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The theft trial of Father Couture continues today (01 December 2015)  in London.

An article from today’s Windsor Star is posted:

30 November 2015:  Priest accused of stealing told bishop he was playing ‘hardball’ with unauthorized fees

And, a few bits and pieces which I picked up via the grapevine:

(1)  There were about 15 people in the courtroom yesterday, some supporting Father Couture, some upset by Father Couture’s actions;

(2)  The Diocese of London spent $70,000 to have the audit conducted;

(3)  Some people are less than impressed with the Crown.

I think we can all see from the comments posted that there are people who are deeply impacted by what Father Couture did or did not do with parish funds.  Please keep all former parishioners and those who had dealings with Father Couture in your prayers as the trial continues.


The following two articles are posted:

(1)  30 November 2015:  Former Irish priest loses Vatican defrocking appeal after being acquitted on child sex abuse charges 

Good news.  Despite two acquittals in court a canonical trial obviously concluded after its own investigation that Daniel Duane was indeed a molester and had him laicized/”defrocked.”

This is a reminder that an acquittal in court does not necessarily mean innocence.  It is also proof that sometimes the ‘right’ thing is done, and the guilt of a priest who somehow eluded justice in a court of law was established at a canonical trial and the priest  was defrcocked.

Let’s pray for more such good news!

(2) 01 December 2015: “Unholy secrets tumble out in sex abuse commission” & related article

A little more on testimony from the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

As far as I can tell Cardinal George Pell will be testifying soon, but unfortunately I have no idea which day.  He is the last name on the witness list, and these hearings (Case Study 35) are  supposed to wrap up 04 December 2015.

  Click here to link to information re Case Study 35, including Witness list,   Exhibits and Transcripts.

Click here to link to the home page for live streaming of testimony.  The hearings commence at 10:00am AEDT.  Here in Ottawa, Ontario we are on EST, which means that the hearing of Wednesday 02 December which starts at 10 am AEDT will start here at 6 pm today (Tuesday, 01 December 2015)  If you sort that out now you will be ready to follow when Cardinal Pell takes the stand in a day or two.

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