There are five lawsuits

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Thank you, thank you to the kind reader who sent the following article regarding the lawsuits filed in New Brunswick:

08 October 2016:  Five new sex abuse lawsuits filed against Catholic Church

I mentioned yesterday that I wanted to to dig to get the facts straight.   This goes a long long way to sorting things out, and also identifies the two previously unidentified deceased priests by name:

So, there were in fact five lawsuits launched in New Brunswick over the past month – two  lawsuits relate to clergy in the Archdiocese of Moncton, one lawsuit relates to clergy in the  the Bathurst Diocese, and two relate to clergy in the Edmundston Diocese.  Here they are, with name of priest identified by plaintiff as a molester, the diocese, and the location withing thw dioceses in which the abuse is said to have transpired:

1  Father Yvon Arsenault  – (Moncton Archdiocese) – in Shediac

 – allegations of abuse when Father Arsenault served in Shediac, New Brunswick

2.    Fathers Yvon Arsenault and Paul Breau (Moncton Archdiocese)- in Shediac

–  allegations of abuse by both priests in Shediac

3.   Fathers Normand Dugas,  Arthur Gallien and Ubald Theriault (Bathurst Diocese) – in Covedale and Neguac

– Plaintiff alleges sexual abuse by all three priests while he, the plaintiff, was a parishioner at St. George Roman Catholic in Covedale and St. Bernard Roman Catholic Church in Neguac.  (St. Bernard and St. George were and still are served by the same priest)

– alleges the abuse by Father Gallien began in 1959

– alleges the abuse by Fathers Dugas and Theriault was committed in 1960s.

4.  Father Rino Deschenes  (Edmundston Archdiocese) – Plaintiff Yvon Thibodeau

Plaintiffs Yvon Thibodeau and Marcel Thibodeau allege abuse by Deschenes between the ages of 9 and 13 while they served as altar boys.

5.  Father  Rino Deschenes   (Edmundston Archdiocese) – Plaintiff Marcel Thibodeau

Plaintiffs Yvon and Marcel allege abuse by Deschenes between the ages of 9 and 13 while they served as altar boys.

I won’t get any work done on the site today (Thanksgiving dinner :)) – but starting tomorrow I will start to pull together  and post what information I can find  on Fathers Normand Dugas,  Arthur Gallien and Ubald Theriault. (Any and all assistance appreciated)

Please keep all the complainants/plaintiffs in your prayers.


For those having their Thanksgiving meal today, enjoy!  I hope and pray that you will all have  opportunity to enjoy a good feast with family or friend. be it today or tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

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2 Responses to There are five lawsuits

  1. Clarence says:

    What were those police forces doing back in 1971 – 1990 when this was all going on?
    This could explain why some have killed themselves in Shediac.
    Will they ever be able to clean up the mess in Shediac?

    • Sylvia says:

      I believe it will eventually get cleaned up Clarence, but it will be bit by bit by bit. Slowly. As each victim speaks up others realize that they are not alone and slowly find the courage to rid themselves of the burden they have shouldered for so many long years. It won’t happen overnight, but, I do believe that it will happen.

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