Press Release Diocese of Antigonish January 4th, 201

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The trial of Bishop Raymond Lahey has concluded with his sentencing today. This entire matter has caused a great deal of hurt, disappointment and anger within and outisde [sic] of our Diocese.

Church leaders are called to provide good example and to show moral integrity in their lives. When they commit serious moral failures, this can have a significant impact on the faith community. This is especially so when it involves the crime of child pornograhy [sic].

This Diocese is committed to establishing safe and supportive communities for our young people and vulnerable adults. Through the diocesean [sic] Responsible Ministry Protocol, the diocese continues to take steps to create a secure environment for all members of the church particuilarly [sic] with respect to young people.

I regret that so many people have been disturbed and upset by these sad events. As we continue the Celebration of the birth of Our Savious [sic], Jesus Christ, we humbly ask the Prince of Peace for the healing and hope that only He can bring.

+Brian Joseph Dunn

Bishop of Antigonish

2 Responses to Press Release Diocese of Antigonish January 4th, 201

  1. Sylvia says:

    I realize we all make mistakes, but my dear goodness, five typos in this one short press release?! Did no one proof read before this was sent out – in the name of the bishop? Was spell check not turned on? How in the name of Heaven did this statement make it out into the public domain as is?

    That aside, – the content….

    What does Bishop Dunn mean when he says when bishops “commit serious moral failures? Can one COMMIT a “serious moral failure”? One can commit serious crimes, and one can commit serious sins, but, “serious moral failures? How pray tell did Bishop Lahey commit a “serious moral failure”?

    Bishop Dunn says: “I regret that so many people have been disturbed and upset by these sad events.”

    Why would Dunn regret the fact that people are disturbed and upset? Do people not have every right to be disturbed and upset? Is that not a healthy response to Bishop Lahey’s reprehensible behavior, and for that matter, to the grand total of eight months he served in jail for the commission of this presumably abominable crime?

    Would it not make more sense for Bishop Dunn to regret the fact that one of his episcopal peers has been living as a wolf in sheep’s clothing, for years? Would it not make more sense for Bishop Dunn to regret the fact that young boys have been used and abused, and that his, Dunn’s, predecessor got his jollies from looking at those naked boys with rosaries and crucifixes draped around their necks, and those naked boys being hog-tied and beaten, and at picture after picture focusing on those young boys ejaculating and masturbating and engaging in sodomy and/or oral sex? That I think should be cause for very deep episcopal regret.

    Would it not, for that matter make more sense if Bishop Dunn were to express his regrets that Bishop Lahey engaged in one-night stands for years, and then for the more recent ten years was engaged in a long-term homosexual relationship?

    But, Bishop Dunn regrets that “so many people have been disturbed and upset by these sad events.”


  2. deeplybetrayed says:

    Sylvia, I agree totally with your comments regarding Bishop Dunn’s cleverly chosen, empty words re Lahey. The church leaders are expert in turning things around to the congregations in their skillful “religiously loaded” words. Religious words brainswash and paralyze the mind, that’s why so many parishioners will not even hear of the truth of abuse of among many, many priests, bishops, archbishops and cardinals around the world. It’s just too scarey to think it could be this big and this evil and we could be that naive.
    My take is that if the clergy don’t condemn these horrific abuses, then they defend them. That includes the whole institution from the Vatican to the seminaries.
    Lahey went to World Youth Day every year as far as I can remember. There were other priests I know who also went along with him. I honestly don’t think it was to help bring Christ to their hearts.
    I wouldn’t entrust children to them.

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