Saint Boniface priest under investigation

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There’s nothing in the system yet regarding a court date for Father Bill Moloney.  I have found that this is not unusual.  For whatever reason it takes a while for the information to be transferred from police into the court system.  I have tried twice – will try again next week.

The following information has been added to the Father Bill Moloney page:

Father Moloney-Spiritual Leader for School Board

18 February 2012:  Father Moloney in Coburg

23 June 2013:  Penny drive raises $1,416 for Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

01 November 2012:  Priests in Movember challenge

16 November 2010:  School first in Canada to raise $1M for Terry Fox

Camp Northern Lights Board of Directors ref Father Moloney has stepped aside and will take a leave “as per camp policy pending the outcome of the investigation”

Undated:  Father Moloney thanks St. Mary’s parishioners for donation of $2,105 to the camp

29 May 2011:  Picture of Father Bill Moloney says prayer in dunk tank at St. Anne’s Fun Fair

Please keep the complainant in your prayers.


The next court date for Ottawa Roman Catholic school teacher Jessica Beraldin  is:

28 November 2016:  08:30 am, “to be spoken to,”  courtroom #5, Ottawa courthouse (161 Elgin St.)

Please keep the complainant in your prayers.


Not a single word regarding the Nathan Labbat child porn trial in Yorkton Saskatchewan which ran 22-24 November 2016.  Not a boo to be found anywhere!  Nothing!!!

Anyway, the trial should have wrapped up yesterday.  There will be another court date for verdict.  It’s too early to try now, but later today I will try to find out the next court date.


The name of  Brother Marcel Courteau sc and a link to a page with a small amount of information has been added to yet another new page, the latter for a religious order of brothers known as the Brothers of the Sacred Heart.  The page for the Brothers has been added because there is a class action lawsuit being launched in Quebec and, by the sound of things, a number of men are coming forward alleging sexual abuse by a number of the Brothers.  There are definitely allegations against a Brother Claude Lebeau sc.  I will be adding his name.  Once the information is posted I will let you know.  Keep an eye on the NEW to the site link.  That’s where I mention all articles which have just been posted anywhere on Sylvia’s Site.

(Note:  The link to the Brothers of the Sacred Heart page can be accessed manually by either hovering over or  clicking on the “RC Scandal” link under the picture at the top of the page.)


Something has changed with the  pending sex abuse trial of former Cornwall teacher and thrice previously convicted molester Marcel Lalonde.  Yesterday “aaa” blogged that the trial has been delayed again.

So, the trial is delayed, again, BUT … there is still a court date scheduled for 12 December 2016, and that court date is for “arraignment.”

What’s going on? I thought he would have been arraigned before this?  Goodness, it’s been nearly three years since the charges were laid (charged February 2014) and he’s been through a preliminary hearing and ordered to stand trial.

Is he about to enter a guilty plea?  Is that it?

Strange.  I was thinking perhaps more charges have been laid, but I can’t imagine that a case which has been chugging along for nearly three years would be further stalled at this point by adding a new set of charges from a new complainant ?

We shall see.

Please please, those in the Cornwall area, mark your calendars for 10 am Monday, 12 December 2016 and plan to attend so that we can find out what’s happening.

And, yes, please keep the complainant in your prayers.


A priest in the Archdiocese of Saint Boniface, Manitoba is under investigation.  I am currently awaiting a response from the Chancellor regarding the matter.  I do have the name of the priest – will wait to see what the Chancellor has to say before I publish it.  Meanwhile, if anyone has any information please pass it along.


The sex abuse trial of Brent Hawkes in Kentville, Nova Scotia has wrapped up. The following article were posted over the past few day

23 November 2016:  “Crown hasn’t proven pastor’s guilt, lawyer tells N.S. indecency trial” & related articles

22 November 2016:  “Expert warns pastor’s gross indecency trial about ‘imagination inflation’” & related article 

Judge Alan Tufts has reserved his decision until 18 January 2016.

Please keep the complainant in your prayers.

Enough for now,


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    (st boniface) if it is who I think it is, I can’t wait for an arrest.

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