Posset: Father Henri Posset omi

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Henri Posset (Father Henri Posset omi)

Oblate priest.  Ordained 19 February 1950. Born in Belgium. Allegations of sexual abuse investigated.  Committed suicide.

Picture left:  Wrigley
Caption: [Wrigley.] Fr. Henri Posset, OMI and Chief Julien Yendo who signed Treaty 11 in 1921 at Fort Wrigley, Northwest Territories.






Picture Left: Fort Providence
Caption: Fort Providence. Br. [Brother] O. Marchessault, Br. [Brother] L. Gosseling, Father H. Posset, Father J. Denis, Br. [Brother] Y. Charbonneau. Freddy Cazon, Joseph Duntra, Harry Denerou, George Grossetete, Henry Michel, Leonard Hope, Norman Hodgson, Freddy Diamond, Kenneth Hodgson, Nicholas Sibbeston, Charly Hope. September 1952.


22 October 2010:  BLOG Call it a day

17 November 2010:  BLOG Quiet!


03 January 1993:  died.  Sources in the North say suicide (archives) http://www.archivescanada.ca/english/search/ItemDisplay.asp?sessionKey=1287786286040_206_191_57_212&l=0&v=0&lvl=1&coll=1&rt=1&itm=220948&rsn=S_WWWsaaTY1MSS&all=1&dt=AW+%22father%22+AND+%22henri%22+AND+%22posset%22&spi

1982-1993: Fort Norman (now Tulita), NWT (archives)

1991, 1985-1986:  Fort Norman (CCCD)

1973-1974: address St. Louis Residence, Timmins, Ontario (CCCD)

The address for Residence St. Louis was 515 Cuddihy, C.P. 846, Rouyn, Quebec).  This, whatever it was, was an Oblate facility –  at one time it seems to have been a classical college.  I can not sort out with certainty what it was when Possett was there.

1971-72: Fort Norman, NWT (CCCD)

1956-1981: Fort Simpson, NWT (archives)

“Father Superior” in Lapointe Hall (P) (Lapointe Hall was an Indian Residential School in NWT 1950-1970)

around 1963 or 1964 Posset called a young girl to see him at his office.  When she arrived he led her not to his office but into his bedroom and toward the bed.  She “elbowed” her way out. (P)

1959, 1967:  Fort Simpson (CCCD)

1952-1956:   Fort Providence, NWT (archives)

1950:  moved to Canada. Spent two years in Hay River NWT learning Slavey (archives) (Slavey is an Athabascan language spoken by Slavey First Nations of Canada in the North West Territories.)

19 February 1950:  Ordained (archives)

08 September 1947:   Final vows – Missionary Oblates of Mary Immacualte (omi – “Oblates”) (Oblate communciations)

1944: first vows (with the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate) (archives)

05 May 1925:  Born in Belgium (archives)

10 Responses to Posset: Father Henri Posset omi

  1. northernfancy says:

    Sylvia: Has the woman who recently contacted you (re Possat’s attempt to coerce her into sexual activity in 1963-4)received financial compensation re residential school experience. If you speak with her again, maybe something to bring forward. It appears some settlements have been revisited and compensation added (based on new information provided. I do not know if that is still ongoing. I have no expertise in this area. But I could perhaps assist with providing contacts, upon request.

  2. Sylvia says:

    I’m not sure if she has northerninfancy. I will check and if need be get back to you.

    It’s good for people to know that compensation may still be available

  3. northern.fancy says:

    Update: Survivors – again – identify Oblate Henri Posset as abuser at residential school Fort Simpson. Reports are from female students. Abuse severe. trauma severe.

  4. Sylvia says:

    Can you tell us any more northern fancy?

  5. northern.fancy says:

    It is their story to tell. But I will ask if they wish to share it.

  6. E. Young says:

    Where are these documents located that you reference on this page? I see you are referring to archives, but I am not sure which archives exactly. I am interested in gathering them.
    Thanks very much!

  7. Sylvia says:

    Unfortunately the link to the article has broken E. Young. I did a quick check to see if I could find the page again, but, no luck. I did however post links to the following two blogs from 2010:

    22 October 2010: BLOG Call it a day

    17 November 2010: BLOG Quiet!

  8. Marilyn Robak says:

    My name is Marilyn Robak. I work as a producer with CBC North.
    The United Nations committee on Rights of the Child has given the Vatican until Sept 1/2017 to come up with a policy so the children of priests are treated fairly and given support. I’ve been told Father Posset may have had children with northern women.
    I would like to know how they were treated by the church and Father Posset. If they are willing to talk to me, either on or off the record, please have them e-mail me. marilyn.robak@cbc.ca

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