What a brave brave little boy!

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There are lots of things to catch up on.  Things you should know.  There are several things on my list which I have been wanting to get posted with over the past few weeks.  This is the first on the list.  Here we go…

Regarding Father Leo Campbell (Baslian priest, now deceased.  There are multiple allegations of sex abuse against this priest)   ….

A few weeks ago I had contact from a man who attended the Columbus Boy’s Camp in Orillia, Ontario .  As some of you may recall, several years ago I did some research on the camp, and, knowing that definitely Father Leo Campbell and possibly some other Basilian molesters assisted at the camp, expressed concerns that time at the camp may not have been a ‘joyful’ experience for every needy little boy who attended.

Well, “Brent” (not his real name) was one of those little boys.  Brent, thankfully, was not molested.  But that little boy, at a summer camp for needy children,  knew of other boys who were.  And, he – that brave brave little boy – decided he was going to make it stop, and to make it stop the only way a little 11-year-old boy knew how. He would stab the priest.

Brent’s plan was to stab Father Campbell in the neck with a knife. That’s the way the child thought.  No, of course, it wasn’t at all the answer, and it was not the right thing to do, and thank goodness for his sake he did not succeed, but that’s what this little 11-year-old boy saw as a solution.

Brent doesn’t want his identity revealed.  For various reasons which I won’t get into and which are irrelevant to this saga he is ashamed of the whole incident, but he gave me permission to pass his account of what happened along.

Here are a few excerpts from Brent’s account of his weekend at Camp Columbus

“I grew up poor in Ontario housing and in the summers me and my brother went to camp in Orrillia . Leo Campbell the scum bag was the leader there and yes he was hurting the kids. “

He also tells me that a good friend of his saw Campbell “getting a blowjob from another kid” and that Campbell ” tried to massage my friend but he ran away.”

“I also remember that if you got in trouble they took you to his room and he would spank you”

” …my brother had seen him [Father Campbell] fondling a boy on movie night so the next day I as an 11 year old got a knife and was going to stab him in the neck but was stopped by a counsellor.”

The stabbing attempt took place during Mass.   Brent’s and his brother were packed up and sent home.

And, finally,  this,

” So yes Sylvia the scumbag was hurting children at the camp, you are on the right track.  I have never been to a church since and never will again as they protect these people . Please do not post my name as I am ashamed.”

All I can say is  to repeat what I said above, and to Brent:  What a brave brave little boy!

No one knew?  Really?  No one knew????

Please keep “Bent” in your prayers.

Enough for now,


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