Charges stayed?

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I have been informed that there has been a stay in proceedings on the charges against Father Albert Laisnez.    The two-day trial was scheduled to commence tomorrow (01 September 2015)  and run for two days.

The news came from another of Laisnez’ victims.  I have not as yet been able to confirm the stay, and this point have no idea as to the reason (s) .

Laisnez, a priest with the Archdiocese of Edmonton, Alberta ordained in 1962, has had a long history of sexual abuse of women, some just girls in their teens, and others married women.  Back in 1997 the former Archbishop of Edmonton Alberta archdiocese admitted he knew that Laisnez “had problems” and was sent off to Southdown and, yes, quietly recycled.  That was the first of at least two trips to Southdown.

The current charges were laid in January 2014.  This was the first time he faced charges.,

As far as I can tell Father Liasnez’ days of ‘ministry’ in the Archdiocese of Edmonton finally came to an end in 1997 when he was again sent off to Southdown and from there he was off to  Ottawa to study and receive therapy .

Was Albert Laisnez active as a priest in other dioceses after he left Ottawa?  I have no idea. For that matter, did he assist as any parishes in the Ottawa Archdiocese while he was here studying’?   That is highly possible.  Many priests who come to Ottawa to study assist at local parishes.

If anyone can fill in those post 1997 Albert Laisnez years please do.  He has not been  listed in the directories since at least 2010 so I am not even sure if he is still a priest!

Please keep the complainant in your prayers, and please pray for all those who were so cunningly seduced and/or sexually violated by this man.

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