Yes, they knew

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I just posted two very good articles on the death of convicted serial molester father John E. Sullivan , (Yes, sad to say, thanks to our tolerant and gracious bishops, this predator  did indeed die as a priest in the Roman Catholic Church)

Anyway, here are links to the articles:

04 April 2016:  Sudbury civil sexual abuse case ends in a settlement  

02 April 2016:  Sudbury victim has harsh words for church  

Note that the following:

(1)  The lawsuit came to a grinding halt because, essentially.  the diocese fired it’s lawyer at the 11th hour!  Convenient?

(2)  The diocese hired a detective to try to dig up dirt on the victim (my words.  I have seen it before.  Dirty!!)

(3)   P.J.J. states the following:  “And to find out that multiple bishops hid his abuse by moving him to new parishes where he continued his abuse of many dozens of innocent boys without telling the congregations is a huge injustice.”

(4) According to Rob Talach, Sullivan was reported to diocesan officials in 1961, again in 1973 and again in 1979.  In other words,for years on end Church officials  allowed this predator to continue masquerading as a priest  while parents were kept in the dark and countless children were repeatedly and wilfuly placed at risk.

How sickening is this?  And then Church officials run victims into the ground in criminal courts, and in civil cases.

And those who have willfully place  children at risk and make a mockery of the faith, the Church  and the priesthood by allowing the likes of this to remain in the priesthood have the audacity to hire detectives to dig up dirt on the victims?


Enough for now.


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1 Response to Yes, they knew

  1. Lina says:

    Yes, they knew Sylvia and they let it happened.

    There’s a scene in the “Spotlight” movie.

    A journalist finished an interview with a clergy abuse victim ‘Patrick’.

    The journalist thank the survivor for taking the time sharing his story with him.

    Patrick responded:….’don’t thank me just get these assholes’.

    I agree, keep the spotlight on the Catholic Church covering up crimes because over and over again the Church is not to be trusted in these vital matters of importance.

    Remember these ARE crimes not just sins.

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