Man accuses Lahey of abuse

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1310 News (Ottawa)

04 January 2012

1310 News staff  Jan 04, 2012 15:05:18 PM

The public reaction to Raymond Lahey‘s child porn trial has been overwhelming and has come from supporters and people wishing to condemn the former Bishop alike.

His defence lawyer Michael Edelson said Lahey has received hundreds of letters of support and there were women in the courthouse following the trial who claimed to be there in support.

But there has also been outcry, including an outburst in court Wednesday from a man alleging Lahey abused him in 1966 here in Ottawa.

“I was abused by him when I was a kid, about 11 years old,” Roger Touchette told reporters waiting outside the Elgin Street courthouse Wednesday.

This came after his expletive-laden outburst in court where he called Lahey a f***ing demon and yelled, “I’m a survivor!” when the judge called in court security.

“He came here in Ottawa when he was studying here in Ottawa,” said Touchette who said the abuse happened when he was attending the Roman Catholic Church on Sussex Drive.

He said the assault only happened once but he claimed he’s still suffering because of the assault. He said he never knew the name of the priest who he said molested him until he saw Lahey’s face on TV for this child porn case.

He told 1310News he was sure it was him saying, “You don’t forget a person.”

2 Responses to Man accuses Lahey of abuse

  1. Sylvia says:

    Yes, – this man alleges he was sexually abused by Lahey outside Ottawa’s Notre Dame cathedral. I know nothing of the nature of the allegations themselves – my hope here is that this man will now go to police to repeat what he had to say at the Ottawa courthouse.

  2. Sylvia says:

    On another note – to my knowledge there was only one woman in the packed court room who was there supporting Bishop Lahey.

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