Disgraced priest Yvon Arsenault will plead not guilty to new sex charge

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Arsenault is already in prison for molesting 9 young boys when he was priest in the 1970s

CBC News

Posted: Aug 03, 2017 12:24 PM ATLast Updated: Aug 03, 2017 2:52 PM AT

By Gabrielle Fahmy, 

Yvon Arsenault, in a picture from February 2017, before he was incarcerated for molesting 9 boys while serving as a catholic priest.

Yvon Arsenault, in a picture from February 2017, before he was incarcerated for molesting 9 boys while serving as a catholic priest. (CBC)

Disgraced catholic priest Yvon Arsenault will pleading not guilty to a new charge of indecent assault.

Arsenault is already serving four years behind bars. He was sentenced in February after he pleaded guilty to molesting nine young boys in the seventies, when he was priest around Shediac and Collette.

The boys were all between nine and 17 years-old

Arsenault was almost unrecognizable as he appeared in Moncton provincial court Thursday to elect a mode of trial in front of judge Troy Sweet.

He looked around the courtroom appearing confused after being brought in to the prisoner’s box by a sheriff.

He was wearing a blue T-shirt, had grown a beard and appeared heavier since going to prison.

Yvon Arsenault

Father Yvon Arsenault faced several sex scandals before being removed from the Moncton Diocese in 2013. (CBC)

Arsenault chose to be tried by judge and jury on the new charge. The case will go to the Court of Queen’s Bench, where his lawyer Gilles Lemieux said Arsenault will officially enter the plea.

A date for a preliminary hearing will be set next week.

In May, a 10th alleged victim came forward with an allegation against the 75-year-old former priest.

The man alleged that the abuse happened between 1970 and 1973 in Shediac. He cannot be identified because of a publication ban protecting his identity.

Arsenault was removed from his church functions by the archdiocese in 2012, when the first allegations came out.

In addition to the criminal charges, about a dozen civil lawsuits are pending against him related to sex crimes.

21 Responses to Disgraced priest Yvon Arsenault will plead not guilty to new sex charge

  1. Jean-Louis says:

    Here we go… Is he going to make this alleged victim wait another three plus years before pleading guilty at the 11th hour, like he did in October 2016?

    At least this time, if he survives long enough to get to the end of this saga, he should get his affairs in order so that he doesn’t make everyone wait another four months to “help someone with their healthcare”…

    May he continue to rot.

  2. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    I really believe that Arsenault looks on these matters as somewhat of a joke. I don’t believe that he really knows what he has done is wrong.
    Every time I see his picture, he has the same condescending smirk on his face, indicating to me at least that he may be slightly removed from reality.
    I think of you guys, his victims, daily and hope that you can rise above this chameleon. Mike.

    • Jean-Louis says:

      Thanks Mike… The picture, in fact, is the same one used over and over again. I don’t think a new picture would change much anyway.

      I think this new charge, “not guilty” plea, and request for a jury, are just a way to buy more time. Granted, everyone has the right to a fair trial – but this is clearly a stalling tactic – the same used in our case – except he outlived the process and ended up having to go to jail. Will it work again? “Time” will tell.

      For the nine victims who eventually succeeded in sending him to jail, I believe we can get some type of satisfaction and closure from his incarceration… Whether or not he “learns” something is a totally different matter – one that is out of anyone’s control.

      The press described him as “appearing confused”… when I saw him at his sentencing in February, the guard had to poke him a few times in the prisoner’s box to wake him up, as if he was either very tired or medicated. Reality? This guy has been avoiding it all his life, in my opinion.

      For the one and only victim (so far) to get more charges to stick, it will be a long three to four years ahead… Even harder if this convicted child molester gets parole in October.


  3. Baspuits says:

    That smirk on his face is from octobre 2016……… mind You His past court appearances since oct 2016 has the same smirk, and yes He has no remorse for what he has done…….
    So does the diocese look on these matter as a joke!
    Why journalists don’t ask the arch- bishop Valery (with a Y) Vienneau: “is it true in the new protocole, when a priest is found guilty, the diocese stops funding his defence? Since when?
    (Was not the case for ex- father Levi Noel, when Vienneau was bishop in Bathurst!!!)
    Journalists could also ask his lawyer Gille Lemieux who’s footing the bill???

    Lots of questions………..no answer!


  4. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    Baspuits/ Jean-Louis – I sent your bishop a letter in April asking these very questions – no response whatsoever. Mike.

  5. Baspuits says:

    Mike, I Would love to see this letter………
    I was told by their lawyer, by letter, not to bother the diocese, during civil suit!!!


  6. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    Baspuits – by all means! Please contact Sylvia for my information, and we can get in touch. Mike.

  7. Jean-Louis says:

    So what has to be done for the Pope to defrock Arsenault, and all the other convicted child-molesting priests?



    • Sylvia says:

      People need to write, email and/or phone the bishop. Put the pressure on. Rest assured that is the Archbishop decides that he should be defrocked Father Arsenault will be defrocked:

      Archbishop Valerie Vienneau
      45 York St.
      Moncton, NB
      E1C 2Y5

      Phone: 506-857-9531
      Email: valeryv@nb.albn.com.

  8. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    The priest himself and/or his bishop must petition the Vatican for laicization. Following this step, there are the usual lengthy delays for “hearings” before they render their decision. Mike.

    • Jean-Louis says:

      Thanks Mike.

      I have been searching news reports to see if the Vatican had made any statements about any “automatic” defrocking of convicted child-molesting priests… and haven’t been able to find anything. I find it absolutely abhorrent to think that a priest convicted of such crimes would retain his “powers” within the church… retired or not – he should be stripped of the collar, in my opinion.


  9. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    Yep – couldn’t agree more! It sickens me any many others. Why is a convicted felon still empowered to perform a sacrament (which is essentially a miracle) ie – transubstantiation? Why is he left in this position by the bishop and the Vatican?
    Why is he still a priest – rubbing his filthy nose into the hearts of his victims? Is this really what the “one true church of God” really wants for it’s flock?
    It remains for all the victims of this scourge to find the courage and fortitude (that which the church seems unable/unwilling to do) to rise above this filth on our own, and show by our own example!
    The church could be such a beacon for us in these times, but it appears unwilling to do so. Just look at what is going on in Australia.
    You guys hang in there – you’re made of good stuff! It’ll all come out in the wash, at the end. Mike.

  10. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    Jean-Louis/Baspuits – your bishop (in my opinion only) is complicit in this matter. Arsenault has destroyed the faith of so many people, and has done so with the knowledge and apparent support of his Diocese.
    I say this because it appears the Diocese has done NOTHING to rid itself of this man. I do not understand!
    “Passing the buck” here doesn’t work! Yeah, give him his pension and all that crap, but get him out of the priesthood. He doesn’t belong, and he weakens and destroys what should be our faith. Mike.

    • JoeB says:

      I am learning very quickly how rampant narcissism is in the RCC, my cousin Yvon and my own abuser (I hate this term …. we should be calling them what they are ….. Rapists!) are no different in this regard, and I have seen this trait with almost every “human” I have dealt with in the RCC. There should only be one choice for sentencing for these monsters, Life with no parole for 25 years. Those in the RCC found to be aiding these rapists in concealing their crimes should get 10 years with parole in 3 years. It is time our government takes off the kid gloves when dealing with the RCC.

  11. Baspuits says:

    Next court date 7 septembre 2017


  12. Sylvia says:

    Thanks Baspuit. It’s now on the page and Legal Calendar.

    07 September 2017: 09:30 am, Moncton Courthouse Moncton NB (45 Assumption Blvd).

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