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A 1980 picture of former Redemptorist priest and convicted and then recycled child molester  Father Douglas Stamp has been added to the page.

And, good news:  I have also verified that Father Stamp was laicized, by choice or otherwise, in 2015 – probably around October 2015.  He is now MR. Douglas Stamp.





The following photos have been added to the page of recently convicted child molester Father Robin Gwyn page.  The photos are  from the 1989-1990 St. Francis Xavier elementary school yearbook Look at Us:

Note the photo of Father Gwyn with the little girl on one knee and his mouse puppet on the other.  Remember I mentioned hearing that he used to use a mouse puppet during his homilies?  That must be it.  It’s quite a size!  Unfortunately the children being children would have loved it.


The following account of a Michigan priest living like a king and missing parish funds is hard to digest.  Did Father Wehrle ever really bother himself with the salvation of souls entrusted to his care, or was he just busy busy designing and building his regal homes?  Time will tell.

05 August 2017:  “Priest accused of embezzlement seeks $800K seized by police” & related articles


There is a little more information on Father Gary Hoskins to post – will do so shortly.

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