there that would allow that the diocese has insurance to cover lawsuit settlements?

    Father Proulx wrote:

    “The Diocese of Pembroke does not cover the legal defense costs of clergy charged with sexual misconduct nor does it have an insurance to cover such costs”

    Can any of the Prince victims who have settled help us on this? Do you know where the settlement funds came from and who administered them?

  8. Lina says:

    I do remember you finding out that info from Fr. Proulx Sylvia. I thank you.

    I also remember something else about my question about the Bernard Prince. I think it would be wise on my part if I e-mail you what I do know. It may help or it may not.

  9. Lina says:

    This site as been updated as of February 14, 2011 from justice for Bernard Prince victims

    This Fr. Mirosław Olszewski is causing a stir he has been putting links online and in the Wilno parish bulletin to a web site that is very much akin to those that deny the existence of the holocaust.


  10. Larry Green says:

    Thanks for that link Lina.

  11. Sylvia says:

    Here is a link to the article you reference Lina on the justiceforprince website. I had trouble finding it so will try putting this link in and see if that takes people directly to the page:

  12. Larry Green says:

    Does anyone know where prince lives now?

  13. Larry: Last I heard he was in the Sudbury area. Don’t know if he’s still there. Fr. Tim

  14. Larry Green says:

    I wonder if the people in his comunity are aware of the danger ?

  15. Larry Green says:

    How could one go about making sure that the people living around him are aware?

  16. Larry: I assume that he’s listed on the Sex Offenders Registry… for whatever good that amounts to! I know he cannot function as a priest as he has been expelled from the priesthood (defrocked). I wish that this is what would happen to all found guilty of such heinous crimes, but at least that seems to be the way that +MM is handling these cases.

    Fr. Tim

  17. Sylvia says:

    I have an unconfirmed report that Prince owns some prime real estate in Italy as well as many pricey artifacts. The word is that his Italian property is rented by an order of some sort. If this is fact then he is more than capable of helping out the victims whose souls he so cruelly raped. And, if this is fact, then why doesn’t the Diocese of Pembroke just sue him? If the diocese wants to recover the costs of the lawsuit and mental anguish etc etc, then, sue Prince. Never mind the crossclaim, Sue him!

    According to this source Prince is living in an apartment in North Bay close to his brother. North Bay seems to be a given for his current abode. There are various stories as to who exactly he is living with or near.

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  19. Seeker for Justice says:

    There is an update as of December 6, 2011 and a preview of what’s to come.

    About (now of defrock) Bernard Prince. Also about Monsignor Borne’s rippling affect that stem from his criminal actions.

    There may be some of Bernard Prince’s victims considering coming forward from his time in ROME after 1991.

    Speaking about the Pembroke Diocese about Prince who may be leaving Canada after his probation is up in the new year to a Villa. There is still 7 outstanding cases that have not been settled.

    There some talk about Monsignor Borne, the late Father Olson and Priests from the Pembroke Diocese today, Bishops even some Archbishops from Pembroke Diocese who can at the very least be accused of failing in their duty to adequately protect children and in letting molesters go unpunished.

    It is a long read and the site is difficult to navigate but they plan to redo their website soon.

    On the right hand side of Sylvia’s Titles: *Links of Interest* scolle down and click on *Monsignor Bernard Prince website*

    Click on that December 6, update. Do not forget to click *I agree to the disclaimer*


  20. C1 says:

    A well said commentary, highly recommended for everyone and those that live in the Pembroke Diocese I strongly also believe that there is a ring of some sort that is still operating or did in the Upper Ottawa Valley.

  21. Lina says:

    This part:

    “The people of the diocese of Pembroke also need to be made aware of another certain Msgr. (now deceased) who essentially held the keys to the gate for almost 40yrs. There are far too many people coming forward with knowledge and allegations about this priest for him to be ignored any longer. Some of these come from within Church itself. There is the makings of a theory which supports the existence of a somewhat organized homosexual pedophile ring in this diocese which in some ways even ties in to some of the testimony presented at the Borne trial. There are more priests alive who are at the very least guilty of questionable sexual behavior ( to put it politely) and there are certainly more Bishops even some Archbishops from Pembroke Diocese who can at the very least be accused of failing in there duty to adequately protect children and in letting molesters go unpunished. There are many out there who know of what I speak. Now is the time to come forward with your information. There are more than a few dead at their own hand as a consequence of the inaction of those who knew and those who have known for many years. Some of this is on your conscience and I for one do not think that the excuse that I was trying to “protect the church” will have any sway at all on God’s judgment. Now is the time to clear your conscience and save your church. Give your information at the nearest Police station or phone our lawyers (Ledroit Beckett, 866-674-4994)”

    AS for that part: ” There are more than a few dead at their own hand as a consequence of the inaction of those who knew and those who have known for many years.”

    Does this means clergy abuse victims as well as some priests?

    • 1 abandonded sheep says:

      Lina. I think you know, but in case you do not, the initials of his name were M B.
      The position he held did not exist before him, nor has itbeen filled since his death.

  22. Lina says:

    I kind of figured it was that person.

    As the article said: “There are far too many people coming forward with knowledge and allegations about this priest for him to be ignored any longer. Some of these come from within Church itself.”

    There has to be some folks bringing their stories, some priests/ clergy. Also people who work for the Church may be talking.

    I heard long ago through some rumor (gossip?) mill, this certain deceased M.B. did not think twice if one of his priests were in trouble he would find a way to cover up for them.

    To me there are 7 outstanding cases against Prince still not settled.

    Now we have the Borne saga going on which may well bring more of his victims coming forward. I pray they do.

    No wonder priests are so jumpy. I wonder if their pensions are in trouble because of the lawsuits?

    Did I read that article correct at Bernard Prince’s victims website? That the Pembroke Diocese is suing Bernard Prince?

    What a fuddle duddle mess!

    • Suzanne says:

      Hi Lina: My understanding is that the Diocese has “counter-claim sued ‘ Prince; meaning that monies have to come from Prince’s assets FIRST…. it’s a huge tactic stall so as not to pay out to the victims that sued…also & Sylvia and others know if I am correct or not; I believe that those 7 cases that were settled have never been paid out; due to the counter claim…… also; coming from the far eastern part of the Diocese; we had little or no contact with M.B. from Pembroke hierearchy; BUT; during the 70’s his name was as revered here; in particular by the clergy….

  23. AbandonedSheep: FYI… You are mistaken in your facts. Msgr. Michael Barry was the vicar general and financial administrator of the Diocese. When he retired, a lay person (Mr. Paul Morris) was hired as a full time money guy and Msgr. Doug Bridge was appointed VG and Chancellor.

    I know nothing about any allegations against MB but he was indeed replaced.

    Fr. Tim

    • Suzanne says:

      Fr. Tim: Have any monies ever been paid out to any of the Prince victims?

      • Suzanne: I have no idea. I hope that we have paid whatever settlements have been determined, but I just don’t know. Those decisions belong to the Bishop and he does not share that information with us. We priests don’t even get annual Diocesan financial statements. The only way we can find out is by going through the CRA website and finding the information there.

        Fr. Tim

    • 1abandoned sheep says:

      Fr. Moyle, you do not realize it, but you just proved my point. 2 people to replace one! that is NOT continuing the previous practice. You really should read all of something before jumping to intervene.

      • A/S: Not to be nitpicky, but you said the ‘position’ didn’t exist before or since. The positions did and do exist. You are changing the topic when you now begin to speak about ‘practice’.

        MB held any number of titles at various times as would anyone else in his place today. 60 years ago, there were sufficient priests to man all the positions in the Chancery and in the parishes. By the time MB retired during +Smith’s term, we no longer could cover everything with clergy. Priority was (properly) given to our parochial obligations and for that reason positions that could be done by duly appointed lay people have been handed off to them. Handling our finances was one such position.

        Fr. Tim

        • iabandoned sheep says:

          THE position did NOT exist before or after. A position has a set of duties attached to it to justify the existence ot THE POSITION. Once those duties change it is no longer THAT POSITION. With all of your claims to being intelligent, even you must know that. Besides, I think you are over your daily limit of posts-again.

          • A/S: I fear it’s you that doesn’t get it.

            1. Prior to MB, the VG/Financial Affairs was Msgr. Dillon. So the position existed before MB.

            2. After MB, the VG position (which MUST be clergy) was separated from the Financial administrator to permit the hiring of a lay person to take over that half of MB’s portfolio. Msgr. D. Bridge took over as VG.

            3. I haven’t claimed to be intelligent. I strive to be so. I also try to be polite in these exchanges and not belittle the people I share this space with.

            4. Yes. I am over my daily limit. I offered one comment and have answered a series of questions from folks like you. I trust Sylvia will not be offended if I am polite enough to answer a question that’s put to me here.

            Fr. Tim

  24. Lina: Our pension funds were spun off from the Diocese a number of years ago and handed off to a foundation that is administered we priests ourselves. There may be some limited impact, but the lawyers who set up the foundation (they began the process under +O’Brien and finished under +Smith) tell us that the bulk of the funds are protected as they were not moved to be ‘hidden’ from claimants. They were put there as a legal requirement once we registered the pension plan with the government to bring the plan into compliance with changes to legislation protecting pension plans from being raided by corporations.

    Aside from this, if you check the CCRA website, you will find the financial statement of the Diocese showing that it has sufficient funds to cover the Diocesan share of the settlements (we have insurance to cover part of them) without needing to touch our pension fund.

    I’m open to correction as I have never worked first hand in the Chancery office so I may be a little off on some details, but I am certain on the main facts. The information comes from documentation we received from the fund’s lawyers.

    Fr. Tim

  25. Lina says:

    According to Sylvia’s site on November 1st 2010.

    I quote Father Proulx who wrote and told Sylvia:

    “The Diocese of Pembroke does not cover legal defense costs of clergy charged with sexual misconduct NOR does it have an insurance to cover such costs. ”

    My question is to you Fr. Tim Moyle…..where does the monies come from to pay lawsuits when you the Diocese of Pembroke have little insurance to cover part of those lawsuits (and more lawsuits to come) and please explain it in plain language so I can easily understand.

    Thank you!

    • Lina: The Diocese pays for its own lawyers to represent it when we are sued, but I cannot tell you which particular funds it uses. That information is not given to priests. However, given that we have funds invested and seem to be realizing sufficient dividends to cover the Chancery Office and Bishop’s expenses (again discoverable on the CRA site) so I doubt that any parishioner donations are being used. But again I repeat, that is just an assumption on my part. I do not actually know.

      We will not pay the legal defense fees of a priest who is found guilty. I think that’s the point that Fr. Proulx was making. The Diocese stands behind a priest who is charged, but if he is found to have committed criminal acts then he forfeits any financial support for his defense. This much has been clear to all of us.

      Hope this helps.

      Fr. Tim

      • Lina: One more point. The funds that the Diocese hold are investments from bequests left to the Diocese over the decades, particularly a number of them left by some of the old lumber barons. Back in the day, the Ottawa Valley was a very rich part of Canada and a great deal of wealth was generated, some of which was donated at that time. Msgr. Barry managed these funds successfully over his 50 years in the Chancery Office.

        Just wanted to give you as complete an answer to your question.

        Fr. Tim

        • Lina says:

          Fr. Tim Moyle you told me on May 17, 2011 at 7:15 pm it was at your website or here at Sylvia’s site.

          *”Msgr. Michael Barry was the Vicar General of our Diocese of Pembroke ON for over 40years.

          Every priest of your generation dealt with him many, many times in your daily ministry.

          Fr. Tim you also lived in the Pembroke Cathedral appproximately 20 years ago where Msgr. Barry resided.

          This is how you knew him. If I were plugged into the Church in the Pembroke area, I’m certain that I would have known him.

          Fr. Tim you told me: “Want to know about the biggest fight I ever had with him. One evening he became exasperated with a conversation he was having with me and one of my classmates who was visiting me at the time.

          Msgr. Barry said to both you:
          ” Why don’t young priests appreciate what I do for you? he exclamed.

          No priest came to me for advice that I didn’t give the best I could offer.

          Not once did a priest come to me with financial problems that I didn’t help him out.

          No priest ever came to me in a scandal THAT I DIDN’T WORK TO COVER IT UP!” he almost shouted at you both you males you said.

          When you told him that you had no issue with the first two examples but that the last one was in fact the CAUSE of the great problems
          the Church was facing!’

          Fr. Tim and your classmate said you did not want him Msgr. Barry to cover up scandals. You want him to bring justice and healing instead. People understand that there will be ‘bad priests’ in the Church. They won’t understand or accept the fact that you (Msgr. B.) treat SECRECY as being more important than justice.

          Msgr. Barry turned ashen white, spun on his heels and stormed out of the room.
          Suffice it to say that the argument lasted for a few days before we each realized that there was no hope of changing the others mind when we dropped the topic in the interests of regaining a sense of peace in the house.*
          I just do not trust the Pembroke Diocese wanting to do give justice to all the clergy abuse victims of Bernard Prince or even Msgr. Robert Borne.

          I’ve lost faith in the Roman Catholic Church but not God.


          • Lina: What is your point? I do not understand why you wrote this long post. How can you come to the conclusion that the clergy alive today do not want justice for these victims? MB is long dead. He has no influence now. Why do you condemn us for his actions – actions we had no influence on changing?

            Fr. Tim

          • P.S. You are right to place your faith in God and not the Church. It is nothing more than His sinful and imperfect instrument until the day of His return. No one should worship the Church… only God.

            Fr. Tim

          • Lina says:

            Yes…this Msgr. Barry is DEAD.

            My point is…this monsignor that you knew said it plainly:

            “No priest ever came to me in a scandal THAT I DIDN’T WORK TO COVER IT UP!”

            But your not dead Fr. Tim and that goes for many other of your brother priests in the Pembroke Diocese. There are alive and must KNOW what’s going on but turned their head the other way for whatever reason or were involved in covering up the criminal acts themselves or knows who covered them up. The excuse I hear from you guys…you heard whispers of rumors.

            Why do you think the clergy abuse victims’s law firm are getting more info and asking more people to come forward to help to get justice for the clergy abuse victims.
            No wonder the victim’s law firm are mentioning the late Fr. Olsen (who died in fire). This priest spoke long ago about this certain priest that died by taking his own life by an overdose. I found out weeks ago an elderly lady that knows this priest’s family friend said, it was by anti-freeze.

            Just because monsignors, priests, nuns &and deacons are dead doesn’t not mean you priests are going to get a free pass getting away from justice.

            Those in the clergy who are alive do have information to go to the police, do the right thing and help the clergy abuse victims.

            Probably most clergy are wishing these predators die before they are known to the public?

            Either way it’s your/clergy’s choice. Do not be surprise a day will come there will be that knock at your/their door or phone call.

            If any clergy member knows something anything about any criminal acts going on in the Pembroke Diocese then and now, go to the police and it wouldn’t hurt get yourself a good lawyer while your at it.

            Show some courage and just do it!


          • Larry Green says:

            Lina, I was well acquainted with Monsignor Barry and I can without any doubt that he was not the type of man who would share any secrets ( especially as serious in nature as the topic in question) with anyone other than the actual people directly involved (ie. perpetrator and victim and/or a lawyer.) He was extremely intelligent methodical and efficient ( unfortunately for victims) in his position within the church. I am also convinced did do a lot , if not most of the covering up within the Pembroke Diocese and who knows , perhaps beyond. But I truly believe that it is a huge mistake to assume that any priest on the basis that they lived with him for any amount of time would or should have known anything substantial with regard to what he knew or his involvement with perverts, victims and lawyers. In fact it is not only a mistake, it is wrong to do because it unjustly places guilt by association and even worse it implies that a certain group of people are evil by virtue of the fact they are priests.
            I am not defending any biased or prejudiced motives for any priest to protect the image of the church but we really must not start throwing stones at innocent people. This type of casting judgement , no matter what group is he recipient – can spiral out of control very quickly and I know that is not your intent Lina but it needs to be avoided.

  26. Tim Dooling says:

    Good response, Lina!
    It is strange how life unfolds.
    A priest took 4 of us altar boys to see the Ordination of Fr. Barry- a long time ago.
    I think I remember (was it Fr. Moyle) saying maybe 2 weeks ago that he was the only Priest in the Diocese of Pembroke that had any testicals?
    Do you think he will start showing that, or just talk about it?

    • Tim: No, I did not post such a comment. I would not be so crass.

      As to whether or not I’ve done my part to ensure that predators are removed, you can take that matter up with the Sûreté du Québec in Campbell’s Bay or the OPP in Pembroke and ask them if I have. I became aware to two predators and reported both to the appropriate Police force. I hasten to add that I acted in complete compliance with the policy of the Diocese which instructs priests to inform both civil and church authorities if we receive such a report. I did nothing exceptional beyond doing what one would do in a similar situation. Every citizen is obliged by law to report any allegations of child abuse that they receive within 24 hrs or risk jail and/or fines. I only did as I was obliged to do.

      Lina: How do you know what the clergy know anything about other predators in our midst? You are throwing out an allegation without evidence to support it. What other priests? Post their names here if you KNOW that they are either predators themselves or enabling others in our ranks. Go to the Police. Tell them if you know something about this. Ask to have an investigation started. If you have no success there, go to the media! Do what needs to be done to bring justice and protection to the children of our diocese. But be prepared to be called upon to explain any evidence you bring to the table. You have to name names, dates and times… and you will have to put your credibility on the line – only because a false allegation can be devastating for everyone concerned.

      You made your statement to your parish with your penny strike. (Thanks for blaming me in your note btw. Nice touch!) Take the next step and bring your allegations to people who can actually do something about it rather than unjustly throwing accusations at an ever dwindling number of faithful, hard working priests. We do not deserve your malice intent whether you’ve lost your faith in the Church or not.

      Forgive me if that sounds harsh. I guess having participated this morning in the 2nd funeral of a member of our clergy in the past two weeks has made me a tad sensitive to people slandering us. Perhaps you might understand how that feels. I understand that you knew Deacon Michael McFarlane whose funeral was celebrated today at the Cathedral did you not? I believe he served in your parish.

      Any way, best wishes for a Merry and Blessed Christmas to both you and Tim.

      Fr. Tim

      • Lina says:

        Fr. Tim you are welcome about that penny campaign advice and as for you saying about Monsignor Barry it is TRUE. I keep a copy of that posting.

        Anyway, I am finish with you. Leave me alone.

        Furthermore, I already stop posting at your website ages ago and I am finish posting at this website now. You must be happy now.

        You wonder why I do not trust priest. It because of you and others like you.

        God help the clergy abuse victims!

      • Lina says:

        Fr. Moyle,

        I know we had our ups and downs in many posting between us.

        As Sylvia said many times emotions run high here at times.

        There is no doubt you did help me in the past. I am grateful.

        But this quote of yours to me: “You made your statement to your parish with your penny strike. Thanks for blaming me in your note btw. Nice touch!”

        Fr. Moyle that message on a card with 2 pennies that was put in my husband and I church’s envelope. Yes, I gave you credit for it.

        You even promoted doing this protest to some folks who are not happy in the way the Roman Catholic Church deals with the clergy abuse victims. That’s where I got the idea. It was from you Fr Tim.

        I remember you posting to a clergy abuse victim right at this site a ‘Brenda Brunelle’ if she wanted too she could go that route. It was up to her.

        There is another poster (a few weeks ago) stated that he also gives two pennies in his church envelope himself.

        Fr. Tim is it a normal practice for a priest to find out what a certain parishioner donates in their church envelopes? To go talk about it to other priests?

        Does my parish priest goes through names how much money this person or that person gives. It makes me wonder, is that what’s it all about Fr. Tim, how much monies comes in?

        I hope you told your brother priest that this penny strike you call it, but I call it, ‘a donation protest’ was an idea coming from you Father. If you said it was not your idea then you will understand why I do not trust you or other priests.

        I’m not ashamed what I did. It was the right thing to do for me.

        Peace to all, that includes you Fr. Tim and also especially to all clergy abuse victims.

        Keep up that courage folks!


        • Lina: I don’t know who counts the collection at Holy Name. I have a committee that does it here (as I do in every parish where I’ve been pastor) because I don’t want to know who gives what. Your pastor wrote to me to let me know that you had used my name in your penny strike. It is not common for priests to discuss collections with each other. Your recent envelope with its letter was the inspiration for our conversation.

          My remark to you earlier (‘thank you’ remark) was because it is usually considered good manners to tell someone before you use their name in that way. I was taken aback as you have lots of ways to contact me to let me know you were taking my advice. I do apologize if my remark was hurtful. I should have done better, but time was short when I wrote. C’est la vie.

          One last point: listen to Larry when he talks above about Msgr. Barry. He has been a long time (life time?) parishioner at the Cathedral and seems to have a very good understanding of the man. Larry will not steer you wrong.

          Best wishes for a happy and peaceful holiday season.

          Fr. Tim

  27. Sylvia says:

    I somehow don’t think there is going to be agreement on this. Everyone has had their say and made their points. Four days to Christmas. No more bickering please.

  28. Lina says:

    I agree, I made my point as well as a few others.

    As for the present time I just do not trust any priests in the Pembroke Diocese.

    For me God is enough.

    Goodnight to all!


  29. Sylvia: Merry Christmas and safe travels this holiday season! I’ll be way too busy to post here over the next few days so you can be assured I won’t be bringing anything to disturb your Christmas peace and quiet. I’ve only had some free time today as I’m waiting out the freezing rain before I return to the parish. It started just as the funeral I was attending in Pembroke ended.

    See you in the New Year.

    Fr. Tim

    • C1 says:

      Lina, you have made good points but be carefull not to fall into the trap Mr. Moyle is setting for you when he asks you to name names on here as this will open you to legal consequences which is what they want, Mr. Moyle in his above comments has clearly stated that he is tired of clergy bashing he has missed the point it is up to the clergy now to prove themselves to us and no it is no longer one bad egg in the basket, there is to many of them now. Believe in God you do not require a priest to do that, 100’s of years ago the catholic church also was corrupt and many people did not stand for it then hence we have many splinter groups starting with the Lutherans. I have said it before Tim Moyle has his own agenda but more importantly the Prince site is a very important source of information and there message for those of us that are within the Pembroke Diocese as it happened in Cornwall as well, it really is time to organize and force an inquiry of some sort for the Pembroke Diocese.

      • 1abandoned sheep says:

        C1, I am glad to see that you are wary of Fr. Moyle’s advice. Why would a Priest, who supposedly is busy within his own Parish, have all this time to spend on blogs? He certaily has an agenda, but, I am not sure we have it figured out yet. Extreme caution should be the wise thing to practice around him.
        I wish you well and the guidance of God in all you do.

      • C1: My caution to Lina was that if she brought allegations to the authorities that she would have to back them up with specifics. I was not referring to her having to justify herself here on this blog.

        I believe that Sylvia has passed along my contact information to you. Feel free to contact me at your convenience if you still want to meet me.

        Merry Christmas and the best holiday wishes to you!

        Fr. Tim

      • Lina says:

        I will respond to you C1. for this post.

        Thank you for the warning about Fr. Tim Moyle.

        I do not understand C1 according Fr. Tim Moyle he would like to me you? It’s none of my business but I do find that a little strange.

        As for the poster that goes by these names: 1. Inhisservice, 2. Evictedbysylvia 3.Lostsheep2011, 4. HappyMartin etc…

        I would be very careful if you ever want to meet him.

        As my husband said: “A leopard doesn’t change his spots.”

        Good luck!


  30. Tom says:

    I think Fr. Moyle is a foolish catholic priest, who has nothing to do as such in his parish? I wonder !? Because he replies to these idiots like 1abandoned Sheep, C1 etc etc. Why can’t be like other priests who do not bother about these people? I wonder

  31. Michel Bertrand says:

    Be quiet priest the whole of any of your discussion is self centered, about money and in defense of your criminal brethren. You should read up on Marcus Crass it depicts your bunch from sinless Beny all the way down to you self-proclaimed princes. Survivors deserve better than you idiotic commentary. No wonder First nation people burnt you fools at the stake. You don’t deserve the time of day. Thank God there is a God and your not it.

  32. Tom says:

    I appreciate your efforts to reach out and help the broken in spirit. I see all of them turn their faces the other away!. Most of them who write here have issues especially with the priests, even with the good priests ,issues with the Catholic Church. No matter how much you try they will condemn you, all priests and the catholic Church. They hate the church and priests in general. Some of them were abused by priests, hate all those who abused thats OK, but they do not leave alone the good ones too. They hate all of them.According to some of them there are no good priests, the catholic church is evil. That is their agenda. So your words of wisdom , advice and comfort have not made any impact on anyone of them.

    • Tim Dooling says:

      Tom, your diagnosis of the situation is about as irrelevant and off the mark as they come.
      In my case, it is because I still love my Church, and have many good friends who also good Priests, that I attack the wayward in the clergy. I think you are a member of the clergy, trying to get brownie points.

      • JG says:

        Just a side note for your comment, below:..”in MY case..”, in MY church..”…Is this not about YOU!!
        Give yourself a rest, the other Tim.

        • Tim Dooling says:

          What a twisted mind you use.

          • JG says:

            Last post of the day, as requested by Sylvia…1,2,3,4 and 5…
            Twisted???…read back one of your posts…you were the one to call others “idiots” on this site…
            Where do you fit Christ in such a statement!!!….
            Get a good mirror and be quiet for a while.Go to the barren lands with Tim…Tim!
            …and don’t bring a gun!!! You are firing in all directions…Questions are easy…it’s the answers you need to look for!
            Peace to you and Merry Christmas.

    • JG says:

      Fool me once, shame on me! Fool me twice,.. fool me a thousand times, fool me a thousand, two thousand years…shame and con”damnation” on you and your church, TOM!…
      Wisdom and Hypocrisy are very different!…
      The church has been “seeding” it’s very poor soil…IT should blame itself for the very poor crop!..
      Tom…call Tim! You deserve each other!…or walk into the “LIGHT” if you can still see it!…


  33. JG says:

    Tim Moyle…

    Please take a break!!
    I have never responded to you as I thought you should be given enough rope…You are trying to be half pregnant…and we all know how foolish that is!!!
    I don’t know what your agenda is but like many others, I am having second thoughts….Maybe it is just that you are insecure, too much time on your hands…I too have noticed your recent comments and your irritation at the constant attacks on clergy…C1 ‘s comments(and 1abandonned sheep)and caution are quite appropriate in the circumstances…

    I went to your site for a peak and your post of your leader’s comments on the state of the “faith in Europe” and comparing it to the third world, Africa…made me gag!!…still going after the ones with less or no resources, less informed about the ways of the “Roman upside down toilet”, the “holy seat” …
    You are not doing your “brothers”any favor…I think you know too much to be out of the loop….Give us all a break from the church BS and go into the desert, or the cold Mettawa wilderness…pray ,suffer, repent and move on with your life if you care the least about abused children and the Evil spawned by your church…
    I’ll listen to your “diversions” if you are ever man enough to wash your spirit of the sickly so called priest.
    You are not ministering for any other reason than to look after your weak little human frailty! You like your hot bowl of soup and your comfortable bed…
    Don’t ever pretend you understand a “crucifixion” with a full belly and many friends who call themselves “priests”…
    Go to the wilderness, lose yourself, and find real Faith…
    ..fix YOUR spirit! Walk away or really get pregnant, one way or the other. Get off the fence , if you were ever on it…
    Merry Christmas to you. …that was insignificantly easy to say!
    There, priest, you and the church have brought out the worst in me!…
    Go away! …or call Tom,or Jon, or ….You are in the same book, on the same page…playing the same games!
    You are all bailing water and not patching the hole in this “Holy”catholic church…

    To all the other “genuine” ,caring souls regularly on this site to help stop the abuse of innocent children, a “Very Merry and Happy Christmas” with your family and friends. If alcohol or drugs have been a part of your time of suffering, spend this Christmas without and you will feel the difference in your life, very soon.
    Believe you are a child of God and not of this Roman parody , and we will all find a higher level of Peace…


  34. Sylvia says:

    Please move further discussions with Father Tim to his website:

  35. Lina says:

    I apologize Sylvia for my part in all this crass mess.

    If I come across any important information I will just e-mail it to you.

    As for going to Fr. Moyle’s website I will pass on that.

    Between my parish priest and Fr. Moyle I just don’t want any interaction with them. It just not making things better for any of us. It just keeps getting worst. For my own mental health, I need to move on and stay clear of them.

    I did not know I needed a courtesy permission from Fr. Moyle to use his name.
    I thought it was just common sense to tell the truth and give credit where I go the idea on that donation protest card.

    I wish both priests well.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Sylvia and to all your family.


    • Cheryl-Helene Thomson says:

      Lina, I hope you didn’t mean that you are really leaving this site of Sylvia’s for good. You didn’t mean that, did you? I find your commentary very helpful, informative, honest, and refreshing, all at once. I think it’s about time that Sylvia directs one person to his own website, blackballing him from this one – rather than advising that those who are incensed by Moyle’s behavior just go visit him on his home turf. It’s like a bartender telling a group, ‘Take it outside.’ That’s not the answer. The answer is to ’86’ the troublemaker.

      Incredibly, today, unbelievably – Moyle came up with another disgusting admission: “Your pastor wrote to me to let me know that you had used my name in your penny strike. It is not common for priests to discuss collections with each other. Your recent envelope with its letter was the inspiration for our conversation.”

      First, a priest should not consent to having such a conversation with another priest, period — let alone saying there was “inspiration” for that conversation in your note in your collection envelope.

      Secondly, a priest who understands what it is to be a priest (Moyle: “I respond to them because as a priest I am called to reach out and serve the broken in spirit…) – what in the world is this priest doing discussing with you on this public website your private information, something that he was told by a third party (another priest, dear God!), which you put in your collection envelope. That is confidential information.

      This Moyle person can spare me his “Merry Christmas, love, peace and joy” bromides.

      Sylvia – ’86’ him please.

  36. Megan says:

    Lina – maybe Fr. Moyle needs to ask those families of the funerals he’s recently presided at if it]s okay to post the names of the deceased all over the blogosphere. I wonder what the gov’t Privacy and Information officers would say about that one if anyone should ever lodge a complaint???

    Fr. Moyle obviously just doesn’t “get it”!!! He needs to stay at his own web site instead of invading Sylvia’s. Enough people on this site have said enough one way or another yet he still doesn’t “get it”.

    Merry Christmas to all and as Suzanne said ‘ SILENT NIGHT – HOLY NIGHT’


    • Megan: You write: “Fr. Moyle needs to ask those families of the funerals he’s recently presided at if it]s okay to post the names of the deceased all over the blogosphere. I wonder what the gov’t Privacy and Information officers would say about that one if anyone should ever lodge a complaint???”

      I respond: What a crock! Provide me with one example. You are a liar and are deliberately maligning me.

      I have as much a right to post here as anyone else. I will continue to do so whether you like it or not. I have not slanders, libeled or hurt a single soul on this blog or mine. You cannot say the same.

      Cheryl: Lina initiated the conversation sweetheart. I only am responding to her questions. I hasten to add that since Lina also posts without giving her identifying information (unlike you and I) I must ask how it’s possible to slander or libel someone who posts anonymously? Do you believe that she is the only Lina in Pembroke?

      And yes… to both of you… and everyone who visits here and possesses enough grace and politeness to accept it… Merry Christmas!

      Fr. Tim

      • Last point: If anyone wants to continue this conversation, please respect Sylvia’s request and post it on my blog. These topics have nothing to do with B. Prince. I understand why she would want to keep these comments relevant to the originating subject.

        So, want to talk about me… do it on my site and don’t pollute these threads. Don’t do it for me. Do it to make Sylvia’s life a little easier.

        Thank you.

        Fr. Tim

      • 1abandoned sheep says:

        Fr.Moyle, you are quite a piece of work! You make all kinds of mistakes in you posts, then have the nerve to lecture others. Other times you deny that you said things like *I was the only Priest in the Diocese with enough balls to do—-whatever*.
        I guess that is the result of trying to be all things to all people. Why not just BUZZ OFF !

  37. Lina says:

    Forgive me Sylvia for this last post for this year.

    1abandoned sheep and all other folks, I do share your anxiety and hurt.

    Fr. Moyle and my parish priest, this terrible that is happening is between them and myself. Do not let it hurt Sylvia’s site.

    I believe the law firm of Ledroit Beckett who represent many Prince’s victims as well as other victims from other priests will eventually get more cases coming to trial.

    The clergy from the Diocese of Pembroke are in for more exposure. They can stay in that denial mode all they want. It still won’t help what is coming ahead for them.

    It’s Christmas Eve and it is a very special time and I will be sharing this day with some family. Nevertheless, my heart hurts because an elderly loved one has been in the hospital since 4 months and is going through a slow dying process. It breaks my heart.

    1abandoned sheep, and all others thank you for your input and support.


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