Lid’s coming off the garbage can…

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Well, well, well – looks like the lid’s coming off the garbage can in New Brunswick:

07 October 2016:  4 New Brunswick priests caught in sexual abuse allegations

There is reference by name to four priests:

(1)  Father Yvon Arsenault  (Archdiocese of Moncton, New Brunswick)

The background here is that Arsenault was quietly removed from his parish in August 2012.  It was not until December 2012 that parishioners were advised that the priest’s removal came on the heels of sex abuse allegations.

Most I believe are aware that Father Arsenault is currently heading to trial on sex abuses charges in both Moncton and the Miramichi.  The Moncton trial is scheduled to run from 24 October – 01 December 2016.  The tentatice date fir the Miramichi trial is 21-24 February 2017

(2) Father Rino Deschenes  (Diocese of Edmundston, New Brunswick)

Father Rino Deschenes  entered a guilty plea November 2014 and was sentenced to – believe it or not? – 7.5 years in jail.  And, by some miracle I do believe he is still in jail!

(3)  Father Paul Breau (Archdiocese of Moncton, New Brunswick)

As you know, I am already working on the Father Paul Breau page.  Much of the information I am nabbing is in French therefore, for me, the need to run things through google translate .  I still have a few directories to go through – perhaps another hour or two and the page can be posted.  I will let you know when it’s up.

Of interest is the fact that he was heavily involved in the French Cursillo movement in New Brunswick, and, in fact, was one a small group who introduced French Cursillos to Moncton in 1979.  I have also found that he was involved in some capacity with a youth movement called Teen Encounter, which, like Cursillo, entails an initial weekend ‘retreat’ of sorts.

(4)  Father Normand Dugas (Bathurst Diocese)

I will have to round up information on Father Dugas.  He was ordained in 1960.

I will be looking for more information on Father Dugas.  Any information welcome 🙂

It seems there may be two other unidentified and now deceased priests named in the lawsuit.  Does anyone know their names?

I can not help bu wonder if either Fathers Dugas or Breau were reported to former Supreme Court Justice Michel Bastarache while he was negotiating deals with victims from the Bathurst Diocese and Moncton Archdiocese?  That was via the Bastarche “Conciliation”  deals.  Remember that?  I think that goes back to 2010?  And remember the refusal to release the names of those clergy identified through the process as sexual predators?

No matter, in time the truth will come to light.  It always does.  It may take time, but if indeed there was another cover-up to protect molesters who are still very much alive,  and to protect the ‘good reputation’ of those now gone to make their Make, the truth will come to light.

I commend the complainants for coming forward.  Good for each one of you for finding the courage to speak out!

Please keep the complainants in your prayers.

Enough for now,


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5 Responses to Lid’s coming off the garbage can…

  1. Baspuits says:

    You are right on “Conciliation” deal……..and he said, he had no obligation to call authorities because all victims were adult……….and any way he also added all priest were dead or in prison! I beg to differ, true for Noel, but Picot was out of jail and alive at that time, busy in Cambelton courts system. We now know he has a list of some 27 pedophiles criminals hiding in priest Uni forms, for how long do we go back?
    I have cousin who is a priest, and to respect HIS uniform and for once I’m trying not to put them, all in the same boat……….or some might say “the frigin boat is to small”!!!

    I agree the can is opening up…………….and still waiting judgement on insurance vs diocese of Bathurst!

  2. Conrad Brideau says:

    I agree. They will allways do their best to hide those predators. Truth will allways Côme out. The stones(rocks) will talk.

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