Well hallelujah!

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Well hallelujah!   Ex-priest Eric Dejaeger omi has been denied legal aid to appeal a number of his Iqaluit convictions:

14 July 2016:  “Pedophile priest denied legal aid to appeal Nunavut convictions” & related article

That doesn’t mean the application will not proceed.  Dejaeger has 30 days to appeal, and, alas,   it seems that he intends to do just that.  Why he was denied is, at least, for now, unknown.  Someone seems to have concluded Dejaeger can afford to pay or a lawyer himself, or perhaps determined that he can get his Oblate brethren to pick up the tab? (Yes, he was defrocked so he is longer an Oblate priest – or for that matter any kind of priest other than an ex-priest- BUT, the Oblates did not boot him from the order, so he is still an Oblate, and given that he is still an Oblate, well, who knows what the Oblates may be willing to cover when one of their own is in yet another pickle?)

No matter.  I am sure Dejeager will find a way to sort things out in his own best interests.   But, look where he is!  Look where Eric Dejeager is now.

Sometime in the past few months Dejaeger was slipped out of Iqualuit and now resides in  Warkworth Institution, a medium security facility  near  Campbellford, Ontario (other sources say the facility is located in the municipality of Trent Hills, Ontario, between the communities of Meyersburg and Warkworth.)

So, first, here are a few pictures of Dejaeger’s new home away from home:

According to Correctional Services Canada website ( Warkworth Institute)

Warkworth Institution is a medium security facility located in Campbellford, Ontario. The institution is based on a structured campus design model where offender accommodations are direct observation living units.

As part of CSC’s efforts to encourage inmates to become law-abiding citizens, CSC offers various national correctional programs.

Facility Characteristics

Institution for male offenders

Security level: medium

Date opened: 1967

Rated capacity: 537

Does that “accommodations are direct observation living units” sound as though Dejaeger has his own little room, or apartment?  I haven’t had a chance to check on that.  If anyone knows please share 🙂

Finally, you may want to take the time to read the following two articles to get a ‘feel’ for why Dejaeger  probably landed in Warkworth :

The Value of Community Treatment Programs for Released Sex Offenders

 Effective sex offender treatment:  The Warkworth Sexual Behaviour Clinic

How long has Dejaeger been in Warkworth already? We don’t know, however, whatever the time it’s probably been sufficient  to have him “assessed” and to get him into a program and so on.

And then….????

Well, who knows.  We can guess, but who really knows?  Right now he’s busy trying to appeal some of the convictions,  and trying to get funding to file the appeal.  He’ll probably enjoy the book club.

Please keep Dejaeger’s many many victims in your prayers.

Enough for now,


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