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Moreau Montreal Gazette picture

Picture from Montreal Gazette


Daniel Moreau

Priest, Diocese of Saint Hyacinthe, Quebec.  Ordained 1984.  Arrested 07 March 2013 on suspicion of possession of child pornography.

National trainer for the Adventurers Association of Baden-Powell. According to news reports worked with scouts on the South Shore district of Beloeil, Cogeco Nouvelles reported.  Youth group leader.  Webmaster for the Montenach de Beloeil scouts group.

Charged through the Project Spade child porn investigation ( 14 November 2013:  “Child porn bust: Anatomy of an international child pornography investigation” & related articles)

23 May 2017Sentenced to one year in jail –

– was also sentenced to three years probation,  his name is on the sex offender registry, he cannot be in a public place where he’s likely to be in the presence of children, or to hold a job where he would have authority over children,  and can use Internet for work purposes only. (source)


Bishops of  Diocese of Saint Hyancithe, Quebec since Father Daniel Moreau’s ordiantion:  Francois Lapierre pme (16 June 1998 –  ); Louis-de-Gonzague Langevin, M. Afr.  (14 Jul 1979 Appointed – 7 Apr 1998 Retired)


Next court date23 May 2017:  09:30 am, courtroom 01.34, sentencing, Sorel-Tracy Quebec courthouse, Quebec; 26 April 2017:  sentencing hearing, Sorel-Tracy Quebec courthouse, Quebec; 09 June 2013: 2 pm. “orientation,” Sorel-Tracy Quebec courthouse, Quebec; 22 April 2014:  09:30 am, “orientation,”  Sorel-Tracy Quebec courthouse, Quebec ; 25 November 2013:  09:30 am, “orientation,” courtroom 1.34,  Sorel-Tracy Quebec courthouse07 October 2013:  Sorel-Tracy Quebec courthouse; 29 April 2013:  09:30 am, “for orientation statement,” Sorel-Tracy Quebec courthouse ;  29 April 2013:  Sorel-Tracy courthouse, Sorel-Tracy, Quebec ;11 March 2013:  Bail Hearing – 2 pm, Sorel-Tracy courthouse, Sorel-Tracy, Quebec


Media coverage & BLOGS

23 May 2017:  “Prison for the parish priest Daniel Moreau” & original French text

29 April 2017:  BLOG Odds and ends

17 February 2017:  “The priest and former Scout Daniel Moreau pleads guilty” & related article & original French texts

12 March 2013: Catholic priest Daniel Moreau facing child-porn charges released on bail in Sorel-Tracy

11 March 2013:  BLOG Will he get bail?

08 March 2013:  “Priest faces seven child porn charges in Sorel-Tracy, Que.” & related articles


The following information is drawn from Canadian Catholic Church Directories (CCCD) which I have on hand, and media (M)

23 May 2017:  Sentenced to one year in jail (M)

 17 February 2017:  GUILTY plea

11 March 2013:  released on bail with conditions (M)

07 March 2013:  arrested on suspicion of possession of child pornography

2012,  2011, 2010:  Pastor, Saint Joseph Roman Catholic Church in Sorel-Tracy and Saint Pierre Roman Catholic Church in Sorel-Tracey, Quebec (CCCD)

address in index is 300 Du Roi Street,  that of Saint Gabriel Lalemont on Du Roi Street in Sorel-Tracy, Quebec.

2002, 2000, 1999:  Pastor, Saint Eugene Roman Catholic Church, Granby, Quebec (CCCD)

1998, 1997, 1996, 1995, 1994, 1993, 1992:  Pastor, Notre Dame-du-Tres-Saint-Sacrement (Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament), Saint Hyacinthe, Quebec (CCCD)

1991:  address in index that of Saint Maria Gorretti, Boleil, Quebec (Pastor Father Rejean Racine) (CCCD)

1985-86:  address in index that of Saint Mathieu Roman Catholic Church, Boleil, Quebec (Pastor Father Gerard Dupont)



Quebec priest arrested on charge of child pornography

The Ottawa Citizen

08 March 2013

By The Canadian Press March 8, 2013 11:10 AM

SOREL-TRACY, Que. – A Quebec priest has been detained on suspicion of possession of child pornography.

Father Daniel Moreau was arraigned Thursday after being arrested in a church in Sorel-Tracy, northeast of Montreal.

He is due to return to court later today.

Quebec provincial police raided Moreau’s iving quarters after a request from another police force in Canada.

Police allege they found child-pornography material on a computer.


Sorel-Tracy priest Daniel Moreau arrested in child-porn probe

Cuffed Thursday at Saint-Gabriel-Lalemant church, jailed overnight

The Montreal Gazette

08 March 2013

By Jan Ravensbergen, THE GAZETTE

Moreau Montreal Gazette picture

Father Daniel Moreau was arrested Thursday on child pornography charges
Photograph by: Paroisses Ste-Anne / St-Joseph / St-Pierre



MONTREAL — A Roman Catholic parish priest in Sorel-Tracy who was reportedly active in the scouting movement in that region as well as earlier in Beloeil near Montreal may try to obtain a release from behind bars during a court appearance Friday.

Father Daniel Moreau was arrested Thursday, at his church, on suspicion of possession of child pornography.

Believed to be in his mid-50s, the priest was arrested at the Saint-Gabriel-Lalemant church on de Roi St., near Lalement St. in Sorel-Tracy, about 100 kilometres northeast of Montreal.

The TVA network said neighbours looked on in stupefaction as Moreau was taken away in handcuffs and placed in a patrol car, then driven away.

The Sûreté du Québec was acting on a request from a police force outside the province, Sgt. Daniel Thibaudeau of the SQ said.

“This arrest is related to child pornography,” Thibaudeau added. “Computer equipment and data was seized and is being examined by our experts.”

Investigators made the arrest as they were executing a search warrant on Moreau’s living quarters.

Moreau made a brief court appearance, via video conference, Thursday. He was ordered kept in custody, pending another appearance anticipated Friday morning.

Moreau was active in the local scout movement, news reports indicated. Scouts Canada told The Gazette, following a records search, that Moreau had never worked with that arm of the scouting movement. “Father Moreau has had no known connection or history with Scouts Canada,” John Petitti, executive director (marketing and communication) at Scouts Canada, said Friday.

A church website lists Moreau as a national trainer for the Adventurers Association of Baden-Powell, another part of the scouting movement. Moreau had also been working with scouts in the South Shore district of Beloeil, Cogeco Nouvelles reported. Further details weren’t immediately available.

A profile of Moreau on a church website states he is responsible for liturgy at the parishes of Ste-Anne, St-Joseph and St-Pierre. Moreau holds a bachelor’s degree in theology from Université de Sherbrooke, as well as a master’s degree in pastoral studies and a diploma in advanced studies in bioethics. The latter two are from Université de Montréal, according to the website.

He is also listed as dealing with young people aged from 12 to 17, as the priest responsible for a preparation-for-life team. For his diocese, he is shown as responsible for the training of catechism teachers for youth from 11 to 14.

Presse Canadienne contributed to this report.


Sorel-Tracy priest facing child-porn related charges

56-year-old priest worked with church youth group and scouts

CBC News

Posted: Mar 8, 2013 7:25 AM ET

Last Updated: Mar 8, 2013 11:16 AM ET

A priest from Sorel-Tracy has been arrested in connection with the posession and distribution of child pornography.

Daniel Moreau, 56, appeared in court Friday morning for a bail hearing after he was charged Thursday at the Sorel-Tracy courthouse, via video-conferencing.

The Diocese of Saint-Hyacinthe acknowledged Moreau’s charges in a statement released on Friday.

“We deplore and condemn the fact that such acts may have been committed. We understand the distress that such an event can cause within the entire community of Sorel-Tracy, as well as among all those who knew him through his ministry,” said Jean Marc Robillard, vicar general of the diocese.

According to diocese policy, the priest has been automatically relieved of his duties and is no longer permitted to exercise his pastoral ministry.

Moreau led worship at the Ste-Anne, St-Joseph and St-Pierre parishes.

His resumé, which was posted on the parish website but has since been pulled down, lists his work as a scout and church youth group leader. Moreau is also cited as the webmaster for the Montenach de Beloeil scouts group.

Quebec provincial police arrested Moreau on Thursday at a church on Du Roi Street in Sorel-Tracy.

Sûreté du Québec Sgt. Daniel Thibodeau said investigators were tipped off about Moreau by another police force.

Officers seized several computers, which are still being analyzed.

Moreau’s lawyer says he will enter a plea of not guilty. The crown says it plans to oppose his release on bail.


child porn

A priest was arrested in Sorel-Tracy

le journal de montreal

07 March 2013

[This is a google translation – scroll down for the original French text.  Not the google translation reads “facing 55 charges” – I think that should be age 55? ]

Moreau arrest le journal de montreal

Jean-Philippe Morin / Agence QMI
Le prêtre de 55 ans faisant face à des accusations liées à la pornographie juvénile était de retour en cour, le 8 mars 2013, pour subir son enquête sur le cautionnement.


Daniel Moreau, the priest facing 55 charges related to child pornography, appeared Friday morning at the courthouse in Sorel-Tracy.

The priest was arrested Thursday at the church of Saint-Gabriel-Lalemant, following a raid conducted by the Sûreté du Québec.

Daniel Moreau is facing six charges, including two for possession of child pornography. He is also accused of accessing this material to be published and be made accessible. Finally, it will also answer another charge of possession for the purpose of publication.

During his appearance, Mr. Moreau, who is an active member of Scouts in Sorel-Tracy, should try to regain custody pending further proceedings.

In the past, Daniel Moreau was a priest and scoutmaster in Beloeil.

Relieved of his duties

The Diocese of Saint-Hyacinthe has been informed of the arrest of Father Moreau, Thursday, confirmed in a statement that he had been relieved of his duties and that he “can no longer exercise pastoral ministry in any form whatsoever. ”

“We deplore and condemn the fact that such acts may have been committed, said the vicar general of the diocese, Jean Marc Robillard. We understand the distress that such an event can cause within the entire community of Sorel-Tracy, and among all the people who knew him in the exercise of his ministry. ”

The diocese has also pointed out that no other statements will and wishes that “justice continue its work to establish the truth of the facts.”

Surprise in Scout Association

President of the Association of adventurers Baden-Powell Scout organization, is hard to believe that Father Moreau before the courts.

“Nobody, no parent, no children, no one complained, François Ménard said in an interview with Claude Poirier on waves” LCN “. We have no suspicion against this gentleman. ”

He also confirmed that the priest of 55 years has been responsible for a Scout unit in Beloeil and Cowansville.

Mr. Ménard received the news Thursday night. Immediately, Daniel Moreau was suspended these functions within the Scout Movement. The Association of adventurers Baden-Powell also sent a lawyer at the courthouse in Sorel-Tracy, where the accused appears today to learn more about the charges against him and the evidence in folder.

François Ménard noted that the criminal record of each person who is involved in the organization are audited every three years.


4 Responses to Moreau: Father Daniel Moreau

  1. Sylvia says:

    The next court date for Father Daniel Moreau is:

    29 April 2013: 09:30 am, “for orientation statement,” Sorel-Tracy Quebec courthouse

    I really have no idea what “orientation statement” is. I was happy just to get the court date from a very helpful clerk who spoke a little English, – I as most of you know speak no French 🙁

    Can anyone enlighten us as to what an “orientation statement” is?

  2. Sylvia says:

    Father Daniel Moreau’s next court date is:

    25 November 2013: 09:30 am, “orientation,” courtroom 1.34, Sorel-Tracy Quebec courthouse

    Orientation is the French term. This is the period in which Moreau has opportunity to enter a guilty plea. As long as he opts not to do so the case continues to move toward trial – in the process there are usually issues of disclosure and so on which presumably have a bearing on his decision.

    A reminder here that, as we found out recently, Father Moreau’s charges were laid in conjunction with the Project Spade child porn sweep.

  3. Douglas Norman says:

    Nobody complained about Father Daniel Moreau? DUHHHH! Why might that be? Let’s see: the children abused were afraid to tell Mommy and Daddy because of what Mommy an Daddy would do to THEM? That was MY reason for not telling my parents about MY childhood sexual abuse. What if we are not believed? might have gone through the children’s minds. And than Father Daniel might have told them they’ed go to Hell, or some such, if they told their parents about their abuse from the good man of the cloth to keep them from telling Mommy and Daddy. What sickens me is that I met this dude when he was in his Church in Beloeil. I wonder what kind of councel he’d have given me if I told him I was sexually abused at age seven(7). But I don’t want to wonder to much. He disgusts me enough as it is. PS: his church in Beloeil stated that it is a mortal sin to masturbate at the time he was there. Should I really care? I’m not a pedophile after all.

  4. Sylvia says:

    A guilty plea. Virtually four full years after he faced a number of child-porn related charges, a guilty plea:

    17 February 2017: “The priest and former Scout Daniel Moreau pleads guilty” & related article & original French texts

    The next court date for Father Moreau is:

    26 April 2014: sentencing hearing, Sorel-Tracy Quebec courthouse, Quebec

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