Cover letter for “Friends of Father Steve”

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Good afternoon. You are receiving this email from me, as a friend of Father Steve Amesse and as someone who believes in his innocence. I worked closely with Father Steve on the Finance Council of Holy Spirit Parish during the construction of our Church a number of years ago and got to know his character and his devotion to his calling.

Speaking with Father, and others who share the same belief, it became concerning that without the proper professional (legal) and moral support there is a high risk of an innocent man being convicted for something he did not do. As a result, I am one of a number of supporters who have come together to organize efforts with the goal of giving Father Steve the best opportunity to successfully defend against these false allegations. The costs to defend against the charges before him are the sole personal responsibility of Father Steve. There is no financial support from the Archdiocese or related insurance. Those of you that have worked with Father know that he not only gives of himself in his ministry, but he also gives financially to the Church and its needs. The result is Father has no savings or equity with which to pay for the associated legal fees and supporting services.

A brief summary of the situation and the group’s objectives can be found in the attached document. A bank account has been opened in Father’s name to facilitate the fundraising initiative that this group has launched to support Father Steve. For those of you who wish to support Father Steve financially in this defense, can forward cheques to the address noted in the attached information sheet.

I have selected each of you to receive this request as I hope you feel the same way about Father Steve and also believe in his innocence. We also hope that you are able to financially support Father in his efforts to meet the costs of his legal defense.

There is obviously no formal advertising of this campaign and we are totally reliant upon everyone taking the time to forward this information sheet on to your own respective contacts that you feel would want to support Father Steve.

Thank you in advance for your consideration of this request and the continued prayers of support for Father.



Greg Farrell, CPA, CA
President & COO
Giant Tiger Stores Limited | 2480 Walkley Road, Ottawa, ON K1G 6A9 | P: 613-xxx-xxxx| E: xxxxx

24 Responses to Cover letter for “Friends of Father Steve”

  1. just another victim says:

    If a person as a person wants to support someone through either financial or moral support that is their choice. However, stating that he is the president and COO of Giant Tiger Stores really says to me that Giant Tiger is also behind this. I do wonder how those at Giant Tiger feel about having their company name affiliated with this?

    However, as stated by Sylvia if he has no money then legal aid would be able to help him. The victims certainly have no choice of who they get to represent their case. Where is the support for them? Clearly not with this group of people.

  2. How do you know he is innocent says:

    Put your money elsewhere. If I could have a nickel for everytime someone says they think they know someone… do the monitor them 24/7? It hurts to think it, but ask yourself, would a reasonable person think it could be possible for someone to do this and potentially use a position of power to do it? Agree with “Just another victim”. Legal aid can help him and think about the alleged victim as well.
    Can you believe that regardless of innocence or guilt, St. Anne’s Public school has not provided parents any info on how to talk to or handle this general issue with their children. Apparently, it was directed by the school board… another missed opportunity by the church.

  3. l.e.hanna says:

    I find it hard to believe that Giant Tiger is in FACT behind this fundraising – perhaps a check with a Mr. Read – owner – is in order.
    If they are not, then I think it’s more than a bit disingenous to have their name associated with such an undertaking.

  4. Deborah says:

    It makes me physically ill that people can be fooled by master manipulators, which most predator pedaphiles are, to throw away their hard earned money, to support an accused child molester. The catholic church is the richest church in the world and can well afford to pay to protect one of their own (or move him to another parish and become another child’s worst nightmare). It’ s no wonder more victims don’t come forward, knowing they will be victimized again and again. Victims should be awarded for their bravery, for their sacrifice to stop the abuse of other innocents. Sign me a recoveredcatholic!

  5. Mary says:

    Sadly, research confirms there is as much sexual abuse in every faith. I’ve just finish reading of a cover up scandal in a Jewish University. I believe any church is a target for the vulnerable trusting children and their families. Somehow Catholics are expected to be held to a higher standard than any other church and the media runs wild with it. All churches need to realize the destruction they are causing to our children by hiding all these disgusting paedophiles. A regular person wouldn’t have the protection of a religious institution and their funds/fundraising to hide and protect them.

  6. Patrick Boyd says:

    When this case started I was just about to turn seventeen. The next day actually. I am now 18, have graduated high school, played football at university, and probably know more about finance than most of the trolls on this page.

    You people don’t know Father Steve like I did. He was a friend. He was someone I
    looked to for advice. He let me put himself as a reference. The day after the allegations were out. I ran into him at a restaurant. He looked me straight in the eye and told me “you know I didn’t do it”, I replied with “yes”, he replied with “pray for me”. That is an innocent man talking.

    Also, everyone needs to stop hating on Mr. Farrell. You probably have nothing else better to do than hate on a successful man trying to help an innocent man out.

  7. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    Patrick Boyd – so Patrick, you have just turned eighteen and now you have the life experiences and the knowledge to solve all of the world’s problems? Just imagine how smart and well versed you will be when and if you turn 60, eh?
    I guess I must be one of the “trolls’ you are referring to here (I’m really stupid at age 61)
    With all of your wisdom, knowledge, and brilliant finance history, you’ve missed one very important thing. It wasn’t the “trolls” here on this website who laid the criminal charges, my friend. It was the police.
    Now I am sure that with all of your years of life-experiences, brilliant finance experience, etc., you have never seen a “friend” go sour?
    What you have on this site here young man, is a VERY large group of people who have had their souls raped, and have been robbed of a normal life quite often unfortunately by a catholic priest.
    I am one of them.
    I would suggest to you that it is admirable to stand up for a friend, but your swipe at the “trolls” here on this website is unnecessary and completely uncalled for.
    In the years to come, when you’ve grown up, you will perhaps find it in your heart to be a bit more patient when it comes to speaking to a LARGE group of people who have had to walk (and crawl) through this journey. Mike.

  8. Patrick says:

    Mike – I’m deeply saddened to hear about your experiences with the Catholic Church and I want to apologize for stating something so controversial as it does resonate with a lot of the people on this website.

    However, I will not apologize for sticking up for a friend, who has yet to be proven guilty. I will not apologize for being one of the only defendants of Father Steve. I am trying to defend the Catholic Church, because for years, people have taken advantage of these situations to try and dilute the population of Churchgoers for their own political agendas.

    Also, to mock an 18 year old on the basis of his experiences in life does not take into account his education. With which I have the skills to find employment outside of the truck driving industry.

    • 1 abandoned sheep says:

      Patrick, I will be 81 years experienced in a few days.
      Not ancient, but experienced enough to know that some people have a tendency. when they put their foot in their mouth, they repeat the
      egregious mistake and put the other foot in as well. You seem to categorize to make your point, and I will do the same. Have you ever heard the wise saying, do not criticize someone until you have walked a mile in their shoes?
      Until you publicly state you have suffered at the hands of a Pervert Priest, if you THINK you are wise state you , also, have been a victim of one of the most deceitful people on Earth
      Stop looking for people to criticize, and look in a BIG mirror. You will seen a sick person looking back,- and HE looks very sick.

    • Geenda says:

      Patrick you are obviously a kind and loyal friend, who will defend those you care deeply about, that is a truly admirable quality to have and will no doubt serve you well in life. If you scroll through the A to Z reference (on the main page) of priests who molested children you will find so many “good” priests who abused their power and positions to destroy many young lives. People come to this site to seek help and solace in the fact they aren’t alone and there is a sense of relief when a molester priest is charged and removed from any situation involving the vulnerable. Most people who take the time to comment are thoughtful, highly educated and articulate. Believe me when I say no one is happy when yet another priest is charged. Father Steve may not be found guilty but we shouldn’t jump to a conclusion that he is innocent and that those of us on this site are trolling to take him down. Many of us have seen this situation play out in the same way much too often…

      • Thomas says:

        What happened to innocent until proven guilty?

        • JoeB says:

          I have said this before here, but I have no problem saying it again. “Innocent until proven guilty” is an important thing, but that statement is missing something isn’t it?…
          You are innocent until proven guilty in the eyes of the law. That doesn’t apply to public opinion.

        • Sylvia says:

          The way some people interpret it, if police had to comply with “innocent until proven guilty” they’d never be able to lay charges, would they? Thank Heaven that’s not the case!

  9. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    Patrick – you are the one who started the mocking, and you are still doing it. I am sure the trucking industry is way below your standards.
    Go ahead and stick up for a friend, but knock off the holier than thou crap. You have an obviously grossly inflated self-image, that will lessen as you grow up. Mike.

  10. Sylvia says:

    First, Patrick, you do the Church no favour by posting such comments . None!

    You say that you are ” trying to defend the Catholic Church, because for years, people have taken advantage of these situations to try and dilute the population of Churchgoers for their own political agendas.”

    Where in the name of goodness did you ever come up with that? How could anyone take ‘advantage’ of a situation in which a Roman Catholic priest sexually abuses a child, or sexually assaults an adult?

    Please Patrick, take a few days and read through at least a few of the court transcripts and media articles posted here on Sylvia’s Site. The priest who admits he is a molester when he is charged is rare indeed. That is without doubt unfortunate for a priest who MAY be falsely accused, but, the truth is that the typical response of the clerical molester is denial – sadly, many clerical molesters instantly paint their victims as liars, and they allow that to stand for the next two or three years as the charges drag through the courts, and then, at the 11th hour, and usually on the heels of a bit of strenuous plea bargaining, enter a guilty plea. Some continue the denials into trial, and have no difficulty watching their victims being re-victimized on the witness stand. Nor do they have difficulty watching their supporters denigrate the victims.

    Speaking of supporters, there is sad to say many a supporter who loses his/her faith when the ‘guilty’ plea or conviction is announced. And there are also those supporters who insist that the priest is innocent – even after he enters a guilty plea!

    Who would you say is taking advantage of whom?

    Perhaps if clerical molesters were honest, immediately admitted their guilt and thereby spared their victims the horror of being accused of being liars, a denial would mean more? As it stands, and without doubt unfortunately for any priest who may be falsely accused, a denial means nothing. Nothing. If that disturbs you, talk to the lawyers who defend these molesters, and perhaps contact a few of the clerical molesters who so boldly and brazenly lied to their flock, professing their innocence while throwing their victims back under the bus?

    You have a lot to learn Patrick. Pay heed to the voices of those victims who have commented. And, as a Catholic, pray for them.

    • jj says:

      Thank you, Sylvia, for voicing so eloquently what I would have wanted to reply to “Patrick”. You hit several nails on their heads.


      • Sylvia says:

        Thanks jj. I noticed I missed a few words in para five – should read as follows: “Speaking of supporters, there is sad to say many a supporter who loses his/her faith when the ‘guilty’ plea or conviction is announced.”

    • roy says:

      Does going through a trial that brings out the evidence and facts, exposes the cover ups and validates the victims and their stories re-victimize them? Does looking the person who violated you so badly in the face and knowing that they will be forever exposed for the heinous crimes they have committed against you not in some way free you from your past?

      I believe that the victims of Father O’Hanley live every day with the hope that the day will come when they will have their day of reckoning.

      “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” ~ Maya Angelou.

  11. Ev O'Driscoll says:

    Honestly, a lot of these comments make me sick. How would anyone get abused in any manner if it wasn’t done behind a shroud of secrecy? Abusers do not show their true face to anyone but their victims, and you cannot truly “know” people who are capable of such horrible acts, nor can you take their word at face value. I hope Father Steve goes away for a long time. Also, I’m ashamed that Greg Farrell, as a father, would support this man in any way. I imagine he would not be singing the same tune had one of his two daughters been a victim of abuse. Abuse thrives in secrecy. Believe victims.

  12. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    Well said, Ev! I have often thought how I would feel if one of my own children had been sexually assaulted b a priest, or any other human being for that matter. The results would not be a pretty sight.
    My real hope here is, regardless of the findings of the court in this case, that this priest is offered, and accepts graciously, some professional help with his problems. He appears to have many. Mike.

  13. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    Thomas – innocent until prove guilty is ultimately our basic tenet of law. However I think you might be missing the point of most of the posts here.
    Most of the postings, including mine, are not references to the criminal civil guilt or innocence of the accused.
    They ARE postings that reflect the anger and disappointment in the behaviour of a Catholic priest, and the apparent resultant “non-action” by the church’s hierarchy.
    The old “head stuck in the sand” syndrome is no longer accepted, and should not be condoned or enabled by either the laity or the clergy. Mike.

  14. Tim Cote says:

    I met Fr. Steve at St. Pat’s Church noon hour Mass today and said ‘welcome back’ to him and he replied to me that he was glad to be back. God will prevail in all situations.

    • Sylvia says:

      Why in the name of all that’s good and holy would you welcome back a priest who gave a body shaver to a young teenage boy, continued to give monetary gifts to a young boy despite the boy’s objections, worked on the CCCB’s 1992 sex abuse guidelines as a layman but claims he has no idea what grooming is, does not believe that a 14-year old boy is a child, at age 50 became so concerned about his health and fitness that he sought assistance, not from a fitness instructor in the Ottawa area, but from an American body builder whose pornographic pictures grace the pages of gay porn websites?

  15. Geenda says:

    Being found “not guilty” and being Innocent are two different things. and those porn sites where one can find “Eric”? Not for the faint of heart… disgusting hard core content..It is truly a shame that Stephen Amesse would be placed anywhere near youth much less ministering to them…..a sad day..

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