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In case you missed the news, it was another adjournment for former Archdiocese of Regina youth volunteer Nathan Labatt:

05 October 2015:  Two Local Court Cases Adjourned Once Again

Labatt’s next court date is:

19  October 2015: 10 am Humboldt courthouse, Humboldt, Sask (805 8th Avenue)

It gets tiring, doesn’t?  I always think that if I get fed up with the revolving doors in courtrooms how must the complainants feel?  Please keep them in your prayers.


I have been working on the Father Henry Maloney page.  It’s taking longer than I thought.  Every time I was about to let you know that I was working on the page I came across something else which I felt needed a closer look, so I’d think I’d just dig into that and then let you know that the page was coming together.

Two days later, and I am still working on it, and will be adding more information over the next few days.

As you see,  a picture of Father Maloney has been added, as has a picture of Mike at age 16, and another of Mike with his family taken several months after Mike ran to get away from his molester.  Note the  arms crossed firmly across his chest.

I could not help but think as I posted that family picture how sorely and cruelly betrayed the whole family by the depraved actions of a trusted – and obliviously very well c0nnected -priest.

There is now a fair bit of information on the page, and, as I say, more to come.  What I have been surprised to discover as  I read and dig through files is that there are a number of connections between Father Henry Maloney and people I know or know of in Ottawa.

Note too that Part 1 of the expose from the Bancroft Times is posted in three parts

(1)  Catholic Priest Falls From Grace first page

(2)   Catholic Priest Falls From Grace second page

(3)   Catholic Priest Falls From Grace final page

The scanning was not my hard work.  A thoughtful and kind soul took the time to scan and send it my way 🙂  Meanwhile I am waiting for a copy of the newspaper in the mail, but it truly is travelling via snail mail and taking it’s sweet time getting here!  I know I will not be able to scan any better than the above.  I do hope however to get a text version of the article.

Part 2 should be on the stands today.  Scans are welcome 🙂

Also note that Bishop Mulhall’s statement has been posted:

02 October 2015:  Statement of Bishop Michael Mulhall re “allegations of sex abuse by Father Henry Maloney”

Note in the above the following:  “…the diocese chose to respond to the alleged victim in a respectful way.”

“Alleged”  victim?!  Mike is a victim.  He is not an “alleged” victim.  He is a victim.

“They” just do not learn.

On that note  I will carry on gathering and posting information.  The first task right now  is to list the documents posted on “NEW”  to the site.  Once that is done I will resume my usual practice of listing all newly-posted documents and articles and pictures there.

Enough for now,


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