Victim asks court for maximum sentence

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Just want to pass this along…

One of the Father Yvon Arsenault victims has just asked permission to make a recommendation to the court.  There were no objections from the court.  The judge allowed the man to take the podium.  According to he CBC live blog. the victim asked that the maximum 10 year sentence be applied.

“It’s noted” said the judge.

The joint recommendation from Defence and Crown was four years.

Justice Dionne then goes on to note the standard ‘Arsenault has no criminal record and has expressed remorse.’

We are still awaiting the sentence.

Watch the CBC live blog

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3 Responses to Victim asks court for maximum sentence

  1. Sylvia says:

    Four years it is. Ten would have been far more apropos, but four is by far better than none.

    Father Arsenault starts serving his sentence today.

    I commend all the victims. You saw it through.

    Father Arseanult will now start to pay on earth for his crimes. He’s off to jail.

  2. Jean-Louis says:

    Dear Sylvia,

    I was watching this date closely: 24 October 2017… the 1/6 mark of his 4-year sentence. This would have been the earliest date for his early release; however, it has come and gone. The next possible date for early release would be at the 1/3 mark – on 24 June 2018. This is my hope.

    Merry Christmas! Happy Easter! Happy May Day! Happy Saint Jean-Baptiste!


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