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Papi 1985 cropped pic

Father Robert Papi, 1985

Priest, Diocese of Peterborough, Ontario.  Ordained 1985.  1991 CONVICTED charges of sex abuse of two 13-year-old boys – 12 month conditional sentence


Bishops of Peterborough Diocese from time of Father Robert Papi`s ordination: James Leonard Doyle  (24 May 1976 – 28 December 2002 ); Nicola de Angelis, C.F.I.C. (28 December 2002  – )


19 June 2013:  He is NOT an ex-priest


The following information is drawn from Canadian Catholic Church Directories (CCCD) which I have available, and media (M)

2012:  Not listed in directory (CCCD)

2011, 2010:  address for an apartment in Edmonton, Alberta (CCCD)

Father Papi essays featured on Peterborough Diocese website c 2010 (Most of the writings by `Fr. Bob Papi` listed in the Peterborough Diocese website seem to be homilies, dating from 1997 to 2002

24 March 2011:  Letter to Editor, National Post

I am not sure if Michael Ignatieff understands that his intent to defeat the budget will cost him much support. Until Stéphane Dion, I supported the Liberals. I was looking forward to 2012, when I was planning to return to the Liberal fold. However, Mr. Ignatieff’s decision to force an unnecessary election at this time means I will vote for stability, i.e., Conservative.
I think it will likely take at least another  decade to repair the damage that Mr. Ignatieff has done.
Robert Papi, Edmonton.

June 2009Father Robert Papi on Big C blog “Faith and Reason: A Theological Marriage)  screen shot 20 June 2013

29 June 2009Rev. Robert Papi from Canada quoted in Justice for Priests and Deacons June `09 letter

 07 July 2008:  Online petition to rescind the Order of Canada from Dr. Henry Morgentaler

Name: Robert Papi on Jul 7, 2008
Your City in Canada: Edmonton
What Canadian Province or Territory: Alberta
Are you Canadian: Yes or No: Yes
Comment: I do not understand how you can dishonour those who have given their lives to enhance Canada by awarding someone with such a disdain for human life.

2002:  Pastor, Our Lady of Lourdes Roman Catholic Church, Cardiff, Ontario (CCCD)

1999:  address for Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic Church, Peterborough, Ontario (Pastor Father Gerard McMahon) (CCCD)

1998, 1996:  200 St. Luke`s Ave., Peterborough, Ontario (CCCD) (this is now a senior citizens home -is that what it was in 2006?  If yes to the latter, was Father Papi serving as a chaplain?

 1995, 1994, 1993, 1991:  address c/o Peterborough diocesan centre (CCCD)

1992-1993:  I have been told that Father Papi spent a good part of the year at Madonna House in the Ottawa Valley.  This must have been where he spent his conditional sentence Guests who were at Madonna House at the time were not told that he was a convicted molester. (P)

22 July 1992:  12 month conditional sentence (M)

08 July 1991:  CONVICTED (M)

March 1990:  charged with two counts of sexual assault (M)

late 80`s:  Pastor at St. Mary of the Assumption Roman Catholic Church, Huntsville, Ontario (Father Robert Papi Psator st St Mary of the Assumption Huntsville in late 80s)



Priest guilty of sex offence

The Montreal Gazette

24 July 1991

HUNTSVILLE, Ont. – A Roman Catholic priest convicted of two counts of sexual interference involving 13-year-old boys has been given a 12-month suspended sentence.

Father Robert Pappi, 46, of Huntsville, was also placed on 12 months probation during a brief appearance in Bracebridge provincial court.

An investigation was carried out by the Muskoka Children’s Aid Society after it received complaints. Pappi was charged in April, 1990.

Pappi was associated with St. Mary’s of Assumption Church in Huntsville, about 125 kilometres north of Barrie in the Muskoka cottage area.


Priest convicted in sex case

The Toronto Star

09 July 1991

BRACEBRIDGE (CP) – A Roman Catholic priest was convicted yesterday of two charges of sexual interference involving 13-year- old boys.

Rev. Robert Pappi, 46, will be sentenced July 22.

He was charged in April, 1990, after the Muskoka Children’s Aid Society received complaints.

Pappi was associated with St. Mary’s of Assumption Church in Huntsville, about 125 kilometres (77 miles) north of Barrie.

He originally faced two charges of sexual assault.


Priest faces sex assault charges

Toronto Star

12 March 1990

HUNTSVILLE (CP) – A Roman Catholic priest has been charged with two counts of sexual assault following a complaint from the Children’s Aid Society, police said today.

Robert Papi, 46, of St. Mary’s of Assumption Church, was charged Friday and is to appear in provincial court in Huntsville on April 18, said provincial police Sergeant Dan St. Michael.

The charges stem from complaints received Jan. 24 from the Muskoka Children’s Aid Society, St. Michael said.

Police released no further information.

Parish members were told yesterday their priest was facing Criminal Code charges and they would soon receive a letter providing more information.

37 Responses to Papi: Father Robert Papi

  1. Sylvia says:

    Does anyone have any further information on Father Robert Papi? As you see, he was convicted in 1991 and by early 2000 at least was Pastor at a church in the Diocese of Peterborough, Ontario.

    At some point in the last few years he relocated to Edmonton, Alberta. Is he functioning as a priest in any capacity in the Archdiocese of Edmonton? Does anyone know?

    • Dawn Snoddon says:

      I have a story about father Papi. I was in senior kindergarten at St Luke school in Downeyville in 1988-89. He used to come into our class and give quarters to kids to come and sit on his lap. I remember being terrified that he would ask me because I was a shy kid and he was a stranger to me. Then I realized that he only ever asked the boys. I didn’t have the faintest idea why at the time. My best friend was the “cutest” boy in the class and he kept pushing for him to come sit on him, which he refused. Our teacher was obivious. My friend told his mother and people in the Downeyville parish started asking questions. It seems that he was moved out of Newfoundland for similar problems, and he was either pushed out or moved by the bishop up to Huntsville after us, weirdly stealing the manse furniture on his way out.

  2. Shirley says:

    In the early 70s (1971 to1975?) he worked for the Ottawa Lower Town Children’s program as a lay person. Before that he was in Newfoundland with the catholic church as a “brother” working toward the priesthood. He was the first one to tell me there was something very wrong going on in Newfoundland and he had got out as he condemned what was going on. He said the church knew about it and condoned or covered up the constant assaults. That was many years before the Cashel inquiry in Newfoundland that broke the strangle hold of the catholic church and it’s priesthood. He was openly gay at that point in Ottawa and I was surprised to learn later that he had gone back to the church and what it had led to. I liked him. He seemed like a decent guy

  3. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    I first met Pappi at St. Helens church in Toronto in 1988. Like Shirley also says, I found him to be sort of okay. Odd that at that first and only meeting, he asked me to pray for him regarding an “upcoming cross” that he would have to bear.
    Little did I know at that time that Fr. Lester DeSousa’s buddy would be facing the criminal courts in a short couple of years.
    The most upsetting thing in this whole charade was that Pappi was assigned to Our Lady of Lourdes parish in Cardiff Ont. following his conviction in Huntsville.
    This was my home parish at the time, so one can begin to understand my anger and resentment at having a convicted paedophile right in my backyard, as a spiritual leader OF MY CHILDREN. Thanks a whole bunch Bishop Doyle!
    I am not surprised Pappi is now in Edmonton. He is in good company. He has Archbishop Richard Smith there to help hide and protect him.
    To add insult to injury, I see that Pappi has now become a loud moral voice on politics and abortion!
    I just wish he would shut the hole in his face, go away and leave us alone. Mike.

  4. Eli Graham says:

    I knew Bob Papi in seminary, St Augustine’s in Toronto, in the early 80’s. At the end of our 2nd year, Cardinal Carter learned that Papi had worked with Dignity, the gay Catholic group, in Ottawa, and Bob had to find a new bishop–thus Peterborough. It was said amongst us that the bishop there would ordain anybody So Papi switched to St Michael’s College and to the Peterborough diocese. While he was at St Augustine’s he edited the newsletter, but would not take part in any social justice activities that might get him in trouble. All of us gay seminarians knew who was straight and who was gay, but we had no idea Bob was into kids. It would have horrified us as much as it would anyone else. Some deluded straight people think all gay men want to sleep with boys. It isn’t true, and such accusations show real homophobia–and stupidity. I did notice about Bob that he had the uncanny ability to turn any subject we were talking about into one about homosexuality. I recall one example where we were discussing a kid who had gotten beat up in the school washroom. Bob was absolutely convinced it was a case of homosexual rape, although there was absolutely no evidence of this. I seriously considered going to the rector, Brian Clough, to tell him about his obsession because I was worried about Bob in the confessional–would every confession he heard end up about being gay? In the event I did not because Bob left for St Michael’s. Me? I finally asked myself why I wanted to be part of an organization that believed I was sick and sinful for something that went to the core of my being. Goodbye Catholic Church, no regrets. When I returned to Toronto from working in Asia in 1994 I called the Peterborough diocese to speak to Bob. They acted like they had never heard of him. This website was quite a surprise That he had gotten into trouble was not such a surprise. Bob’s hypocrisy always amazed me. In seminary he made a big point of refusing to pay for OHIP (Ontario’s health plan) because of its funding of abortions and birth control, (although the diocese was footing all his bills) yet he saw nothing wrong in using OHIP services for free. When I pointed this out to him, he could not understand what I was getting at.

    • 1 abandoned sheep says:

      And the point of your posting is——–?

      • Eli Graham says:

        Is that you, Bob? I think to most people the point is obvious. I was suggesting you are a sleaze-ball and showed it even at St Auggie.

        • Eli Graham says:

          I must say one more thing: For a paedophile priest who escaped richly deserved punishment with a suspended sentence, and after your exposure, was welcomed back as a priest, and now speaks and writes about ethical and moral issues so hypocritically, you have some chutzpah–gall–to describe yourself as “1 abandoned sheep.” To describe you as the wolf rather than a sheep would be to denigrate wolves. You are a disgusting disgrace to all gay men; we don’t want you in our number. Take Mike Fitzgerald’s advice: “Go away and leave us alone.”

  5. Eli Graham says:

    Who lives in the house? The Three Little Pigs. You have named yourself, Bob: You’re a pig. Why won’t you tell us where you are these days? We’d all like to know. Surely you aren’t hiding, are you?

    • 1 abandoned sheep says:

      Eli, my name is NOT Bob, I am not gay, I have 3 sons, one grand-son, and three step-children.
      Your comments are insulting, and actually counter the respect gays like yourself ask for yourselves. What a know-nothing you are !

      • Eli Graham says:

        You may not be Bob Papi, but why don’t I believe the rest of it? My insults are aimed at a paedophile priest I knew personally, and whom I know more about than I have written here. He deserves to be run to ground. My comments “counter the respect gays like yourself ask for yourselves?” That doesn’t make sense. Should the alternative be that I, as a gay man, trivialize what Bob Papi did, and thus further homophobic stereotyping of gay men as all wanting boys for sex? Are you trying to minimalize what he did? Why are you letting him off so easy? Shame on you. “3 sons, one grand-son, and three step-children?” Yeah, sure. I certainly hope you are not gay. If you are, you have a lot of problems. I won’t respond again–you are the know-nothing.

        • PJ says:

          1 abandoned sheep has been on this site for a considerable length of time and what he says about his children etc, is true. Eli Graham, you’re focussing your anger on the wrong person…go read about 1 AS throughout this site to get an idea of how wrong you are about him. You have just started posting here and to attack someone as you are doing is serving no purpose but to make you look bad. Please, EG, direct your feelings and thoughts about the one who harmed you at the one who caused you to suffer. 1AS is not the enemy you are making him out to be.

  6. PJ says:

    I think the two of you have thrown gas on a fire instead of water…I followed this thread thinking that this was a case of mistaken identity and I still believe it. You’re both on the same side (against the abuse caused by pervert collars) but got sidetracked into a downward spiral. Can we try and refocus on the real issue here? Back on the pervert collar?

  7. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    1 abandoned sheep has been on this site for a long time. I agree with PJ in that both you and 1 abandoned sheep seem to be on the same channel, you’re just using different languages!
    I believe that your comments about “stupidity” and “deluded straight people” have pushed a lot of buttons, my own included. Those comments are not necessary in this conversation.
    We all appear to believe the same general gist, so let’s go forward from here. There is a general antipathy toward the church in matters such as you have outlined, and with good reason.
    With regards to the Papi’s, Millers, Labelles, Marshalls, etc. etc. etc., let’s put some pressure on the church to straighten up it’s act, instead of slicing and swiping at each other.
    Take care. Mike.

  8. Eli Graham says:

    Thank you, everyone, for helping me to see the matter more clearly. It WAS mistaken identity: I thought 1AS was Bob Papi, and that was why I saw red. Since he is not, I have no ill-feelings towards him, and I apologize to him. I am sorry if describing homophobic sexual stereotyping by “deluded straight people,” and it being “stupid” offends some. I am not suggesting that all straight people characterize gay men as being into boys, but the fact is that many do and I think that is deluded and stupid, and I take it very personally. With all the anti-gay doings in Russia, Uganda, Nigeria–well, practically everywhere but Canada, Western Europe, and parts of the US–I have become hyper-sensitive to any homophobia. If you are not gay you cannot know the knife-in-the-heart feeling you get when you learn of these anti-gay outrages, and know that you personally are the object of such intense hatred by so much of the world–not unlike the feeling I used to get in the confessional when I was younger–and that bullying, bashing, imprisonment and death are the order of the day for us. Maybe this will help you understand why I lose it completely when I come across a situation like Papi’s. If you are in Canada, go to and watch the documentary “How We Got Gay.” It will show you a lot, especially what it used to be like in Canada.

    • Eli Graham says:

      That is, go to and watch How We Got Gay

      • Lina says:

        Eli from personal experiences (at this website) just talking about gays/homosexuals in the Catholic clergy; people here for many different VALID reasons don’t deal with that subject matter well.

        This was spoken about before and the point that was made then is that we cannot lose sight of the clergy abuse victims’ plight in this complex topic of homosexuality.

        I get what you are saying Eli, as a matter of fact you validated pretty well what I was trying to express a very long time ago here in different ways but I failed miserably. Nevertheless, you Eli have express it very clearly.

        Best wishes to you and peace.


    • 1 abandoned sheep says:

      Cry me a river!

    • PJ says:

      EG: For many many years I hated gays and thought they were child molesters…that was until my wife and a gay co-worker opened my eyes to how horribly wrong I was. Having had that perception of gays=molesters prior to going public about my abuse, I can understand how someone who was abused by a pervert collar can have that same belief. Once I began dealing with what happened to me, I enlightened about how wrong that belief really was. Now I no longer equate gays and molesters as being the same thing…but it took time. I now easily embrace and understand the gay culture (or at least 99% of it) however, it’s a totally different issue when it comes to pervert collars. I despise them all, plus those that defend or hide them…they are the real enemy and should remain the target we all stay focussed on.

      EG, I admire you for manning up about the mistake and extending an olive branch…God bless.

      • Eli Graham says:

        PJ, The olive branch seems to have been cast down at my feet. I can only suspect why.

        You ask me to “direct (my) feelings and thought…at the one who caused (me) to suffer.” I think you are absolutely right. You are all practising Catholics–emotionally invested in making something, in my opinion, fundamentally wrong and harmful, to work. I see the Catholic Church as being more dangerous than, say, the Protestant religious right in the US, only because it is larger and more powerful across the world. The emotion and frustration you must read into my postings above speak to the fact that I do know indeed “who caused me to suffer.”

        I discovered this website quite by accident when I was trying to find out whatever happened to Bob Papi. I had no idea I would learn what I did about him. My emotional reaction was, as you no doubt suspect, more a reaction to the larger question of the Church in general. Papi is only a specific example I focused on. There is no reason to trot out all the reasons I would feel this way–you know them as well as I do. “Why hunt last year’s wolf?” as the saying goes. The difference between us is that you believe that, in spite of the evils it perpetrates, the Church somehow captures the nature of reality in a unique way, and is worthy of being saved–hence your working to expose “pervert collars.” To me it is beyond redemption. Once all the pervert collars have been rounded up you will be left with more fundamental questions to be faced.

        • Sylvia says:

          I assure you Eli that many who frequent Sylvia’S Site are not practicing Catholics. A large number of those who follow the site are victims of clerical sexual abuse – very few will darken the door of a church. Those who follow the site know that I am a practicing Catholic.

          • Lina says:

            I left and stop supporting financially the Catholic Church a few years ago.
            My reasons are a combination of numerous factors such as:
            The female issues always been a concerned with me, the dealings and the betrayals of Catholic clergy especially by one priest, closet gay clergy and the church how they mistreated so many victims and still do to this day.

            At one point I pictured the Catholic clergy in the Pembroke Diocese having this slogan:
            “We are sneaky, we are sly, and we love to lie.”
            I know it’s childish and somewhat unfair of me to have stated that because there must be some Catholic priests in the Pembroke Diocese that this slogan doesn’t apply to them.

            The Catholic Church and I are like a couple who went our separate ways. We are doing much better apart than when we were together.

            The big change is my attitude towards certain clergy abuse victims. The ones who decided to return to the Catholic Church. At one time I would have told them:
            “Why are you being so foolish to let yourself be put in a position to be manipulated and hurt again?”
            Now, IF I WAS ASKED my opinion I would say something like this:
            “If returning to the Catholic Church is what you want, I’m happy it’s working out for you.”

        • PJ says:

          I was abused by a convicted pervert collar and renounced my “faith” in that church long ago. I am a Christian, but not an active church member in any denomination.

          • Miecul says:

            I too was abused by a convicted collar, and left the church for many years(decades). Until I came to the realization that I wasn’t going to be pushed out from a church I loved because of the actions of 1 priest. It would almost be like leaving my entire family, because one person in that family did something unspeakable. It’s not the same analogy but close. I didn’t return to my church for a priest I returned for me and to a teaching (be it right or wrong is someone else’s eye) I believe in. I use to believe that Gays were queers and people to stay away from less he grab you and make you do things like the sick priest did to me. Now I’ve grown up body mind and soul. Gays aren’t like that at all. Gays have as much right to live pray and live in the same church I go to. Do you think that Jesus would really walk by a person knowing he was Gay turn his head and walk by. Don’t think so. Some people like to put Jesus in a box and they know what he will do or won’t do, like they’re best friends. All we can do is live the life, forgive, understand, love and not judge others. It will take the church time to change. Pope Frances denounced the judgment of homosexuals. He stated has stated several times that the Church has no right to interfere spiritually in the lives of gays and lesbians. Though Francis maintained the right of the Church to express opinions on homosexuality, he believed that Christians should not judge or ridicule. This led to The Advocate, a gay rights magazine, naming Francis the ringle most influential person of 2013 on the lives of LGBT people.’

            100 years or so ago everyone knew a black man was bad and didn’t have the smarts a white man had, and they were meant to serve white men. How far have we come and how much farther must we go, to rid ourselves of other that are different. What will it be in another 100 years. Who will be the talk of the world. If you remember nothing else remember what the one of the Pharisees asked Jesus. He was a lawyer and he tried to trick Jesus he asked? . “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the law?” Jesus said to him, “‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ This is the first and great commandment. A second likewise is this, ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ The whole law and the prophets depend on these two commandments.”

            I guess my point is and this is only my option. I hated and was angry for a very long time. I treated girls with little or no respect, in fact I didn’t have any respect for myself let alone anyone else. I have forgiven myself and asked Jesus to forgive me. I will come to point of forgiving my abuse,r because I don’t want to be angry at anyone anymore. It’s was bottled up for so long, it was just a way of life. I’m not there yet. I don’t leave the house much. I want to make changes this year. But first it has to warm up some. Dam it’s been cold here in Northern Ontario. I really hope I can start getting back to some sort of life. I think there are a few who may know what I mean, or have been in the places I’ve been. I do want out.
            God Bless…..

  9. 1 abandoned sheep says:

    Miecul, your post is well expressed, and I would recommend every person who comes to this site to read it !
    We must remember God created EVERY male and female who lives or ever lived.
    We are told to not judge people- but we would not be using the intelligence He gave us if we did not judge their actions. Hence the expression that we are to correct someone we see going astray!
    May God speed your healing!

  10. March 8th says:

    I attended St.Mary’s school in Huntsville ON, and my family was part of the St. Mary’s of Assumption Churches congregation during the time Father Bob (as we called him) spent here in Huntsville.

    I was in the same class as one of the boys molested, although I know none of the details of what exactly happened. In fact, until today, I didn’t know there was more than one victim.

    I hadn’t thought about any of this for some time, and don’t recall ever receiving any explanation from my parents or teachers at St. Mary’s school. I just googled it tonight after watching the movie Spotlight, and was curious to know if Father Bob was convicted, and I know see he was, albeit without suitable punishment.

    The low quality image attached to this article, combined with a Google image search leads me to believe there aren’t any clear images of Father Bob online. I would be happy to scan and post clear images of him here for anyone who would like to put a face to this creature, although I’m not sure what it would accomplish.

  11. Sylvia says:

    Yes, please do scan and send some pictures. I would be happy to post them.

  12. Sylvia says:

    Wonderful! Thank you in advance. Your time efforts will be greatly appreciated by all.

  13. J.A. Child says:

    Mike – Why did you make a point to say Bob was Father Lester DeSousa’s buddy? Just curious what he has to do with this?

  14. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    JA Child – I did not mean to besmirch Lester in any way. I thought the world of Lester when he was at St. Helen’s in Toronto, and he baptized my youngest daughter in a beautiful ceremony. He later left the priesthood, married, and settled in the Kingston area.
    I was introduced to Papi by Fr. DeSousa just prior to the Easter Triduum in 1988, and assumed that they knew each other quite well.
    I am sorry if this assumption on my part has caused any concern. My anger and resentment at Papi being posted to Cardiff Ont. (with no mention of his past) remains.
    He (Papi) certainly should get help and support, but he does not belong in the roman catholic priesthood. Mike.

  15. J.A. Child says:

    Thanks Mike for your reply. I was just worried there was something I didnt know — that Lester was involved in some way, which I would find shocking. I agree with you about Papi. I am very angry and disappointed. Thanks for the clarifying.

  16. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    JA – I’ll take this one step further, if I may. The church lost what could have been a wonderful leader and influential guide when it lost Lester. He really inspired us to do better at St. Helens. It was a difficult parish at the time with two different communities and different backgrounds.
    I am left with very fond memories of him, and what could have been……….. Mike.

  17. josie says:

    On one site a poster stated stop giving the church Money. Stop putting money into the collection plate. God word is free. This church had gone against the bible command for men to be the husband of one wife. This cuurch with its man made law for priests not to marry created this widespread abuse. Even with so many exposes going back to the 1990 s where this abuse became public the church never changed this law. If they can’t change a law for people and keeping their priests from committing disgusting acts of pedophile then why are they not doing it for God who they profess to be representatives of. They clearly prove their not.

  18. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    Once more, I hear about the twisted “leadership” shown by Bishop Doyle! He posted a convicted pedophile to my home parish, with NO warning from him of this priest’s past. My own kids went to this church.
    Now we find out that Doyle was instrumental in hiding away/ abetting “Father” Buckley in his most “Christian” way of life (screwing widows out of their savings).
    Is it any wonder why so many are leaving the church, and is it any wonder why the church is no longer trusted? Mike.

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