Will he be received back with open arms?

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Okay, as promised, here is some further information on Father Rocky Grimard, the Canadian Oblate priest after he exposed himself and tried to ‘inappropriately” touch one plain clothes police officer and solicit oral sex from another in Olmos Park, San Antonio, Texas.

Father Grimard, who was ordained in Melville, Saskatchewan in 1991, has been serving in various capacities the United States  since 2003, including conducting retreats and missions.  He has been heavily involved in the Worldwide Marriage Encounter movement.

In April 2015 Father Grimard was ‘caught’ doing whatever in Olmos Park.  He was charged with indecent exposure.

As you know, Grimard had a court date this past Monday (16 November 2015) and, as I later learned had had the charge against him reduced and was put on 6 months deferred adjudication.

Today I talked to staff at Counttry Court 8 and learned that Father Grimard’s ‘indecent exposure’ charge was reduced to ‘disorderly conduct.’  He pleaded ‘no contest’ to the charge of disorderly conduct, meaning that he neither admits to nor denies the charge  (there is no such option here in Canada).  He was placed on six months Deferred Adjudication, meaning, I was told, that he is basically on probation for six month, and, that if does not get into any trouble in that time, his criminal woes are behind him.  I was unable to find out what, if any, conditions were attached to this six months of bail but was told that it is “unsupervised.”

And, yes, he was fined $450 and does have to pay court costs of $219.  A ‘bill’ of $619.

If, in the future, anyone calls the court to check court records there will be no record of the initial charge of indecent exposure against Father Rocky Grimard.    Nor, of course is there any record of a conviction.

Oh my.

I wonder  – given that, all being ‘well, in six months he has no criminal record – will he be received back into the World Wide Marriage Encounter Movement with open arms?  and will he back conducting retreats and missions? and hearing confessions, and offering up the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass?

I earnestly hope and pray that is not the case, but, ……

I shall try to find out next week.


More progress with my computer headaches.  I had to get a special connector to hook up my second monitor, and a good surge protector to ensure that never again will my hard drive be fully or partially – or even a tiny little bit – frazzled by a power outage 🙂

Enough for now,


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  1. Robert Applegate says:

    Where is Father Rocky at the present. Is he still in the priesthood, as he is a dear friend of mine

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