McGuire: Father Robert McGuire

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Father Bob McGuire

Priest Archdiocese of St. John, New Brunswick.  Ordained 19 May 2000.  2010:  Investigation by Miramichi police (New Brunswick)  – allegations related to one 15-year-old boy, two 16-year-old boys and one 25-year-old man.  Police investigation commenced March 2010.  February 2012 investigation concluded – no charges laid. The investigation was conducted over a two-year-period. Catholics in the diocese have never been told why Father McGuire suddenly headed off on a leave of absence in March 2010.


 Bishops of the Diocese of St. John, New Brunswick from time of Father McGuire’s ordination:   Joseph Faber MacDonald (23 October 1998 – 09 September 2006 ); Robert Harris (08 May 2007 – – )


09 February 2012: Fr. Tim Moyle: Catholic voices silenced by unfair abuse accusations

06 February 2012:  BLOG Final say

03 February 2012:  BLOG Keeping the flock in the dark


The following information is drawn from Canadian Catholic Church Directories (CCCD) which I have on hand and personal information (P)

February 2012:  files at both Fredericton and Miramichi police forces have been closed.  No charges laid (P)

late 2011:  Fredericton police investigating (P)

teh Diocese of St, John New Brunswick also had a detective agency investigating (P)

27 October to 07 November 2010:  scheduled to lead a pilgrimage to Israel and Egypt (St. Dunstan’s Basilica bulletin 12 August 2010 ;Charlottetown, PEI) I wonder did he carry on and lead the pilgrimage?  Does anyone know?

March  2010:  police investigation commenced by Miramichi police (P)

2004-2010:  Pastor, Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Miramichi (Chatham Head, New Brunswick) with mission  at Most Pure Heart of Mary Parish in Barnaby River(P))

2002-2004:  where was he?

2000-2002:  associate at Sts. John and Paul Roman Catholic Church,  New Maryland, New Brunswick with mission at St. Columba in Fredericton Junction, NB (Pastor Father Ralph McRae)

April 2002: assisting at a funeral

2002:  Sts. John and Paul Roman Catholic Church,  New Maryland, New Brunswick with mission at St. Columba in Fredericton Junction, NB (Pastor Father Ralph McRae) (CCCD)

 19 My 2000:  ORDAINED

1998: entered seminary

working as a ‘behavourist’ at York Central Hospital Association (see below)

1981:  BA St. Thomas University, New Brunswick

“Father Bob McGuire, BA’81, moved to Toronto after graduation and worked in the field of psychology as a behavourist with the York Central Hospital Association. In 1998, he entered the seminary and obtained his Masters of Divinity and Bachelor of Sacred Scripture in 2000. He was ordained to the priesthood on May 19, 2000. He is the pastor in two parishes, Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Chatham Head) and Most Pure Heart of Mary (Barnaby, NB).” (Connections Fall 2008)  (Connections:  St Thomas University Alumni & Friends, Fall 2008)


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  3. M says:

    *From 2000-2002 or so he was in the Boiestown/Doaktown area. He was working at Canadian tire for a while. Interesting personality this man, seems to be bipolar.

  4. J. Robertson says:

    McGuire was posted to St. Gertrude’s Parish in Woodstock, NB after leaving the Southdown facility in Ontario. In 2003, after some disturbing behavior of trying to fire the staff, including the religious Sister working in the parish, McGuire was asked by the parish council to leave St. Gertrude’s. Bishop Faber MacDonald, who was in charge of the Saint John Diocese (not an Archdiocese) approved of McGuire’s departure.

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