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Brian Boucher

Brian D. Boucher

Father Brian Boucher

Priest, Archdiocese of Montreal, Quebec.  Ordained 07 June 1996 (looks like he was a “late vocation” – he is either 55- or 56- years-old now, therefore was 35 or 36 when ordained.)

Arrested January and February 2017 – facing charges of sexual assault., sexual interference, invitation to sexual touching and breaking and entering dating to between 1994 and 2011 (Police received first compliant in August 2015.  First charge laid 12 January 2017)  Note that the date of 1994 predates his ordination as a priest – he would have been a seminarian at the time.

Has served in Senneville, LaSalle, Dorval, the Town of Mount Royal and downtown Montreal.

March 2019:  sentenced to 8 years for sexual abuse of two boys

08 January 2019GUILTY verdict on  three charges of sexual assault and sexual touching

21 January 2019GUILTY plea to one charge of  sexual interference and one of sexual touching


Archbishops of Montreal from time Father Brian Boucher was ordained:   Jean-Claude Turcotte  (17 March 1990 – 20 March 2012 Retired);  Christian Lépine (20 March 2012  – )

Auxiliary Bishops from time Father Brian Boucher was ordained:  Jude Saint-Antoine ( Auxiliary Bishop: 20 March 1981 – 11 February 2006);  André Rivest (: 27 June 1995 – 19 June 2004); Anthony Mancini ( 18 February 1999 – 18 October 2007) ; Christian Lépine ( 11 July 2011 –  20 March 2012 ) ; Lionel Gendron, P.S.S. ( 11 February 2006 – 28 October 2010) ; André Gazaille ( 11 February 2006 – 11 July 2011) ; Alain Faubert ( 19 April 2016-) ; Thomas Dowd ( 11 July 2011 -) ; Louis Dicaire (18 February 1999 – 19 June 2004) ; Neil E. Willard  ( 27 June 1995 – 25 March 1998)


03 April 2019:  “Man abused by priest launches class action suit against Montreal Catholic archdiocese” & related article

27 March 2019:  “Pedophile priests: Truth-operation at the Archbishopric of Montreal” & original French text

27 March 2019:  Quebec Catholic dioceses tap ex-judge to investigate alleged cases of sexual abuse

25 March 2019:  “Montreal priest sentenced to 8 years for sexually abusing 2 underage boys” & related articles

08 January 2019:  “Montreal priest found guilty of sexual assault, sexual touching” & related articles

22 November 2018:  “Montreal priest takes the stand and denies allegations in sexual abuse trial” & related articles

20 November 2018:  “‘I blocked it out,’ alleged victim testifies in sexual abuse trial of Fr. Brian Boucher” & related article

20 November 2018:  Second man testifies at Montreal priest’s sexual assault trial

19 November 2018:  “Young man testifies that he was abused by Montreal priest Brian Boucher for three years as a teen” & related articles

03 March 2017:   CTV News Video re Father Brian Boucher charged (03 March 2017)



Next court date: 25 March 2019:   Sentencing hearing,  Montreal courthouse, (1 Notre-Dame St E, Montreal )

Verdicts for two separate  trials were rendered 08 January 2019 and 21 January 2019;   TRIAL previously scheduled to start January 2019 commenced  19 November 2019,  at 9:30 am.  There is also a trial scheduled for 21 January 2019.  19 November 2019:  9:30 am, TRIAL, Montreal courthouse, (1 Notre-Dame St E, Montreal );  08 June 2018:  9 am, motion, Montreal courthouse, (1 Notre-Dame St E, Montreal );  4-15 December 2017: Montreal courthouse, (1 Notre-Dame St E, Montreal ) ;14-15 December 2017:  09:30 am, preliminary hearing, Montreal courthouse, (1 Notre-Dame St E, Montreal ) ;08 June 2017:  09:00 am, Montreal courthouse, (1 Notre-Dame St E, Montreal ); 25 May 2017:  09:00 am, Montreal courthouse, (1 Notre-Dame St E, Montreal ); 21 April 2017:  Montreal courthouse, (1 Notre-Dame St E, Montreal )

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Unless otherwise indicated the following information is drawn from copies of the annual Canadian Catholic Church Directories (CCCD) which I have on hand, and  media (M)

March 2019:  sentenced to 8 years for sexual abuse of two boys

21 January 2019:  GUILTY verdict on one count of sexual interference and one of sexual touching

08 January 2019:  GUILTY of sexual assault and sexual touching

19 November 2018:  TRIAL commenced

2017:  not listed in directory index (CCCD)

02 March 2017:  charged with:

Sexual assault.

Sexual interference.

Invitation to sexual touching.

Breaking and entering.

According to media reports is living in a monastery in Montreal’s east end?

01 March 2017:  arrested – charges related to allegations from two more complainants.  According to media reports, is  out on bail, must stay at least 200 metres away from areas where children under the age of 18 may be. (M)

12 January 2017:  Arrested for first time.  Released with promise to appear (M)

2016, 2015:  Address 3015- 4th St.  N.E., Washington, DC  20017-1998 (CCCD)

August 2015:  police receive first complaint.  Police investigation commenced. (M)

2014:  to Washington to study Theology (M)

15 June 2014:  Pastor, Our Lady of the Annunciation Parish, Mount Royal, Quebec.

 Father Brian Boucher comments in Annunciation bulletin

–  according to media reports, abruptly left without finishing his mandate, to go to Washington to study theology (M)

28 August 2014:   Appointments in  the Diocese:    Father Brian Boucher – Pontifical Faculty of the Immaculate Conception Dominican House of Studies (in Washington USA).  (Father Brian Boucher to Dominican House of Studies)  The facility is also known as the Dominican House of Studies, the Priory of the Immaculate Conception.  Tuition fees per semester in 2016 was $8,040.00.  That is tuition only – does not include room and board.)

2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010:   Pastor, Annunciation/Our Lady of the Annunciation Roman Catholic Church, Montreal, Quebec (CCCD)

14 December 2011:  Appointment as Pastor at Annunciation renewed (Father Brian Boucher  renewal as Pastor at Annunciation)

13 & 20 November 2011:  giving talks on the New Roman Missal at Annunciation:

The New Roman Missal: Rev. Brian Boucher will offer a series of talks after the 10 a.m. mass. Nov. 13 and 20. Annunciation Parish, 75 Roosevelt Ave., T.M.R. Details: Regina 514-738-1080 or

(Religion Calendar. Montreal Gazette, 12 November 2011)

17 August 2011:  Appointment as Parochial Administrator at Annunciation. Montreal Quebec (Father Brian Boucher appointed Parochial Admin Annunciation )

12 August 2011:  Appointment as Pastor at Annunciation renewed  (Father Brian Boucher- appointment as Pastor at Annunciation renewed )

08 August 2011:  Appointed Parochial Administrator at Annunciation. Montreal Quebec ( Father Brian Boucher – appointed Parochial Admin. at Annunciation)

09 October 2010:  conducting Bible study on first and third Wednesday of every month at Annunciation Roman Catholic Church. (Religion Calendar, Montreal Gazette, 09 October 2010)

Growing in faith and love through sacred scripture and tradition. Bible study and theological formation and discussion with Rev. Brian Boucher. First and third Wednesday of the month from 7 to 8:30 p.m. until June. Boardroom, Annunciation Parish, 75 Roosevelt Ave. Small fee may apply to cover cost of materials. Contact xxxxxx xxxxxxxl at 514-738-1080 or

08 March 2008:  Conducting women’s Bible study groups at Annunciation (Religion Calendar, Montreal Gazette,  08 March 2008 & 22 March 2008):

  • Women’s Bible study and discussion, every other Tuesday morning until June at Annunciation Parish boardroom in Town of Mount Royal. Free. Led by Rev. Brian Boucher or Pat Lemieux. For more details, call Regina at 514-738-1080 or email
  • Women’s Bible study and discussion, every other Tuesday morning until June at Annunciation Parish boardroom in Town of Mount Royal. Led by Rev. Brian Boucher or Pat Lemieux. Call Regina at 514-738-1080 or email

27 October 2007:   Conducting study/discussion groups at Annunciation Roman Catholic Church, Montreal, Quebec (Religion Calendar, Montreal Gazette, 27 October 2007):

Growing in faith and love. Bible study, faith formation. Every Wednesday evening until June at Annunciation Parish boardroom, T.M.R. Small fee to cover cost of materials. Led by Rev. Brian Boucher. Call Regina 514-738-1080; email

Women’s study and discussion Bible study, faith formation. Every other Tuesday morning until June at Annunciation Parish boardroom in T.M.R. No charge. Led by Father Brian Boucher, Pat Lemieux. Contact Regina at 514-738-1080, or email

2006:  Study group at Annunciation  Roman Catholic Church, Montreal, Quebec (Religion Calendar, Montreal Gazette, 23 December 2006 & 04 November 2006 respectively):

  • Growing in Faith and Love Through the Bible and Tradition, a weekly discussion (until June) at Annunciation Parish Hall, Town of Mount Royal, with Rev. Brian Boucher. Call Beverley at 514-738-1080 or email for more information.
  • Growing in Faith and Love Through the Bible and Tradition, a weekly discussion (until June) at Annunciation Parish Hall, T.M.R., with Rev. Brian Boucher. Call Beverley at 514-738-1080 or email

22 July 2004:  St. Luke’s Roman Catholic Church, and Chaplain at Lakeshore General Hospital (scroll down to “Lakeshore’s spiritual renewal: Expansion of chapel to start by end of summer,” 22 July 2004, Montreal Gazette)

Father Brian Boucher of St. Luke’s parish, who is also the chaplain at the Lakeshore General Hospital, said he was pleased with the proposal.

“It will be bigger than the original chapel – about double the size,” he said, adding that the architect’s plans “look very promising.”

Father Boucher said the chapel will be more of a meditation room, so that people of all faiths can feel at home.

“I suggested that it have no religious symbolism because it’s not a Catholic hospital and we want to be fair to others. This way, everyone will feel comfortable,” he said.

06 May 2004:   pastoral animator (Chaplain) at Lakeshore General Hospital (scroll down to “Coat closet houses chapel” 06 May 2004, Montreal Gazette)

Father Brian Boucher, the Roman Catholic pastoral animator at the hospital, said yesterday his primary responsibility is to ensure patients, visitors and staff have a place available. “We knew the renovations were going to be done and I’ve been assured by the hospital that an adequate space will be found as soon as possible,” he said.

2002:  Catholic Chaplain at McGill University, Montreal, Quebec.

Address 3484 Peel St., Montreal, Quebec ; Phone:  514-398-4106 (CCCD)  That is the address for the Newman Centre at McGill University, Montreal.   The following is an excerpt from “Counting your blessings,”  McGill Reporter 30 May 2002:

Although the chaplains will strive to avoid language that refers to specific religious traditions, all will be bringing their own perspective to their brief participation. Father Brian Boucher, who will address the Health Sciences convocation on May 23, appreciates the universality of the experience for the students and their families.

“As a Catholic priest what I see as beneficial is that regardless of whatever faith tradition the individual holds, we do have a commonality — whether we realize it or not we’re all linked.”

(Father Brian Boucher –  McGill Reporter)

December 2001:  Catholic Chaplain at McGill University.

Referenced in quote in book  as ” Catholic Chaplain at McGill University”  ( The Wearing of the Green:  A History of St. Patrick’s Day (by Mike Cronin, Daryl Adair, hardcover December 2001): 

The Reverend Brian Boucher, a Catholic chaplain at McGill University, argued that ‘despite the merriment associated with St. Patrick’s Day weekend, there is a serious spiritual side to the event based on the patron saint of Ireland.’  He conceded that ‘maybe  over time the social side has predominated, but the roots are highly Christian … The foundation is faith.’   ( Father Brian Boucher chaplain at McGill quote from book on St Patricks Day highlight 2005

March 2000:  Chaplain at McGill University

“Maybe over time the social side has predominated, but the roots are still highly Christian,” Rev. Brian Boucher, Catholic chaplain at McGill University, said yesterday. “The foundation is faith.”

(Scroll down page to 18 March 2000 Montreal Gazette article: “Sure!  It’s a St. Pat’s party:  Family tradition trough 3 cities”)

2000, 1999, 1998, 1997:  St. Jean Brebeuf Roman Catholic Church, La Salle, Quebec  7777 George St., LaSalle, Quebec (Pastor Father Peter Timmins) (CCCD)

07 June 1996:  ORDAINED at St. John Fisher Parish, Pointe Claire, Quebec

according to blogger, was in charge of Youth Group and Sacramental preparation – also visited the elementary school

1994:  sexual abuse charges date back to 1994. before Father Boucher was ordained (M)

–  According to “Tom”  Father Boucher initially attended St. Peter’s Seminary in London Ontario.  At some poit he switched to Grand Séminaire de Montréal.  At the time Fr. Robert Harris, now Archbishop of Saint John N.B.,  was director of vocations for the English sector of the diocese and was also in charge of seminarians who were completing Stages/Internships.

According to a blogger Boucher worked at St. Mary’s Hospital before initiating studies for the priesthood

–  According to “Tom” , Boucher attended St Veronica’s parish in Dorval Quebec


Montreal priest charged with sexual assault spanning 15 years

Global News

02 March 2017

Updated:March 2, 2017 7:13 pm


WATCH ABOVE: A Roman Catholic priest from a parish in Montreal’s Town of Mount Royal has been arrested and charged with multiple accounts of sexual assault and sexual touching. Global’s Amanda Jelowicki reports.

Father Brian Boucher, who started working as the parish priest at a church in Montreal’s Town of Mount Royal (TMR) in 2005, has been charged with several counts of sexual assault and sexual touching against three minors.

He appeared in court Thursday.

The 55-year-old had been heavily involved in all activities at the Our Lady of the Annunciation Church, including helping children with their first communions and confirmations.

In recent years, rumours about inappropriate behaviour started spreading among parishioners.

A publication ban prohibits any details of the case that could identify the victims.

The exterior of Our Lady of the Annunciation Church on Montreal’s TMR region, Thursday, March 2, 2017.

The exterior of Our Lady of the Annunciation Church on Montreal’s TMR region, Thursday, March 2, 2017.

Amanda Jelowicki/Global News

The shocking arrest comes about a year after parishioners started discussing Boucher’s alleged behaviour amongst themselves.

One churchgoer contacted Global News last December to say her sons were scared while doing their catechism, complaining about physical aggression and verbal abuse if they were late.

The mother, who cannot be identified due to the publication ban, said she is also concerned the church tried hiding the allegations, claiming a Westmount priest told her last summer the church had heard sexual assault rumours.

Global News contacted Montreal’s Catholic Archdiocese, which promised a statement on Boucher will come soon.

In 2014, Boucher abruptly left the church, without finishing his mandate, to head to Washington for theological studies.

Global News has learned Boucher is now living in a Catholic monastery in Montreal’s east end.

The church’s Mother Superior, who cannot be named, said Montreal’s archdiocese contacted her two months ago and asked her to look into a priest having some problems.

She said she didn’t ask any questions.

Boucher is now out on bail and must stay at least 200 metres away from areas where children under the age of 18 may be.

He will next appear in court April 21.

© 2017 Global News, a division of Corus Entertainment Inc.


Montreal Catholic priest facing several sex-related charges

Brian Boucher, 56, appeared in court Thursday, was released with conditions

CBC News

Posted: Mar 02, 2017 5:25 PM ETLast Updated: Mar 02, 2017 7:59 PM ET

Brian Boucher was a priest at churches in Senneville, LaSalle, Dorval, Town of Mount Royal and downtown Montreal.Brian Boucher was a priest at churches in Senneville, LaSalle, Dorval, Town of Mount Royal and downtown Montreal. (SPVM)

Brian Boucher, a Roman Catholic priest who has worked at 10 churches in Montreal over the last two decades, has been arrested and charged with several sex-related offences.

The 56-year-old appeared in court Thursday and was charged with:

  • Sexual assault.
  • Sexual interference.
  • Invitation to sexual touching.
  • Breaking and entering.

He was released with several conditions, including having no contact with minors.

Boucher was a priest at several parishes on the island of Montreal from 1985 to 2015. The churches were situated in Senneville, LaSalle, Dorval, the Town of Mount Royal and downtown Montreal. Documents online show he was a parish priest at Our Lady of the Annunciation Parish in TMR.

The alleged incidents took place between 1994 and 2011.

Police say they have reason to believe there are more alleged victims, and they are asking them to come forward by calling 911.

Previous arrest

Acting on a complaint police received in August 2015, Boucher was arrested for a first time on Jan. 12.

He was released, with conditions, on a promise to appear in court. However, Montreal police arrested him again on March 1, after receiving two more complaints.

Police say investigators have been working with the full collaboration of the Archdiocese of Montreal.

In a statement released late Thursday afternoon, the archdiocese urged anyone with information about Boucher to contact police immediately.

“We unequivocally denounce all forms of abuse, whether physical, psychological or sexual; furthermore, anyone practising their faith within the Archdiocese of Montreal must be able to do so in total safety and without fear or misgiving,” Bishop Alain Faubert, auxiliary bishop and vicar general, said in the written statement.

“We would like to reiterate our willingness to do everything to bring the truth to light, and we renew our commitment to ensure that everyone who calls upon or looks to the Church is treated with compassion and respect.”


Police arrest priest for sex crimes in western Montreal; seeking potential victims

CTV NEWS  Montreal

Published Thursday, March 2, 2017 4:53PM EST

Brian BoucherPriest Brian Boucher has been arrested on multiple charges of sex crimes.

Montreal police have arrested a priest on three sexual assault charges related to crimes alleged committed between 1994 and 2011.

Investigators believe Brian Boucher, 56, may have committed more crimes and are asking any other potential victims to come forward.

Boucher appeared in court Thursday to face charges of sexual interference, sexual contact, sexual assault and break and enter. He was released strict under conditions, most notably that he can’t be in the presence of minors.

The suspect was first arrested on Jan. 12, then released with a promise to appear with conditions.

Investigators again arrested him on March 1 in connection with two other complaints.

Police first received complaints about the priest in August 2015, and began their investigation then with the cooperation of the Archdiocese of Montreal.

The suspect attended ten churches between 1985 and 2015, most of them located in the western part of Montreal, specifically: Senneville, LaSalle, Dorval, the Town of Mount Royal and downtown Montreal.

Anyone who has been a victim or who knows someone who may have been a victim of Brian Boucher is asked to contact their local police or call 911.


Press Release: Canada NewsWire

Arraignment of Fr. Brian Boucher – Archdiocese of Montreal Adheres To Zero-Tolerance Policy

Canada NewsWire

3-2-17 6:10 PM EST

MONTREAL, March 2, 2017 /CNW Telbec/ – The Archdiocese of Montreal reacted today to the criminal charges of a sexual nature brought against Fr. Brian Boucher, a diocesan priest. The process leading to his indictment came as a result of close collaboration between diocesan authorities and the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM).

“We unequivocally denounce all forms of abuse, whether physical, psychological or sexual; furthermore, anyone practising their faith within the Archdiocese of Montreal must be able to do so in total safety and without fear or misgiving,” said Bishop Alain Faubert, Auxiliary Bishop and Vicar General. “We would like to acknowledge the courage of those who contacted the Archdiocese to report what they had experienced. They are in our thoughts and prayers, as are their families, loved ones and the communities to which they belong.”

The Archdiocese would like to stress that as soon as its officials received testimony alleging misconduct by Fr. Boucher, every effort was made to shed light on these allegations. Diocesan authorities removed him from all Church ministry, launched an internal investigation, guided the alleged victims through the process, and collaborated with the police by sharing the results of its investigation.

Zero tolerance throughout the Archdiocese of Montreal

In June 2016, Most Rev. Christian Lépine, Archbishop of Montreal, established a service to promote Responsible Pastoral Ministry, charged with ensuring a healthy and safe environment throughout the diocese. Through the decree establishing the service, the Archdiocese of Montreal applies a strict zero-tolerance policy regarding abusive behaviour of a physical, psychological or sexual nature to all those in its employ or acting on its behalf.

“We would like to reiterate our willingness to do everything to bring the truth to light, and we renew our commitment to ensure that everyone who calls upon or looks to the Church is treated with compassion and respect,” concluded Bishop Faubert.

The Archdiocese of Montreal invites anyone with information relevant to the Fr. Boucher case, or any other instance of similar abuse, to contact SPVM investigators immediately. The Archdiocese may also be contacted through a confidential helpline, at 514 925-4321 or by e-mail, at More information can also be found on the Archdiocesan website (

Having full confidence in the judicial process and court proceedings underway and so as not to impede the prosecutors’ work, the Archdiocese of Montreal will make no further comment at this time.

About the Archdiocese of Montreal
Founded in 1836, the diocese of Montreal includes 194 parishes and missions across its territory, which includes the islands of Montreal and Laval, as well as the cities of L’Assomption, Repentigny, Le Gardeur and Saint-Sulpice. Most Rev. Christian Lépine has been Archbishop of Montreal since March 2012.


Lakeshore’s spiritual renewal: Expansion of chapel to start by end of summer

Montreal Gazette

22 July 2004

 Alycia Ambroziak


Coat closet houses chapel

Montreal Gazette (West Island)

06 May 2004

Alycia Ambroziak


Sure! It’s a St. Pat’s party: Family tradition through 3 cities

Montreal Gazette

 18 March 2000


84 Responses to Boucher: Father Brian Boucher

  1. Carol says:

    Prior to ordination, which took place at St. John Fisher Parish in Pointe Claire, he was posted there for his pre-ordination stag and was in charge of the Youth Group and Sacramental Prep. He also visited the elementary school.

  2. John Franklin says:

    What is a pre-ordination stag?

  3. Michele de Gonzague says:

    Brian Boucher worked at St. Mary’s Hospital before beginning his studies to become a priest. There was no indication that he had any sexual problem. He and his twin brother were exemplary employees and were liked by all. I am saddened to hear that he is struggling with this very difficult problem

    • Lisa MacDougall says:

      I have a lot of trouble with this. I will wait to see what the trial reveals. I hope to God there has not been a rush to judgment and I hope the truth is revealed, whatever that is . My thoughts are with all those affected.

      • Michele de Gonzague says:

        Me too, Lisa. That would include Brian?

        • Lisa MacDougall says:

          Yes, sorry Michele, I wasn’t very clear. I replied to your post but meant to comment separately. My ‘trouble with this’ is that Fr. Brian has been charged with sexual assault. I agree with everything you said, but only if he is guilty. I’m going to wait for the evidence.

    • Geenda says:

      “Struggling with this difficult problem”? Tell the innocent complainants he “struggles with this affliction” never mind them, they will almost certainly struggle their entire lives. I HATE that type of thinking especially when these GROWN men are raping, assaulting and otherwise abusing CHILDREN. The accusers had no voice until now and they may or may not be heard over the cries of support for the perpetrators-the whole sordid thing makes me ill.

      • John Franklin says:

        Accused of “….raping…..etc”

      • Michele de Gonzague says:

        I totally hear you and essentially agree with the view you have of the victims. If we are to come to a consensus on how to manage pedophilia, however, we will need to come from an entirely opposite stance. The mind of the Rapist has not yet been studied sufficiently to determine how to manage the impulse that invades the mind. At one time, Father Boucher was also a child. What created his compulsion to assault children? How could his problem have been handled so that he was not able to continue this behavior?
        Although Father Boucher will and must now face the justice system, hating the point of view expressed above and wanting criminal justice for each rapist won’t stop the situation from perpetuating victims. We must begin to want more than justice.

        • Lisa MacDougall says:

          Please let’s wait till he has a chance to address the charges. It certainly doesn’t sound like the priest I knew, but I will pray for the truth to prevail. Until then, I will not judge him. We should not convict when we know so little. It’s not right.

        • Geenda says:

          They are GROWN men, for the most part educated men abusing innocent children, please don’t tell me they are misunderstood because THAT is an affront to the victims and generally horse sh*t.

        • Geenda says:

          Well Michele de Gonzague, I’d like to START with justice, which btw has been a long time coming and often never comes, given the short sentences.

  4. Tom says:

    Brian Boucher attended St Veronica’s parish in Dorval Quebec while he was growing up. He started seminary studies at St Peters Seminary in London Ontario and later switched to complete his studies at the Grand Séminaire de Montréal. I do not know how long he was in London, nor why he switched. He was rather vague whenever he talked about his time at St Peters. While he was at the Grand Séminaire, Fr. Robert Harris was director of vocations for the English sector of the diocese. Harris was also in charge of seminarians who were completing Stages/Internships. Harris would have been directly responsible for Boucher in both capacities and would have played a lead role in recommending his ordination to the Archbishop. Harris is currently Bishop of St John New Brunswick. As indicated by another writer, Boucher would have visited both the Elementary school (St. John Fisher school) as well as St. Thomas High School, both in Pointe-Claire, during the time he was doing his stage/internship at St John Fisher parish prior to his ordination. My prayers go out to all his victims.

    • Mandy says:

      Hi Tom,
      I knew about Boucher going to St. Veronica’s in Dorval, but how did you come to find out about the rest? Anybody a parishioner at Our Lady of the Annunciation? Wonder how Father Clark and the church is handling the fallout from this. Can’t be a happy place right now.

  5. Chris says:

    Clark has never been happier.

    • Chistine says:

      Hi Chris,

      I do not understand how the current pastor can be happy about something like this. Can you please explain?

      The parishioners must be very upset dealing with this and him right now.

  6. Sylvia says:

    The next court date for Father Brian Boucher is:

    25 May 2017: 09:00 am, Montreal courthouse, (1 Notre-Dame St E, Montreal ).

    Please keep the complainants in your prayers.

  7. Sylvia says:

    I think you’re missing a word or two Regina. Was it a funeral?

  8. Luke says:

    Why has there been no update to this site since the 25 May which was supposedly the next court date?

  9. Sylvia says:

    Any assistance you can offer in getting court dates is most welcome Luke.

    Father Brian Boucher had a court date 08 June 2017. It sounds as thought it was “postponed” – not unusual at this stage.

    There is as yet no record of the next court date. I will receive a call back within the next 24 hours. As soon as I hear I will let everyone know and update the page.

    Please keep the complainant in your prayers.

  10. Sylvia says:

    That was quick! Just had a a call back with the next court date. Love it 🙂

    Mark your calendars…

    The next court date for Father Brian Boucher is:

    14-15 December 2017: 09:30 am, preliminary hearing, Montreal courthouse, (1 Notre-Dame St E, Montreal )

    I was actually told that it for a “preliminary investigation” but believe this is a language matter and that it is an fact a preliminary hearing/inquiry.

    The hearing is booked for two days. It should be open to the public. As always, there will be a publication ban on all testimony and evidence, but people are free to to attend. The media can attend but, aside reporting on generalities such as the number of person in attendance, the demeanor and attire of the accused, can not report the specifics of the allegations and so on.

    I encourage those who can do so to attend, both to support the complainant and to learn as the the process unfolds.

    Please keep the complainants in your prayers.

  11. BC says:

    Indeed Sylvia, enquête préliminaire = preliminary hearing.
    Enquête generally means investigation but in certain specific cases it`s (english)translation is different.

  12. Jesse says:

    I was a parishioner at Annunciation in TMR. Fr Brian Boucher played an important role in my leaving the church. He was condescending, self-righteous and divided our community instead of rallying everyone together. A very polarizing figure for many in the parish to be sure. When he first began nearly all alter servers and lecturers were female. Within two years he had alienated most of the females that held roles within the church. Suddenly only male alter servers were ever seen by his side. He also began a youth group that was curiously made up predominantly of males. As well, he changed the process of First Communion. Children had to sleepover for a night in the church basement in order to fully prepare for their First Communion! Many parishioners believed these changes to be off but aside from writing to the Archdiocese what other recourse did people have to denounce this odd behaviour…

  13. Lisa MacDougall says:

    Shame on you Jesse for suggesting something sinister in the sleepover. Pope Francis speaks so often about the grievous sin of gossip, and here is a perfect example! Let the evidence dictate this case! The reality is that all of us, faced with our whole history being exposed to all and our life being analyzed under a microscope would not be happy with some of the things we have said or done, NONE of us. We are not perfect, but when you add gossip and innuendoes to that mixture, then the truth becomes skewed and is traded for character assassination. Our faith teaches us to seek the truth. Gossip has no place here, especially when the stakes are so high. I will pray for the truth, and only the truth. I have zero interest in anything else, as I know if I were being judged I would hope people would do the same for me, and not spend their time misrepresenting my actions or talking about something I may have said in the past that wasn’t nice but has nothing to do with the case at hand.

  14. bobby c. says:

    any updates?? haven’t heard anything new for a very long time..

    • Sylvia says:

      I’ll see what I can find out this week bobby.

        • Sylvia says:

          A TRIAL date has been set for early 2019. There is also one other court-date for this coming June.

          Here are the two dates:

          08 June 2018; (1) 9 am, motion, Montreal courthouse, (1 Notre-Dame St E, Montreal ).

          This court-date is tied into a motion of some sort. I have no idea what the motion is for. Anyone who wishes to attend to find out what is happening is free to do so.

          21 January 2019: (2) 9:30 am, TRIAL, Montreal courthouse, (1 Notre-Dame St E, Montreal ) .

          Sorry, I was unable to find out how long the trial is expected to last, but he is going to trial, the trial date is set and it will commence in January of next year.

  15. Mel says:

    Hi Sylvia,
    What is “Father” Brian doing in the meantime? I believe he is not allowed to preach.. but is he working? Just curious how that works in situations like these?
    *He was our priest who married us 4-1/2 years at The Annunciation Church in TMR…
    We are disheartened (but not that surprised) by all this.
    We hope the truth comes out and if he is guilty, that he will get what he deserves.. Until then, we will pray and wait to see what happens.
    Have a wonderful day.

    • Sylvia says:

      Usually priests who are charged are suspended, or put on a leave of absence or the equivalent. There are exceptions, but in most cases a Bishop/Archbishop does not permit a priest who is charged to function as a priest until the charges have been settled, either with a conviction, a guilty plea, withdrawal of charges, a stay, or an acquittal.

      How he fills his days pending trial I have no idea.

  16. Melani says:

    I was told there is a Nov. 23 court date regarding alleged offences at Annunciation parish. Does anyone have any information?


  17. Jesse says:

    Here it is in black and white:

    This gets me so upset. Us, young teenagers at the time, knew that there was something off about Boucher while at Annunciation. My friends and I suspected something might have been going on, but what did we really know… I wish I could have done or said something more. What a vile, disgusting man.

  18. Geenda says:

    Seriously disturbing…

  19. Mel says:

    Found guilty! What a garbage human being.

  20. BC says:

    Father Boucher plead guilty to two charges: sexual interference and invitation to sexual touching involving a victim no.2 today. see here:
    Earlier this month, Father Boucher had been convicted on three counts: sexual assault, sexual interference and sexual touching involving a victim no.1
    See here:

  21. Mel says:

    Who’s paying for Boucher’s lawyer/legal fees?

  22. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    Lisa – the verdict is in. Any thoughts? Mike.

  23. BC says:

    Radio-Canada reported yesterday that there was a 3rd alleged victim in the second trial. source here:
    Indeed Father Boucher had also been charged with one count (under 348 (1) (ii) ??)
    of breaking and entering a place with intent to commit a sexual assault. This charge was abandoned however alleged victim no.3 did not mind it as he/she was satisfied with the guilty plea in the second case and the verdict in the first case and the victim was relieved of not having to testify in court.

    According to coverage in LaPresse yesterday source here:
    Crown attorney Annabelle Sheppard said:- the accused (i.e. Father Boucher) «Selon les faits exposés lors du premier procès, et selon le témoignage rendu par le plaignant, il a décidé de plaider coupable, reconnaissant maintenant les faits qui ont été niés lors du premier procès» translation: Given the evidence presented during the first trial and because of the testimony given by the complainant, he (i.e. Father Boucher) decided to plead guilty, now acknowledging the facts he had denied during the first trial.

    Penaud: it is a french word that means sheepish; ashamed.
    According to
    Father Boucher was sheepish when he answered; – yes when he was interrogated if he had sexual contacts with a boy between 1995 and 1998.

  24. Lisa says:

    Mike- Yes, deeply, disturbing and upsetting. I will say, however, that I stand by what I said, that we should always wait until a person has an opportunity to defend themselves, and we shouldn’t speak gossip and engage in character assassination, at any time, but particularly when so much is at stake. I have no doubt the verdict was correct, and his guilty plea confirms this. I pray for all those who have, and continue to suffer as a result. I must say, as well, that until the trial, I was unaware of the severity of the charges, but if truth be told, had I known, I think I would have been pretty sure he didn’t. Maybe I would feel that way about everyone, I don’t know. That scares me. I can’t begin to explain that, other than to say my confidence in my ability to judge a person’s character is gone. I ask myself how do we protect these children, how?
    I very much want to know what exactly the Archdiocese knew, and when. There is a big gap between the late 1990s and 2011. With the revelations over the summer, I hope that every diocese is throughly examined. I love the Catholic Church, but sadly I have little faith in those who lead it, with the exception of Pope Francis, who I genuinely belief wants to fix what appears to be a massive problem of abuse and coverup within our church walls.

  25. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    Lisa – thank you for your genuine and sincere response. I know only too well the difficulty you have in accepting these matters. I admire anyone who has reasoned faith, but I cannot/will not accept blind faith in an organization has demonstrated to the world so well their inability/unwillingness to police themselves.
    In my own case, I have been vilified by loyal Roman Catholics as a liar and a scammer. Only after four more victims of Henry Maloney came forward have they pulled their heads out of the holy sand.
    I would ask that you really take a long hard look at Pope Francis. Either he is one of the stupidest, most ill-informed popes ever or he is grossly misrepresenting himself. There is no grey area here. Take a look at McCarrick, O’Brien, Wuerl, Zanchetta, Barros, Karadima, etc. etc. etc.
    Please do not be afraid of the truth! It is what makes someone like you great! I don’t think you have lost any ability to see a person’s real character. You sound like a really sincere nice person. And yes, keep praying. Mike.

    • Lisa says:

      Mike- Please understand that I think anyone, anyone who is aware of abuse and closes their eyes and rolls over is equally as guilty as the perpetrator, if not more. I am sadly accepting that within our Church this must not be as rare as I had thought. I genuinely believe, that of all people, Pope Francis, by his very words in Chile, criticizing those attacking the bishops, is the right guy. Why? Precisely because, unlike the other bishops and dioceses who so cleverly ‘support’ the victims, he called out the crowd, because that is what he believed, according to the information he was given. No PR release there. He trusted and was deceived, he was not the deceiver. Further, he genuinely provided an apology to one of the victims from Chile who wrote to him after his visit, and he apologized to the world for his shortcoming in this tragic issue, unlike the “I’m sorry if “and the “I’m sorry but” bishops covering for themselves that we watched this summer. I think it is overwhelming for him, but I really believe he is the guy. Maybe I feel that way because I too feel I’ve been naive to the severity of it, and I recognize his responses in me. I want us all to take back our Church, by ridding her of all who in the name of God harm or ignore the silent cries of our children. I’m with him Mike, but I promise, not blindly. 🙂

  26. B says:


    I admire you for your willingness to change your mind about a sexual predator after hearing the verdict, and to admit that your confidence in your ability to judge someone’s character is shaken. That shows amazing strength.

    One problem with child molesters is that they present themselves very differently to adults than they do to children, and differently again to vulnerable children under their control. They even hide their deviant sides from themselves, so it is very hard to get a read on them–only on the persona that they show to others. People who do not want to contemplate child abuse therefore persuade themselves that the facade must be genuine, preferring to believe that the child victims must be liars–thereby compounding the abuse.

    As you ask, how do we protect the children? Generally it takes several decades after being molested before children are finally able to process and then speak about their abuse; also, a minority of pedophiles actually admit to their crimes. (I am curious: how would you have reacted if Bouchard had continued to protest his innocence?)

    In the meantime, how are people to deal with their feeling that something is “off” with their priest, or that they are troubled by something they have seen or heard, unless they start asking around? Is this really “gossip?” If you heard unsavoury stories about your child’s priest/teacher/coach, wouldn’t you quickly try to get to the bottom of them for the safety of your child and others?

    • BC says:

      When he started hearing rumors about Father Boucher Bishop Thomas Dowd immediately began his own inquiry; even though no victim(s) had come forward with a complaint. Bishop Dowd kept reminding himself everyday during his inquiry “I refuse to screw this up.” source here:

      This process cost Bishop Dowd personnally as on the day his own father (i.e. dad) died he had to chose between a first opportunity to meet with a skeptical victim or be with his dad one last time. Bishop Dowd chose to go meet the victim. Eventually, he went with that victim to the police and handed over his 250 page report of his own findings regarding Father Boucher.

      You can hear Bishop Dowd`s statement at the courthouse immediately following Father Boucher`s sentencing hearing here:

      The Father Boucher case is cited as one of the reasons why the Dioceses of Montreal, Saint-Jérôme, Valleyfield, Saint-Jean-Longueuil and Joliette
      have retained the services of former justice Anne-Marie Trahan who along with a team of a dozen of investigators have been given carte-blanche to investigate clerical abuse in these Church institutions.

      • Leona says:

        Wow! Can you imagine if all of our bishops and archbishops we have dealt with made public statements like this after a predator in their midst had been exposed? Such healing words. “Today is your day … The rest of your life belongs to you.”

        • bc says:

          No need to imagine it Leona.
          Raymond Lahey, the defrocked and former Bishop of Antigonish was cool as a cucumber when he was advocating for victims in his Diocese… until he got caught with child pornography. Theodore Edgar McCarrick also defrocked and has been Cardinal even advocated for the lifting of statutes of limitations to allow victims to file complaints. Cardinal Pell came up with his own victim assistance scheme. There are plenty of other examples of Bishops acting like they`re the good guys. The Bishop of Rome, is getting away with his cover-up in Argentina. It’s part of their job descriptions. These are not shepherds. These are operators of slaughterhouses.
          And now, virtually every Archdiocese in Québec are setting up their fake investigations because Bishops have all figured out that if their own lawyers uncover any dirt on them that this information will be protected by attorney/client privilege.

      • Sylvia says:

        Thank you BC. I just now did the google translate and posted it:

        27 March 2019:  “Pedophile priests: Truth-operation at the Archbishopric of Montreal” & original French text 

        I certainly commend Bishop Dowd for the role he played in bringing Father Boucher to justice, going so far as to not only gain the trust of the victim, but also accompanying him to the police station. Amazing! Would that every victim could have the good fortune of encountering such compassion, kindness and understanding from their bishop. Let’s pray that other bishops follow suit.

        That said, I feel the need to find out a little more about this retired-judge-led investigation. I have many questions, not the least of which is: will the names of every priest found to have been credibly accused and/or convicted be made public?

        Also, did I miss mention of plans to defrock Father Boucher? I don’t see that anywhere, nut perhaps it got lost in translation?

        • bc says:

          No names will be disclosed Sylvia (Montreal audit). Statistics only. Excluding religious congregations which in Québec were indistinguishable from government and were virtually all involved in education, health-care and social services until the mid-1970’s.

  27. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    I’m humbled by Bishop Dowd’s sincerity. Perhaps his superiors in the Vatican will follow his example. I am sending a personal letter to the Bishop. Mike.

  28. Leona says:

    I am getting calls from the media looking for survivors from Montreal who would be willing to speak to share their thoughts regarding the Quebec dioceses announcement today. Is there anyone who is willing?

  29. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    I have just finished a very long and emotional conversation with Bishop Thomas Dowd. Not only did he answer my letter, but went twenty steps further!!
    If I may, I would urge victims of clergy sexual abuse, and indeed anyone who reads this regardless of your state in life, to please view the Bishop’s press interview above posted by “BC”. This man has integrity, compassion, and an absolutely hilarious sense of humour that is SO refreshing.
    I would also suggest that you feel free to correspond with the Bishop. He answers everyone! I believe he could be the focus of a new “Re-evangelization” that we all so desperately need. He also needs our prayers…

    Bishop Thomas Dowd,
    Archdiocese of Montreal,
    Our Lady o Fatima Parish,
    1071 Rue de la Cathedrale,
    Montreal QC.


  30. Sylvia says:

    I am happy for you Mike!

  31. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    Thank you Sylvia. Indeed, I am happy for all of us, with this tiny little mustard seed falling on fertile soil!
    If only the rest of them could emulate Bishop Dowd with sincerity……………Mike.

  32. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    BC – at the risk of being the “devil’s advocate”, is it just possible that Bishop Thomas Dowd is sincere in his mission, and could possibly be the beginning of something new?
    It would be my hope that he could be a powerful influence over the “rot” that he referred to – could this be a starting point? Mike.

  33. bc says:

    One of Father Boucher`s victims is petitioning the court to represent a class action suit against the Archbishop of Montreal and la Corporation archiépiscopale catholique romaine de Montréal for it`s vicarious liability in cases of clerical abuse since 1940. Arsenault Dufresne Wee is the legal firm to contact . Father Boucher`s victim in particular is seeking 600K in damages.

  34. 1yellowknife says:

    I am “with you”, Mike Fitzgerald. In reading about your phone conversation with Bishop Dowd, I cried. As cautiously hopeful as you are, most likely.

  35. bc says:

    Montreal archdiocese’s internal investigation held in building where man had been abused by priest as a child.

  36. Natasha says:

    All of those who supported Dowd need to rethink their position.
    In fact, while seeming to be the ‘perfect’ advocate for the victim on the outside, he was, ironically, behind closed doors, arranging for his re-victimization all over again. There was no need for the interrogation. It was a civil matter. It was not up to a bunch of clergy to vet this man’s story, for any reason. I feel badly for A.B. and more so for any other victims. I know I would think twice about confiding in a bishop who would share my private information with, by all accounts, 9 other clergy, and who would arrange such a meeting at all. Shame.

  37. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    Natasha – I appreciate your suggestion regarding taking a second look at this matter and Bishop Thomas Dowd.
    I have done so, and it appears to me that one needs to hear all sides of this matter before judgement.
    There is MUCH more to this case. Mike.

    • Natasha says:

      Yes, there is. The problem is that the truth lies the shadows, and that is where the pedophile priests thrive.

      I am not sure how Dowd could defend this interrogation at all. Even a meeting between Dowd and one member of the clergy and A.B. could be construed as being an interrogation. The bottom line is that it was a civil matter and the church had no right to conduct its own ‘audit’ of the situation. Church and state are separate for a reason.

      Dowd had collected his 250 pages of evidence, which he shared probably without permission, to the rest of the clergy at that meeting. He did turn it over to the police, but why take that extra step of having A.B. sit before a church jury, so to speak?

      In the end, Dowd could have owned that he failed A.B. We were rooting for him, for a new church, and then we were punched in the gut when we read this article. Many of us said, of course, what do you expect? It is the typical pattern of finding out that the truth lies in those very dark shadows. And that truth involves rape or lying or hypocrisy, and nothing good.

      Instead, he has defended his own actions and placed the blame on the CBC. Once again we are faced with a clergyman who is hiding something. He claims conveniently that it has to do with a lawsuit. Yet, he was quick to admit he was not at the interrogation. Not so quick to admit that he had organized it so was just as guilty, mind you. So he will comment when it suits his purpose.

      Sadly, his whole reaction has shown that he more interested in self-promotion (pointing out how he great he was at handling it) and in self-preservation than A.B.s emotional pain. Oh, Dowd pays lip service to it, but his actions and his words do not match.

      Isn’t that what we are trying to avoid? Words and actions not matching? Priests who denounce homosexuality who are gay? Priests who champion Jesus’ values but who rape children? If Dowd wanted to be the new face of the church, and to continue the good work he seemed to be doing in advocating for the victim, how can we trust him when he is reverting to the very same behaviour that has caused a problem with church credibility in the first place.

      In fact, I believe that he should own what he did and admit that he was wrong, and ask for patience and forgiveness (which he would get because who doesn’t want to support a priest who is genuinely trying) or resign.

  38. bc says:

    The bad news is: still no replacement for pro-church/independantly Catholic investigator who died last summer to conduct Montreal Diocese’s latest cover-up of it’s past cover-ups…

    But all the faithful will be getting a Brand New 2020 Cadillac Cover-Up:

    • Phil Johnson says:

      That is par for the course with that church. Maddening to read the article and the only good point in it was his 8 year sentence…hopefully his karma awaits him in prison. Kudos to the victims for having the courage to come forward and to the parishioners who tried to stop this pervert collar decades earlier.

  39. bc says:

    I agree Phil.
    There is no ongoing independent inquiry and there is no independent audit of clerical abusers in the Diocese of Montreal. Any lawyer (including a former justice); is legally obligated to uphold the rights of his/her clients. The hiring of ex-justices by the Diocese of Montreal is a public relations stunt designed to mislead the faithful that jurists who had a duty to be impartial while sitting on the bench still have a legal duty of impartiality when they are retained to work for a client. On the contrary: lawyers must zealously represent the interests of their clients when retained to do so. Fortunately the media doesn’t trust the Diocese of Montreal. The audit of clerical abusers will remain secret and as such it is self-refuting as an instrument for truth.
    It`s secrecy is disordered: the cover-up of clerical abuse is not a remedy for the cover-up of clerical abuse. The remedy is exposure. The fake inquiry into Father Boucher is designed to revision history and clear Bishop Lépine`s name who won’t be stepping down from his function while the inquiry is ongoing because he needs to control this process which is designed to serve him. The conclusion will be that Lépine didn`t know that Boucher presented a foreseeable risk to AB and/or other Father Boucher victims who haven’t come forward yet. That conclusion will satisfy the Holy See that Bishop Lépine shouldn`t be put on trial for being a cover-up Bishop. The result is known: Father Boucher was a monster; Bishop Dowd is the hero of his own role playing game; Bishop Lépine won`t need a visitation from Rome.

    Justice; iūs; which is the saying of that which is right cannot be silenced.

  40. Natasha says:

    Bishop Dowd is the hero of his own role playing game

    I am not sure what you mean by this, but I hope it is not meant to be complimentary. He did what only Kevin Spacey has done and used a personal detail to obscure and detract from the true victim. Dowd made himself out to be blameless because he too was allegedly abused so how could he have done anything other than be the true hero? If this abuse is true, and I am sure it probably is, that is devastating and I am sorry that it happened to him, but to use it to gain credibility for his (mis)handling of the situation is abhorrent and reeks of the very clergical privilege the whole abuse scandal is based on.

  41. bc says:

    Le Devoir newspaper reporting this morning that the Diocese of Montreal’s Bishops did nothing about an audit promised 18 months ago to look into clerical abuse. They are now promising a news update on why they did nothing about it in which they will promise to do something about doing nothing about it.

    • Phil Johnson says:

      That church and its pervert collars will do nothing to support victims, and do everything to stall, denigrate and deny…typical behaviour so nothing new here.

  42. Phil Johnson says:

    A scathing update on this pervert and the heads of the diocese who hid him for years, moved him from parish to parish, and proclaimed his innocence!

    • bc says:

      Indeed the public version of the report is here:

      The Diocese of Montreal covered-up for Brian Boucher for 30 years.
      It`s cover-up involves the destruction and theft of files on Boucher. The paper shredders were overheating during Cardinal Jean-Claude Turcotte’s regime.
      All of those involved in the cover-up according to the report are either dead and/or retired. No one who is living and/or actively involved in the Diocese will face any consequences for his/her actions. The buck will stop nowhere.
      As Bishop Lepine states: – “The goal is not to point fingers but to uncover the gaps and deficiencies in our structures and policies, so that we can make the necessary changes” It’s business as usual at the Diocese of Montreal where all are encouraged to continue to cover-up for clerical abuse without any fear of any consequence whatsoever.

  43. bc says:

    Munich Cardinal Reinhard Marx has said he regards the decision not to publish an investigation into clergy sexual abuse undertaken by the Cologne Archdiocese as “devastating” for the entire Catholic Church.

    Meanwhile in the Diocese of Montreal which doesn`t care about the entire Church, secrecy is the prime directive: Bishop Lépine will never publish the names of clerical perverts that it keeps secret in his no names audit of clerical perverts. Because his boss Cardinal Ouellet wouldn`t have it.

    • Phil Johnson says:

      Does this really surprise you?? That church, its perverts and protectors are all complicit in covering up their crimes. They will have to answer to our creator for their horrible actions…damn them all who participate in these deplorable actions.

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