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A 1980 picture of former Redemptorist priest and convicted and then recycled child molester  Father Douglas Stamp has been added to the page.

And, good news:  I have also verified that Father Stamp was laicized, by choice or otherwise, in 2015 – probably around October 2015.  He is now MR. Douglas Stamp.





The following photos have been added to the page of recently convicted child molester Father Robin Gwyn page.  The photos are  from the 1989-1990 St. Francis Xavier elementary school yearbook Look at Us:

Note the photo of Father Gwyn with the little girl on one knee and his mouse puppet on the other.  Remember I mentioned hearing that he used to use a mouse puppet during his homilies?  That must be it.  It’s quite a size!  Unfortunately the children being children would have loved it.


The following account of a Michigan priest living like a king and missing parish funds is hard to digest.  Did Father Wehrle ever really bother himself with the salvation of souls entrusted to his care, or was he just busy busy designing and building his regal homes?  Time will tell.

05 August 2017:  “Priest accused of embezzlement seeks $800K seized by police” & related articles


There is a little more information on Father Gary Hoskins to post – will do so shortly.

Enough for now,


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18 Responses to Pictures added

  1. Anacleto says:

    Aren’t convicted sex offenders in Ontario required to advise their neighbors? Aren’t the same required not to live in a place where there are children? I recognized a person on this page of Sylvia’s site. He lives in an apartment building where there are families with small and adolescent children. This person’s neighbors do not know he is a convicted sex offender.

    • JoeB says:

      Registered Sex Offenders are not required to disclose whether or not they are on the OSOR (Ontario Sex Offender Registry), and only the police have access to the OSOR.

    • Joe Barriault says:

      I have been thinking about your situation Anacleto, I would make certain he is who you think he is, and after confirming his identity, I would quietly let others in the building know of his history.
      You have an advantage in knowing who he is…. sadly these animals have to live somewhere. What you do not want to do is scare him away. He will just move to another building where they have no idea what he is.

  2. Sylvia says:

    Joe is right. As unbelievable as it may seem, convicted molesters in Canada essentially have a right to their privacy, while parents responsible who are responsible for and care about the safety and well being of their children do not have a right to know that, for example, the man living next door, across the street or down the hall is a convicted child molester.

    How twisted is that?

    We have a long way to go.

    • Lina says:


      I think this one reason stands out (there are many reasons) is to stop potential acts of vigilante justice that would take place against these convicted molesters.

      • Sylvia says:

        Yes, I understand that Lina, and for that reason do not publish addresses. However I do think that when a convicted molester moves into an area that there should be an obligation to let neighbors know. I realize too that many people do not want a molester living next door or across the street, but that is not the fault of decent citizens who fear for the safety and well being of children.

        What’s the answer? How have we reached this point where the safety and security of a child molester trumps that of vulnerable children?

        Perhaps they would be better off left in jail? Perhaps facilites could be built specifically to house them?

  3. Larry Green says:

    They should have to wear surveillance monitors so that every movement can be tracked for as long as they live.They should never have freedom to privacy.

  4. Sylvia says:

    Larry and Miecul – and anyone who has knowledge:

    Who monitors the info from ankle bracelets/surveillance monitors? How do they work? I just realized I have not the slightest idea. Are they reliant on someone monitoring some sort of a site at a police station? How do they work?

    • bc says:

      There are 2 main types. Some use GPS triangulation and require that the subject being surveilled be equipped with a cell phone; some are in effect glorified mobile phones that can`t be turned off with a strap that you can`t remove. Some use radio frequencies transmitted via landlines. When the subject wearing one moves out of a preset range of coordinates they call home…. to an offsite private sector sub-contractor working for law enforcement or it can also be onsite. The coms can and do fail; but they can`t be removed without a custom tool. When the coms fail they humanly locate the subject.

      They aren`t 100% reliable. The more reliable brands are also the most expensive and jusrisdictions tend to go for the mid-range product.

  5. Larry Green says:

    I don’t know Sylvia. With technology today though, it would be a simple task to implant a very tiny device somewhere under the skin and monitored by a computer program, designed to detect and signal authorities of any potentially dangerous or deviant activity…one computer could track every convicted molester 24/7. The molester could pay for the entire cost of the implant.

    • bc says:

      We can obtain metrics from male genital arousal and they could be transmitted electronically. But in Canada 1) this data couldn’t be broadcasted because it would breach one’s expectation of privacy 2) implanting such a sensor would involve a surgical procedure that must be consented to; otherwise it would itself constitute a criminal offence.

      (I can already hear you lamenting that convicted clerical perverts should have less rights and there’s a good argument to be made for this position over a couple of beers… But getting a court to adjudicate your ideas is a slippery slope)

  6. Larry Green says:

    Doesn’t have to be so complicated at all in this day and age. Many animals have microchips placed under their skin (Can also be placed externally on the ear) to identify them if they are lost. They are identified simply with a scanner by whoever finds them. An app for your cellphone to scan a pedophile chip in the vicinity, could become available on demand.

  7. BC says:

    In Canada the State can’t even compel a DUI suspect to volunteer a breath sample; drawing of blood without obtaining informed consent is assault. Implanting sub-cutaneous devices? Not a legal option without obtaining informed consent.
    But I understand your sentiment Larry.

    Investigating, arresting and prosecuting a clerical pervert costs anywhere from 150K to 200K typically. It can costs north of one million cda in transjurisdictional cases. DeJeager is one example. Incarcerating a pervert in protective custody is a 150K/year proposition. We should be prosecuting Big Religion like Big Tobacco to recuperate the social costs of clerical abuse. Do that and Pope Francis will get out of the fishing of souls industry and he’ll be launching his own line of designer modest clothing for a living…

  8. Anacleto says:

    Would you like to know the address of the former Fr. Douglas Stamp? Although not permitted to live with his former priest brothers in his former religious order, he does live within a stone’s throw away from their biggest church downtown, in an apartment building where there are many children and young adults.

    • Sylvia says:

      I wouldn’t want to post his address on the site Anacleto, however it does trouble me greatly that he is in a building with children and young adults. Unfortunately legally there is nothing to prevent him from living wherever he wants. However, I suggest contacting the local police to let them know and ask if they would please do something to alert the tenants in the building.

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